A Surprise Indeed

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I am now in my fourth month working as a companion in retirement homes. For those who have read my previous blogs you will know that I took this job as a result of part time employment I had after my official retirement. You will also know that as a companion I have developed a niche where all my clients are men who are single and in need of a little friendship. During each visit I end up satisfying them sexually after I dance a little, diddle a little, suck a little and create the ‘happy ending’ that men crave so badly.

I have had a career in the corporate world and have always hidden my high libido whenever I am in public. Even my husband of many years, has no idea that I was an exotic dancer in my youth (prior to meeting him) and that I worked in a massage parlour, off and on for 30 years. I have presented myself to friends and family as somewhat prudish and very straight, although I am anything but that. I have been very close to my bff since we met, many years ago and I have had many short (usually a few hours) affairs with men from all walks of life.

Today I was meeting a new client, whose name is C. I won’t use the entire name because it is, after all, the Internet. It was quite cold so I dressed in my full length coat. I changed from my blouse and jeans into a blue skirt, which is quite short, sheer stay ups and a white tee, with no bra. This gave my girls, who are now 38 around and fall into a D cup, a chance to show off their nips through the thin, white material. I share a small, studio apartment with a friend. Neither of us live there and we only use it to store our ‘working’ clothes, or grab a quick shower.

I arrived at the front desk, smiled and asked for C, as I had no idea what the room number was. I am also cautious about walking up to a room that I have never visited before, without some sort of confirmation that the person actually exists. I was told I could go up and was given the room number.

I waited after knocking and was totally shocked when a woman, in her sixties, opened the door, smiled and invited me in. She introduced herself as C. I stared a moment, as I was expecting a male. I was quite stunned. I wish I had not changed my clothes, for I was nervous about taking off my coat, as I assumed all she wanted was straight companionship.

She insisted I remove my coat and as I did I could feel my nipples poking against the material of my top. She noticed them too and I was quite embarrassed. She smiled and commented that it was cold outside. I sat on couch as she hung my coat in the closet and commented on how attractive I looked. I was quite flattered and thankful that my weekly hours of aerobics paid off.

C offered me a tea and began to explain how she had obtained my number from her brother, who is a client of mine. I was a bit embarrassed at what she knew and what she was saying. I had little choice but to stay there and chat.

“So,” I began. “What are you looking for in a companion? “I asked.

She smiled and stared at me. “I would like a similar visit to what my brother gets,” she replied, matter of factly. I guess I must have looked shocked because she continued. “Am I incorrect in assuming that you service both men and women?”

The word ‘service’ sounded different when she said it, but that is exactly what I did. I service people’s sexual needs. In other words, I am a glorified prostitute. Call it what you want, the tips are good and the job is fun… and satisfying.

I looked at her and smiled. “You are very attractive,” I said and I meant it. She was about my height (170cm or 5′-7″) and weighed a little more than I did (58kg or 130lbs). Her hair was silver grey and I was surprised when she said she was 67. I would have pegged her at 60, maybe. She was in good shape, but clothes do tend to hide a lot. I have been with women before, so the prospect was quite exciting.

“I was a bit shocked,” I said. “I was expecting a man, but am very pleased that you are not. May I ask what you are looking for,” I asked politely.

“I have a sore back and would love a massage,” she replied. I smiled and looked around, wondering where she wanted me to begin. “Perhaps one of the bedrooms is the best place,” she said, and she stood, leading the way.

She walked into a bathroom while I stood and waited. I was casino siteleri not sure what to do, so I did nothing. This visit was so different from any others, that I was still feeling my way around the situation. A few minutes later she returned, wearing a towel, wrapped around her torso, covering her breasts and her groin area.

She lay on what looked like a roll-away or folding bed, face down and opened the towel, but left it covering her back and buttocks. I stood beside the bed and noticed some body cream, which I placed in my palms, rubbed them together and began to rub her shoulders. She moaned as I obviously soothed some aching muscles. I continued to do her back, moving the towel farther down.

Her skin was as smooth as mine, a result of using lots of body creams from an early age, coupled with little time in the sun. I pushed hard on her shoulder blades and she seemed to enjoy the feeling. I worked my way down her back and as I moved the towel I saw the sides of her breasts, smothered beneath her. I continued to massage her back and she seemed to relax. I moved down toward her calves and worked my way up to her thighs. I felt a tingle throughout my body, when I looked at the exposed flesh of her upper legs.

They felt muscular as I massaged them and I was surprised when she reached around, removed the towel and tossed it to the floor. I stared at her naked buttocks and was amazed at the firmness and lack of cellulite. This woman could have been my twin. We were about the same size and shape. I remember asking her what size she wore and to no surprise she was also an eight.

I nervously began to massage her buttocks, kneading the flesh and enjoying the satisfying moans she was making. I was still quite nervous and not sure how to proceed, but she parted her legs quite a bit, allowing me to massage the insides. I used a little more cream and rubbed her gently. She twinged slightly when my thumb came in contact with her vaginal area. I continued to rub her legs, occasionally touching the lips of her woo woo and realized she was quite moist. I too felt myself becoming wet at the prospect of touching a woman’s happy place.

It was certainly not the first time I have been with a woman, as my friend L and I have been intimate since we first met, many years ago. There have been several other women, but this time was different, primarily because it was unplanned and quite a surprise for me. Secretly I was quite glad, as I was definitely becoming more excited with each moment.

“Would you like to turn over?” I asked. She did so without hesitation and I found myself staring at her beautiful body, lying nude before me. Her vagina was smooth, obviously attended to for my benefit. Her tummy was quite flat and her breasts were firm and stood out. I assumed they had been augmented and she must have noticed my staring because she commented.

“Do you like them?” She asked. “I had them done 20 years ago, in an effort to keep my husband. It obviously didn’t work.” she said, smiling.

“They’re beautiful,” I replied and I began to gently rub my moist hands over them. She moaned with pleasure as I brushed over her nipples. I had mine done about 45 years ago, when the whole prospect was still new.” I replied. “I had them removed about fifteen years ago and and had liners put in. ”

She asked me why I had them done so many years ago. “You would have still been young,” she said. I explained that I used to dance before I was married and quickly learned that men tipped much more if the boobs were bigger. I went on to explain that lap dancing was very popular then, so it worked to my advantage. “You must have been pretty petite?” She asked.

“I was. I weighed about 105 and my waist was about 24. My breasts were a 36DD. It was great at the time, but as I got older it was becoming too much of a nuisance. So I had them removed and liners put in. They were a 36C until a few years ago, when they sagged to a 38D. Oh well,” I sighed. “They are still fairly firm and turn a few heads at the beach.”

“Well, are you going to let me see them?” C asked. I looked at her smile and was really becoming turned on. I stepped to the side and pulled my Tee shirt out from my skirt. I lifted it over my head and my girls, unsupported by a bra, fell free. C stared canlı casino and smiled approvingly. “They are beautiful,” she said. “Maybe I should look at liners.” She reached her hand out to cup one of my breasts and squeezed gently. I moaned with the thrill and she sensed I was turned on. A moment later she tweaked my nipples and pinched until I let out with a small squeal.

“Sorry,” she said, smiling. I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t, but decided not to. I began to rub her breasts and her hands explored mine. As I leaned over I felt her hand between my legs, making its way to the top. She moaned when she felt my pus, realizing I was not wearing any undies. I expected her to stop, but she continued to fondle my lips and love button. “My,” she said. “You’re soaked.”

I moved around to the head of the folding bed and positioned myself against her greyish hair, while I leaned forward to massage her breasts. I felt her kiss mine, as they fell onto her face. Her mouth engulfed my nipple and I felt her suck hard. I moved my hands further down and began to massage her honey pot. Her moans of ecstasy were an indication that she was enjoying the sensation.

I was now into it and I felt her tense and her tummy muscles tightened. “I’m there,” she said, and I inserted a finger deep into her opening. Her hands reached up and squeezed my breasts and as she grabbed them hard I felt her orgasm. Her love juice poured out, all over my hand and I moaned at the thought. I too was close to cumming. When she relaxed, I stood and undid my skirt. I left my sheer stay ups on, but took my heels off. I climbed on top of the cot-like bed and placed a knee on either side of her face. I leaned forward and began to lick the juice from her vagina.

She moaned as my tongued worked around her opening. It was still moist with juice and I was surprised at how much she came. I felt her hands on my lower back, pushing me down onto her face. I moved in such a way that she was able to eat me, while I began to bring her to a second orgasm. To my surprise it did not take long and I felt her muscles tighten. It was enough for me and I too began to release my feelings. I moaned and buried my face deep between her thighs, licking her hard. I came and in the distance I heard her moan. I was too absorbed by my own climax to pay attention to anything else.

Suddenly I heard her cough and realized she was drowning in my cum. I lifted myself slightly and continued to eat her puss. She came just after I did and again it was a stream of love juice. Hungrily I drank as much as I could and allowed her to continue licking me. We were both spent and I rolled off her lying beside her in a sixty-nine position.

A few minutes later we stood up. “Come with me,” she ordered. “I remember my brother saying that it was $100 for an hour and I think my time is up.” She stared at me.

“I can stay as long as you like,” I said. “I only accept tips, in any amount you please. What did you have in mind?”

“I want you to eat me again,” she said. “My cunt needs one more orgasm” I was surprised by her choice of words. She seemed very prim and proper and I did not expect her to use ‘nasty’ language. I guess it is similar to me, in that I appear very straight laced in public. Maybe even so far as to suggest prudish. Behind closed doors, however, it is a different story.

We walked into the master bedroom and she suggested I lay on the bed. I did and she kneeled over me. She moved so her vagina was directly over my face and as she lowered herself onto my mouth she reached up and held the headboard with both hands. I moved my arms to allow me to fondle my pussy while she pushed her entire body hard onto my face. My tongue pushed as far as I could into her mouth, flicking against her clit. It did not take long before I felt her thigh muscled tighten. She started to scream, much louder than before and it was evident this was her favourite position.

She grinded herself onto my face and I was feverishly fingering myself. “Eat me!” She commanded. “Drink my cum and finger your cunt.” I obeyed (as if I wouldn’t) and I was close to cumming. “Cum, you bitch,” she cried. “Cum as hard as I’m going to.” She paused and screamed. I knew it was almost time. “Make mommy cum you bitch. Eat my cunt.” That did t. I felt her squirm kaçak casino and shake and suddenly it was as if a water tap had been opened. Her juiced flowed with such force I had difficulty in swallowing it as fast as it flowed.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I too orgasmed. I tried to scream, but my mouth continued to fill with her juice. I heard her yell and moan and finally slump down onto her. I too had cum violently and was still shaking from the effect. She rolled off me and lay beside me. We stared at each other and she caressed my face with her hands. “You’re beautiful,” she said. “I could love you all day and night.” We kissed passionately and I was so taken by this stranger. I had no trouble in holding her and kissing her ardently. We must have embraced each other for half an hour.

“Can I ask one more favour, before you go?” She asked?

I looked at her and said, “Anything.” I actually meant it. She was beautiful and fulfilling and I would have done anything she asked.

“Can we lie beside each other and just masturbate ourselves?” It was a strange request, as masturbation is something you do when no one is with you.

“I know it’s outlandish, but I masturbate several times a day. I find it very private and would like to share that with you.”

She was sweet and genuine and was totally opening up to me. I smiled at her. “I also masturbate three or four times a day, so I know what you mean. I would love to fondle myself knowing you are right here beside me doing the same.”

We both lay on our backs and began to caress our own breasts. I was doing what I normally do when I’m alone. It was strange to have someone beside me doing the same thing. It was almost as if in unison that our hands reached down to our own vaginas. We massaged ourselves with one and squeezed our own breasts with the other. I noticed she rubbed her clit while I inserted a finger in mine.

Interestingly I have not really seen a woman masturbate before. I have been involved and engaged, but never as if were we alone… together. My finger became two and then three. I started to moan as did C. It lasted about 15 minutes and we climaxed together, both screaming at the top of our lungs. Finally we relaxed and laid there in complete satisfaction.

“That was definitely the best self-orgasm I have had in a long time.” I agreed and asked her if she spent time with women often. “It was the reason my husband left me,” she confided. “He caught me with a friend and couldn’t deal with it.” She stared at me for a reaction. “Has that happened to you?” She asked. I told her about the time someone walked in on L and myself, but explained it was different and we dealt with it.

I could sense she wanted more information but it is too private to share with someone I did not know very well. We stood and she explained she had to get going because she was expected at her brother’s place for dinner. “Would you like to come along?” She asked, smiling.

“I don’t think so,” I said, also grinning. “I hope you are not planning on sharing experiences?” I asked.

“Absolutely not.” She replied, adamantly. “I’m keeping you for myself.” I dressed quickly (a skirt and tee doesn’t take long to put on. I went to the living room and put my coat on. She followed me and handed me an envelope. I smiled and thanked her and placed it in my purse. “I hope we can meet again soon,” she said. I gave her my email address and told her to let me know anytime. I explained I couldn’t do text or phone because of my husband. She understood.

We kissed goodbye and I walked quickly through the lobby to my car. I must have looked a mess. I could still feel the caky residue of her cum on my face and I was sure my lipstick was smeared. Normally I shower or at least clean up at the client’s apartment, but C seemed to be in a rush. I drove to the rental unit and quickly went upstairs. It is in a seedy part of town, so to see disheveled women was not that uncommon. I stepped into the elevator and went to the 14th floor. Once inside the tiny unit, I walked in between the racks of clothes to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. I fixed my hair, but before I dressed decided to masturbate one more time. I stood in front of the window, imagining people from the unit across the parking lot were watching. I came quickly (I usually do when I stand) and dressed.

I headed home and was thankful hubby was not there. It gave me a chance to relax before having to satisfy him, as no doubt I would be doing. Why would today be different?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20