A Taste Of Hawaii

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So there was this girl. She wasn’t any ordinary girl. Everything about her begged to be touched. Even during the harsh winter, she always would arrive at our mutual work- a coffee shop that tried oh so hard to be a starbucks- hiding behind a thick winter jacket. What only two people knew of, myself and Bobby, was that underneath that jacket was a body a goddess would die for. Her breasts were that magical number, 36D, and her ass jutted out just so that not touching it should be considered a crime.

This girl; she had interested me the moment she began working there. She began her job just as the winter snow had set in. I had just served one of the last customers that day. It was unusually empty; around 20 degrees, a day where everyone would want coffee. Once again, I blame starbucks. Personal grievances aside, it was a quiet day. I had just begun to unbutton my blouse to let some air in when our manager, a skinny kid named Eric, who was totally not the manager solely because his dad owned the shop, called us together.

“Attention, earthlings, ” He loudly announced. God, there were times when I wanted to knock his fucking teeth out. “We have a new employee. Drum roll, please!”

“Get to the point, Eric!” We all clamored in unison.

“Okay then! ” He ran to the front door, and pulled it open elegantly, as if he were introducing a princess. I didn’t know it yet, but I would soon find myself lapping at her sweet box. She would be screaming for me to swallow her juices after I bit down on her clit, and she would unleash a waterfall of girl-cream inside my mouth, wrapping herself tightly around me…

But I digress.

Inside walked what my body would eventually coin as mind-numbingly delicious. She had that sweet caramel skin only a Hawaiian can have. Her body, as I would later discover, was gorgeous. Her hair was jet black, and fell just at her shoulders. She wore a long winter jacket, matching her hair in color. It also fell all the way down to her knees. She undid her scarf, and gave us a thick smile. “It’s very nice to meet all of you.” Her voice carried a hint of her heritage.

Well, I thought to myself. Look at us getting all racially diverse in this bitch. Eric drew her closer. “This is Kalina; she’s the newest recruit to this vast space ship of ours.”

“Spaceship? More like bathtub.” I whispered to a nearby worker. She giggled and it caught Eric’s attention. “Well, since Ms. Wolfe seems to have jokes today, she’ll be the one to show you around Kalina.” Oh fuck, I said under my breath. This is the last thing I need.

“Now then, I have it on good authority that a bus of geriatrics in need of caffeine is en route. Everyone back to your posts! Chop Chop!” His voice creaked under the order. As we began to return back to our stations, I was left standing with this random Hawaiian chick. She was now looking away; the bubbly Hawaiian we had just met was replaced by this quiet wallflower. “Hello, my name is Kalina, and I’m glad to-” She began, extending her hand. I opted to punch her on the shoulder instead. “Hayley Wolfe. Don’t get used to it; this place will probably be closed by the end of the month.” I turned and spread my arms wide, embracing bahis firmaları the emptiness. “This is the Mean Beanery, a shitty name for a very shitty coffee shop. Our main customers are nerds stealing our Wi-Fi, Drunks who still think coffee cures hangovers, and Cougars.”

“You mean, like animals?” She asked, curious.

I shook my head. “40-somethings who want some of….well, that.” I tossed my thumb at Bobby, who was combing his hair in the metal reflection of our freezer. “We get at least two a day. There are women who’d give their life to suck his dick.” I started to daydream. “…Except for me, because I don’t need that.” She raised her head, curiously. “What do you prefer?”

“You really wanna know?”

Her head hit the floor, again. “I mean….um….” Her shyness was, admittedly, a bit of a turn-on.” Don’t worry, we can talk all you want, right after our shift is over.” Before she could respond, I grabbed her hand and led her toward the back.

“Now then…on to the technical aspects of fine bean brewing.”

The Geriatrics arrived jus t as our break began, thankfully. I grabbed both of us a cappuccino and we nestled ourselves in the back, near an open window. “So you were wondering about my… lifestyle choices?” I stifled a giggle. She looked into her coffee as if the black liquid would free her from her torment, offer her escape. “Not really. I’m just…generally curious about you.” “Close enough. When I was 16, I did girls’ swim. It was afterschool, and everyone else had left. Four years ago. That was the first time I had been eaten out.” “Wait, so you’re…”

“Bi. Yep.” She shook her head. Did I strike a nerve? I thought humorously to myself. I decided to take it further. “She had did it before, I could tell. Her tongue was nice and long; it went inside me quickly, in and out.” Now she was looking worrisome around the shop, making sure no one was listening. “Your very open about it…” I almost laughed. she was squirming. She liked it! Lets send her home with a bang, my thoughts prodded me,pushing me onward. ” I came quickly. But the real fun didn’t start until she had bent me over and I had felt her dildo open me. I had my boyfriend do that before, but It was different with her. She pounded my tight pussy so hard, Her fingers pulled on my clit, I came so hard—”

I spared no detail, every little fact about that sweet moment I came to learn of I craved the touch of male and female. She was hooked after the first line, listening closely, her interest piqued. “—and that’s the end of my story.” I said, standing up. Her face had gone back to ‘quiet Hawaiian’ . “You want some more coffee?” She nodded. As I went to get us some more coffee, I glanced back, once, very quickly. Her face, which had been transfixed on my body, shyly returned to the window.

The days of winter went by quickly. Kalina made several friends rather quickly as time went on, myself included. None of the guys would come near her, mainly because she chose to work in that thick winter jacket (Isn’t it like, 90 degrees in Hawaii anyway?). However, all that changed right around the Christmas Eve. After drawing straws in a fair and biased manner (read: volunteering kaçak iddaa because everyone else had drinking to do), Kalina and I had been the ones to stay behind and clean up. I strolled to the back of the store as Kalina cleaned tables. “I’ll turn off the machines; once you finish those tables we can leave.”She held up her thumb. I went into the darker, emptier corner of the kitchen next to the coffee machine, obscured by the coffee pots we kept up front by the bar, near the back door. After undoing a few buttons on my blouse, sidling against a cool wall, and making sure I was alone; I undid the buttons on my jeans and slid my fingers into my white panties.

” Oh…” When I began to rub my pussy with hot, dexterous fingers, it ignited so to speak. I slid down the wall as I spread my legs apart. After quickly pulling my panties and jeans past my knees, I began slowly pumping my finger in out of my hole, juices leaking out. “Ah, Ah…” I was soon panting rapidly, plugging myself faster and faster. “Ugh!” That wasn’t my moan. And it had come from near the front, but I just shook it off. I was so focused on driving my fingers faster, harder, deeper into my soaking pussy, I tuned out the distinctly Hawaiian screaming coming from around the corner.

As I felt my climax building, I used my other hand to raise one of my nipples to my mouth and sucked it roughly. Once I was certain I was nearing my climax, I shoved my fingers as far as they would go. Without warning, I crooked my finger and began tapping lightly on my g-spot. That was more then enough to send me over the edge. “Oh fuck,fuck,fuck, FUCK!” My body arched and convulsed as I squirted my sweet girl cream all over the linoleum, my fingers coaxing out more and more, while moving of their own accord. Once my bliss subsided, my ears finally caught sight of the white noise I had blocked out. I re-did my blouse and jeans, while the frenzied screaming- I mean I thought I was loud, but holy shit – grew. I stood slowly and, after making sure I wouldn’t slip in my own juices, peaked around the corner.

You probably won’t believe what happened next, but here I go. Around the corner, having assumed the same position and technique, was Kalina. What distracted me about her however, is how she looked. For the first time, I had seen her without her trademark winter jacket; it sat ruffled behind her as she used it as a cushion to sit on.

Her normally perfect hair was now frayed with sweat. But it wasn’t her hair that distracted me so much as her body. She had one of those bodies a realistic person dreams about; Not supermodel anemic, but with a certain fullness about her. Her large, luscious tits bounced haphazardly as she thrust her fingers inside her moist box harder and harder. Her sweet pussy was already leaking as she shouted obscenities, obscenities that had me undoing my jeans again. Suddenly I had an idea.

“Fuck me Hayley!” She screamed- not very inconspicuous, is she?-, as her clit began rousing itself from her hood. “Give it to me, don’t stop!” I got down all fours a crawly quickly but quietly in front of her. She was so lost in her dirty fantasy, she didn’t even notice. Once I was sure she was getting kaçak bahis close to finishing herself off, I put my arms on each side of her, pinning her to the wall. She froze as if she’d been hit with liquid nitrogen. I whispered in a husky voice, “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh my god, Hayley, I- ah!” While she spoke I had deftly brought my tongue around her ear lobe. “I’m sorry, I interrupted you didn’t I? Let me help you.” I grabbed a hem of her shirt and raised it over her head. To my luck, she didn’t wear a bra. I lowered my head to her chest and licked my way down to her left tit. I lifted it gently and put my mouth on her hard nipple. “No, Hayley, don’t be gentle,” Kalina protested. “I like it rough.” So open about her sexuality. To show her I meant business, I bit down on her nipple. She jumped in shock. “Fuck, just like that,” She quivered in between moans. I took her breast in my mouth up to her areola, running my tongue around her engorged protreusion. At the same time, I grabbed her other tit, pinching the nipple and squeezing the flesh.

Her hand was soon moving on its own again, rubbing her spot furiously. Suddenly she stopped. Her hand started pushing me towards her throbbing honey pot. I released her tits and began licking my way to her pussy, my tongue taking a brief dip in her belly button. Once I finally reached it, she was absolutely pulsating, her honey deliciously soaking her through and through. As if begging for my touch, she spread her legs outward and placed them on my shoulder. Unable to contain myself, I dove into her pussy.

I licked her voraciously, swallowing each drop of girl cream she was dripping down my tongue “That’s it, eat me,” She wasn’t telling me so much as she was ordering me to, frantically shoving herself into me, facefucking me as if her life depended on it. I sucked her off like it was going out of style, my tongue dancing up and down her slit, plunging itself into her orifice, her muscles clamping it down, refusing to allow the pleasure of my tongue to end.

Soon I licked upward, my tongue toying with her clit. Her legs curled, wrapping themselves tightly around my neck. She was definitely a screamer, begging me to touch her clit, to give her the orgasm she needed so badly. Soon she began thrusting her hips so hard she was coming a few inches off the floor. “Oh my God, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna-“But she did not get the word out, because at that moment, I bit down on her clit hard.

Suffice to say, she exploded. Her body released a waterfall of her sweet nectar, so much charging down my throat that, even after I opened my mouth to catch it, it still dribbled down my cheek. Her legs tightened and her toes curled, my mouth voraciously slurping her pussy. Once her Nirvana subsided, she released my head and her ass hit the floor again. To help her calm herself, I brought myself up pressed my lips against hers. My tongue played in her mouth for a second, before withdrawing so she could lick her sweet honey off my face.

Once I pulled back, I checked my phone. “Fuck. We were supposed to close 30 minutes ago’ she was still panting heavily. ” I really…am not…feeling like…. Driving home tonight.” I smiled. “Who said you’re driving home?”

She looked confused. “I’m not?”

“Nope,” I pulled myself inches from her face. “Tonight we’re having a slumber party.” I kissed her quickly, tasting her sweet come again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20