A True Story

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This is an actual experience. My present wife knows all about the many things my ex-wife and I did years ago, and enjoys hearing them. A few months ago I remembered this experience and related it to her and she encouraged me to write it down and post it. I hope you find it as enjoyable as she did, and as I have in recounting the memory. It’s quite long, so I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I have attempted to write it exactly as it happened. Of course, names have been changed J

In my early twenties I discovered I was bi-sexual, and even though I would never give up pussy, playing and sucking a cock was also a great turn-on. After I married, my wife loved to hear the various sexual experiences I had had and I would have hours of enjoyment watching her masturbate as I related them to her. Gail was not adverse to practically any fantasy, and through the years we did have chances to bring some of them true. Being in a small town where “everyone knows your name”, and business, we had to be extremely cautious. The addition of three children to our life caused much of our “extra” activities to be curtailed. We would get a baby sitter but yet there was the responsibility having to get back home at a decent hour.

All the kids had grown into their teens and always on the go. Liz and I found ourselves having more free time as the kids would go and spend a night or weekend at friends homes. Our sex life and fantasy life increased significantly. Years earlier I had seen Liz and a girlfriend do each other that had turned into some erotic threesomes. The thought of me and another guy still never failed to excite her beyond belief, that along with my desire to see her get filled by another man then tongue her full pussy always got us both off.

I was just drifting off to sleep when Gail turned towards me and spoke softly. “Do you remember Dave and his buddy Larry?”

“Sure. Why?” Dave had been about twelve when he started babysitting for us, his buddy Larry would join him once in a while to keep him company. Dave lived a few blocks away and as he had grown up and graduated high school we still saw him often. He was in his twenties now, married and divorced. His best friend, Larry, was still single but from the stories I had heard around town those two were ‘tearing up the female population”.

“He stopped the other day and visited for awhile.” Gail reached under the covers and softly gripped my flaccid cock. “I guess his ex is giving him a bunch of grief and wanted to talk.”

“Ummm…” I loved the feel of her hand on me as we chatted. Having known Dave for as long as we had I was concerned with his well being at the same time. “So is he doing ok?”

“I guess he hasn’t been out much lately, she’s wanting more money or some damn thing. He and Larry haven’t been out much…well Larry has but Dave said he just hadn’t been in the mood. We talked for a quite a while and he mentioned it wasn’t difficult being single during the day but the nights sure were long.” She giggled.

I was enjoying her touch and my cock was beginning to harden. “At least he still has his fist.” I laughed.

“That was my first thought too. I laughed and told him so. I went into the kitchen to get us a couple beers and out of the corner of my eye saw him looking me up and down, with ‘that’ look. Damn Jon, I’m old enough to be his mother!”

“That’s true, but you’re still a fine looking for an old lady.” I laughed.

“I thought the same thing and said that when I came back from the kitchen. But what was strange was when I came back in I couldn’t help but notice he had a hard on that was pressing against his shorts…”

“So you dropped your shorts and pulled out his cock and fucked him. Right!” I laughed as I slipped my hand in between her thighs. I couldn’t help but notice how wet she was! Maybe she had fucked him, I thought to myself, which that and the quick mental picture made my cock come to full staff!

“No, I didn’t either! You seem to like the thought though.” She giggled and squeezed my hard cock. “You know as well as me that he’s been like another son, we’ve even remarked how he shares things that sometimes we really don’t need to know.” It was true we had talked about that a number of times and both of us chuckled as some of those times passed through our minds.

For as wet as Gail was I knew there was more, she had parted her thighs a little more from my caresses and finding her clit began to circle it lightly. “You’re pretty wet, the conversation must have been quite something.” Turning slightly towards her I slipped two fingers into her depths and continued caressing her clit with my thumb.

“Ummm, that feels good..” Gail pumped my cock in rhythm with my pumping fingers. “Actually he wants to talk to you about something, he didn’t say what but will be over tomorrow sometime. He did ask me a couple questions that really ‘floored me’ at first. Then as we talked I thought I was going to cum in my panties!” Gail’s body jerked. “Oh gawd Jon! I’m..I’m going to cum…ohhhhyesssss….”

I casino oyna had increased pressure on her clit and had felt her body building to a climax. “Will you tell me all about it if I get you off?..” I smiled in the semi-darkness.

“Yes…YES! YES!” Her inner muscles spasmed against my fingers as I fucked her. I watched as her hips lifted and her body shuddered, slowly her body relaxed and I waited for her breathing to return to normal.

“Feel better now?” I smiled down at her, admiring her body as my fingers slipped out from inside her. Now in her mid-forties gravity had begun to take over. Her 38D breasts weren’t firm anymore but enticingly fell to the sides. I loved to hold her big nipples together and suck them at the same time. They were sensitive and when hard were the size of the cap that goes on a valve stem. Her hips had broadened, and there were a few stretch marks (I called them her war wounds) from bearing three children. The dark, nicely trimmed triangle of thick dark brown hair hid, the pink outer folds of her pussy.

What I had always found erotic, as had others, was the prominence of her pubic bone and her clit. The pubic bone was very pronounced and when she wore a bathing suit or a tight pair of jeans the curve of it was unmistakable. The hood didn’t completely cover her clit even when not aroused. As the clit became excited the hood would slip back and her clit would extend beyond the outer lips. It never failed to excite me as she would take it between her finger and thumb and literally jack it off. Years earlier I had seen her fuck her girlfriend and was amazed when they both got off. Now that was erotic!

“So what did you two talk about?” My fingers circled her erect nipples leaving a trail of her juices.

“I knew he wanted to talk about something, but was hesitant then it just tumbled out of him. Apparently his ex wasn’t very open minded or knowledgeable about sex. He wanted to know if something was wrong with him because he wanted to see her masturbate!” Gail’s fist was working faster now. She had my full attention and I could feel my own orgasm building.

“So what did you tell him?” My thighs began to tighten.

“In the same breath he said she would never let him go down on her. I couldn’t help but stare at the lump in his shorts and my nipples were hard and as he talked he would look at them then his eyes would dart around the room and back to my breasts.”

“NOSHIT-T-T-T!!!” I erupted with as strands of cum shot up and all over my belly and Gail’s fist. “ohhhhdamnnnnnn…”

“I told him all guys jack off, but girls sometimes just didn’t know how to do it and as for going down…well, I told him that was the best I had ever experienced. And tried to assure him there wasn’t anything wrong with him.” Her motions had slowed now that I was empty and she gently stroked my softening cock. “Dave said he really enjoyed it too but his dream was to watch her do herself.” Taking the hand towel we always kept handy she began cleaning me up. “I did tell him how much you enjoyed it.”

“So what happened?”

She looked over at me and shrugged. “I don’t know. His cell phone rang and it was Larry needing something so he left. But I’ll tell you what! He left with one hell of a hard on and by the bulge his ex sure gave up a good sized cock!”

Gail curled up to me and as I heard her breathing even out into sleep, I held her and wondered what he was wanting to talk to me about as I too drifted off.

Over breakfast we discussed what Dave wanted to see me about. Neither of us had any idea, so finally I got myself moving and did my Saturday chores of mowing and trimming. Gail had gone into town to do her shopping and I went in and fixed myself some lunch, but still couldn’t stop wondering what he wanted.

I had found myself an old Willy’s Jeep that I was attempting to restore and had the engine all spread out on a table. My favorite oldies station was playing and I was having a beer trying to figure what my next step was when the side door opened and Dave walked in.

“Hey Jon! I still think you should drop in an old short block 283 engine in there.” He laughed

I turned and laughed motioning to the fridge. “Hey Dave! What ya up to? Grab yourself a beer out of the fridge there, and bring me another.” He was always giving me a hard time about my old Jeep but would from time to time give me a hand with it. “Damn you look like you’ve had a rough night, out partying huh?”

“No…actually I’ve been thinking…” He smiled weakly and pulled up a stool and sat down handing me a beer. “You and Gail have been like parents to me…well not parents because I have my mom and dad, but I have always been able to talk to you two about things that I can’t with them…ya know?” He took a swallow and glanced over at me.

I nodded and waited. One thing about Dave, when he had something to talk about he ‘jumped in with both feet’. So I knew I was going to be listening for a few minutes and turned away from my workbench and readied slot oyna myself.

He went back over about his short conversation with Gail the day before, although he was more graphic with me of his description about what Linda, his ex, would and wouldn’t do. I had to shift on my stool as he didn’t mince words and I found myself getting hard just listening.

“One reason Linda wouldn’t go down on me was because…well… because I’m not circumcised…and…and she said it…I…was all dirty ‘down there’…” He blushed slightly and glanced up at me.

“Dave listen,” This bitch had really messed up his mind, I was thinking to myself. “There are alot of men that aren’t cut, as well as though that are. I am but I’ve also done some reading too and as long as you keep the head clean under the foreskin it’s no different than any other….cock. Actually they say that an uncircumcised cock is more sensitive than a circumcised one…”

“Yeh, that’s what Larry has said..” Now he really blushed and took a quick drink of his beer.

I quickly glanced at him and couldn’t help but feel that he had just said more than he had wanted to.

“Jon, I…we..Larry and I…” Dave hopped off the stool and went for a couple more beers. I sat quietly waiting to hear what was coming. He handed me mine and we popped the tops. “When I got in my teens and babysat for you and you guys would come back from a night out… I had an idea of what you were doing…I mean you two looked like you had just fucked and…and…sometimes you all smelled like…well you smelled like cum…”

“Oh.” That was the first intelligent thing that came to my mind. I had never thought about that when Gail and I had returned home after an evening with our friends.

“Larry and I used to talk about how you guys would go out and screw in the back seat of your car or something. That was until one night, it was just before your kids got old enough to not need a sitter and you didn’t need us so much.” Dave took a deep breath and a long pull of his beer. “Remember that weekend you went for overnight and Larry and I stayed with the kids? Well, I hope you don’t get mad at me for this, but I…ummm…I accidentally found something…”

I smiled remembering ‘that’ weekend and nodded. Gail and I had been with two other couples, and it had been a wild weekend! Whatever the fantasy the six of us had done it. “Snooped? Dave you know that this has always been your second home, and we never put any restrictions. Well, except for no alcohol and parties. We trusted you..and Larry completely.”

“The kids were in bed sleeping, and it was late. We had watched a movie and decided to turn in. We flipped a coin to see who would sleep on the couch and who would sleep in you guy’s bed.” Dave got one of those ‘shit eatin’ grins’ on his face. “I won. Anyway, as I was getting into bed I smacked my knee on your nightstand and the door popped open. When I went to close it I saw some video tapes…”

It was my turn to be embarrassed! I knew that tapes he had found. There were a couple store bought, actually one is an original of ‘Debbie Does Dallas’, but there were other ‘homegrown’ ones in there too. “Well, guess you’re going to tell me you had some Sex Education 101, huh?”

“Yeh, and then some…” Dave visibly relaxed when he saw that I wasn’t going to get upset. “Dad. I mean Jon…I know you…well, neither you nor Gail are gay or anything. I mean I’ve learned over the past few years that you just like sex, and have a kind of open marriage and that…” he hesitated, “…you two are swingers and bisexual.”

I chuckled and went for a couple more beers. “I don’t know as we are…were swingers, but yes we are bi. We are both comfortable with our preferences and feel as long as noone is offended then it’s ok.” I could see Dave looking at the outline of my cock as it pressed against the leg of my shorts when I walked back towards my stool, and could see that he had the start of one in his pants.

“I put one of your tapes in and when I saw it was you guys and some friends I went and got Larry. We watched it and we got…damn Jon! We got so fucking horny! We were both ready for bed, ya know, and just had our underwear on. I mean we had seen each other’s dicks before when we were growing up, but never like this. The next thing I know Larry had it out and was jacking off watching you guys in the movie. So I..I took mine out and started doing it too.”

I didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that I was hard as I adjusted my hardness to a more comfortable position, and noticed that Dave followed suit. As he did I couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to be somewhat larger than me. I’ve always been proud of the size of my cock. I’m not overly large or think I’m hung like a horse, but at full erection am almost eight inches from the top of the base to tip and almost six inches around. I could only guess at the thickness of his cock, but the length looked to be at least another two longer than mine!

Dave chuckled. “It didn’t take us long watching canlı casino siteleri that movie before we made a mess on your bed! But we kept watching and playing with ourselves and got hard again. I’ve never forgotten, it’s as if it was yesterday, this other guy was really fucking Gail hard and she pulled his cock out…then it, I mean you..”

“I finished him off, didn’t I?” Dave nodded and squeezed his cock through his pants. “If I remember right Gail took his hard prick and jacked him off into my mouth…right?” I looked from Dave’s hand up into his eyes. Setting my beer down I found the tab of my zipper and in the moments silence in the garage the sound of my pulling it down was evident.

“Yeh you did…and I don’t know how or what happened but I felt Larry’s hand on my cock and my hand was on his…and we were jacking each other off.” I had pulled my cock from my pants and was slowly stroking. Dave stared at my moving fist. His fingers fumbled for his own zipper.

“So did you two go down on each other?” I moved the stool a little closer and as I did I reached in and pulled my balls out so that they were exposed.

“No…we never did…then…I mean not until a few months ago.” Dave stood up and still staring at my now exposed cock and balls undid his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down to his ankles. “A few months ago Larry and I got to talking about that night. I…I never have…but Larry went down on me and did..did the same thing to me that you did to that guy.”

I stood back up and pushed my shorts down, sitting back down I let my legs open as Dave stared at my nakedness. “Did you like it?” I would never have guessed at his size! He was much thicker than me and my estimate was close. He had at least another two inches on me, and each time he pulled up on his shaft the foreskin would roll over the head.

“Yeh, it feels great! He’s done me a couple times a week since then. But I..I haven’t..I have just jacked him off…”

“Do you want to though?” Dave nodded yes. “Would you like to try it?” I held the base of my erection, circling it with my finger and thumb, pointing it towards him. “I learned how to satisfy a woman, years ago, by watching closely as Gail masturbated, and then when she was with another woman. They like a lot of tenderness and caressing, and when the clit becomes erect they don’t just start sucking it like there is no tomorrow, but caress it gently with their tongue and fingers. Then as the body begins to respond she will increase the intensity of what she is doing.” Reaching over I took Dave’s rock hard cock in my hand and marveled at its thickness and length. “What it comes down to is that a woman knows best what another woman wants, and it’s the same between two guys. Does Larry just go down on you and get you off, or does he take his time?”

Dave had listened while I talked and seemed more comfortable. “I know what you’re saying. Yeh, there are times he gets me off real quick because he knows I’m really horny. But then sometimes he really takes his time. I never thought about it, until now, but yeh it’s like he reads my body language or something…” Dave had taken my cock and balls in his hand and watched his fingers wander over my hardness.

“Yup! One guy knows best what another guys wants, and if men would get more comfortable with their own sexuality or bisexuality, then there would be alot more satisfied women in this world.” Watching our hands on each other’s cocks was erotic and I took a deep breath. “Want to go in the bedroom and see what happens?”

Dave didn’t take his eyes of my cock but nodded. Squeezing his fleshy hardness I slid off the stool. Dave moved off and going through the adjoining door went towards the bedroom.

“What about Gail? Won’t she be coming home?”

“Probably, but that’s nothing to worry about. She has told me how she has seen you ‘looking her over’ and it has excited her to. She just doesn’t think you would find an old lady like her desirable.” Pulling my shirt off I laid down naked on the bed, my cock erect pointing up my belly, dripping with precum.

Dave stood with one knee on the bed, his prick throbbed and a long strand of precum oozed down from the tip. “That would be awesome! I always get off dreaming of those beautiful breasts..” His tank top followed mine to the floor.

I raised myself up on one elbow and took his cock, pulling him towards me. “Her nipples are really sensitive, but as they say you haven’t seen anything yet!” He moved towards me and as I stroked his shaft the foreskin would slide up but now he was so hard it would only come up past the crown. “Do you mind if I….”

“Her nipples seem so big…She..she’ll join us?” Smiling I looked up at him and nodded, he watched as my tongue licked his precum and circled the purple head. “No I don’t mind. OH FUCK!” He fell forward as I took the head fully in my mouth. Grabbing the headboard to steady himself he reached down and grasped my own hard cock.

I could sense that he was close so I held the rim gently between my lips and enjoyed the velvety softness of the turgid purple head resting in the warmth of my mouth. I cupped his heavy balls in my palm and teased them and the underside of his throbbing shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20