A Very Special Love

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I have always loved my mother. I know that most guys say that, but with me, it was different. I really loved her. As soon as I knew what sex was about, I could only imagine doing it with her! How I used to fantasize about her, and all the things we would do together!

A little background. It was just mom and me when I was growing up. My folks were divorced before I was born, and my mom raised me by herself. So naturally, we were quite close, as it was just the two of us. We had other family, of course, but it was just Mom and me living under one roof while I was growing up.

Due to finances, Mom could only afford housing with one bedroom when I was a small child, and therefore, I slept in the same bed as her. Nothing sexual went on, but as time went on and Mom could afford housing with two bedrooms, I still would sleep in Mom’s bed. We had a bedroom set up for me, and my toys and stuff were there, but I always slept in Mom’s bed.

Also, I have always had a foot fetish. My mom always did her toes, and I remember as a small child being attracted to them, and wanting to hold and kiss them! Sometimes, when she would take a nap, I would wait for her to go to sleep, and crawl on the bed and hold and kiss her feet while she slept. Nothing sexual ever happened from this, of course.

Eventually, when I was older, Mom would do her toes of an evening, and let me rub her feet after she was done. I enjoyed this, and she got a nice foot rub out of the deal! My rubbing her feet eventually became a nightly ritual, one that brought us to incestuous bliss!

Mom didn’t date much, and the two of us became like a couple. We went to movies, sporting events, etc., and enjoyed each other’s company. Of course, Mom had her friends, and I had mine, but we truly enjoyed each other’s company. To the outside world, we just looked like a normal single parent family. However, behind our doors, something else was going on.

Mom came to look at me the same way I was looking at her. With desire! Mom hadn’t been involved with another man for a while, and was finding herself drawn to me. It was only natural, that the love we shared as a mother and son was blossoming into something much more. She needed a man, and I needed a woman. We were living together under the same roof, sleeping in the same bed, spending lots of time together. For all intents and purposes, we were like a couple living together. The only thing we weren’t doing was making love.

Mom came to see me as the “husband” she no longer had, and I was already seeing Mom as more than my mother. However, we were both unsure of just how the other felt, and didn’t want to hurt the other if they did not feel the same. Because of this, it took us over a year of “courtship” before we were able to consummate our relationship.

The “courtship” took the ritual of rubbing Mom’s feet on a nightly basis. Unlike the occasions canlı bahis şirketleri of doing this when I was a boy, by the time I was a man, my mother would let me rub her feet on a nightly basis. Each night I would take my bath, then Mom would take her bath, and then I would get to rub her feet. Mom would do her toes on a weekly basis, and this simple act of love and devotion to me, her only son, meant a tremendous amount to me. It showed that she saw me as more than just her son.

However, each night was the same, I would rub her feet and legs, and then we would go to bed and sleep. Nothing sexual was going on, and it was driving me nuts! I wanted Mom so bad, but I didn’t know how to go about letting her know, nor did I want to upset her if she felt differently.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Mom had the same feelings that I was going through, wanting me, but not wanting to force me into something that I didn’t want to do.

I just knew that if I was sure about Mom’s feelings, that I would make a move and let her know about mine. Thankfully, eventually this happened.

One summer night in 1977, Mom and I went to a ball game as usual. Mom looked terrific, having gone to the beauty shop earlier that day, and having her red hair styled in a way that I really liked. We went out to eat before the game, and just had a terrific evening together. Upon arriving home, I went and took my bath, and put on my night shirt and shorts, and Mom went and took her bath.

Mom came out of the bathroom, carrying her pedicure supplies. She then sat on the floor in the living room, and proceeded to give herself a pedicure as I sat on the sofa watching the late news. Mom was wearing her normal evening wear, a pale blue nightie which came to her knees, and white cotton panties. The material was then enough that I could see her small breasts through her nightgown.

When she was finished with the pedicure, Mom stood up and faced away from me, and bent at the waist and picked up her nail supplies. This gave me a terrific view of her ass! After she was through, she then put her nail supplies up, and came and sat on the sofa, throwing her legs in my lap as I sat in the middle of the sofa.

Normally, Mom would pull the bottom of her nightie to just above her knees, but tonight, she didn’t, instead, leaving the bottom where it just covered her panties. Mom lit a cigarette, passed me the lotion, and I proceeded with the same ritual we had done for so long. Much to my surprise, Mom never did pull the nightie down to cover her thighs, and I was getting hard noticing this. Mom could feel my erection beneath her legs as I rubbed her feet, but this was nothing new, as she had felt me get hard before, as my erection would strain against my shorts and press into the bottom of her calves. However, I became harder quicker this evening, as I gazed at her thighs.

I canlı kaçak iddaa eventually worked my way up, rubbing her calves, and Mom still didn’t adjust her nightgown. By this time, I was getting very curious, and very excited. I knew I had to push the envelop farther, so I began running my hand over her knee, and up her thigh. Mom didn’t do anything. I went higher, nothing. Finally, I took both of my hands, and rubbed her thighs, going up to the point where her nightie was covering her panties. Mom didn’t say a word, acting almost oblivious to the whole thing. I was so excited, for it certainly appeared to me that this was the sign I was looking for.

However, I wanted to proceed carefully, so that in the odd event I was reading Mom wrong, I could back out gracefully. I pulled my hands from her thighs, and Mom sighed a huge sigh as I did so (A sigh of disappointment? Yes, as I found out later!). However, I then lifted her right foot to my mouth with my right hand, and at the same time, slid my left hand up her leg, past her knee, and over her thigh. I kissed her foot, and my hand slid under her nightie, and I took a hold of her panties. I then said, “Mom, I love you!” and began pulling down on her panties. Mom then said, “Oh, Honey, I love you, too” and lifted her hips, letting me pull her panties down her legs. Mom kicked them off her feet, and we embraced on the sofa.

We kissed for the first time as a man and a woman. Mom slid her tongue inside my mouth, and I returned the favor. I ran my hands over her body, feeling her tits and hard nipples through the shear material of her nightie. Mom ran her hands over me, and began feeling for my cock, when she suddenly stopped and pulled away.

I didn’t know what was going on. Had she changed her mind? Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. Mom had just realized that we had left our front door to our house open, and anyone walking by could have seen through the screen door on the house! Mom told me to get up and close the door, saying, “I don’t think the neighbors need to see what’s about to happen in here!”

I got up and closed the door, and as I did so, Mom pulled her nightie off and threw it to the floor. She moved to the middle of the couch, and as I turned from shutting the door, I saw just how beautiful she was! Mom had her legs spread wide, holding her legs up with her hands holding her thighs. I could see Mom in all her glory! Her small breasts with big chewy nipples, her lovely red bush hiding her delicious pink lips; her long lovely legs. She looked absolutely fabulous, and better than I had even imagined!

I pulled my night shirt off, and dropped my shorts, and walked towards her with my erection pointing straight at her. My mind was filled with images of the two of us as mother and son as I walked towards her, knowing that for the first time, I was going to be able to show her just how much canlı kaçak bahis I really loved her.

When I got to the sofa, I dropped to my knees, and my cock was level with her pussy. Mom pulled me towards her, and we kissed again, with her hands then finding my cock and brushing the head of it against her pussy lips. I pulled back from kissing, and watched as Mom placed my cock against her vaginal opening, and I took a hold of her ankles, and pushed my hips forward, sending my virgin cock inside her hot, wet, dripping, steamy hole!

I cannot describe in words adequately what that very moment felt like, or meant to me. Her pussy felt better than anything I had ever known, and I was actually making love to my own mother!

I cried out, “Oh, Momma, I love you!” as I began fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Mom cried out in reply, “Oh, Honey, I love you, too. You feel so good inside of me! I love you, babee, I love you!”

Needless to say, I didn’t last long, and soon I erupted, flooding her with her with my seed. My balls seemingly exploded as I came, shooting wad after wad of my jism inside her pussy. (I came to find out later that Mom had picked this night because she knew she wouldn’t be fertile, and wanted my first time to be without a condom).

As I collapsed on her, Mom kissed me on the cheek and told me how terrific it felt. I kissed her on the neck as I cuddled with her on the sofa. Mom then suggested that I go on to bed, and she would join me after she smoked a cigarette. I went on to bed, and within 10 minutes, Mom had joined me. I pulled her to me, and we kissed again like a man and a woman. I then went down and started kissing and sucking her breasts, and I was getting hard again. I told Mom that I needed to fuck her again, and she spread her legs wide for me, and I quickly slid myself inside her once again. Mom looked at me with a look of love and lust as I began sliding my cock inside her again. Mom’s tits were shaking with each stroke of my cock, and Mom began moving her head from side to side as I fucked her. She looked absolutely terrific as our loins were locked together!

Feeling my balls start to swell, I knew I was going to be cumming again, and soon! I wanted to let Mom know, but not in words. So, I lifted her left foot, and placed as much of it as I could inside my mouth. I began sucking on her toes, and Mom cried out, “Oh, Ronnie, that turns your Momma on!”. With that, my balls exploded again, and I flooded her pussy with my semen for the second time that night. I continued sucking on her toes as I came, driving my cock back and forth as I did so, until I was totally spent.

We cuddled afterwords, and wound up making love two more times that night. The next time with Mom riding my cock, and the second with me standing by the bed, and fucking her “doggie style”.

This is what happened our first time together. We continued on for another 6 years. I hope to write more about our time together, and the love we shared.

I want to emphasize again, that I loved my mother, and she loved me. What I described actually happened, and changed both of our lives forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20