A Weird One Ch. 11

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When I arrived to pick up Tasha I got my usual smile from Pam and a half scowl from her father and then Tasha and I were on our way to dinner. After eating we went to the teen club and danced and socialized until around ten and then Tasha wanted to go play.

Given her horny nature I half expected that she would drag me into the motel room after going a week without, but she didn’t. It occurred to me that she wasn’t as needy as I expected because she had played some at school. For a brief second or so I was pissed, but then I remembered our agreement. And the of course there was Mom, Mary, Marge, Gail, Shelly and Andrea. I had to work hard at not being a hypocrite.

As I buried my face in Tasha’s furry beaver I hoped that she had at least cleaned him (them?) out of her before giving it to me. I didn’t normally mind taking cum from a lady’s honey pot, but I did like to know whose it was.

Tasha wasn’t happy when I told her that I wouldn’t see her until two on Saturday. I told her that my mom had something that she wanted me to do Saturday morning. Hey! It wasn’t a lie.

A hot mouth on my cock and a girlish voice asking if mommy’s motherfucker wanted to come out and play started my morning. I didn’t have to verbally answer the question. My stiff cock was all the answer she needed.

As usual we started cowgirl and finished missionary. Sixty-nine and then anal. A wash job, a blow job, more anal and then mom fixed us breakfast. Over breakfast she brought up the mystery lady and I fibbed and said that I hadn’t seen her in over a week. That got me an:

“Then obviously you don’t really need her that much. Come on baby; help mommy out here.”

I fibbed again and said that the only reason I hadn’t seen her was that her Aunt Flo came to visit.

“I’ve never asked you for much baby, but I am asking you for this. Please baby?”

She was right. Mom was always giving and I don’t mean just since she first climbed in my bed and she had never asked me for much. I thought on it while we ate and the weirdness of it kind of appealed to me and I wondered what it would be like to watch my mom and my dad’s mistress going at it. Not that I thought it would ever happen if I did put them together. I think I knew Marge well enough to think it wouldn’t bother her because she had made it clear that she had no interest in taking dad away from my mom. Mom was the wild card here. How would she react at seeing Marge and knowing that Marge was fucking dad?

My main reason for not wanting to put them together was the fear of losing one (or both) of them, but the more I thought about it I came to realize that at the worst I would lose mom. Marge was kinky enough to get a kick out of knowing that she was having sex with every member of the family. And there was a good chance that even though mom might cut me off as soon as she saw who I’d set her up with she might come around if I kept dropping her cum laden panties on my bedroom floor for her to pick up and wash. I took a last sip of my coffee and said:

“No promises, but I’ll ask her the next time I see her.”

Mom gave a squeal of delight and jumped up and came over and sat on my lap. She gave me a hot kiss and said:

“You won’t be sorry motherfucker. I promise you that you won’t be sorry.”

That remains to be seen I thought. Since we were eating breakfast naked mom’s sitting on my lap and squirming around caused a very predictable reaction and we ended up going back to the bedroom. She wanted anal again so I obliged her. As I showered to get ready to go pick up Tasha I wondered how I was going to go about putting mom and Marge together.

I was driving over to pick up Tasha when my cell phone beeped. I didn’t recognize the number on the screen as I flipped it open and said “Hello?”

“Bob?” asked a male voice.

“Yes, this is Bob.”

“Bob this is Marcus Williams. We met at Mary’s.”

“Oh hi Marcus. How’s it going?”

“Fairly well thank you. You remember what we talked about at Mary’s?”

At first I didn’t, but then I remembered. “Your wife’s fantasy.”

“That’s it. She wants to do it. You still willing?”

I pictured some Aunt Jemima looking woman in my mind, but then shook off the thought and said:

“Sure. When?”

“I know that it is short notice, but would tomorrow work for you?”

I thought for a minute before saying that it wouldn’t. “I won’t have an evening open until Monday.”

“We’ll take it.”

“I won’t get off work until six. How do you want to work it?”

“She wants you to pick her up here at the house. Say seven?”

“Are you sure?”

“It is part of her fantasy Bob. Part of the kick will be her being seen driving off with a young white boy. Can you treat it as a real date?”

“Of course.”

“Not to be insulting, but are you okay for cash? I want this to go well for her so I will help out.”

“I’m good. I’ll see you at seven unless you call and cancel.”

He gave me directions and we said goodbye.

I picked up Tasha and we had dinner at casino oyna the Texas Roadhouse and then we headed for the teen club. The first person I saw was Eddie Wooters. When he saw Tasha and me he got up and hurriedly left. Going to be another one of those nights I thought as Tasha and I found a table and sat down. We danced for a bit and then I got up to use the bathroom, but before going back to our table I went out to the car and got the pepper spray and the stun gun.

When I got back to the table we danced for a bit and then Tasha said:

“Think we should get out of here before Eddie gets back with whoever it is that he left to get?”

“No. I’m not going to let him ruin the night.”

“You can be so dense at times Bobby. That was my way of getting us out of here without sounding like a sex starved nymphomaniac. I want to go find a bed.”

As we walked to the car I had my hand in my pocket ready to pull out the pepper spray or the stun gun, but we made it all the way to the car without seeing any sign of Eddie.

When I checked in at the Starlight the clerk asked me if I had given any more thought to the weekly or monthly rates and I fibbed and told her I’d checked my bank account and found that I wasn’t in any shape to do it just yet.

Tasha surprised me. She usually wasn’t too fond of anal, but our third time she asked me for it. Naturally I thought that whoever it was that she was seeing during the week was into anal and she was using our night to keep things from closing up too tight for him. Might not have been so. Might have been that she just wanted to do something special for me, but I couldn’t help the thoughts I had. It was hard to avoid being a hypocrite, but I was trying. Really, I was. When I took her home we parked a block away and necked for a bit and made a date to go running in the morning.

I picked her up at eight and we again ran the Black Diamond and again she pulled me behind the mid-point bushes. As she sucked me I kept an eye on the two trails above us, but no one ran them while Tasha and I were being bad. I had her home by eleven and as I pulled away from her house I gave Gail a call and arranged to pick her up at one.


Mom and dad where out somewhere when I got home so I sat down at the kitchen table and read through the ads in the morning paper looking for apartments. I found a couple that looked good and I circled them meaning to look into them later.

Gail and I caught a movie and then went to the arcade for a while and then we headed for the Starlight. I ate her and then I fucked her. We went sixty-nine and when I was ready again I did her doggie. As we rested up she asked:

“Are you really going to gangbang Mary again on Wednesday?”

“That’s the plan.”

“I just can’t imagine it. I know that she is a very sexual person, but six guys? I just can’t picture it.”

“I’ll grant you that gangbangs may not be for everyone, but Mary sure as hell enjoys them.”

While we talked Gail had been fondling the equipment and when it showed signs of life she went down on me and got me hard. She climbed on me cowgirl and we went at it until I was ready to get off and then I rolled her onto her back and fucked her hard until I got off. I took her home after that and told her that I would see her Thursday unless something happened that would let me call her sooner. Even as I said it I knew that it wasn’t likely. Monday would be Mrs. Williams and Tuesday was Marge. Wednesday was the gangbang so Thursday was going to be the soonest I could get back to her.


School was school and on the way to the cafeteria at lunch time I saw a line of newspaper machine like boxes and one of them said “Free Apartment Guides” and I grabbed one. I was sitting at the table reading it when Gail and Nancy joined me.

“Whatcha doing” Gail asked.

“Looking for an apartment.”

“When you get it you had best not let me know where it is” Nancy said, “I might camp out in front of your door until you take me in.”

We all laughed at that, but what neither of them knew was that Nancy’s comment killed off any ideas I may have had about getting an apartment to use as a fuck pad. I could see it in my mind. Once I took someone to it they would know where it was and they could drop by whenever. I could see Gail showing up while I was doing mom or mom showing up while I was doing Pam. I pictured Tasha coming home early and catching me with my mom or even worse – catching me with hers. No indeed! It was going to be the Starlight and the daily rate!

At work I was sent to the loading dock. Shipping and Receiving were behind and needed help in catching up. Ten minutes before quitting time Andrea came out to the dock and handed me a piece of paper. I looked at it and saw it was blank as she said:

“That’s in case anyone wonders why I am here. They will think I brought you something from the office. Can you meet me in the basement when you get off?”



As she walked away Ben came slot oyna up to me and said, “Now that is something that I would definitely like to tap.”

“Me too. To bad she’s married.”

“Wouldn’t stop me.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to behave where daddy’s employees are concerned.”

I was unlocking the padlock when she got there. Once inside the room she asked:

“Do you have room in your busy schedule for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I hear that you have a girlfriend and then there is Shelly. Gloria and Tina both want you and I understand that Gloria did have you for a while.”

“That is over and Tina actually ran away from me.”

“Whatever. What I do know is that they both want you. My problem is that I do too and that’s why I’m asking you if you can fit me in.”

“Why? I thought things were good with your husband.”

“Dennis is marvelous when it comes to straight sex and I love him to death, but he has problems. You already know how he is when it comes to oral sex and, well, he is the same way about anal sex. I did what you suggested and on Friday he did give it a try and he seemed to like it. The problem came when he pulled out of me and saw shit on his dick. He ran into the bathroom and heaved. Saturday night I took an enema to make sure I was cleaned out and we did it again. When it was over even though there wasn’t anything on his dick he still went to the bathroom and threw up.

“My problem is that now, thanks to you, I am as hooked on anal sex as I am on oral. I’ve adopted Shelly’s outlook. I’ll continue to try and fuck Dennis to death with my pussy and get my oral and anal elsewhere. So my question again is can you fit me into your schedule?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“That’s all I can ask for” she said as she took off her panties and bent forward over the table.


I showed up at 411 Campbell Street and rang the doorbell. Marcus opened up the door and smiled when he saw me.

“I was afraid that you would chicken out.”

“Not a chance. How many guys my age ever get an offer like this?”

“Come on in. Tash is still getting ready.”


“Her name is Natasha, but most people call her Nat. I call her Tash. While we are waiting I’ll give you a quick run down on what is going on. It was about twenty years ago and the sexual side of our marriage was going downhill. We recognized it and talked about how to keep it from going into the toilet. We agreed to spice things up for a while and did different things like role playing and some other stuff. It worked for a while, but then started fading again.

“One day Tash asked me if I had any fantasies and of course I did so I told her what mine were and asked her what hers were. It took a couple of months of talking about it, but we finally decided to live out those fantasies. Twice a year we each get to live out one of our fantasies and tonight you are here to help her live out one of hers. You need to know that the fantasy does not have a time limit. It lasts until it is over then there has to be at least a six month wait until you can try the next one. I know it sounds radical, but it saved us. You have to really be in love and trust your partner to do it, but it has been more than worth the effort.

“You could be Tash’s boy-toy for a night, a week or even a year until she decides to call it quits. Or until you do. All I’m asking is that you do whatever she wants for as long as you can. You may want to bail after this one night, but even if you do give her whatever she wants until you do.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“I’d have to say from the cries I heard from Mary and Madge that your best will be more than good enough. By the way; one of my fantasies was to go back and relive the fun of my college days and that is what I was doing at Mary’s the other night and what I’ll hopefully be doing it at Mary’s for quite a while.”

Just then his wife appeared at the top of the stairs. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but it wasn’t what I’d thought it would be. I had wondered if she was going to be one of those big matronly colored women and she was. Not big and matronly, but BIG! She was better than six foot. I’d say six two or three in her bare feet and that gave her three inches on me. I’d guess her to be about one sixty and every pound that she had over a hundred was in her tits and ass. I could get lost in her cleavage. She was at least my mom’s age (no surprise there) and she was stunning!

I gasped as she started down the stairs and Marcus whispered, “She sure is something isn’t she?”

“She’s magnificent” I whispered back. “There isn’t any way in hell that I can do that much woman justice. She deserves a guy with a foot long dick. She is going to send me home with my tail tucked between my legs and too ashamed to come back out of the house.”

“Nonsense. From what I saw at Mary’s we are about the same size and I take care of her just fine.”

By then Natasha was at the bottom of the steps and she asked, “And just what are you two whispering canlı casino siteleri about?”

Before Marcus could say anything I said, “We were just talking about how disappointed I am.”

She gave me a nasty look and snarled, “You are disappointed in me?”

“Yep. You must have seen me get out of my car when I got here and noticed that you were taller than me so you went back upstairs and put a pair of flats on. With legs like those you should be wearing at least a four inch heel and I was disappointed that you didn’t want to look your best for me. I want the woman on my arm looking her absolute best and for a woman like you that means high heels and the higher the better.”

“My god Marcus. A white boy with a sense of style. Where ever did you find him? Don’t you dare go away. I’ll be right back.”

She headed back up the stairs and Marcus looked at me and laughed and said:

“You own her now Bobby. After that you can do no wrong. Fuck! I might not even get her back.”

Natasha came back down in a pair of ‘come fuck me’ pumps with a five inch heel and she did a pirouette in front of us and asked “Better?”

“I think that I might have just set myself up for some hurt. I’m going to be fighting to keep guys away from you all night.”

She laughed and said, “I might just have to keep him Marcus. So White Boy, are ready?”

“I’m yours to command my Nubian Queen.”

She laughed again and said, “Fix him up a room Marcus; I’m going to keep him.”

We walked to the car and I got the door for her. She got in and I went over to the driver’s side and got in. I was just turning the key when I heard her exclaim:

“Shit!! She wasn’t supposed to be home tonight!”

I looked to where she was looking and saw a young brown girl looking at us.

“You know her?”

“Our youngest daughter. She is supposed to be working. She wasn’t supposed to see me with you.”

“You want to cancel? Get out and make up some reasonably sounding excuse?”

“What? And give up my silver tongued white boy? Fat chance of that.”

I pulled away and she asked, “What are we going to do?”

“I’m taking us to dinner at a place my friends frequent. I want everyone to see you with me and to be envious of my good fortune. After that I place myself in your hands. This is your fantasy night although I do have to say that it is working out pretty damned well for me too.”

“You do have one hell of a line White Boy.”

I took her dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and I was in luck as there were at least twenty people there that I knew. It had the effect that I had hoped for. The guys couldn’t take their eyes off Natasha and the girls (most of whom I had know for years and who wouldn’t have anything to do with me when I was in high school) were looking at Natasha with looks that said:

“What does Bobby have that a woman like that is with him?”

When we were through with dinner I asked, “What now Tasha?”


“You are unique my queen and I need my own special name for you.”

She grabbed the lapels of my sports coat and, surprising me and everyone else who was watching, pulled me to her and gave me a kiss that curled my toes. She sent her tongue searching and I gave her a little back. She broke the kiss and said:

“My immediate thought is to find a strong bed, but I want to play a little first. Get me out of here.”

Once in the car I asked “What now my queen?”

“Do you have a fake ID?”


“No matter. I’m sure I can get you in.”

She gave me directions to a club and when we got there she said, “Don’t sweat it White Boy; you’re with me.”

There was a very large Black man at the door and he greeted Tasha by name and ignored me except for collecting the twenty dollars a head cover charge.

We walked inside and I almost turned and ran. I was the only white male in the place. There were a couple of white girls, but they didn’t stand out like I did.

“Steady White Boy; don’t forget that you are with me.”

We found a table and sat and a waitress came over.

“The usual Nat?”

“As always Sherry.”

“And you sir?”

“Beer. Whatever is the coldest.”

The waitress walked away and Tasha laughed.

“She called you sir. In all the years I’ve come in here I’ve never heard her use that word before.”

“She thinks that I must be special or you wouldn’t be with me.”

“Are you special White Boy?”

“Hell no. I’m just one lucky assed white boy who happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

“I’m going to flaunt you White Boy. Almost every man in here tonight has tried to get into my panties and almost all of them never made it. The two who did have larger – much larger – than average dicks so I have a reputation as a size queen and since I am going to make it obvious to everyone here that I intend to fuck your eyes out tonight they are all going to assume that you are hung like a horse.

“It is going to piss a lot of them off, but that is what I’m hoping for. You will hear some nasty remarks and some racial remarks, but ignore them. They won’t press them because they all know me and my temper. Just ride with it White Boy and I’ll see to it that you are amply rewarded.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20