A Work Colleague Chronicle Ch. 01

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(I): Hand Relief

It all started with the spatter of my cum across the office computer screen. I was standing next to the desk, my trousers and boxer shorts down round my ankles. Emma, my work colleague, was sat on the swivel chair next to me, her jeans off, her legs encased in cream nylon pantyhose, her hand wrapped around my cock, still wanking it as the last spurts of semen now pattered across the key-board.

“Better?” she asked. I nodded. It was all I could do for the moment.

I didn’t know it, but Emma was to be the first of a number of sexual adventures I would have with my work colleagues at the institute over the following few weeks. Whether it was because of my now single status — I had recently broken off an engagement to a young female solicitor in the city — or simply luck, I was to find myself in a number of lurid trysts, all with women my senior and all work-related…

My diary for that week had perhaps been a little provocative but surely not precognitive;

“Monday 16th

Why doesn’t Emma wear skirts any more? Although she’s quite short, she’s got good legs and a great arse…”

I never thought I would ask her though. But there I was, doing just that the following Thursday.

“I just haven’t felt like it,” she answered. “Why? You like looking at my legs?”

“Well, yeah, especially when you wear tights….”

“I’m wearing tights right now.”

I could feel the saliva juicing up my mouth. I swallowed.

“You want to see them?”


“All right. Lock the door.”

I did so. There wasn’t much chance of anyone coming in, but you never could tell at the institute and it was always better to be safe than sorry.

By the time I had locked the door, Emma had taken off her jeans and was sitting, cross-legged in cream tights at the computer.

“Ok. I don’t want you touching me, but I can wank you off, if you like.”

I could only nod. Now beside her, I quickly unzipped and lowered my trousers and dropped my boxers, my cock already standing to hard attention.

She took it in her small hand and lightly squeezed it. I could smell her hair, her perfume, the cigarette she’d recently smoked out in the forecourt but could only stand there, obeying her, not touching her, as she began to wank my cock towards the computer screen. I looked down at her, at her nylon clad thigh, her legs still crossed…

I suppose it took only half a minute. I watched her watching my cock, its purple head exposed-covered-exposed as she began to pick up the pace. Grunting, I exploded, the spurts of white cum splattering across the screen, her hand now pumping me hard as I took hold of the desk to steady myself. I must admit to wanting her mouth on me, to have her sucking me, and me with my hands in her hair as I came….

“Better?” she asked.

She cleaned my cock up with a Kleenex before wiping off the screen and then her fingers. As she did so, I pulled up my boxers and trousers.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Don’t mention it,” she replied, smiling. She pulled her jeans back on, the hiss of the material over nylon had me twitching again but I had work to do and so did she.

“Can I ask you out sometime,” I asked.

“I don’t think casino şirketleri my boy-friend would be very happy about that,” she said, sitting down and beginning to type. “But maybe we can organise another hand relief session if you’re good…”

(II): Latino MILF

It was a day later, the Friday, when I had my next encounter.

Emma had avoided me in the café that morning so I was feeling a bit pissed off as I stepped out of the elevator on my floor. As I turned, I caught sight of Maria as she disappeared around the corner on her way to her own class room.

I’d always had a thing about this woman. In her 50s, dark skinned, Latino, a mother of three, she had always done a fantastic job at keeping fit.

For one reason or another, probably more because of the sudden burning desire to see Maria’s naked breasts, I made my way to her room.

She was already at her desk when I entered, reading glasses on, studying a newspaper. She was wearing a low-cut blouse and I could see that she, like Emma the day before, was wearing jeans.

I’d always fantasised about sex with a married woman and the look she gave me as I entered was enough to get my cock swelling in anticipation. I closed the door behind me without being asked.

“Well, if it isn’t the little Casanova,” she said, taking off her glasses and laying them down on the paper in front of her.


“Emma told me of your clandestine meeting yesterday in the staff-room,” she said as she stood, stepping out from behind the desk. She came towards me, unbuttoning her blouse. “You know, I could have you reported for that,” she continued, her breasts, still supported in their double ‘D’ cups now revealed as she threw off the blouse. “But let’s just say, I’ll look the other way, just as long as you satisfy my, how should we say?” her hands now unbuttoning her jeans, “my needs.”

Five minutes later she was down on her desk and I was standing between her smooth brown thighs, gripping hold of her marvellous arse cheeks, her tits free of their cups, bouncing heavily with each thrust of my cock in her black-haired pussy.

I’m not sure what I’d been expecting… perhaps a more ‘elastic’ cunt? After three children, I was amazed how tight Maria’s pussy was. She gripped me at each pull-back, milking me, her ‘needs’ clearly stronger than I had imagined. If we hadn’t been in the institute I’m sure she would have been screaming out obscenities. As it was, she managed quite well in harsh, grunting whispers;

“Fuck me. Fuck me with that hard fucking prick. Fuck me like the whore I am…”

I kept going (God knows how!) as she shuddered into a climax, her tanned body shiny with perspiration beneath me. I took the opportunity to pull out and flip her over, her black-pubed cunt, the red lips open like a slick, creamy flower in front of me, I pushed the four fingers of my right hand into her. Moaning, she looked back over her shoulder at me, her black hair plastered to her face.

“Fist-fuck me…” she managed, so I obliged.

By the time she shuddered into her second orgasm, I was up to my wrist in Latino cunt, but my cock was still to be satisfied and I wanted it sucked. I pulled out my hand and went round to her face.

“Suck casino firmaları me off, bitch,” I ordered. “And while you do, I want you to wank me. And I want to see your wedding ring as you do it.”

It was the glint and flash of her wedding ring in the sunlight from the window as she wanked and sucked me that finally sent me over the edge. As I came, handfuls of her hair in my fists, her gagging as I fucked her throat, I realised this was exactly what I had wanted to do to Emma the day before…

Maria took all I could give her and I left her spread eagled on the desk, gasping, trying to get her breath back.

“I take it your needs have been satisfied?” I said as I made for the door. I took her post-orgasmic murmurs as a sign of affirmation and let myself out.

(III): Ripped Tights

It was only that night that something Maria had said came back to me.

“Emma told me of your clandestine meeting yesterday in the staff-room….”

The two women clearly talked with one another. The two women talked and what Maria had heard had excited her sufficiently to get naked….

I got the call the following evening — the Saturday. Emma was meeting Maria for drinks at a local pub. Would I like to come?

I was there an hour early. Emma and Maria entered together, ordered their drinks and came over to sit either side of me.

“Maria told me what the two of you got up to in her room yesterday,” said Emma after taking a sip of her wine. “I wouldn’t mind joining in next time.”

I raised my eyebrows at that one. “And what about your boy-friend?” I asked. “I mean, I know Maria loves acting the dirty whore, but you ….”

“Oh, it’ll be the same rules,” Emma continued. “You can’t touch me…”

“I’ll do the touching,” Maria interrupted. “I’ll do enough touching for the both of us.” She placed her hand on my leg, beneath the table.

“And I’m wearing tights again,” said Emma.

“And tonight,” said Maria, “I am too.”

An hour later, we went to a hotel and booked a room. We only had an hour — Maria could just about convince her husband she’d gone to her Pilates class… I assured her she would probably get more exercise with me and she answered yes, the previous session had literally blown her away, but she’d certainly had her work out!

Both women soon stripped, both naked but for the tan nylons Emma was wearing and the brown pantyhose Maria was wearing. Neither woman was wearing panties…..

I admired Emma’s neatly trimmed cunt. Maria’s black-pubed pussy was already dampening up the crotch of her tights…

Both women knelt on the bed in front of me, Maria’s heavy breasts pressed against Emma’s smaller tits, the older woman’s nipples bigger and harder….

As they kissed I slowly wanked myself…

Five minutes later I was eating Maria’s black-haired cunt through the hole I’d ripped in her pantyhose whilst she feasted on our colleague’s cunt, Emma standing above us, legs spread, her hands on her tits….

Five minutes after that I was doing Maria hard, doggy-style, with me gripping her ass through the nylon. A moment later, Emma slid beneath my shuttling cock and started licking and biting my balls and probing Maria’s juiced-up güvenilir casino cunt with her expert fingers… I felt my orgasm building.

I watched, sated, as Emma ate my cum out of Maria’s dripping pussy, the Latino, her ass still in the air, her pantyhose in tatters, moaning into the pillow…

The two women left before me, Maria undoubtedly with what remained of my cum dribbling down her inner thigh , but with a well and truly worn out look on her face. Her husband would be impressed with her ‘Pilates’ work-out, I was sure!

(IV): Voyeur

One thing I know will always get me off is the sense of being a voyeur.

A week after my hotel meeting, I was spending some time with a friend of mine, Bob, a divorcee and an old work colleague who had a house on the coast and who would often have people over.

For one reason or another, he had got his dates mixed up and I found myself sharing the house with Liz — another of my colleagues from work and another mature woman I had a passion for – and her husband Frank.

Now, I was sure Liz hadn’t been told by either Emma or Maria of our escapades the week before and, although I had always lusted after the blond, petite Belgium woman, I hadn’t made a move.

The day after I’d arrived and unpacked, I’d gone out to get a bottle of wine and returned to the house, letting myself in with my borrowed key. After putting the wine in the fridge, I was making my way through to the living room when I heard the knock-knock-knocking of a bed head-board banging against the wall of one of the upstairs guest bedrooms.

Taking my chance, and wanting to see Liz in action, I climbed the stairs and made my way towards the room. As luck would have it, the door had been left slightly ajar and I was given a satisfying view of the bed. Liz, her head pressed back into the pillow was being taken missionary style, her calves tensing across the ass of who I presumed at first glance must be her husband Frank.

“Ohh, Bob… Screw me harder,” and it was at that point I realised it was my old friend between her legs!

Bob really started ploughing Liz’s pussy, whilst at the same time leaning down and kissing her, his ass thrusting back and forth, back and forth, driving his impressive dong deep into her cunt.

“Oh, Oh… Oh, god… I’m cumming, I’m cumming….,” and at that Bob pulled back, his wet cock springing into view as he sat back on his heels, exposing Liz’s spread legs, her pink gaping hole… Liz bucked, and then, from her cunt, a sudden jet of female cum hosed out, splashing my friend’s chest, his prick and the bed.

Squirting again, and then for a third time, the bed soaked, my friend dripping, Liz whooped back a heaving breath and Bob rolled forwards and thrust his cock back into her sopping pussy. I almost whipped out my cock and jumped in to join them, but at that moment the doorbell rang. I ducked back, sprinting lightly for the stairs.

It had to be Liz’s husband, Frank. I heard the pair scrabbling from the bedroom behind me and caught sight of Liz, now wrapped in a towel, rushing into the bathroom across from the guest room, closing and locking the door.

I reached the bottom of the stairs, counted to ten and then shouted up, ‘I’ll get it!’ I heard Bob making for the landing, so I gave him another five seconds and opened the door for Frank…. I would get some sort of payment out of this, I thought lightly to myself as I helped Frank bring in the groceries. A little black-mail wouldn’t go amiss…

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