A Warm, June Bikeride

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It was a warm Saturday afternoon in June and I was enjoying a long bike ride through the local woods. I’d been riding there all throughout my childhood, which had been happy and pretty easy.

My dad was a good man and worked hard to keep us above the poverty line. He was still considered handsome, despite his slightly greying hair and had kept himself in shape, but only as much as he could be bothered.

My mum was a good woman, having quit the idea of starting work at 16 in order to spend her time with the baby (me). Yes she’d started early and yet I didn’t get my sister until I was five. Even then, that little brat got herself born the day before my own birthday.

My mum was attractive by anyone’s standards, blonde hair straight from a bottle too and my little sis was the spitting image of her. I thought this was unfair because I looked enough like my dad to be certain he was my dad, but not enough to really be considered handsome.

Anyway, I was riding through the woods on my bike and I was finding it a little harder than I usually would have. I put it down to the fact that I’d passed my driving test a few months previously — just after my 18th birthday — and hadn’t been riding as much lately.

Then I went down this steep dell — as I had many times before — but some kids must’ve been fooling around with the trees, because a massive branch was in the way. Having been finding the ride difficult already, falling off was the last straw. I picked my bike up, pushed it back up out of the dell and rode on home.

When I got home, Izzy, my little sister, passed me with a holdall.

“Where’re you off to, Izzy?” it was an obvious question.

“A friends house. You should have stayed out. Mum’ll get you working!” She poked her tongue out at me and winked. That meant my mum was out in the garden tending her flowers. Tending her flowers meant moving the entire garden around.

“Oh well. Have fun.” I watched her leave and wander off down the road. The holdall was obviously too heavy for her, but I suspected she was only going to Lindsey’s house so I let her waddle off. With a shrug, I went out the back and as expected, my mum was digging up the flowerbeds. She was breaking every health and safety rule in the book. Dressed in a yellow bikini top, denim shorts and pink flip-flops, she drove the garden fork into the earth millimetres away from her feet. Amsterdam Shemale

“Alright there, mum?” She stood up straight and wiped the back of her wrist across her forehead. With a smile she heaved a sigh and lifted her sunglasses. As a bead of sweat rolled down her neck and in between her moderate breasts, my balls twitched. She’d never had that effect on me before. I mean I knew she was attractive, but I’d always just thanked god she wasn’t ugly. Some of my friends’ mum’s were ugly and I wondered how they could bear to live in the same house as them. A cruel opinion but an honest one.

“Hey, honey. Wanna help me with this?” She half tuned gesturing to the garden, giving me a side profile of her boob, barely hidden behind the bikini top. My balls twitched.

“Not really.” As I said that she pouted, I twitched. “I just came off my bike. Thought I’d have a shower and a lie down.” Her face turned into that desperate mothering face and she stomped up to me, grabbed my hand and led me inside. I couldn’t get a word in as she pulled off my shirt and inspected me for cuts and bruises.

After a couple of minutes, I noticed that she was still running her hands over my chest, shoulders and back. “Um, mum?” She sighed and embraced me, pressing her chest against me and resting her head on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and smelled her hair. Her hands were gently stroking my back and I was certain that I could feel her lips on my neck, so I ran my hands up her waist the strap that wrapped around her back.

She didn’t say anything, so I took a chance and pulled on the string to release the knot. With no reaction from my mum, I ran my hands up further and undid the neck strap. Keeping her lips on my neck, she moved her body away from me briefly, allowing her little yellow top to fall to the floor, then she pressed against me again. Feeling encouraged I rubbed my hands around her body and stroked the sides of her breasts. She pulled away from me and looked into my eyes.

Thinking she was about to tell me to stop, I quickly took a firm hold of her boobs and squeezed them. She remained staring into my eyes as I started firmly kneading her globes. She closed her eyes and heaved a sigh, her chest rising beautifully. Feeling particularly confident, I dropped a hand to her bum, then after a really firm squeeze I stroked my hand over her hip to her belly and slid Rotterdam Shemale my hand down the front.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was well trimmed down there. I was even moiré pleasantly surprised to find — after a little further exploration — that my mum’s vagina was dripping wet. Without ceremony I quickly stuffed three fingers into her, making her eyes suddenly spread open with a loud gasp. I grinned and tweaked her nipple as I forced my fingers as deep as I could into her. Her hands moved quickly and I heard my shorts and boxers hit the floor. Seconds later, her denim shorts hit the floor.

“Mum. I want you to ask me.” She knew what I meant and her tanned skin flushed.

“Honey. Please have sex with me. I want you to push your penis deep into me, really hard and really fast.” Her hands were working my cock and I was keen to get it wet with her juices.

I grabbed her bum with both hands and lifted her up, walking her back to the kitchen worktop. As her bum hit the worktop, she guided my cock towards her pussy and closed her eyes. I wanted to tell her to look at me while I penetrated her, but I couldn’t wait. As soon as my helmet touched her sopping wet pussy lips, I thrust my hips forward, ramming my cock balls-deep into my mum’s deep pussy. She’d obviously been doing her pelvic floor exercises. I mean after two kids she was never going to be as tight as a virgin, but man did it feel good around my cock.

I was thankful that I’d developed a fat cock. So, it seemed, was my mum. As my balls slapped her arse she yapped like a little dog. She tried to kiss me, but I was a young man and wanted boobs. I pushed her backwards and clamped my mouth onto her left nipple, taking her right breast in one hand, my other on her hip, pulling her onto me as I thrust into her. As my speed increased, I could feel that tell tale feeling that I was going to cum.

I couldn’t believe it. I was no marathon man by any means, but normally my stamina could be measured in minutes at least. I was about to explode into my mum after only a few seconds. To be honest though, I didn’t care that I wasn’t lasting. I was about to cum in my own mum. It was so incredible I just let my body do what it wanted and sprayed my sperm deep into her. After a few more thrusts I slowed and pulled out.

“Oh, honey. Is that it?” I dropped to my knees and gazed at her swollen Netherlands Shemale and hungry pussy. I pushed four fingers into her and she could tell straight away what I was thinking. “No, no, honey. Don’t you dare!” I tucked in my thumb and forced my whole hand into her pussy. My fingers squelched through her juice and my cum as I formed a fist inside her.

She squealed and bucked as I twisted my fist inside her. “No! Stop you horrible little fucker!” She was saying no, but she’d stopped struggling and I could feel her vagina wall tensing against my wrist. I started to fuck my fist into her as I twisted it and her juices started to flow like a waterfall. I punched my fist into her cervix repeatedly without slowing for what seemed like an age, until she came so hard I thought she was convulsing and pissing all over me. Covered in my mum’s cum, I licked her warm juice off her thigh.

“Mum, that tastes amazing! You could bottle that and sell it for a fortune!” she looked down at me, my hand half a forearm deep inside her.

“Careful pulling that out. Let me push it, okay?” I did as she asked and relaxed my hand, letting her — in effect — give birth to me a second time. As my hand fell free, I leaned in and licked her pussy. She really did taste good. She could barely hold herself up as she panted heavily, gasping in as much air as possible. I lifted my hand and pushed my soaking wet fingers up her arse. She whimpered and I stopped licking.

“Turn around, mum.” My cock was fully erect again and ready to go. We both knew what was about to happen. She obliged and whimpered again as I pulled my fingers out of her bum hole. She laid her face down on the worktop reached back to spread her arse cheeks. I eagerly stuffed my cock into her gaping arsehole, spreading her wider than she’d been spread before.

She yelped and whimpered with each thrust and withdrawal I made. Holding her hips, I thrust as hard and as fast as I could, the great sound of my hips slapping her firm round bum was music to my ears. After a good fifteen minutes, my mum’s arse was red raw and I came again. After the last spurt left my cock, I collapsed onto her back feeling as drained as my balls were. I let my cock soften in her anus before I pulled it out. I then led her over to the dinner table and sat in a chair before pulling her onto my lap and sucking on her tits.

“Mum, I’ve never thought of you as a sex toy before, but now I’m looking forward to every moment we ever spend alone.” I bit her breast and squeezed her bum cheeks as hard as I could. “I’m lucky dad works nights a lot.” I could have sworn I heard her whimper again.

The end.

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