A Visit from Joe

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A short introduction is in order. I’m a bisexual married guy, late forties, who likes to have hot mansex occasionally. I’d found a nice buddy named Joe, who was also a bi guy and interested in having fun. We had a lot of encounters together, one-on-one, threesomes with another friend of mine or his, and just enjoyed having sex with each other. I’m a bottom, and love using my mouth on a stiff cock. Joe loved having his sucked, and was also willing to suck in return. I’d seen him fuck a couple of guys, while I sucked them and then sucked him, and Joe clearly wanted to fuck me. I wanted it too, but my butt was just too tight to be explored in the short times we could spend playing. One day, however, all that changed.

My job gave me the occasional weekday off, and government holidays as well, so we usually had time every month or so to play. When we had enough time, Joe often set us up for a threesome, and we met at my place or at a local adult motel. Lots of fun was had by all, and the more cocks I could suck, the better!

I had the day available, and sat at my computer looking at gay porn, feeling my cock hardening as my desire to suck began to grow. Wondering if Joe was available, I brought up my IM and looked for him. He worked at a job where he could keep his IM minimized on his computer, and would respond if he had time to play. Sure enough, Joe was online and I sent him a hello message.

“Morning Joe!” I wrote, my cock hardening at the thought of the possibilities of the day.

“Morning” he wrote back. Normally, if his responses were short, he was very busy or had people around.

“Any chance of us being able to hook up today? Feeling horny!” I wrote, as my fingers flew across the keyboard.

“Hmmmm, maybe…but if we do, something different’s going to happen…I want your tight little ass!” was the reply.

That caused my cock to stiffen, and my ass to pucker involuntarily. Joe had never been really forceful, but I had seen him fucking other guys, and knew how hard he could pound his cock. Was güvenilir bahis I ready for that?

“Okay, I’m always willing to try. When are you free?”

“I can be there a little after Noon…be ready!” he replied.

“Okay, will do, see you then!”

My cock was rock hard now, knowing that in just over an hour, I would have his hard cock to suck. I decided that I’d better try to loosen up a bit first, as I really wanted him to fuck me. I found my favorite dildo, carefully washed and lubed it up, then lubed my tight backdoor. It was a very tight squeeze, but I got it all the way in, and began to pump my ass slowly.

I played with my ass for about fifteen minutes, fighting to resist the urge to play with my dripping cock. Finally satisfied, I cleaned the dildo and took a hot shower, ensuring I was clean and ready for my lover’s arrival.

At five minutes past Noon, there was a knock at the door. Checking the peephole, I saw Joe waiting for me. Nude and anxious, I opened the door and let him inside. As he removed his coat, he took note that I was naked, and whistled. I began helping him undress, as my cock began to rise.

“Anxious, are we?” he asked, as I removed his shirt to reveal his furry chest. I just nodded and kept removing his clothes.

Once he was nude, we strode together towards the bedroom. Lying across the bed, Joe waved his hard cock at me, and said “Come suck this, get it nice and ready for your tight bottom…careful though, and don’t make me cum!”

As I had done dozens of times before, I took the head of Joe’s cock in my mouth and began to suck, loving every inch of his dick as I slid my mouth down over it. Joe began to sigh as I pleasured him, and reached down to roll my stiff nipples in his fingers. I love having my nipples played with, and Joe pulled and pinched them as I sucked his cock. Over and over, I plunged my mouth down his cock, getting it as stiff as it could be. Not wanting him to cum yet, I changed tactics and began to lick instead of sucking, taking long swipes türkçe bahis across the length of his penis.

After a few minutes of this, I moved my tongue lower. Joe raised his hips up and locked his legs around my neck, keeping me in place as I began to lick and suck his heavy balls. Joe sighed contentedly as I licked him. I sighed too, knowing his balls were churning the cum I would want later.

Finally, we could both stand no more. I knew that if I kept sucking, Joe would give up his hot load to my mouth, and while I wanted that, we both had something else in mind. Unclenching his legs, Joe reached for a condom and opened it, getting ready to roll it down his cock. I grabbed the lube and touched it to my hole, quivering now with desire, knowing that stiff cock was going to penetrate me whether I wanted it to or not.

Rubbing his now condom-clad erection, Joe watched me lube my ass for him. “Are you ready?” he asked.

Nodding yes, I asked him how he wanted to do it. We both agreed that doggy style might be difficult, as we had tried it before without success. He asked me to lie down on the bed and spread myself for him, which I eagerly did. Joe stepped up and began to rub his cock over my hole, spreading the lube around and teasing me.

Holding my legs up to gain access, Joe began to slowly feed his cock into my bottom. I gasped as the head popped in and he began to penetrate me. Moving slowly, letting me work through the paid of his penis invading my ass, Joe pushed more and more of his cock inside me. I groaned and asked him to stop and let me get used to it. His cock was so much bigger and hotter than the dildo! I wanted it though, and knew he wouldn’t stop until he was balls-deep in my ass, no matter how long it took. Inch by inch, he opened me up to his cock until, finally, I felt his balls against my butt.

“It’s all in now, shhhh, just relax and take it…the pain will end soon, and then I’m gonna fuck you good!”

It really did hurt, but the fact that I was finally getting fucked the way güvenilir bahis siteleri I wanted to be kept me going. “That’s it, Joe, it hurts, but please just fuck me, fuck me now!”

Joe complied, and began to fuck me harder and faster. I gasped as he pumped, gritting my teeth, but taking every inch of his cock.

Joe kept my legs up as he pumped me, using long strokes then short ones, hunching his balls against my ass. I kept moaning as he pumped, feeling his shaft inside me, still in pain but very excited. I couldn’t keep hard because of the strain, but my cock was leaking precum like a river. I don’t know how long he fucked me, but he kept telling me how tight I was and how much he loved taking my ass. Finally, he looked down at me.

“I’m gonna cum, where do you want it?”

“Cum all over my chest Joe, drench me with it!”

Joe eased out of my sore bottom, reached down and pulled the condom off, then began to furiously pump his cock. Now that my ass was empty of his cock, I grabbed my own and began to jack it as I watched him pump. Moaning loudly, Joe began squirting his scalding hot sperm all over my chest, hitting my nipples and my chin as he pumped.

Feeling his hot sperm hit my chest and chin sent me into orgasm also, and I moaned loudly as I came, shooting my cum all over my cock. Joe had recovered from his orgasm, and was sitting on the side of the bed, his cum-covered cock now hanging limp on his stomach. I leaned over and licked the last drops from his cock, and he shuddered with the pleasure of it all.

“Joe, that was fantastic! It hurt, but I loved it, glad we could do this today. Do you have time for me to suck you off, could you take another orgasm?”

“Are you kidding? That tight hole of yours drained me completely; I couldn’t cum again if I had to. That was worth waiting for!”

Joe went to the bathroom to finish cleaning up, and I got dressed to see him out. I knew I would be downloading the pics we had taken to my laptop soon, and would probably jack off again looking at them. Walking him to the door, I hugged Joe and thanked him, telling him I hoped we could do it again soon. Sadly, I moved to another state the next month, so I haven’t been able to have sex with Joe again. Hope to do so some other time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20