A Very Helpful Girl

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“Okay, Dad, are you ready?”

“Yes, Quinn. Come in and let me see.”

Luke was apprehensive. He wasn’t looking forward to having to tell his eager, eighteen year old daughter the idea she’d been so excited about probably wasn’t going to work. Then she walked into his home office in one of the outfits they’d bought at the mall earlier that day. It was the black, “lady executive” suit, with matching skirt and short-waisted jacket. The skirt was shorter than he’d thought it would be, and in sheer, black pantyhose, his teenaged daughter’s legs were spectacular, volleyball toned muscles set off by the black pumps she had on.

Quinn’s tits were rounder and fuller than he expected, too, and the jacket didn’t fully close over the girl’s cleavage which was too generously displayed by the white blouse she hadn’t buttoned high enough.

Luke was stunned, and allowed too much of his natural reaction to show, making his daughter snicker with satisfaction as she strutted into the room and did a couple of full turns for him. Her long, chestnut brown hair displayed so many blonde highlights it was hard to tell which was even the original color, and she had it tied back in a simple ponytail. He was impressed by how skillfully her makeup was applied, and by how sexy yet professional she looked in her suit. Even with her fresh, pretty face, she could easily pass for a college girl.

“So? What do you think, Dad?” she asked after one more full turn and striking a model-type pose as she invited him to study her look.

“Sweetheart,” he started, then paused to take a deep breath. “You really look spectacular.”

He meant every word, and Quinn blushed. One thing Luke could never get away with was never telling his daughter anything but the absolute truth. She always had an uncanny ability to know when he was fudging the truth. Not that he’d ever lie to her, but anytime he tried to hide birthday or holiday presents or organize a surprise party she always rooted out the truth. Now he was left with the unfortunate task of telling her it was a bad idea because she looked better than he ever imagined.

As a single father, Luke and Quinn probably acted more like a couple than they should have, and he confided in the girl about work the way he would’ve with his wife if he’d still been married to the girl’s mother. That was how they ended up in the situation they were in now, with the teenage girl prancing and preening for her father in a business outfit that wasn’t exactly very businesslike. Luke had been working for the past couple of years on a suite of office software he was convinced had a good chance of catching on and changing their entire lifestyle.

His project was finally ready to demonstrate to potential customers, and Luke had pooled all his resources to go to a major, two-day business convention on the coast. But he knew that having a great looking girl in an eye-catching outfit was the best way to get people to stop at his table to check out his offering. He couldn’t afford to hire a model like a lot of companies did, and when he admitted this to his daughter she came up with the idea that she could be his spokesmodel.

But now Luke was amazed to see his young daughter looked even better than he imagined she would, and he was nervous about her being on the convention floor with all kinds of people staring at her or flirting with her. And the worst part was that he didn’t know if he was being a protective father or actually feeling jealous. He hated to disappoint the most important girl in his life, but he couldn’t imagine spending two days in a row at the convention with hundreds of strangers checking out his baby girl.

“Honey,” he began, “you really do look amazing, but maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

Quinn’s expression turned to a frown. “Why, Dad? Don’t try to tell me you don’t think I’m pretty enough because I can tell you do.”

Luke sighed and looked at his daughter’s legs encased in those sheer black hose, so generously exposed by her short skirt. When he lifted his gaze to her cleavage, there was more of it than he ever realized before, and he caught a glimpse of the lacy edge of the bra she was wearing. It seemed like she must have gone from a B to a C cup already.

“Baby, I could never imagine anything or anyone prettier than you,” he assured her. “But that’s the problem. All kinds of guys are going to be looking at you and thinking who knows what.”

The smile returned to Quinn’s pretty face. She walked over to where he was sitting and sat in his lap, her short skirt riding up even higher on her shapely young thighs. The pressure of her firm, round ass on her father’s lap felt better than Luke would ever admit, and the sight of the exposed portion of her tits so up close made him worry about getting hard. Then she looped her arms around his neck and gave him that pouty look she only reserved for times she absolutely needed him to say yes to something. It was the one look she knew he could never resist.

“Daddy, lots güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of people look at me already. It would almost be like going to the mall with all those guys your age checking me out, except I’d be helping you get your new business started.”

Luke put his arm around the middle of her body, affectionately holding her in place. She hadn’t sat on her father’s lap in a very long time, but the gesture to hold her there like he used to back when she sat in his lap almost constantly was an ingrained habit. He hadn’t even realized how much he missed having his baby girl cuddle up on her daddy’s lap until now, but it never felt like this before. Now she had the most delectable curves even a father couldn’t ignore.

“I know, baby,” Luke sighed. “It’s inevitable people are going to look at a girl as pretty as you. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Awww, you’re my daddy-bear,” the girl cooed, burying her face in his shoulder. “Besides, no matter how many guys look, I’m always gonna be yours, Dad.”

Luke wasn’t ready to have that particular conversation. For that matter, he didn’t think he’d ever be ready to admit how some guy would come sweep his little girl off her feet sooner or later. It was unthinkable, especially with the warm tingles of sensation threatening to make his cock swell against the girl’s perfectly form ass.

“I guess it would be okay if you come to the convention,” he finally gave in. It seemed like the best way to deflect at the moment.

“You won’t regret it, Dad,” Quinn replied happily as she lifted her face off his shoulder and looked him straight in the eyes. “I’ll be the best company spokesmodel you ever had.”

Luke smiled. He was so proud of how beautiful his daughter was no matter how much sleep he lost over it.

“You’ll be the only one,” he chuckled.

“That’s beside the point.”

Then he hugged her with both arms and moved to kiss her cheek, but she turned her face and caught his lips on hers. The surprise gesture made his whole body stiffen, but he didn’t back away. His luscious, eighteen year old daughter was giving him a sensuously loving kiss on the mouth, and the only thing he was capable of doing was kissing her back. His pulse immediately jacked up a few notches. His most powerful instinct at the moment was to pry her supple lips open with his tongue, but he resisted the urge. If he pushed his tongue into the girl’s mouth just then his cock would’ve been hard under her ass within seconds.

But Quinn ended up making the decision herself. Her moist, sensuous lips opened on their own and he could feel her warm, wet tongue probe into his mouth. Luke immediately pushed his tongue into his daughter’s mouth and kissed her as hard and deep as he ever kissed any girl in his life. Now his cock was quickly growing hard against her tightly curved body, but he was past the point of caring. The couple kissed long and deeply, and Luke even chanced a subtle grind of his rigid cock against his daughter’s ass.

By the time he caught himself moving his hand to reach into the girl’s blouse to feel her ripe tits he forced himself to break the kiss. Now he just held her by the shoulders, each of them just gazing into each other’s eyes in amazement.

“What was that?” Luke asked, not really expecting a reply. His cock was now pulsing with hot desire under the pressure of his daughter’s ass.

“Amazing,” she said, her eyes glistening brightly.

Despite the nagging demands of his pulsating cock, Luke managed to gently push his daughter from his lap and point out it was getting late, even though it wasn’t very late at all.

“Maybe you should go upstairs and get changed for bed,” he suggested.

“Do you really want me to go, Dad?” She was clearly disappointed.

“We have to leave early in the morning, sweetheart,” he explained. “We’re both going to need a good night’s rest.”

“Okay,” the girl pouted.

Luke caught his daughter’s eyes quickly drifting over the bulge in his pants as she pouted and turned to leave the room. She walked out slowly, giving him an extra sway of her hips in the tight skirt she’d be wearing at the convention.

The girl’s father sighed with relief after she left him alone. He’d stayed behind mainly because he didn’t want to stand up in front of her with the evidence of his ravenous hard on denting his pants. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been fully aware of his condition, but flaunting it in front of her just seemed wrong. He waited a few more minutes, then went upstairs and undressed for bed. It was a lifelong habit for him to sleep naked.

Luke tossed and turned for what seemed like forever, with his persistent erection refusing to leave him in peace. He tried stroking his rod a couple of times while mentally reliving the surprising kiss he and Quinn had shared in his office downstairs. He couldn’t stop thinking of how hot she looked in the new outfit he got her for the conference. But every time he came to the boiling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri point he stopped. He just couldn’t bring himself to cum while thinking about his eighteen year old daughter. It didn’t matter that she was the one who first slipped her tongue in his mouth when they were kissing, or that she never so much as bat an eyelash when she felt his prick go hard against the warm press of her ass in his lap.

After what seemed like half an eternity, Luke’s cock relaxed into a semi-swollen state and he drifted off into a fitful sleep. He didn’t know how long he’d been sleeping when he woke up again with another raging hard on. He sighed with exasperation and took hold of his cock. Stroking his aching shaft, he tried rerunning his favorite porn scenes in his mind, but his brain kept replacing the scenes with images of his hot, young daughter. He was right back where he’d been before falling asleep, totally at a loss to let himself cum with Quinn running through his mind.

As he lay on his bed, lamenting the throbbing hard on he couldn’t bring himself to relieve, he realized the house wasn’t as quiet as it seemed when he first woke up. There were noises coming from the direction of Quinn’s room, and the longer he concentrated on listening, the more he realized his daughter was in her own room masturbating. The sound was faint and muffled, but it was definitely the sound of a young girl moaning in pleasure.

Luke’s cock only throbbed even harder as he thought of his baby girl touching herself. He got up and went to open his bedroom door, stepping quietly into the hallway where he could hear his daughter’s moans much more easily. Now he could make out every moan and whimper as he stood outside his bedroom naked and stroking his rock hard pole.

Precum began oozing heavily from his cock head as he quietly inched his way down the carpeted hall floor until he was standing right outside the girl’s bedroom. He rationalized that he’d just stroke a while and like before, resist cumming. But the sound of his beautiful daughter’s whimpering moans of pleasure was sending waves of need pulsing through his body like he never felt before. His hand gripped his cock tighter and pumped his shaft faster.

“Oohh, Daddy, yes, give it to me hard,” she moaned inside her room while her whimpers became louder and more intense.

Luke was struggling to keep quiet himself, realizing his daughter was driving herself closer and closer to her climax. He wanted to see her as he imagined how she was touching herself. He’d seen her enough times in her skimpy bikinis to know that she kept her pussy shaved smooth. The camel toe she showed off in her string-tied bottoms didn’t lie. Now he just wanted to barge into her room and bury his face between her shapely legs and lick her young slit until she was begging him to stuff her wet hole full of throbbing cock.

Quinn’s cries and gasps suddenly rose to a fever pitch. “Daddy, Daddy, yes, make me cummmm,” she moaned inside her room.

Luke lost it, knowing his precious baby girl was giving herself a hard orgasm while she was thinking about her loving father. He held his breath and furiously fisted his aching cock until his pleasure spiked and his cum was spurting all over the hallway carpet.

Afterward he was dazed. He couldn’t believe he’d just had a mutual orgasm with his own daughter. At least Quinn was clueless about it, and he’d make sure she’d stay that way. She certainly couldn’t be the first teenage girl to ever fall in love and have sexual fantasies about her father. Instead of feeling guilty, Luke actually felt a wave of intense affection for his girl. Yet it could never go farther, as much as he would never escape the same fantasies and desires she obviously had.

Finally feeling drained in every sense of the word, Luke quietly padded back to his bedroom and went to sleep.

When Luke woke up in the morning, his cock was hard and aching for release. It was impossible to think about anything else besides kissing his daughter in his home office, and then foolishly stroking himself to a mutual orgasm with her from outside her bedroom door. He snuck naked and hard down the hallway to the bathroom to take a shower. It was a risk, since Quinn was already up and moving around in her room, most likely getting ready to leave for the city where the conference was going on.

Luke took a slightly longer shower than he should have, but he needed to stroke off another load before getting into the car with his precociously luscious daughter.

But it wasn’t long before he was right back to trying to ignore the girl’s undeniable qualities. While he was loading everything he needed for the conference into the back of his SUV, Quinn came out with her luggage wearing a thin pair of yoga pants and a cropped, white tank top that clung tightly to the full swell of her ripe, young tits, leaving much more of her cleavage on display than Luke could resist noticing.

They had a three hour ride to güvenilir bahis şirketleri the city where the conference was being held, and Luke’s eyes were on his daughter every chance he had along the way. It was easy to tell how much she liked having her father looking at her, too, from the way she was constantly shifting position, causing her yoga pants to ride tightly over the outline of her panties or squish her lush, young tits into a bunch that looked like they could spill out of her top any second.

Quinn had never exactly been shy about her father seeing her in swimsuits or underwear, but it seemed as if her modeling her conference outfit the night before triggered a change. Of course French kissing her on his lap with his hard prick rubbing against her ass might have had something to do with it, too. Luke realized he wasn’t just looking at his daughter like he loved her, which of course he did, but like he was in love with her. He also realized he’d been doing it since long before last night.

The only way to keep his mind on the conference was going to be to keep his mind off the kind of feelings for his daughter no father should have. And knowing now that Quinn had the same feelings for him wasn’t making it easy.

When they reached the hotel, Luke pulled the car into the parking garage and they unloaded their luggage and everything they needed to set up their table for the conference. Quinn waited in the car while he went to find a luggage cart.

The conference was being held in two, adjoining function rooms at the hotel, and the whole area was very busy with all the other companies setting up their booths and tables for the next two days. Luke’s area was pretty small and simple compared to what the other companies were setting up. He didn’t really need too much space to demonstrate his software but he also knew visibility would be important for getting people to pay attention in the first place. But he was pretty much at the end of his budget just getting to the conference and footing the bill for a hotel with Quinn for three nights. But if his programs caught on the way he believed, he’d be able to quit working for someone else and establish his own, independent company.

Quinn worked alongside her father steadily, and did a great job setting up their table and display boards in a creative and eye-catching way. Luke was impressed. But he was also hopelessly distracted by his baby girl’s incredible body as she worked in her revealing tank top and yoga pants. He also noticed how many of the other people there to set up were also being distracted by the perky, round curves of his eighteen year old daughter. The idea worried him, but he realized with Quinn out in front of the table they were probably going to get plenty of attention. At least Quinn would. In her yoga pants and low-cut tank, it seemed like no one was able to pass by their space without taking a look at her.

They finally went to check in to their room. Luke was relieved to get Quinn out of the conference room. The thong she was wearing under her yoga pants was easy enough to make out if you looked closely enough, and without a bra under her tank top, her proud, young tits shook and heaved freely as she worked on getting their display area set up. Her father didn’t like the way so many of the men passing back and forth were looking at her, even though part of him felt incredibly proud of his baby girl.

Quinn was excited when they finally got to their room. She’d stayed in motels when Luke had taken her on short vacation trips, but never in a nice hotel where they were a dozen stories high with a full window view of the city. She barely even noticed the identical pair of perfectly made beds. She just walked around the room checking it all out, and went to stand in front of the huge windows looking out on a view of the city. Luke couldn’t take his eyes off his daughter. The dents of her delectable nipples were clearly visible in the fabric of her tank, and the way her tight yoga pants were accentuating the bubbly, round shape of her ass cheeks was driving him crazy. And that was not to even mention the way her camel toe was showing.

He started thinking he probably should have left Quinn at home. Sharing a hotel room with her was already driving him out of his mind and they hadn’t even unpacked yet. But when Luke saw how excited and pleased his daughter was to have such a nice room to stay in he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved making his beautiful girl happy. He was just going to have to find a way to cope with his forbidden desires. For one thing, he was going to have to make himself forget what she sounded like in her room the night before when they were both masturbating at the same time. The mere thought of it made his cock begin to swell all over again.

“Daddy, this is the best room ever!” she shrieked excitedly. Then she rushed back to him from the window and threw her arms around him. “Oh, Dad, I love you so much,” she added.

“I love you, too, baby,” he replied, hugging her back.

Feeling her full tits mashing against his body as she hugged him felt better than it should have. His cock was in danger of getting hard against her lush, young body, but he couldn’t resist letting his hands drift onto the round swells of her ass cheeks in her yoga pants.

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