A Trip to Casie’s

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I do not claim to be a writer. English was not my best subject, but here is a true encounter I wrote that happen to me.

Casie had just moved into her first home and invited her on line friend Jackie down to visit her. The two had been chatting on line for several month’s now and the arrangement to meet was now set. Jackie started the long drive that Saturday morning while Casie work hard on getting everything ready for her guest. Casie looked at the clock and it was now 2 P.M. and Jackie should be there about three, so she quickly headed to the Shower.

The warm water cause her young body to tingle with excitement, as she thought about meeting Jackie for the first time. Casie just finish putting on her make-up when the doorbell rang. The bell rang again and Casie, with nothing on but a short silk robe, headed into the living room to answer the door. Casie open the door and there stood her online friend, Jackie.

“I’m Jackie”, spoke the older lady as she held out her hand to shake Casie’s hand.

“Please come in”, said Casie.

Jackie laughed and said, “is this how you greet all your guest”?

Casie blushed and said, “I was just getting ready and I wasn’t expecting you till after three”.

“I made better time then I expected”, said Jackie,” as she look at her sexy young friend.

Casie said. “Please bring your things this way and took Jackie to the guest room.” Jackie sat down on the edge bed and look at the young beautiful woman in front of her. Casie’s nipples became erect and push firmly into the silk robe as she looked at the woman twice her age staring at her. Jackie took Casie’s hand and pulled her in front of her and whispered, “I have been wanting to meet you for so long sweetie”.

Casie in a tense voice answered, “I’ve had the same feeling.”

They could feel the chemistry clicking between them. Jackie released Casie’s hand and place both hand’s on the back of Casie’s thigh’s and pulled her closer to her. Casie place her hand’s on Jackie shoulder’s for support as Jackie’s soft hands moved up and down the back of her thigh’s and then up her robe to her buttocks. The older woman had sensed her young friend was nude under the robe and her sense’s were right.

Casie’s slowly closed her eye’s as she felt Jackie’s hand work further into her robe and up to her breast, taking one in each hand and massaging them firmly, Jackie slowly slid the robe off the sexy young lady in front of her and let it fall to her feet. Jackie quickly place her hands on Casie’s firm buttock’s and took her right nipple into her warm lips and suck on it gently, causing her young friend to moan slightly.

Jackie release the nipple from her lip’s and softly kiss her way down Casie’s stomach to her throbbing clit. “OOHH Baby”. Casie moaned as Jackie flicker her tongue back and forth across the swollen clit. Jackie feeling most of Casie weight leaning on her, ease Casie down on to the bed. Jackie quickly place her soft lips back on to Casie throbbing little clit, as she ease a finger into Casie’s wet little pussy. “OHH Yessss”, Casie cried out.

Jackie flicker the throbbing clit between her soft lips up and down viciously as another finger found it’s way into the writhing little cunt in front of her.

Jackie slowly released Casie clit from her lips and slid another finger in Casie’s writhing and twisting little cunt. “Come on Baby Fuck me “, Jackie shouted as she push her finger’s deeper into her young friend. “MMMMMM canlı bahis YESSSS” Casie moan as Jackie’s fingers move in and out of her wet pussy.

Jackie feeling Casie getting near her climax, pulled away and stood up and looked down at the young beauty lying there on the bed. “PLEASE DON”T STOP NOW” Casie cried.” “Relax sweetie,” Jackie said,” I’m not through with you yet as she slowly removed her on clothes. Jackie reached into her bag and took out the biggest dildo Casie had ever seen. “OH NO!” Casie said,” as she watch Jackie strapping it on. “It’s too big!” Casie shouted, as it look to be 9 inches long and very thick.” Relax Baby I will be easy”, Jackie whisper, ” as she lower herself on top of her young friend letting the head of the big dildo rest against the lip’s of Casie little pussy”.

Casie gasp sharply as the butch woman on top of her push the large dildo into her. “OOHH” Casie whimper, as she hooked her leg’s over the back of Jackie’s thigh’s while pressing her fingers deeper into the flesh of Jackie’s shoulder’s…

Jackie’s began kissing Casie soft lips as she push further into the younger woman beneath her, feeling her gasp on ever push till 6 of the 9 inches were deep into her young friend laying beneath her.

Jackie’s began moving her buttocks up and down slowly while increasing her tempo as she felt Casie beginning to relax…

Jackie was trying hard to keep control of herself and not to hurt Casie in anyway but her on excitement began to grow deeper and deeper as her buttocks move up and down quickly on top this sexy young woman beneath her.

Casie moan and writhe beneath her lover as Jackie kissed on her neck and ears while pumping her like mad.

Casie had ask her best friend Linda to come by and meet Jackie… Linda knocked on the door and then opened it slowly and walked in thinking Casie and Jackie might be out back.

Linda walked through the house till she till she came up on them, then step back into the hall quickly. Linda could hear the deep and quick breathing of the two women. WOW!!!! Linda thought to herself. Casie had wanted Linda to meet Jackie, but Linda didn’t think they would be going at it this soon. Linda could hear Casie’s breathing getting louder as she watch this much bigger and older woman on top of her friend pounding away. Linda knew she should leave but couldn’t as she looked on at her friend writhing and twisting on the bed as Jackie pump her hard with the dildo.

Linda began to get a little excited too as she listen and watch these to ladies going at it. Linda began massaging her on breast while one hand slip into the jogging short’s she was wearing.

Casie tight her leg’s and arm’s around Jackie as Jackie increased the tempo more as she sense Casie was about to cum.

.”WOW they are really going at it, “Linda thought to herself.

Casie began rocking her pelvis up quickly to meet Jackie’s strong rhythm.

Jackie quickened her pace even more as Casie’s moans grew louder.

Linda watch on as Jackie began to feel Casie’s young body start to tremble and shake. Casie fought hard to gain her breath as the strong orgasm rip through her body. Jackie smile and kiss her glaze eye friend as she felt the was tiger beneath her grow still and clam, then slowly ease off her rolling on to her back, it was then they notice Linda leaning against the wall looking at them.

Casie and Jackie lay quietly on the bed looking at Linda across the room, who was so embarrass. bahis siteleri Linda spoke first, ” I guess I didn’t knock loud enough huh “. Casie laugh and said, “I doubt if we could have heard you anyway”.

Casie said, ” Jackie this is my friend Linda I have told u about and Linda this is Jackie”, Jackie looked the gorgeous blond over as she walk up beside the bed and held out her hand and said, “Nice to meet you”…

“Nice to meet you”, replied Jackie, as she lightly shook the young woman’s hand…

Jackie found herself searching for word’s as she look up at the gorgeous short blond hair woman standing beside her. “Sorry about the intrusion”, said the sexy twenty-three year old woman.

“It’s no problem,” said Jackie. “Hope you like the show though,” laughed the older woman.

“Well, it wasn’t bad”, giggled Linda.

“Look’s like your still hard”, giggle Linda, as she look down at the large strap-on Jackie was wearing.

“Well it kind of does that when there are sexy women around”, laugh Jackie.

Linda reached down and stroked the large dildo and smile at Jackie. Linda was so horny from watching Jackie and Casie that she put any guilt out of her mine about her lover Mary. She wanted some of the action her close friend Casie had just received.

Casie was so surprise at her friend’s action, because she knew how much Linda love Mary. But she could tell Linda was really a turn on to this older butch.

Linda bent down and kiss the head of the large dildo, then slowly cover it with her warm lips, tasting her friends juices as she move here mouth up and down the large shaft. Looking down at the sexy blonde’s head bobbing up and down the plastic shaft strap to her, Jackie reach up and began stroking the back of Linda’s very tan thigh. Jackie caressed her way up under the jogging short’s Linda was wearing and massage her firm buttock’s, causing a light moan from the sexy blond. “That’s it…suck it good sweetie,” Jackie whisper, while sliding a finger into the wet and slick warmth of Linda’s body.

Linda released the plastic toy from her lips and moan softly as Jackie’s finger move slowly in and out of her wetness.

Jackie’s fire was burning also, as she watch Linda’s cute little butt writhing in front of her. Linda turned around and pressed her warm lips to Jackie’s. Their tongue’s dance wildly into each others warm mouth as Jackie cup both of the younger woman’s breast squeezing them firmly though her top….

Jackie began pulling at Linda’s top till she completely removed it, exposing Linda’s fully round breast. Jackie took Linda’s left breast into her warm lips and lightly bit the nipple as she flicker it with her tongue sending a soft cry from Linda’s lips. Linda looked down at her breast covered with the older woman’s lips and whispered softly, “Suck it, baby.”

Casie couldn’t but help think about what Mary would say right now if she could see her sexy lover being taken by this older dyke….

Linda pulled away from Jackie and slowly removed her shorts sending a sigh of excitement through Jackie as she completely exposed her gorgeous figure to her. Linda slowly lower herself down on to the older woman pressing her firm breast to Jackie’s, while their lips found each other’s again. Linda press her aching cunt against the front of the big dildo as Jackie took both her buttocks into her hand’s and squeeze them tightly.

Linda raised up and slowly began lower herself on to the large bahis şirketleri dildo. Linda let out a cry of pleasure as the head slip into her burning little cunt.

Jackie place both her hands on to Linda’s small waist and push her pelvis up, sending a cry of pleasure from the young woman lips as the large dildo ease further in to her. Casie reach up and massage Linda’s left breast as she watch her friend began to slide up and down the plastic shaft strap to the older dyke under her.

“MMMM Ride it sweetie”, Jackie moan, as Linda increase her tempo causing the base of the dildo to push harder against her swollen clit.

Jackie’s excitement grew stronger as she watch the sexy blond bouncing up and down on top of her.

Linda’s breathing grew heavier as she slid up and down the large dildo strap to Jackie’s waist.

“Yessss Baby get it” Jackie shouted, as she took Linda’s firm round breast into her hand’s and squeeze them firmly….

Jackie sensing the sexy blond was getting close, quickly rolled Linda on to her back and push further into her sending a strong cry of pleasure from the blonde’s lip’s.

Linda’ wrapped her arm’s and leg’s tight around the older woman as Jackie’s buttock’s move up and down furiously, pumping the young woman hard as she could.

Jackie’s self’s control was going quick as she felt the warmth of this sexy young blonde’s body that was all tangle up with hers writhing furiously under her own.

Jackie raised her buttock’s high into the air and slam the large dildo all the way in to Linda’s writhing buttock’s causing the young woman’s mouth to open wide and cry out, “Fuck me baby fuck me hard” as she felt the large dildo slide all the way into her.

Linda press her finger’s deeper into the flesh of the older woman’s shoulders as she felt the base of the big dildo bumping against her throbbing clit.

Jackie moved the large dildo in and out of her young lover with such force that tiny bead’s of sweat began to break out on her forehead. Casie was stunned – she couldn’t believe Linda was taking the entire large dildo Jackie had strapped to her waist.

Linda placed her lips tight against Jackie’s neck and arched her pelvis up to meet Jackie’s strong rhythm. “OHHHH Baby”, Linda whimpered as she sucked hard on the older dyke’s neck.

“Fuck me baby, Fuck me”, Linda moan as her body writhed under the bigger one on top of her. Jackie ‘s rhythm grew faster as she felt the Linda’s warm breath against her neck getting heavier and shorter. She knew her young lover was getting close to her orgasm.

“OOOOOHHHH”, Linda cried as she began to shaking and trembling under the much older and bigger woman….

“MMMMMMMM OOOOHHHH YESSSSS”, Jackie moan as she felt the young blond trembling to an orgasm beneath her as she ground her own clit hard against the plastic base of the dildo strap to her waist causing Linda’s helpless little buttock’s to press further into the mattress.

Linda reached down and gripped Jackie’s buttocks hard as she felt the older woman body’s shivering on top of her.

“OOOOOOHHH,” Jackie cried as she began tremble and shook rapidly, then collapsing gently on top of the sexy blond under her.

“Jackie getting her breath back, kiss Linda and” said you are some kind of fuck sweetie.”

Linda smile and said “, I guess it depends who’s on top of me as she press her lips tightly against Jackie’s again….

Casie look on at the two women beside her kissing and couldn’t help feel a little jealous as Jackie went on with Linda how good she was. Then Jackie slowly eased off the blonde bombshell and kiss Casie and said, “You ladies are too much for an older woman like me.”

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