A Summer Visitor

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The morning of my sixty-fifth birthday was glorious. The sun already high in the cloudless blue sky and the promise of another fabled hot summer day in the Yukon.

A plate of sausage, toast and eggs was washed down with a couple cups of excellent coffee, the remainder I poured into a thermos for later. As I ate my breakfast I decided it would be a good day to venture down the Yukon River to observe a pair of Peregrine Falcon chicks who had hatched a couple weeks earlier up on a cliff face.

I prepared a couple sandwiches for lunch and with a six pack of beers in the cooler I hooked the boat up to the pick-up and made my way to the boat launch at the Deep Creek campground on the shore of Lake LeBarge. It was a quiet morning there with a few of the tour operators getting their paddling clients on their way in canoes of various colours loaded with their cargo of packs and waterproof barrels.

The excited tourists displaying their eagerness to get underway for their multi-day adventure down the river to Carmacks and beyond to Dawson City. The campground was also occupied by the Fly and Drive tourists in their rented RVs. Many of them new arrivals off the Condor flight from Zurich last Sunday.

As I waited for my turn to unload my boat on the ramp, I poured a coffee and sat watching the various groups make ready to commence their adventures. It was then I noticed an elegant looking blonde woman with a thermal cup looking for a place to sit on the beach. I indicated she was welcome to sit on the log next to me to which she smiled and sat down.

“Hello, I am Petra” she said in a German accent while extending her hand. Shaking her hand I replied “Hello, I am Dave- Are you going on a canoe trip?”

“No, I am traveling in that motorhome over there with my husband.” She said with no pleasure pointing at a rental RV. “That is if he sobers up enough to drive safely. I would love to canoe here it is so beautiful” Her smile adding to the glory of the day. “What are you doing?”

I shared my plan for the day of traveling downstream to observe the Peregrine chicks and perhaps do a bit of fishing. Petra expressed her delight and astonishment that wildlife would be that easy to observe.

“Would you like to come along? I’ll only be gone for a couple hours and plan to be back before it gets too hot with that bright sun up there.” Her expression said YES, but a frown appeared and she said she would have to speak with her husband first. I encouraged her by saying, “He is welcome to come along too, there is plenty of room for you both.”

Standing up she said she would be back shortly and headed off to confer with hubby about my invitation for a boat ride down the lake. I watched her tight shorts and the lovely ass they covered walking up the trail. Thinking to myself, it was a good thing I invited her husband along too, otherwise I may be motivated to see that ass without the shorts.

It was my turn on the ramp, so I backed the boat and trailer down to the water and made preparations to push it off the trailer, when I heard the slamming of a door on a motorhome, Looking up I saw Petra walking back to the ramp with a bag over her shoulder and a large floppy hat on her head, her face red in anger.

“Max isn’t even dressed yet!” she fumed as she approached. “He will be hung-over for most of the day and to deal with it he will be drinking again in a short while.”

Looking back at the RV I saw a chubby middle-aged man standing in the doorway and I concluded I was taking his trophy wife away for some form of distraction so that he would not have to deal with her anger caused by his drinking, and he seemed okay with that.

Petra casino şirketleri followed my direction to safely get into the boat and made herself comfortable while I took the truck and trailer to the parking area. Walking back to the boat I noticed Petra had removed her large shirt and was now showing off her augmented boobs held on display in a yellow bikini top.

Pushing off I scrambled over the windshield and took my place at the helm. Once we were operational I showed her on the map where we were and where we were going. The water was calm and flat as we eased around Richtofen Island into the main body of Lake LeBarge.

In all directions the Yukon wilderness proudly displayed its unspoiled beauty. From the shorelines, mountain slopes reached up into the blue sky with slopes of green grass and pine trees providing the clean aromatic scents that filled the unpolluted air.

I pushed the throttle forward giving us some speed as we had about 25 miles to go to our destination. As we headed north I pointed out some of the local features of the geography and explained the history of this waterway during the Klondike Gold Rush and the many tens of thousands of gold seekers who travelled here before us in search of their fortunes. Today the lake seemed nearly unoccupied as the many canoe travelers stayed close to the shore until their guides had a better understanding of their paddling abilities on the water.

Petra looked through the binoculars at the many features of the mountain sides and was smitten by the beauty of it all. I explained that moose and wild sheep were often seen in the mountain pastures or on the shoreline and I knew where they were frequently seen and would tell her when we were near them.

At speed the boat bounced a little bit and her lovely boobs would keep time with the oscillations. I was not paying close attention to the rest of the world and she caught me looking at them. She smiled and said, “Do you like them? Max bought them for me for my birthday. They do get in the way sometimes but they are like having superpowers, Here, I’ll show you.” Whereby she reached behind her back and undid the bikini strings and removed it altogether.

They were glorious and looked magnificent on her frame. Her smile turned into a laugh as she observed me ogling her boobs. Reaching into the dashboard of the boat I grabbed a tube of sun screen and told her she should cover them with a generous coating as the UV is probably quite high today.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked looking me in the eye. Not waiting for an answer she asked anyway, “Now that marijuana is legal in Canada – do you smoke it?”

I was taken aback as that was not the question my oversexed mind was thinking about at that time. “Why yes, I have been smoking herb since I was 14, the change in laws has not made much difference to me. I have some if you would like to try it.” I offered.

“Oh good!” she said, ” We stopped at the government store yesterday and bought some to try- but I don’t know if it is any good, there was a number of kinds available and the clerk said this was pretty good, but I don’t know.” She reached into her bag and produced a government approved box with all the child-proof safety features sealed in place.

She opened the package and held up the two joints obviously delighted that she was about to break a taboo as it still was illegal in Germany.

“There is a lighter in that compartment there.” I said pointing to the starboard dash locker.

I slowed to minimize the breeze coming into the boat and she lit up and drew in a large toke, her radiant smile once again filling her lovely face. Once casino firmaları it was done and the small roach was tossed over the side she was keen to fire up the other one. I cautioned that it would be wise to see what effects the first one produced first and reminder her about the sun screen.

She handed me the tube and asked that I apply the lotion to her boobs with the larger and harder than before nipples. I had a duty to treat our visitors to a safe and enjoyable trip so I complied with her request. “Alright, but I must warn you, once I get started it may be difficult for me to stop.” I said sincerely.

“Oh good, I was hoping you’d be like that.” She replied as she stood up and moved to the rear seats.

I did a quick 360 scan to ensure we were well away from other boaters and the shore and shut the engine off and joined her. She had laid back on the rear seats and looked like a sexy vision waiting in anticipation. I had a good buzz going from the joint and asked her how she felt from it.

“I feel wonderful!” she responded. “I am very excited and want you to make me feel even better- will you do that for me?”

I squirted a dollop of lotion into my hands and began massaging her remarkable tits, gently pulling on her erect nipples which caused her to moan loudly. “I have never made love outdoors – out in the open like this.” she shared, “I feel so free and alive and lustful”.

Her hands began to pull on my shorts pulling them down, but something was in the way preventing their fall to the deck. “Oh my!” she exclaimed as her hand wrapped around my shaft pumping it a couple times. “You seem to be ready for me.”

“No not yet- a gentleman takes his time and I have yet to taste you.” I explained as I undid the button on her shorts and slowly peeled them down her long silky legs. A flimsy pair of yellow panties did not remain in place very long as they too fell to the deck and I assumed the position between her knees.

Her pubic hair was trimmed close accenting a truly lovely pussy that was beginning to pout in her excitement and anticipation.

“So how do you like the buzz from the pot?” I asked her as my nose slid up her slit and she parted her legs further.

“I feel so sexy and alive!” she answered, “OH yes do that please, Max hardly ever does anymore.”

I needed no further encouragement as my tongue gently entered her wetness and moved upwards to her erect clit. My hands were still massaging her boobs and I licked and gently sucked at her button causing all the right reactions and in very short order she had her first orgasm which lasted quite a long time. Perhaps it was the effects of the pot or as she said it had been so long since she had an oral-induced orgasm. I must say it was a pleasure for me as well.

After letting her catch her breath for a moment I resumed my cunnilingus in hopes of bringing her to an even higher plateau. It didn’t take long as she was fully involved with her carnal feelings and was urging me in the most encouraging way, oh yes, like that oh- oh-oh and again she exploded on the tip of my tongue. I must say my ego was as erect as my dick after getting her to come as forceful as she did,

“My turn!” she expressed clearly and moved to sit up straight. “Sit here” she said pointing to the seat next to her, She dropped to her knees in front of me and grasped my cock and ran her tongue around the head a few times as she made happy sounds and wet her lips to go deeper.

And deeper she went- not quite to the bottom but a long way none the less. I warned her that I too was much more excited than normal and it would be a quick finish if she continued with güvenilir casino the same amount of vigor and effort.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” she said in the sweetest way possible.

“Yes- very much.” I replied “Do you have a preference for position?”

“Well I’d like to set the pace if that’s all right, You’re much bigger than Max and I would like to control how we do this.” An honest straightforward answer I thought.

“I have some condoms in the first aid kit- give me a minute.” I said fetching the kit and ripping open a rubber and stretching it into place.

“Okay, you’re in control- tell me what to do.”

“Sit back on the seat and I’ll straddle you…If that’s okay?” she directed.

As she climbed up to take her place I grabbed onto those magnificent tits and sucked on her left nipple causing her to moan loudly. “Oh this is going to be so good!” she confided to me, “I have not had any real good sex for weeks and last night I was disappointed again as Max passed out early.”

As she was explaining her marital challenges she held my ridged cock and parted her pussy lips and slowly sank down a couple inches. Again she moaned.

It didn’t take long before she had all of me inside her and was grinding her clit against my public bone. Moaning and grunting as she went. I could hear the waves slapping up on the hull of the boat as her physical efforts rocked us gently from side to side.

She had a real hair trigger when I sucked once again on her nipples causing her to come hard for an extended period of time.

“Change of positions” I announced and she rolled to the left off of me.

“On your knees facing that way.” I said pointing back over the stern of the boat. I was right, that ass is absolutely gorgeous without the shorts.

She reached behind and guided the head of my cock into her dripping pussy and backed up hard taking all of it to the hilt. That’s all I needed, It appeared she had adjusted to my size and that was the go sign for me. I held her by the hips and pounded into her as she wailed her encouragement into the wilderness.

I lasted surprisingly much longer than I thought I would, but when I came it was as if it was a completely new experience for me and one that I will remember for a long time.

While we were naked I took the time to apply more sunscreen to her delightful body, paying close attention to her sensitive places which produced another quick orgasm for her.

We cleaned up a bit and proceeded down the lake to where the falcon nests were located. The two chicks I was hoping to see did not disappoint and they perched on the side of the nest watching us below them. Their mother appeared and fed them what I assume was a couple mice she had caught and left to hunt once again.

Petra thought this was an amazing display of nature and hugged me in thanks. Her hugs became more animated over the next while and soon my shorts were once again on the deck and her throat was filled with my dick.

We headed to the shore so that she could have a pee and stretch the legs a bit. We sat on the beach and had a bite to eat and a couple cold beers to wash it down. Petra wanted to smoke the remaining joint but I suggested she save it for later when perhaps her husband would give it a try rather than relying on booze for a buzz- who knows, it may even stimulate his libido as much as it did hers.

Arriving back at the campground some time later, Max was in their campsite with a couple other middle-aged over-weights slurping back the beers, and did not seem too interested in the pictures Petra took of the falcon chicks or the story of her adventure down the lake omitting the parts where we fucked each other senseless under the hot July sun.

I said my good byes and advised them of some places to stop along their way where the Yukon scenery was spectacular. It certainly was one of my most memorable birthdays. Thanks Petra!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20