A Straight Girl’s Ecstasy

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You wanted her ever since you first saw her 6 months ago in your office building lunchroom. Something about the way her hips moved when she walked, the way her long blonde hair shone so bright, her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, the full breasts, slim waist and curvy body – all of it immediately attracted you to her and sent a shiver of arousal through your entire being. You had always been with men and had never been attracted to a woman before but there was something different about her, she was so incredibly soft and feminine looking yet you could sense that beneath the surface lay a smoldering sexuality that was irresistible to you. All you knew then was that you wanted her so badly, all of her, to lie naked with her and consume her passion. And now you could hardly believe it was really going to happen.

She took you by the hand and led you into her bedroom. You were glad the lights were lowered but she turned them up more brightly, remarking that she wanted to be able to see all of you when u took your clothes off. Your heart was pounding as she led you to a loveseat in the corner of the bedroom and sat down right next to you. There was some soft music playing in the background and it smelled from some beautiful incense. She looked you right in the eyes and gently brushed your hair from your face as she bent closer to kiss your eyelids so softly and sweetly you could hardly feel it. She then kissed your cheeks and ears, sliding her tongue in and biting your earlobes just a little as a shiver went down your spine.

OMG – she smelled so good! She then moved down your neck giving you little butterfly kisses all the way down as your breathing became labored and you involuntarily arched your back. The arousal was building within you as you felt your entire body get hot. You could begin to feel the wetness starting between your legs as waves of pleasurable feelings began washing over you.

She then gently put her soft lips on yours and began kissing you, slowly opening her mouth and running her tongue over your lips. Your legs began shaking as your desire for her mounted – she then slowly parted your lips with her tongue and put it into your mouth, farther and farther, swirling it around your tongue as the two of you kissed hard and passionately for a long time. Your nervousness was replaced by overwhelming feelings of excitement and arousal.

She ran her fingers through your hair and pressed your face to hers and you felt her tongue go even deeper into your mouth, kissing you more intensely than you had ever been kissed before. You felt you would melt into her arms as she continued to hold your face against hers and kiss you deeply. You could hardly breathe you were so overtaken by the intensity of the pleasure you felt throughout your entire body – you had never wanted anyone so much in your life. How long had you been kissing? A minute? Five minutes? Half an hour? You lost all sense of time and space as your body just floated in a sea of passion and unbridled lust. You closed your eyes and felt dizzy with lust, passion, and excitement over your entire body.

“Are you OK, precious?”, she asked as she held you tightly. You were barely able to murmur a whispered, “Yes” and managed a weak smile. You opened your eyes for a moment, staring into her beautiful face, as she looked right into you with her soulful eyes that seemed to penetrate you down to your very essence, eyes that revealed the depths of her lust for you as she made you feel like the most desirable woman in the world.

She gently kissed canlı bahis you on the cheek and said, “Come with me, my sweet one”, slowly leading you over to the bed. She sat you down and stood above you as she slowly began to remove her clothes. As she began unbuttoning her lovely silk blouse, you closely watched her every move, transfixed as her naked flesh was being revealed to you for the first time. You gasped as she took off the blouse and revealed her wondrous breasts, billowing over the cups of her beautiful lacy black plunge bra. She smiled at you and took one of your hands and placed it directly over her breast, closing her eyes and moaning softly as she did.

Your excitement was so great you could hardly breathe, almost dizzy in anticipation of watching her remove the garment so you could view her beautiful breasts completely. She slowly reached behind her back to unhook the bra and let the straps slowly fall down over her shoulders, barely holding the cups to her skin as she then slowly let the bra drop down, revealing her breasts in their incredible fullness to your intense gaze. They were wonderful, full and firm with lovely small nipples that begged to be touched and caressed and kissed. She closed her eyes as the bra fell to the floor and took both of your hands and placed them over her hardening nipples. You gently squeezed the warm supple flesh and felt goose bumps over your entire body.

You just had to have her, all of her, and your heart began pounding again and your breath was short as you imagined slowly caressing her entire body, kissing her everywhere as the two of you lie together in your nakedness.

Your arousal was building again as your wetness actually began running down your thighs and you began to shake all over once more, completely consumed by your lust for her – you were even salivating! You felt so animalistic but u couldn’t help it – she was so delicious looking it was driving you insane. You couldn’t understand why this woman was making you feel this way but you didn’t care anymore – you just wanted her so badly you ached all over. You were just about to jump her and had to exercise incredible self-control to sit there and watch her do this amazing strip tease for you.

She then looked you straight in the eye as she began to unzip her form fitting jeans, slowly revealing an incredibly sexy pair of matching black panties that u just wanted to rip off of her so you could ravage her completely. Oh god – how long could u just sit there and watch her do this to you?

She slowly undid the zipper the whole way and wriggled out of the tight jeans and threw them aside, standing there just in those incredible black panties with her amazing breasts. She smiled at you and began running her fingers over those breasts, getting closer and closer to her nipples, finally reaching them and squeezing them, then putting her finger in her mouth and running it over each nipple as they got incredibly hard. You felt like your skin was on fire and you literally could not catch your breath. She kept doing this for a while and then reached over and kissed you hard on the mouth again with that fantastic tongue entering your mouth and searching all over, probing deeply, driving you even more insane.

You were on the verge of a breakdown of some kind, honestly, the feelings inside you were so strong and overpowering. She then backed away and just stood there with her hands on her hips, posing for you, shaking her head so her beautiful hair fell all over her shoulders, laughing at the look in your face bahis siteleri and running her hands all the way down her body.

My god, this woman was unbelievable – you were so far gone with lust and excitement you didn’t even care that a little saliva actually dripped out of the side of your mouth – that’s how much u wanted her. She reached over and wiped it up and laughed some more. How could this woman stand there and torment you like this? She was evil, you thought and smiled to yourself – yeah, just the kind of evil you loved. She kept grinning at you as she hooked her thumbs into the tops of her panties and began to push them down over her hips.

You watched transfixed as her beautiful pussy mound came into view – she was bare down there and you could clearly see her beautiful lips. You inhaled quickly and gasped at her incredible sexiness. She put a finger inside her pussy and then rubbed it all over your lips – her taste was heavenly. She then stood u up and began taking off your clothes but you just couldn’t wait – you stripped them off as fast as possible, tossed them away and then moved just inches away from her so your nipples were touching each other as you began kissing her very passionately and deeply. You both stood there for what seemed like an eternity, kissing and rubbing your breasts together, your nipples each getting hard and so excited, your pussy completely sopping wet.

Finally, she slowly pulled her face away from yours and told you to lie down face first in bed. As you did, she begin kissing u at the top of your neck and slowly working her way down to your shoulders and down your back – just keep kissing you sweetly and slowly. And then began to massage your butt and run her fingers very lightly over your cunthole, back and forth, barely touching it. Then she gently rubbed her hand over your pussy lips, just grazing them back and forth, and began barely stroking your clit, just back and forth slowly, and inserting her finger a little bit into your hole while also rubbing her fingers over your lips gently.

And then, after a few minutes of touching you like this, she started moving down your inner thighs, again very lightly just with her finger tips, up and down your thighs, not quite reaching back up to your pussy lips. Continuing down your legs, very softly with her fingertips, up and down, back and forth, until she reached your feet and then gently began to massage your feet, and each toe, one at a time. She took each toe into her mouth and sucked on it and kissed it and run one finger up and down the bottom of your foot and then her tongue, up and down between your heel and toes. First one foot and then the other. Now she start working her way back up your legs with her tongue, licking and kissing your legs and then up to your thighs, kissing them very softly and sweetly as she got closer and closer to your pussy. But she don’t quite reach your pussy lips but went back down your inner thighs and focused on them for a few minutes, kissing, licking, and stroking.

This slow teasing was making you totally insane with lust and wetter than u have ever been in your life – your pussy juice was just pouring out and running down your legs. She began licking it up, loving the sweet taste of your cunt’s wetness. She then quickly and forcibly turned you over and kissed you hard on the mouth so u could taste yourself as her tongue darted deep into your mouth. While still kissing you, she moved her hands slowly to your beautiful breasts, and made circles around them, barely touching them. Around bahis şirketleri and around she went, getting closer and closer to your nipples and then she just grazed your hard nipples with her fingers as you gasped.

She flattened her palm against your nipples and moved them around in a circle slowly. Your nipples were rock hard, like an erect cock. She then took them between her thumb and first finger and squeezed a little, then harder and harder, until she was squeezing so hard that there was a little pain mixed in with the pleasure, which u loved. She put one of your nipples between her teeth gently, just raking it across the nipple several times. Each time she bit a little harder until finally she took that nipple hard between her teeth and pulled on it, sucked on it with her tongue, and gave it a little blow job. Then she blew air on it back and forth, sending chills down your spine as you moaned loudly and started screaming in ecstasy as she licked and sucked and kissed that nipple over and over again.

Meanwhile she had also been squeezing your other nipple with her thumb and first finger, harder and softer, harder and softer. Now she moved her mouth to the other one, started sucking it and then took it between her teeth hard and held on, rubbing her tongue across it. You went completely limp from the intensity of the fantastic feelings she was arousing in you. You didn’t think u could take it any more – you have never been so turned on and aroused. You were almost crying with passion and lust.

Now, while still playing with your nipples, she moved her face down and started sucking on your clit, rubbing it between her teeth and lapping up your endless wetness from your pussy hole. She kissed and licked that clit over and over again as you gasped from the intensity of the pleasurable sensations racing through your entire pussy. After several minutes of licking you, she inserted first one and then a second finger inside you and began finger fucking you fast and hard. You went wild and began bucking up and down like a crazy woman – the feelings were just too good, you could not take it anymore. OMG – would it ever stop? How could your pussy be so continually drenched? How much pleasure could one person take?

She was relentless. You began shaking all over and completely lost control of your body over to her as she continued to finger you over and over again while still licking and sucking your clit. You have no idea how long she kept doing this – it could have been 5 minutes or an hour – you were completely lost in total ecstasy.


You wake up at some time later, having no idea at first where you are or what time it is or even what day it is. She is lying next to you, holding you, smiling, and kisses you gently on the cheek, on your eyes and then sweetly on your lips. Oh, she is so delicious. You feel you could just lie there forever as she runs her fingers through your hair and strokes your skin softly on your face, over and over. My sweet baby, she says, my sweet baby. You lie there contentedly, feeling completely loved and taken care of, and you never, ever want it to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20