A Spanking to Remember

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I would love to re-create a spanking event that took place when I was a teenager. I can vividly remember most of what happened – although I may have embellished some parts!

I am now in my mid-fifties, and like most kids of that era, I was well used to the occasional smack across my backside or even across my ears, when I had misbehaved. I also felt the force of a leather tawse across my fingers at both primary and secondary schools. Nevertheless, one smacking incident in particular sticks in my mind. It was my father that administered the discipline in our family but that was usually limited to a few smacks of the hand across a clothed backside. However, one day I recall he lost his cool big style and took things further than I had ever previously experienced – and was to never to experience again.

I honestly cannot recall what triggered this event, but I must have been especially bad. Most times at that age, it was because I had not done my chores when asked or had been cheeky to my Mum. I think in this case it was probably a combination of both. I had been told to go up to my room and await my father and my punishment. I could tell from my father’s raised voice and redness of face that he was not at all happy.

I went up to my room and sat on my bed waiting on the punishment that I thought would likely be a handful of smacks of the hand canlı bahis over my backside. I had experienced this many times before when younger so was not too concerned about what I was about to receive. How wrong was I!

I was 18 and had not had any level of corporal punishment for some years. My Dad came in to my bedroom and sat down on the bed to the right of me grabbing my head and shoulders and pulling me across of his knee immediately starting to deliver some hefty spanks with his hand on both my clothed buttocks. They were quite forceful blows and stung somewhat. They were delivered in quick succession on each ass cheek. He was obviously very angry however whilst they stung they did not have much of an effect.

When he stopped, I thought it was all over, but I was still being held down with one arm across my back. He reached under my waist and started to unbuckle my trouser belt. My first though was that I get my leather belt across my arse. This would be a first – he previously had only used a slipper as a spanking implement. He whipped the belt out of the trouser belt loops and threw that on the bedroom floor. His hand then went back under my stomach and quick as flash my trousers were unbuttoned and pulled down to my knees! I was shocked – this had never happened before. He then pulled my shirt up, tucking it into itself so that my underpants covered bahis siteleri ass was fully exposed for more smacking.

The spanking with his hand continued and without the protection of my trousers and just a thin pair of cotton underpants, the intensity of the smack was much greater. By this time, I was starting to struggle with each smack and in kicking my legs, my trousers ended up completely off lying in a heap on the bedroom floor.

Now, back then, my Dad always used to wear Church slippers that had very smooth, stiff leather soles. He removed one of his slippers and started using that on my ass, laying into each cheek alternatively. Now that did hurt! By now, I was struggling more, trying to cover my ass with my hands to stop the pain, but he was too strong and there was nothing I could do. I had to lie there across his knees and take it. I was in tears and sobbing quite loudly and in between screaming, “Stop, please stop!”

However, it did not stop. He then pulled my underpants down to just below my ass cheeks so that they were exposed and continued the spanking with the slipper sole over my by now naked arse. It was really starting to sting now and I could feel some real heat in my cheeks. This did not continue for too long before he pulled my briefs further down until they were about my knees. Quite why he did this, I have never figured, bahis şirketleri as it did not give him access to anything more to smack.

The smacking with the slipper continued but to my horror and embarrassment, I could feel my cock, currently sandwiched between my stomach and his knee, start to become erect. To no effect, I tried to think of other things to take my mind of it, to try to get it to subside. At this stage, I do not know if he felt it, but there was no mistaking that I was rock hard.

By this time, I was sobbing my heart out; to such an extent, that my Mum came upstairs to see what was happening. I do not recall what she said but at that, the smacking stopped and she went back down stairs.

Still shouting at the top of his voice, my Dad told me to stand up saying, “hopefully, you have learned your lesson and will never be as naughty again.” Standing up, I exposed my erection! It was straight up and flat against my stomach. My Dad noticing it, just told me to cover up. My underpants were around my ankle at this time and I bent down to retrieve them and pull them up. The cloth on my ass was annoying but I was just so embarrassed standing there facing him with my underpants tented by my erect penis. I was then told to go and stand in the corner of the room facing the wall and not to come out of my room until lunchtime.

Once my Dad had left the room I quietly removed my briefs and lay sobbing naked on my bed for some time before I felt it was safe to venture out later that morning. The incident was never mentioned again nor repeated.

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