A Sexy Predator on the Prowl Ch. 01

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There are some who alighted at the same branch every time they landed but a few preferred a different perch every time.

Evelyn, 25, was one such person who drank the elixir from various fountains life had to offer, never sticking to the same thing for a long time.

She frequently changed everything: job, men, house… not to mention hairstyle and what not. A bird of prey of sorts she hovered high in the air, selected a victim, zeroed in on it and relished it.

Evelyn moved into an apartment half an hour away from the toy-making firm where she had joined as sales head. The house was small but comfortable and airy; fine for one person. There were four houses on her floor, all at a decent distance from each other.

It was on the second day evening when she returned from work that she met a woman who occupied the adjacent apartment. Clyde she introduced herself as: short and pleasant, cheerful and maybe 28 or 30 compared to Evelyn who was tall, slim, and chirpy when she chose to be.

“I live there in that house with my husband, Steve. I work as a secretary,” she said, prompting Evelyn to present her own resume.

Evelyn was sizing up the friendly neighbor, when Clyde asked her to come home.

Having nothing better to do that evening than watching TV, Evelyn decided to spend some time in knowing her neighbor. Did the bird of prey sense a sumptuous meal in the offing?

Clyde’s house was bigger and nicely decorated and well-maintained. Well, she had taste, Evelyn thought, and saw a photo of Clyde and her husband. They looked like they were made for each other and all that that came with a good marriage.

“I will make you tea, or do you want something stronger,” she asked.

“Tea is fine,” she didn’t want anything else right then.

Usually she never took any drinks with anyone the first time and if there was a second she would prefer a beer and so on.

Clyde told Evelyn about her married life and it sounded that she was happy and all that.

“Can you just wait, I will change into something else … come to the bedroom, we can talk while I change,” Clyde said.

Well … well… interesting. The new friend was something else; calling a woman she met just then into the bedroom and changing dress in front of her.

Evelyn followed her with tea cup in her hand. Once inside the bedroom, which had a double bed and a tall mirror and the usual stuff, Clyde reached into her blue skirt and pulled out her blue panties and threw it into a basket nearby.

“I had to walk a bit and am sweaty,” Clyde said and went into the bathroom.

It was becoming even more intriguing. Evelyn almost expected Clyde to come nude but when the bathroom door opened after two minutes, she stood there wearing a half pink skirt and a white top.

Well, so much for your dirty imagination, she chided herself as Clyde began talking about her daily routine and their vacation etc. Evelyn, for her part, told Clyde about her five boyfriends ( had she added an extra boyfriend to make it all the more spicy?) and her education, job and life so far.

After a few more minutes of routine talk, Evelyn bid goodbye to Clyde who was insistent that bahis firmaları they should meet often, being neighbors and all. The younger woman said she would drop in sometime and took leave.

Sitting in her house and watching TV, Evelyn thought that thing about Clyde removing her panties in front of her and emerging out of the bathroom full dressed stuck out like a sore thumb. Was that a half-hearted seduction, a come-on? How was that she had a dress in the bathroom? Maybe she usually kept a dress ready when she came home tired in the evening. Maybe .. but that panties removal still nagged her.

Work kept Evelyn busy for the next two days and on the third day she met Clyde on the corridor as she returned from work.

“Hi. It’s my turn to offer you tea,” Evelyn said cheerfully.

“Hmm ok. I came back just now,” she said and followed Evelyn into her house.

Asking Clyde to sit in the bedroom, Evelyn prepared tea in a few minutes and took it to the bedroom where the neighbor was waiting.

“Please try the tea. I hope you like it,” Evelyn said and removed her white shirt, exposing her full round boobs bursting out of her white bra.

Evelyn thought Clyde almost spilled her tea at the sudden exposure. Well, she was just doing what Clyde had done. Tit for tat. Evelyn went on to remove her black pants and stood in her white panties. The new friend appeared obviously flustered and was showing signs of being fidgety.

Just then Clyde’s phone rang. She listened for a few seconds and ended the call.

“Sorry dear. I have to go, my husband is coming.” After Clyde left, Evelyn, who noticed the uneasiness of the neighbor, had a hearty laugh.

So the panties removal was just normal behavior on Clyde’s part and she had no lesbian leanings.

In the next few days, the two women met often, mostly in the corridor and said a hello and exchanged a few words. When things seemed to be on the slow mode, Evelyn and Clyde returned home at the same time one evening and took the elevator together.

“My husband is away on a business trip tonight,” Clyde said as she pressed the button to their floor.

“Oh! Does he travel often,” Evelyn asked wondering whether it was an indirect invitation for her to come over and spend the night with her.

“Yeah, he does twice a month. I am alone on those two days and invite a cousin or my aunt over,” Clyde explained.

“Do you want me to stay with you,” Evelyn decided to go for the kill.

“Hmmm. Ya. I would love that, ” Clyde’s reply came a tad bit faster.

They came out of the elevator and Evelyn said she would come over in five minutes.

Clyde was waiting in the living room when Evelyn came with a bag.

“Oh! Eve, what’s in that?” Clyde asked pointing to the bag.

“Just a few things and a dress,” Evelyn said as she took a soft drink Clyde offered.

“Do you have a boyfriend,” Clyde asked.

“Hmm yes. Dan. I know him for 5 years. He got me this job and asked me to come here. I have been to bed with him but we are not committed seriously. We spend a night together occasionally,” Evelyn said.

“Oh. That must be great,” Clyde said.

The bird of prey in Evelyn was hungry.

“Clyde, kaçak iddaa shall I just take a bath,” she asked and went into the bathroom without waiting for her host’s nod and when Clyde’s “yes please do” came, Evelyn was already preparing to bathe.

Evelyn went on to remove her white shirt and black pants and stood there in white bra and panties. She kept the clothes aside and went inside the bathroom and, leaving the door ajar, removed her bra and panties. Clyde watched the show dumbstruck and began feeling hot and wet between her thighs.

“Do you let your husband watch you take a bath or do you shower together,” Evelyn asked, knowing fully well all this was new to the married woman.

“No,” she managed to say, unable to keep her eyes off Evelyn’s stunningly big boobs and clean shaven pussy.

“And I bet you have not seen any woman bathe,” Evelyn said applying the liquid soap all over her sensuous body.

“No, Not really,” Clyde blushed yet to recover from the shocking exposure and sexy conversation.

In a slow gliding motion, Evelyn ran a finger of her left hand up and down her vertical slit and inserted two fingers inside her expanding pink folds while with her right hand she massaged her bobbing boobs and erect nipples one after the other.

Then she went on to bend down showing her rear to Clyde and tantalizingly teased both her pulsating holes for a few minutes before letting the jet of water from the shower wash off the soap on her curvaceous body.

A fully aroused Clyde felt her heart gallop and watched the skin show as Evelyn stepped out of the shower, toweled herself, draped the towel around her and came out of the bathroom.

“You wanna bathe, dear … just like I did,” she winked seductively.

When the already kindled neighbor appeared to be reluctant, Evelyn goaded her teasingly: “Come on baby, just do like I did. There is one here to see what we naughty girls are up to. No one will know.”

Clyde nodded dumbly, smiled shyly and went to the bathroom as Evelyn lay on the bed watching. The married woman stripped, displaying her medium sized boobs and bushy pussy.

“Don’t you shave? I let Dan do it for me? Makes eating easy for men… and women,” she guffawed.

Clyde soaped and fingered herself just as Evelyn had done, as the younger woman watched and squeezed her sex junction.

After five minutes of erotic bathing, Clyde wiped herself and came out with a towel barely covering her and lay down next to Evelyn. By now the younger woman had got rid of the towel and lay exposing her shaven cunt. Pulling away Clyde’s towel, Evelyn positioned herself between her thighs and kissed her swollen and tingling mound.

“Let me show you how a woman licks another,” she said and began parting and slurping her used bush. At first reluctant, Clyde gave in to the teasing and talented tongue of Evelyn and spread her thighs wider and let out a few moans and grunts. When Evelyn’s tongue played her rear hole, Clyde was sweetly surprised and let the younger woman continue her journey around and inside the forbidden and unused slot.

Now and then the exploring Evelyn looked up and told Clyde “this is how you have kaçak bahis to lick,” and “does your husband eat you like this?”

“No baby, never”… Clyde muttered holding steady Evelyn’s head as she shuddered under an orgasm.

Yes, Evelyn the raptor wanted the married cunt to become addicted to cunnilingus and turn her sex slave.

“Now let me see what you have learnt,” Evelyn said and squatted over Clyde’s face, forcing her to devour her tight pussy.

An aroused Clyde began shedding her inhibition and held Evelyn’s thighs and slurped the young petals and protruding sex button.

“Hmm baby, you are a quick learner, oooh, tongue me proper and deep. Yeah, spread me wide and …ya darling go on, search for pleasure,” Evelyn egged on Clyde who was getting the hang of her role.

Like many married woman, Clyde too was sex starved, the bird of prey thought, and needed a tireless tongue to take her to the unknown and unexplored islands in the vast sea of salacious pleasure.

Evelyn rocked her hips and the new recruit kept time, smothering her pussy with kisses and making it wet with her saliva. The younger woman rubbed herself harder on the face of Clyde, smearing it with her sex juice and screamed she was coming and rode her face till her spasms stopped.

Panting a bit, Evelyn wanted a drink and made Clyde fetch a beer for her. As Evelyn sipped the drink, the novice fondled her shaven pussy and fingered it and kissed her cheek.

She had proved to be an easy prey, Evelyn told herself proudly.

The next round involved sharing of a twin-edged dildo. The two new lovers sat opposite each other and Evelyn slid one end of the toy into her vagina and the other into Clyde’s. Holding it tight in its place, the women balanced themselves on their hands and began moving their pussies, driving the dildo deeper and wider. Clyde, the inexperienced and more emotional one, gave out loud noises like a cat in heat which aroused Evelyn even more. The sliding toy brought both of them to their explosion almost at the same time and they lay exhausted and panting for some time.

The unsatisfied Clyde again began licking Evelyn’s sloppy pussy. The younger woman gave Clyde the dildo and asked her to slide it in her ass. Showing an emotion which bordered on surprise and delight, Clyde sucked the toy and, as Evelyn parted her cheeks, slid it into her tight rear door.

“Deeper and faster, baby, I am used to it … toys and male meat have pleasured my holes often. Go on, no fear, fuck me,” Evelyn ordered Clyde, who, like a slave, obeyed her mistress.

Kissing and sucking her clitoris and petals, Clyde soon brought Evelyn to her orgasm.

Lying side by side, Evelyn told an awe-filled Clyde: “When I was 20 I had five girlfriends with whom I spent the night… watching TV, listening to songs, masturbating, doing 69, lying nude in a pile. Those were lovely days.”

“Really? My god! I do envy you,” Clyde said.

They had dinner, spoke for some time and were soon tired and slept, with Evelyn telling Clyde that no man could satisfy them like that, not even her husband could pleasure her like that.

Clyde replied in the affirmative.

The next morning, Evelyn gave Clyde her dildo and told her she could keep it.

As she bid goodbye, her eyes fell on the photo of Steve, Clyde’s husband. The raptor had spotted its next prey.

To be continued

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