Aaron’s Summer of ’77 Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve – An Ending and a Beginning

“My inseam is a 34 and my waist is either a 33 or 34, depending on how they fit. I take a 44 long usually in jackets. But you can measure me up and then let’s have a look at herringbone tweed sport coats and a nice pair of wool dress pants to go with them,” says Adam, as Joseph, the clerk in Craig’s Men’s and Women’s Wear on King Street back in Brockville goes off to find a measuring tape.

“I got a date comin’ up for someone’s birthday real soon, Joseph and I wanna’ look really nice that night,” He says to the clerk.

“How about this jacket here, Aaron? It’s Harris tweed and not too thick and heavy that you can’t wear it for all three out of four seasons. It’s on sale and very versatile and practical. The colours in the tweed would be good with your colouring and it should fit you very well, especially in the shoulders and in the length.”

Adam tries on the jacket, looks at himself in the three-way mirror and smiles. “I like the browns and tans in it. This orange and blue paisley lining is great … my favorite colours! And without any pocket flaps or shoulder patches or any of that ‘university professor or lord of the manor’ crap, I’m thinkin’ it looks pretty damn good on me. I like the back side vents too. Ummm, uh … the arms need to be lengthened a little though.”

“Oh yes, Aaron! It looks like it was made just for you!”

“Adjusting the arms and buttons on the cuffs won’t be a problem. And, I think it needs to be taken in a little at the back to emphasize your athletic torso. Our tailor in the store can do that at no charge for you. I’ll take care of that, no problem.”

“Good! Now, find me a nice pair of brown trousers to go with it, wouldya’ please, Joseph? No pleats in them or cuffs though… and I want them to fit me like a glove, if you catch my meaning…”

“Ahhh, yes… I think I know just what you’re looking for.”

Twenty minutes of tailor’s chalk adjustments, then pinning, tucking and hemming the pants to really show off his ass… three hundred dollars later, and Adam heads back to Fullerton’s just down the street to finish his shift with a big smile on his face.

“I don’t know how to thank you for the bonus, Mrs. Fullerton. The new clothes will help a lot when I start to look for a new job. And that letter of recommendation you wrote to your friend at the Ministry of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa… well, I wantcha’ to know, that meant a lot to me.” Says Adam to Mrs. Fullerton.

“You know Adam, I’ve always felt like an aunt to you. A crotchety and interfering old aunt at times, yes I know. But, not having had any children myself, I always considered you almost one of my own. The past five years you’ve been with me here have been a God Send. I didn’t know what to do with the store when Mr. Fullerton died. If you’d hadn’t agreed to come in and work here for me, I think I would have closed the store back then and sold out to a chain in 1972. I’ll be eighty-one this coming spring and it’s time to finally step down and enjoy whatever is left of my life, Adam.”

“Yes ma’am. You know how much I’m grateful for the chance you gave me here. I’m real sad to see this place get taken over. But, I understand. And the way the rest of Brockville is goin’ these days, I suppose this was bound to happen.”

“I’m happy you understand, Adam. I only wish I could do more to help you on your way now.”

“Well, laying me off will let me collect unemployment insurance faster. And with the savings I’ve got and your letter and all… ummm, well, I think I’m gonna’ be just fine. You know, Mrs. Fullerton… things happen for a reason. And I think this is comin’ at a good time for me. I haven’t said anything to anyone about this yet, not even my Mom. I figured you’d wanna’ be the one to let customers know and all. Do ya’ have a firm date for when Rexall’s is gonna’ take over?”

“The end of February. We can close off the end of the calendar year here and hold a big sale for Christmas and early January and do a final inventory of whatever is left after that. And Adam, you’ll get another bonus from me then when I pay off the suppliers and see what’s left after we clear out whatever stock we can sell between now and then. I’d be grateful if you could stay on with me until the end of February. And of course, if you need time off for job interviews or whatever you’re plans are, then that won’t be a problem at all.”

Adam gives Mrs. Fullerton a hug and says, “Ma’am you know you’ve always been able to count on me. That’s never gonna’ change ya’ know.”

You know, Adam … there are a few things I want to say to you, here and now. First of all, I’m an old woman who’s lived a long, long time and can say whatever the Hell I damned well want. People can either like it or lump it. I haven’t got much time left to me and it seems to go faster with each passing year. I’ve seen a lot in this city and have watched it grow from a little town to what it is now. There are two types of people canlı bahis in this place now, Adam. With all of the factories … Black and Decker, Dupont, Brockville Chemicals, Automatic Electric, Phillips Cables and Parke Davis Pharmaceuticals, you’ve got a lot of blue collar workers making up most of the city now. And then you’ve got retired old rich, bitches like me that have been around forever. There’s nothing in the middle and I’ve always felt that this wasn’t a place for you to live your life in. I remember your Dad, Adam. He couldn’t fit into the mold of factory shift worker and when he left, I wasn’t surprised. None of my business I know… but I felt you needed to hear that. I know you’ve got a new young friend that is in College up there now. And I’m not going to pry into your personal business. But, something you should know about Mr. Fullerton and I … I was ten years younger than him when we got married more than sixty years ago. It wasn’t easy over the years. But we stuck together and in the end, it was being together that made up for all the sadness and disappointments we had to endure over the decades. Age is just a number. Maturity and character are what’s important, Adam. If you care for someone, then be patient and love and trust them. It’ll all work out in time. You live your life the way you want to and never be afraid to show others who you are inside. Do you understand what I’m trying to say to you, Adam?”

“Yes … I think I do, and thank you, ma’am.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Fullerton with tears in her eyes says to Adam, “You’re a good boy, Adam. I hope you’ll come and see me after things wind down here.”

“Count on it. Mrs. Fullerton. I’ll always be around for ya’, ma’am.”

It’s Friday, December 2nd … the last day of formal classes, with a week to go for hand-in of final assignments… also my last weekend alone with Adam in Ottawa, before I head back to Brockville for the Christmas Break. The bus is over an hour and a half late because of the blizzard that has descended on the Capital. The Voyageur Colonial bus stop in Ottawa is steaming with humid heat, while anxious passengers arrive and those who wait for them stare through fogged-up windows heaving huge sighs of relief as each bus is announced on the loud-speaker and pulls into the station. Adam’s bus finally pulls in just after 10:30 PM.

“Adam! The bus trip must have been awful. It’s been snowing heavily up here all day. I was starting to get really worried!” I say, as Adam comes through the doors and looks around for me.

“Ahhh… baby, the snow is gettin’ really bad out there! We hadta’ change buses in Prescott because the one we were on kept cutting out and broke down on the driver when we stopped there. A fuckin’ full bus and the guy hadta’ transfer all the suitcases and packages from that bus into another one that they keep there for emergencies. We lost almost an hour there and then when we got to North Gower, the snow was so bad and roads so slippery we almost goddamn fuckin’ skidded off into the ditch! I didn’t think we were gonna’ make it here, honest, Aaron. Fuck! I’m sure as hell glad to see you!”

“Well you made it and am I ever glad you did! Let’s get the hell out of here. I’ve got the heat cranked up in the apartment and I got us some rum and wine and hopefully, you can warm up when we get there.”

He gives me a big hug, while people rush by him to catch cabs or meet those waiting for them outside in warm, idling cars and says teasingly to me, “Well ya’ wanna’ know something, babe? At least the ‘front’ of me is startin’ to heat up now, cookie! Heh, heh!”

“Gimme’ your back pack, Sasq. It’s the least I can do to carry it back for you. You look exhausted.”

“Nah, baby… not exhausted, just so fuckin’ relieved to see you and make it up here in one piece. I’m thinkin’ when we get to your place, I’m gonna’ be feelin’ a whole helluva’ lot better. Let’s go, cookie.”

“I’ve got a million things to tell you, Adam! But for now, I just want to take all your wet clothes off. Do you want me to run a hot bath for you to help you warm up, would that help? I can dry you off afterward… I’d really like to do that, actually.”

“I’ve got a better idea, honey,” he says, as he pulls me into a tight embrace and slowly starts to pull his coat, sweater and shirt off. I’m thinkin’ you’ve got too many clothes on yourself there, babe, as he yanks my coat off of me and tosses it over on the floor by the front door. I gotta’ fuck you like right now, Aaron! We can talk later and tomorrow. But right now, I’m so fuckin’ hot for you, my balls are gonna’ burst if I don’t shoot my cum load inside ya’, like now, baby!”

His tongue thrusts deep inside my mouth with a demanding, passionate kiss, playing with my tongue and exploring every deep recess, while his hands roughly fondle and grope every sensitive part of my body. I can feel his thick, hard cock thrusting into me with a determined and wild rhythm as my hands paw and knead his strong shoulders and hairy chest, caressing bahis siteleri and squeezing his hard, sensitized nipples. He moans with intense pleasure as I pull and start to lick and suck them with my tongue. I can feel my own cock responding and all I can do is to keep exploring him invasively all over with my tongue. His armpits are starting to sweat with the heat in the apartment and the intensity of the moment. His pungent, male pheromone scent is blocking everything else out of my senses as I drop down in front of him to tug and yank the zipper down on his jeans, shove my face into his fragrant, thick, furry bush and grab onto his pulsating, throbbing, precum oozing dick.

“Fuck, Adam! I love your man scent. I wish I could live down here and smell your hot bulge and fucking big, hairy balls all the time! You make me crazy! Your fucking, hairy pube forest is mine, Sasq!”

“Cookie, gimme’ a sec’ to take my pants off or I’m gonna’ hafta’ fuck ya’ in them, baby! My dong’s got a mind of it’s own tonight and I’m not gonna’ argue with it and neither are you! Not tonight! I just wanna’ cum in ya’, on ya’ and all over ya’ ’til it settles down and I wantcha’ to suck on my aching, full balls and bury your head in my furry crotch all night long!”

I love to bury my head down between his inner thighs and slowly start to work my lips and tongue up until I get to the base of his sweaty, tight scrotum. His thick, dark pubic hair tickles my nose. All I can do is inhale deeply and take in his unique manly odor and masculine aura, while thinking of nothing else but pleasing him and worshipping his hard, pulsating tool. He always groans with mindless, unrestrained surrender when I grab onto his hairy ass and clutch and fondle it with both hands tightly groping each perfect globe at the same time.

“Ram your precum-leaking shaft down my throat as hard and as deep as you can, Adam! I want to swallow you up whole and then ride you on the bed ’til you cum deep inside me. I can’t get enough of you tonight! It’s like the first time for me with you!”

“Ahhh… fuckin’ fuck, baby! You’re makin’ me fuckin’ crazy! Am gonna’ toss ya’ on the bed and I’m gonna’ work my tongue all over your body until ya’ beg me to bury my hairy fuck rod way up deep inside ya’! I wanna’ hear you moan and beg for my cum tonight! It’s been too long without ya’, honey! My dick has missed ya’… and babe, so has the rest of me. Now, keep on goin’ down there with those magic lips and tongue of yours on the tip of my cock ’cause I don’t wanna’ waste any of that precum and ball juice… it’s all for you tonight, cookie!”

Somehow he managed to get both us onto the bed in a ’69’ position together. I remember him lifting me up gently, while I buried my face in his hairy armpit, biting his shoulder and softly moaning. Next thing I know, he is down between my legs, urgently biting and sucking on my inner thighs and rolling my balls in his mouth, while greedily squeezing, clutching and clawing my backside and butt cheeks.

“Fuck, Adam… I can’t get enough of your mouth and tongue… you’re driving me fucking nuts with your hot body and hairy dick tonight! You’re making ‘me’ crazy, Sasq man! The more you do what you’re doing to me, the more I want you inside of me! I want you to fuck me now, Adam! Like really fuck me… just like the first time when we came together at the Lyn Pit! And just like I hope it’s going be with you every time from now on!”

Predatory, animal-sounding snarls, grunts and growls from Adam as he clamours and scrambles to shift his position and then roughly rolls me over, starting to forcibly finger my anus with single-minded determination.

“I’m thinkin’ you’re lubed enough on your own down there, honey for me to shove my big dong right inside ya’ without any KY or foreplay!”

“Fuck the foreplay! I need your cock inside me so badly! Adam, I want you to shove it in there fast and hard and impale my hole, like right now!”

“Ahhh… fuckin’ fuck, baby! Ahhh… you feel so fuckin’ good inside! Fuck the snow and cold outside right now. My baby-maker is tellin’ me it’s a hundred and ten degrees inside your tight, fuckin’, little ass tonight!”

“And my ass is saying to find my nut and make me forget everything else but you and your hot body on top of me right now!”

His thrusts become more and more aggressive, and his breathing more ragged. I can feel his hard chest expanding and contracting with rapid deep breaths.

“I don’t care how raunchy this is, Sasq… I just gotta’ have your hot, thick cum inside me and really fucking soon too!” I sigh and whisper breathlessly to him.

“Ahhhhh…! I’m cumming, baby! Clench your fuckin’ hot ass cheeks around my throbbin’ dick down there and squeeze the livin’ fuckin’ shit outta’ my fuck rod, honey! I’m gonna’ shoot my spunk load in ya’ cookie… like right fuckin’ now!”

At the same time and just as I was craving and aching for, I exclaim, “Ahhh… fuck, Adam! Me too! Me too! I’m gonna’ cum! Fuck me, Adam! Fuck bahis şirketleri me hard! I want your hot ball juice inside me! Make me cum hard and now, Sasq!… Ahhhhh…!”

“Here, cookie. Throw on my shirt there, so ya’ don’t catch cold over by the window. Where’s that wine you were talkin’ about earlier and have ya’ got anything in your kitchen that would feed a starving, fuckin’ hungry hunk like me? Hah, hah, hah!”

“There’s some Fig Newton’s on top of the fridge and I think there might be some crackers, cheese and peppercorn pâté somewhere in there too. “

You’re getting’ kinda’ classy on me with the pâté there, babe…”

“Anything I can spread on a cracker works for me, Adam. “

“Hmmm… you’re givin’ me an idea for the next time I bang ya’, baby! Heh, heh!”

“You just like to hear the word ‘spread’, Sasq… I’m onto ‘you’.

“Onto, into, under, on top of… it’s all good, honey! Now here’s your wine. Let’s snuggle and get caught up. You were sayin’ you got a million things to tell me before Armageddon happened around here just now. I can’t see the floor ’cause all the pillows and clothes are all over the place! Now let’s get comfortable and snack on these Fig Newtons and crackers so’s I can get my strength back to do ya’ all over again tomorrow.”

“Ummm, uh… OK, Adam. First off, I want you to have a look at my student workspace assignment for Camilla ‘izzzn’t it’ Mezaros under the plastic bag I’m using to keep the dust off it on the desk.”

“Holy fuck, Aaron! This is great! But, lookin’ at the scaled-down drafting stool there, I’d say it’s a bit too big for your cute butt though, honey. Ya’ really shoulda’ let me measure your ass the last time I was up, babe!”

“Oh, fuck off, Adam! Hah, hah, hah, hah! I can just curl the edges of it up like this and then it will hug my butt just the way you do!”

“Good thinkin’ there, cookie. You could even stick somethin’ in the middle of it and pretend it’s my dick pokin’ up at ya’ too!”

“OK, smartass… enough ‘Adam Blanchard’ sex talk for now and really take a good look at the model and let me know what you think.”

“The detail is amazing, cookie. This musta’ taken ya’ days to complete. You did a real good job measurin’ the heights of the table tops and I like that ya’ put a shelf between the lower and higher one to make them look like they line up. It’s really clean and slick-looking, like somethin’ outta’ the Jetsons! You’ve got one of those Paradraft things on your drafting board and a couple of set squares too. And all those bins for your drawings and boards and stuff… wow, look at all the work ya’ put into this! Fuck, you even put pins with little white, round heads on the drawers to make them look like pull handles so they can open! And little strips on the floor to look like hardwood. And a little tiny picture frame on one of the shelves for my smilin’ face I’m thinkin’! And all measured to scale and cut outta’ white cardstock or Bainbridge board! I’m really fuckin’ impressed! And honey, don’t let me forget to give ya’ the programming and design study I typed up for ya’. It’s in my backpack.”

“Thanks Sasq man… I really appreciate that.”

“Now, baby… didya’ hand in Lynda ‘bird lady’s’ assignment last week and has she got back to you with a grade on it yet? I’m real interested to see what she thinks of it.”

“She was super impressed, Adam! I didn’t know, but she has in-laws living down in Brockville! She knows the city well and really liked what I handed in. I won’t be getting my grades until next Friday though. But, I’m pretty sure I’m going to do well with that one.”

And that Professor Alan ‘whatshisnames’ model on the ‘frickin’ nachos’ theory or sequence or whatever the fuck you call it … where is that? Can I see it, babe?”

“Hah, hah, hah! Fibonacci, Adam! Jeez! It’s an algorithm and Fibonacci was a 13th century Italian, not Mexican!”

“Heh, heh! Whatever, babe… where is it?”

“I’ve had to leave it back in the classroom and work on it there, Adam. It was going to be too fragile to carry back and forth and I didn’t want to wreck it by trying to get it over to the College.”

“Ummm, uh… baby, you don’t leave a lot of your work there alone when you’re not there, do ya’?”

“Uh, well… sometimes I do. There’s usually someone there to keep an eye on stuff. In fact, some of the students have been bringing coffee makers and sleeping bags into the classroom to spread out under the drafting tables to work on their stuff all night to get them done in time for submission. I know Diane Payne and Elaine Morrow have been doing that this past couple of weeks.”

“Cookie babe, I don’t wantcha’ to leave your work unattended. That fuckin’ scene with that goddamn Alan Abelson and his strung out ‘coke’ friends when we went to Sacs really kinda’ freaked me out, baby. I’m not sayin’ anyone would sabotage your work. But, ya’ never know… and I don’t wantcha’ takin’ any chances this close to the end of your first semester. Uh, ummm… Aaron… does the College have any night watch security guards to patrol the halls and classrooms and do they lock the outside doors late at night with a sign-in sheet and guard desk to let students and staff in and out?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20