A Submissive’s Journey Pt. 06

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This is a story about a young man exploring his sexuality and finding out he is a gay submissive. It is rather long and not all about sex so if you are looking for a quickie you might want to look elsewhere. This is a fantasy. All characters are over the age of 18. Please enjoy.


Time is a funny thing. When you are in the doctor’s office for an appointment you can look at a clock and then pace around, read an article from a magazine you would never bother picking up, check out everyone else in the office and when you look back at the clock, bam only 5 minutes have gone by. Then there is your lunch break where you head to the store, gas up, buy a breakfast burrito at the convenience store and wind up almost being late getting back.

Things that you want to last forever just seem to flash by, while the petty nuisances of life can seem to drag on and on. While true time travel may not be possible I always wonder if there is a way that you could harness the power of the mind to seemingly bend time as a matter of perspective like this reversing the fields so that the droll and boring parts of life would speed by and the moments that you cherish would slowly trickle by.

I had not managed that trick so the time from Thursday evening when I left the professor until Saturday afternoon played alternate tricks of expanding and contracting on me.

There were times that I was eager with anticipation and just wanted to get the whole thing started. It was the culmination of the path that I had taken. What would it be like? Had I even met anyone? Someone had seemed to allude to the fact that there might be another guy or two that couldn’t use me that week or perhaps they were saving me for something. The simple wanting to know consumed me making the time stretch out very slowly.

At other times the pressing reality of what I was about to undertake would crush down upon me. I didn’t think that I would be able to take it. Maybe it would hurt too much or I could be in a position that I would be uncomfortable and trapped. Visions of all the worst sort of BDSM torture scenes would play through my head and I would become very nervous, looking at the clock and calculating how much time I had before I would pass the point of no return and not be able to call the whole thing off.

My fears were only fleeting though as I would from time to time reflect on certain events of the past week and would necessarily get into a dirty mood. The thought of how a cock felt in my mouth just as it was coming or one little moment where a man had his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down, needing my eager mouth. The tastes, scents and sounds would work me back into a frenzied anticipatory phase.

Any fears that I had were dismissed on the basis of my prior treatment. Sure the men in the group had all been firm with me or at least had taken a very active role ensuring my submission, but none of them had ever been violent really or shown me any disdain. It was simply that I was the way I was, a passive and compliant means for other men’s pleasure.

There was something special in the role that I seemed to be meant for. In addition to the simple fact that I found myself adoring penises in all their shapes and forms, there was the way that I could tell that I was providing the purest pleasure in my arts to the men that I served. Perhaps, that was one reason that I acquiesced so easily to their demands. To refuse would be to lessen the effect of my ministrations on them and would therefore reduce my own pleasure.

Never in the whole time that I had been with any of the men had I reacted out of a selfish need to get off myself. I didn’t know if this was natural. It didn’t seem so, but to tell the truth even though I was in an ecstatic state it was not one that I wanted to come to completion. For me the sexual tension of the ride itself outweighed the mere act of orgasm.

For the men however, I desperately wanted them to cum, almost to a point where it was selfish. The way the professor had been with me exerting full control was perhaps the way that it should be done. To let them get the maximum pleasure out of me as possible when I was the receiver of the action entirely was one thing, but when I was kneeling with their cock in my mouth and I could sense their excitement mount it was so hard not to just go crazy sucking and get my reward, twofold in its nature of the pleasure of the man above me and the taste of his sweet seed.

The time for big night finally approached, I dressed myself in the clothes that I had bought at Mr. Silver’s shop, double checked myself in the mirror and ran nervously down to the steps in front of the dorm where a car was to pick me up. Right on time a black sedan rolled up to the temporary parking spot, which I recognized as Mr. Silver’s.

For one second I had a very deep-rooted sensation down in my gut to just stop, turn around and forget the whole thing. As I was güvenilir bahis about to give in and turn and run the Passenger door of the vehicle started to open slowly in an inviting manner. I was under its spell and advanced, neatly entering and closing the door after me.

I turned left, fully expecting to see Mr. Silver there smiling at me, but instead I saw a man in his early thirties bald on the top of with a goatee and chiseled face. He was dressed for a dinner party except he has his shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbow exposing a strong forearm with an intricate tattoo of an Asian dragon. He certainly looked like the kind of guy that you didn’t want to mess with.

At first I was taken aback by his appearance and almost fearful, but there was something about his demeanor that was almost comforting in the way that he carried himself, like he could be a protector instead of a threat. It was obvious that Mr. Silver had trusted the man enough to let him drive his car, so that was one thing in his favor.

We drove on in silence heading out of the city. It was just past dark and the night was clear. The stars shone down and the moon shone full in the sky, illuminating all below in its ghostly glow. It didn’t seem right to break the silence first, almost as if this were part of some ritual undertaking.

Although I made no noise, I couldn’t shake my curiosity and reverted back to the game I had been playing with the different men on Thursday while I was waiting for the professor to show himself to me. First there would be a long stare out the window and then I would look forward as if something on the road got my attention. Pulling back my focus I would concentrate on my peripheral vision and try to make out the lines between his legs.

Ok, I was trying to check out his cock without him knowing, but I failed, as I couldn’t really get the right angle. The tempting though of just leaning over and looking occurred to me, but then I wasn’t really sure that this man was one of the ‘group’. Surely, he had to be. He seemed the kind of dominant guy that would be in a group wanting to take advantage of the fact that little boys like me liked strong men taking advantage of them. It was possible, however that he was not involved and not wanting to embarrass Mr. Silver, I refrained from actions that would expose my intention.

At length, we pulled up to a complex composed of a long hall with a few smaller buildings around it. The grounds were cultivated neatly and a row of nice looking vehicles lined the parking lot.

The man parked and got out of the car, so I followed suit. We walked down along the path that ran the length of the building instead of using the front entrance. In the hall I could hear old time ethnic European music plodding out a steady beat that reminded me of some sort of Oktoberfest.

We reached a small side entrance topped with a solitary light. This led into the back area of the building were the kitchens and various minor rooms that serviced the larger hall was located. After a few twists and turns we reached a nondescript door which the man unlocked.

Here in the back of the main hall was an area that it was unlikely many of the patrons knew about. The door opened into a reception area with bathrooms on the left and a coat check desk on the right. Straight ahead was a large open doorway leading to a spacious game room, in which I could see a pool table with a little bar, large screen television and some other tables and couches.

The man pointed me towards an envelope and a small case on the desk and then walked out the door that we had entered.

It was odd to me that he hadn’t even spoken once, and that now I was here in this strange place all alone. The music was barely audible in here, but at least out there something seemed to be going on.

In this place all alone I got a feeling something like when I was a child and my mother used to take me to church on an off day to visit the pastor. She would go into his office and talk for what seemed like forever and I would sit on a pew or walk around looking at the statues. When I took a step, echoes would ripple throughout the room as if admonishing me to stay quiet.

The case on the desk was the sort that you would put toiletries in when you went on vacation. I grabbed it and held it in my hand, testing its weight as a child on Christmas morning. Then I reached for the envelope, opened it and read the contents.

So you decided to come, John. Good for you. Now take the items you find in the bag with you into to the Ladies’ room. You will find it more to your liking. You are to undress and insert the toy that you will find and then enter the shower, shave off your body hair and then shower for us. When you are done simply press the button on the pager in the case and we will come gather you. Be thorough John.

I took the case and looked inside. There was a razor with shaving lotion, a small bottle of lube and a sort türkçe bahis of rubber plug. I ran the plug around in my fingers, trying to mentally compare it with the ones that the professor had been using on me. I really couldn’t tell I would just have to try it on.

The ladies room was much larger than I had imagined. It actually had furniture and a carpeted floor, which I thought odd. There was a row of toilet stalls on the left wall and in the corner a large walk-in shower with a door. A long mirror with a large counter underneath filled the right side and on the counter was a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine and several wine glasses.

Walking over to the mirror, I looked myself up and down and began to undress. The idea of shaving myself was a little odd to me I must confess, but it just seemed like a natural thing that I would be doing in this situation. There was very little hair on my body as it was to get rid of.

Opening the bottle of wine I poured myself a full glass and downed half of it. There was a towel so I laid it down on the counter and took out the contents of the bag. The bottle and lube were the first order of business. I had never actually done anything like this myself before. My butt clenched at the thought, but I was determined to go through with it.

I squirted a line of lube on the toy and then a couple more, but parts still looked dry so I went ahead and rubbed it on my free hand then reached around to insert it. The tapered end slid up in and to my surprise I managed to get the whole thing up my behind without even a struggle. There was a sort of constant pressure back there, but I assumed that was to get me loosened up and I welcomed anything that might help me avoid pain.

The shower was warm and refreshing as I rubbed the oily lotion over my body and began to shave, first my arms and chest and then my legs. I was very careful to not push too hard and cut myself. It struck me that this was taking a very long time. It was hard to imagine what it was like to be a woman and have to do this all of the time. I shaved my butt, having to remove the plug to get around the hole, and then I had to do the hard part. Grabbing my balls and pulling the skin as right as I could I very slowly worked the blade across, removing any hair. The process was much easier than I had thought it would be for the tiny hairs seemed to just melt away like butter and before long I was totally smooth.

Now clean shaven I grabbed some of the body soap in the little wrapper and ran it all over my body. It was silky smooth and delicately scented. Running my hands over my body I began to feel quite feminine and smell that way as well.

Maybe since they wanted me to be shaved and use this soap they kind of wanted a girly boy. They did have Mr. Mason call me a sissy gurl so it was likely. It was Ok though. I could handle that. Maybe not in public, but in a room of guys that was going to use me anyways. Who cared if I was a cute girl to them or a submissive boy?

The mirror had clouded up some while I was in the bathroom, but I could make out my new form. To me I really didn’t look all that different, not as much as I had felt, but it was nice to feel the soft materials rubbing over my bar skin as I put my clothes back on.

Finished I tidied up and checked myself one last time in the mirror, grabbed the pager and hit the button.

The party itself was not quite what I had been expected. There were people everywhere, families I assumed. Long tables full of grandmothers gossiped, uncles drank and laughed; unruly children ran down the aisles ignoring the remonstrances of stressed out mothers.

It was odd going from the world of the showering and depilation and redressing and the plug to this very normal world, and I hadn’t left that other world entirely either. There was still the plug in my behind (I had checked several time to see if it showed), and of course there were the five or so men here that new my special purpose for attending.

Mr. Silver himself had gathered me and was now in the process of going around introducing me to the people he passed. They nodded and smiled, not really paying attention, for who could remember so many people. I could not see the professor or the man who had driven me here anywhere, but Mark was working the sound equipment over by the bar where Tom was, quite naturally, parked himself.

Finished with our rounds evidently, Milt told me to go on and mingle and have fun. It was a jolly crowd any of whom I could get along with so have some fun, and off he went.

Not really knowing anyone else I walked over to the bar where Tom and Mark were talking, grabbing my self a stool and a beer. Sitting on the stool caused some pressure in my rear, but I settled down well. There was no fear of it going up too far for it had a longer thin base.

Tom was smiling at me with a knowing grin as I got comfortable, but after that it seemed just like old times at the bar güvenilir bahis siteleri after work. He said that I didn’t have to worry about coming in for a while, he was covering the pay sheets and we weren’t busy in any way. I could have off until I got settled in the new arrangement.

What exactly the details of the ‘arrangement’ were to be, I was not sure. At this point I really still just felt that more than likely I would have a night of intense sex and just go back to being my old self. Maybe I would fool around with one of the guys once in a while, but nothing where I would really give up much control in my everyday life.

Tom started in on the local sport’s team and him and Mark had a heated discussion about the benefits of getting this or that person in the draft and who was better at this position or who was over the hill. I wasn’t totally out of the loop on these sort of things, but they didn’t matter nearly enough to me to know all the ins and outs of them. For me sports were just another thing that they had on the television. Which team was better and who was who didn’t really matter.

Since I wasn’t really part of the conversation and my introverted nature kept me from going out and mingling with a bunch of strangers, I decided to get good and tanked. I always enjoyed sex and felt more naughty hen I had a good buzz on anyways. I might as well get good and loose.

On my right hand side was this lady about early forties I would say. She was sort of plump with the same sort of ruddy face that Tom had. In fact, she may have been related to him for all I knew, but since they were only a few feet apart and generally ignored each other I kind of doubted it.

This lady was quite in her cups as it was already and seeing next to her a companion of the vine she struck up a conversation. Well really it was more a long monologue on her part, but that is the nice thing about passive people like myself, we are very good listeners. There is never a very good time for a person like myself to interject, therefore I get the whole story beginning to end.

Ruth had just run into some bad luck with her husband. The story went that he was a traveling salesman. She had met him on one of his business trips in Vegas of all places. After telling me this she had to go on for about ten minutes on Vegas and how the lights were and her favorite slot machine. There no Elvis sightings mentioned, but finally she got back to her husband and her recent string of bad luck.

It seems that he had gone out for about a week a while back, which wasn’t an odd thing for him it as his business after all, but one night she had called and to her great surprise another lady answered the phone.

I have to admit I kind of zoned out here for a bit. Women always had some complaint about their man. All in all it was a wonder that they had anything to do with men at all. One minute they would be swearing them off forever and the next a rather handsome man would walk by, or a wealthy one or maybe just someone said something nice and off they would go again.

It all sounded rather insane to me. She kept droning on so I ordered another beer and looked over to the left. Tom was standing there talking to a man in a business suit. My eyes went down the length of Tom’s body until I rested my eyes on his crotch. A vision of his long thick member hanging over my face brought me warmth. Maybe I could understand Ruth a little after all.

I wont trouble you with her whole story, as I am sure you have heard it before. All I could think was that perhaps her expectations were just too high or she was not honest with what was really going on around her. The men in her life she accused of using her, but was she not using them as well? Women were so hard to figure out, and since they pretty much never thought they were the one that was in the wrong it was hard to get a straight story out of them.

All of this brought me back to my situation tonight. Certainly there would be a lot of sex going on and to the view of an outsider it would look like the other men were the only ones receiving anything from the whole deal. Some people might without knowing any better think that I was being paid. That thought gave me a little pause.

Obviously, I was not accepting any sort of payment really, but wasn’t I in a way? The same way that many women accept a form a payment. I was letting Tom clock me in and out for work without showing; The other men had been buying me drinks and taking me places. Sure for their own pleasure for the most part, but I was not having to contribute anything, except me.

Weren’t my very body and the sexual acts that I would allow them to perform upon it and kind of service rendered for the payments I was receiving? Was I, by accepting their cocks, and their lavish treatment in some way whoring myself out?

I have to admit for a bit the thought pleased me. Maybe it was that if I was selling myself there was something of worth there for someone to want. The being wanted felt good. There was a kind of naughtiness past all of the sex that I was feeling at that moment. My buzz was tipping past the point of control and I wanted to get on with the evening’s festivities.

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