A Sensual Date with Professor Julie

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It was my Junior year at the local college. My major was psychology and this semester I was taking a course called Human Sexuality. I had attended classes with most of the professors in the Psychology Department, but this particular professor I had not had. Classes with new professors always made me nervous. I mean, you don’t know how they grade, how hard or easy they are or how well they teach. There is nothing worse than sitting through a lecture with a boring professor who literally reads from the book. Come on, we are college students who passed the first grade, or at least you hope. I would soon find out this professor was everything but boring.

So here I was, sitting in this classroom with twenty or thirty other students in this small rural Midwestern college wondering probably the same thing that everyone else was wondering. What kind of professor would this be and what would the class be like? I heard rumors on campus that this professor, Dr. Adamin, was very pretty, but I had my doubts. She was only on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I never saw her before.

At that moment, Dr. Adamin walked through the door. She was tall, at least six foot five with long wavy blond hair down to the middle of her back. This was a big contrast to my figure which was five foot four, slim and short brown hair. Her figure was perfect. Not a bit of extras fat anywhere. She had on a tight blue blouse which showed off her chest perfectly. She was small breasted, but they were beyond perfect. She was also wearing a tight skirt almost down to her knees. Her long legs looked strong, but not overly muscular. They were still very feminine and her ass was perfect through that skirt. Of course when it comes to women I have ex ray vision anyway, even for a woman.

“Good morning class, I am Dr. Adamin, but you all may call me Julie.” The whole Psychology Department preferred to be called by their first name for some reason.

“Everyone is here for Human Sexuality, right?” I am thinking “Yep, for sexuality, that’s for sure, especially with you.” Of course I would never say this out loud. No one knows I am bisexual except for my husband and I didn’t intend to ever let that secret out, but damn, this woman was hot.

While she went on about the usual beginning of class stuff I went off to fantasy land. I imagined what it would be like to really see her naked. I wondered what her little breasts felt like. I just wanted to reach up and grab them while giving her a long deep wet kiss. My other hand would be running through her long blond hair. I longed to suck on those perfect hard nipples and reach down and feel her wet pussy which craved for long needed attention.

“Michayla” Julie calls while looking around the room.

“Michayla” she calls again. Instantly I came back to reality. Shit, she must be doing roll call already.

“Here, sorry”

“I hope you pay attention in my class from here on” she said in a very sweet and sensual way, not in any way condescending.

“Oh, I will Dr Adamin, I mean Julie.” And boy I meant it. I would watch her every move. This is on class I would never skip.

Days went on and I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy, hot and beautiful Julie was. The more I thought about her the more I longed and urged canlı bahis for her touch. Every class period with her my pussy was soaking wet. I hung on every word she said and watched every movement. I would make up excuses to go to her office just so I could have few minutes with her to myself. I even requested a change of advisors so I would have even more excuses to go to Julie’s office.

I loved her office. It was small, but dimly lit which was perfect for a passionate sexual session. She had a small lamp in the corner of the office. As you enter the door there was a long table which would work well. No couch or recliner but that was okay. It was still perfect.

Many days I fantasized in class about going into her office and closing the door of which I would be telling her upfront that she was hot and that I had to at least kiss those luscious lips of hers. If I had my way she would kiss me back passionately with her wet tongue shoved down my throat. We would share our tongues lustfully while I played with her hair. I worked my way around her back and unsnapped her bra (of course, in my world she would have no bra). I would slip off her shirt, exposing her bare breasts. She would also do the same to me. I take my hand and squeeze on of her tits gently savoring the softness and beauty of them both. I would swing her around to lay her on the long table in her office. By now we are both entirely naked and admiring one another. I kiss gently on her luscious little tits and take her whole tit in my mouth. God it’s soft and smells so good. She moans with pleasure while I slide my hand down to her wet pussy. She is completely shaven and it so full and soft, not to mention hot. She moans more and more as I slide my fingers between her lips and feel for her clit. It’s not hard to find and I rub my fingers over her clit while I give her intense pleasure. I do this for awhile until she begs me to let her come. I don’t let her, at first and then I slide my mouth down her sexy tummy and finally reach her pussy with my tongue. I shove my tongue into her hole while she is moaning. I know she wants to moan louder, but she can’t because others might hear. I take my tongue out of her pussy hole and lick her clit while I slide three fingers into her sweet vagina. She keeps moaning. I fuck her with my fingers and lick her clit at the same time until she comes. She clenches my arms and damn this woman has strength, but I don’t care at this point. She is trying hard not to scream in ecstasy. She not only comes but squirts as well totally drenching my face in her sweet juices. I have to swallow to keep from gagging.

“Michayla, what is the hormone responsible for sexual desire?” asks Julie in the middle of my fantasy.

“Michayla?” she asks again.

“Michayla.” I jump back to reality, again.

“Yes?” I say embarrassed.

“You are daydreaming again. Please see me in my office after class. Now, my question was what is the hormone responsible for sexual desire?”

“The clit, I mean testosterone.” The class laughs at my answer. Shit, I have done it again and this time I almost let my secret out. But hey, I get to go to her office anyway, right? Probably not a good idea. I could really get myself into trouble after that fantasy.

After class I go bahis siteleri to her office to speak with her. I want to tell her so bad what I think of her and what I was fantasizing about, but I can’t. She asks me what is wrong and I wimp out and tell her nothing, that I was having problems concentrating. She says it’s okay, but try to pay more attention. She was very sweet and had a positive attitude about the whole thing. After all I had an A in the class and she knew I was a hard worker.

“By the way, Julie, I would like to have you over for dinner Friday night. I understand if you can’t because of the whole professor/student thing, but I enjoy your company.” I ask hesitantly as if expecting her to say no.

“Sure, I could do that, but don’t say anything to anyone, I could get in trouble.” Julie responds to my surprise.

“I won’t, I promise. Great, I will see you about 6:00 on Friday then.” I gave her the directions to my house. I waited nervously for three days. I wanted it to be perfect and I was determined to make my move on her, professor or not.

Friday came. I was so nervous about her coming. I had prepared steak with some vegetables and a glass of red wine. My husband went out and took my son to a friend’s house to spend the night, and then he went to the local bar while I had my fun.

Julie showed up right at sex, oops, did I say that? I mean six. Dinner was all ready, but all I had on my mind was making hot passionate love to her. She came in wearing a low cut short red dress, showing off her perfect breasts and legs. I really didn’t want that steak anymore. I had on a long blue dress to cover up my sexy, long, white, lace lingerie that I planned to reveal to her. We sat down and chatted over our steak and wine. We laughed and talked.

“Julie, I have a Psych book upstairs that I wanted to get your opinion on.” I had the bedroom laid out with several candles and soft music to set the mood.

“Sure, let’s see it.” Julie says excitedly.

We walk into my room.

“Do you always keep your room like this?” she asks.

“Not always, but this is my escape from the stress of school and a place for me to go off to fantasy land.”

“Oh? What do you fantasize about?” Julie asks curiously in that therapist kind of way.

I slip off my blue dress revealing the long, white, see through lace lingerie. Julie stands there stunned. You would have thought I cast a spell on her that put her in a trance.

“You.” I say as I walk toward her.

“Me?” Julie seems shocked.

“Yes, you, who couldn’t? You are so beautiful. I put my hand on her arm.

” I don’t know that…”

“Shhh, I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

Julie is still looking at me in amazement. She can’t seem to take her eyes off me.

“God! You are beautiful!” Julie says while running her hand across the lace of my lingerie.

I move closer and kiss her sweet lips. Surprisingly, she kisses back. I reach around and can finally touch her gorgeous blond hair for real this time. I run my fingers through the whole length of her hair. Julie reached around and is gently caressing my back. I feel a zipper on the back of her dress and slowly unzip it. Her dress easily slips off and I am shocked to find that she is not wearing bahis şirketleri any kind of underwear. I hold her tight against my chest with her bare tits and nipples pressing against me. We are still deeply kissing and then I guess she can’t take it anymore and slips off my lingerie by the straps. We are both naked and I lay her down on my bed. I put my hand on her soft luscious breasts. I can’t believe I am doing this for real. I gently squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples. Her nipples are so hard. She holds my breast in her hand, not sure what to do, but oh it feels great. She brushes her hand across my hard nipples and it sends tinges down to my pussy. I am already so wet. I caress and lick her whole body, especially her breasts until I get to her pussy. I rub my fingers into her wet slit and she moans with pleasure. I have never seen her body move like this before. I fondle her clit bringing her more pleasure. She just lies back, showing all and letting me pleasure her. She doesn’t do much to me at first. I can tell she has never done this before. I put two or three fingers into her vagina while I gently suck on her pussy lips and clit. She groans louder saying she wants to come. I ignore the statement. She tastes so good I don’t want to stop. She literally has a sweet taste and best of all she is shaven with no hair to worry about. While sucking on her little clit I reach up and play with her tits some more. I start sucking harder and harder while pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy. She screams in pleasure as I bring her to her ultimate climax. She just keep coming, soaking my face in her sweet juices.

After she finally gets done coming I move up and kiss her and play with her tits some more. She then lays me over and sucks my tits. Her mouth is so warm and soft. I reach down and play with her hair which cascades down her soft white back. I moan as the feeling of her mouth sends tinges to my pussy making it wetter and wetter. Julie gently, but nervously moves her mouth to my wet pussy. Often she says how beautiful I am. She knows exactly where to find my clit and sucks it gently. I moan with ecstasy. Julie rises up and asks if I have a vibrator or dildo. I do and reach towards the night stand and I give it to her. She put it in my pussy while fingering my clit. It feels so good. My body just trembles. She lowers her mouth down to my pussy and flicks my clit with her tongue while pumping the big dildo in and out. She brings me to an ultimate climax. The best I ever had. I can’t help but scream in sheer pleasure. My whole body is clenched up and it sends warmth through my body. Julie rises up and rubs my pussy with her whole hand as if to settle it down and then lies on the bed next to me.

“Wow!” Julie says, “Maybe you should be teaching the sexuality class.”

“No, I wouldn’t stick to the textbook.” I say jokingly and we both start laughing.

“So, Michayla, is this what you have been daydreaming about in class?”

“Sure is, I can’t help it. I couldn’t stop thinking about you since the first day of class.”

“Well, one thing is for sure, I will never again scold you for daydreaming.” Julie exclaims.

“Good.” I say relieved.

That evening was the best evening ever. Julie was invited over several times and we enjoyed each other immensely after that. She never again scolded me for daydreaming in class. In fact, when she saw me daydreaming she looked my way and would just smile. By the way, I still got that A in Human Sexuality class.

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