A Ride in the Patrol Car Ch. 01

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Ever since I was little, I always admired police officers. Strong men in powerful uniforms, maintaining order… I suppose you could call it an obsession. By the time I turned eighteen, I already decided that this was the kind of career I needed to pursue. It was my destiny. Unfortunately, three more years were to come before I could make this dream come true. So I just waited patiently.

One summer afternoon, I was just hanging out in the city. I wanted to stop by the convenience store nearby to buy something to drink, when I saw them. Two men, right before the store, chatting and drinking coffee. They were wearing police uniforms and they were the perfect images of cops that I had in my head. They were much taller than me, shoulders wide, their muscles filling out their uniforms perfectly. I felt an instant wave of respect for these two men, keeping the order of our little town, even though I knew nothing about them. I have to admit, my eyes might have slipped in their direction a little too much as I was passing them by. I think they noticed as well – they responded with a suspecting look, which made me turn my head away. I just passed by and entered the store.

Even as I was walking through the aisle and choosing one of the sodas in the cooler, I couldn’t keep my mind off of those two. The shiny boots, their big, powerful hands resting on their belts – packed with police gear… I somehow managed to pick something and pay for it at the cashier.

As I walked out of the store, I noticed those two officers still standing by the door. Once again, my eyes got a little bit lost at the way those uniforms fit perfectly and I didn’t see the curb right before me. I stumbled and lost by balance, almost falling down on the sidewalk and spilling out my soda! That got the attention of the two officers, who chuckled at my misfortune.

“Gotta be a little more careful, kid,” said the taller one. He had a very handsome, clean shaved face and a buzzcut. Dark hair and eyes, which were sizing me up and down. I wondered why that was and I hoped he didn’t think I stole something…

“Yes, sir,” I said, my face red, “Apologies, I will be more careful, sir.”

“No need for those kinds of formalities, son,” the other one said. He had ginger hair and a full beard. His rolled up sleeves revealed big, furry muscled arms, which were not to be reckoned with. “Why don’t you come a little closer? Come on, don’t be shy…”

My heartbeat doubled in tempo as I approached the two of them. At first I thought I was in trouble, but then I saw the sly smiles on their faces.

“I’m officer Harvey, and this is officer Logan,” the bearded one told me, “We saw you looking in our direction earlier. You looked a little preoccupied there, son. Is there something you’d like to share with the police? Saw something suspicious?”

“No!” I shook my head, my face even more red now, “No, officers, nothing out of the ordinary, I was just admiring you.”

That made both of them raise their eyebrows.

“Admiring us?” the taller one, officer Logan, repeated.

“Yes! Becoming an officer of the law has always been my dream, sir. I can’t wait for the day I will be able to enroll in the academy.”

“The academy, huh?” Harvey replied, “What’s your name, son?”

“Robert. But everyone calls me ‘Bobby’.”

“Right. And how old are you, Bobby?”

“Eighteen, sir. So three more years to go.”

“Eighteen…” Harvey repeated and exchanged a sly look with Logan, “Did you hear that, Logan? Little Bobby here is eighteen and he’s passionate about cops.”

“Loud and clear,” Logan smiled and gave me a pat on the shoulder, “It’s a good career, kid. Can’t go wrong. I think you will be very popular at the academy.”

“Thank you, sir,” I was unable to contain my smile at the compliment. Did they really think I was a good choice for a cop? I hope they weren’t just being nice…

“Say, Bobby,” Logan said, still resting his powerful hand on my shoulder, “We don’t have a lot to do this afternoon. Have you ever seen a police car? From the inside?”

I froze. That sounded like a suggestion.

“No,” I said, looking right into his dark eyes, “Could I?”

They exchanged another look and a smile as Harvey shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not against it.”

“Perfect then. Let’s go then, Bobby.”

They were parked in an alley behind the convenient store – surrounded by walls from all other sides. Nobody was there – it was a very hot Sunday afternoon, so most people were at home relaxing or vacationing by the lake. Officer Logan came before me and opened the front door for me.

“Go in the front – there’s a front bench seat you can pull up.”

I slipped right into the beautiful, black and white patrol car. It surprised me how much it looked like a regular car – except for the police gear on the dashboard and the grating separating the back from the front. I found the front bench seat and pulled it up, as both officers took their respective seats by bahis firmaları my sides and closed the door.

It was a little cramped in the car, but I didn’t mind the company of these two men at all. On the contrary – I was honored to be sitting there. I was ogling everything, from the walkie talkies to the handcuffs. I then turned my head to look in the back, through the grating.

“That’s where we put the bad boys,” officer Logan said, as he put his hand around my shoulders, “But you’re a good boy, ain’t you, Bobby?”

“I try my best, sir,” I responded to him, with a smile. I enjoyed his arm behind my shoulders – it felt so brotherly. I felt like I was really bonding with these guys.

“Always nice to see someone appreciate the work we do,” Harvey said, resting his hand on my knee. I looked him up and down and my eyes stopped at his belt.

“See anything you like, son?” he asked.

“Yeah… I was just admiring that belt. It’s got so much stuff on it.”

“There’s sure a lot of stuff down there,” he smiled at me, “Perhaps you’d like to take a look at it.”

I was ecstatic about that offer. “Wow! You’d let me?!”

“Now easy there,” Logan said as he leaned in. His hand rubbed my shoulders as he did and I got a whiff of his smell. Sweat combined with a smidge of deodorant – a smell of a real, working man. “That’s some serious police gear there, kid. If Harvey lets you take a look at it, you gotta promise you will behave. And also ask him nicely. Very nicely. A policeman’s belt is a very personal thing.”

“Of course,” I nodded at him, before I turned to Harvey, “Please, sir, may I take off your belt and take a look? I promise I’ll be real careful with the gear.”

That made both of them chuckle, for some reason, and Harvey gave me a nod as he opened his legs. I leaned down and inspected the belt. I noticed that Harvey was bulging a little bit – probably pent up from all the hard police work. I imagine you don’t get a lot of time to jerk off. My hands expertly found all the security straps that I knew would be there. They came off easily.

“You sure are good at taking off a man’s belt, boy,” Harvey commented.

“I watch a lot of videos and read a lot of articles about cop gear,” I said, as I held the incredibly heavy belt in my hands. “I know everything about the police, including all the details of the uniforms.”

“Is that so,” Harvey raised an eyebrow, “Them I’m sure you know about the underwear as well?”

That stopped me in my tracks. I never heard of such a thing as special cop underwear. Was this like a secret thing? Was I learning stuff that ordinary civilians would never found out about?

“You mean like service underwear?”

“He’s right,” Logan said, his hand rubbing me behind my neck, massaging it nicely, “Don’t tell me you never heard about it.”

“I… never have.”

“It’s okay, son,” Harvey reassured me, “Tell you what… If you ask nicely, I can show it to you.”

“Wow!” I sighed and cleared my throat, “Would you please let me see your underwear, sir?”

“Of course, kid,” Harvey replied, “Now open my pants and take a look, before I change my mind.”

My hands were at the zipper instantly. It took my nervous, shaky hands a little bit before I managed to open officer Harvey’s pants. As I was doing so, the bulge between his legs grew larger and larger. Officer Harvey stood up in his seat a little as I pulled down his pants, revealing two muscled, furry legs and a tented pair of briefs. They were dark blue, with a yellow waistband and big, bold letters saying “PROTECT AND SERVE”. The writing was a little bit hard to read, because of Harvey’s erection, tenting the underwear and creating a wet spot on the very top.

“Are those, like, real official things?” I asked. They both started laughing.

“No, we were just messing with you, kid,” Logan told me, his face really close to mine.

“I wear those just for show,” Harvey said, “However, there is a very real police gun underneath those briefs. Not a gun in the traditional sense, but you might want to take a look at it anyway.”

“Oh… Okay, sir, I’ll check it out.”

My eyes met Harvey’s as I slowly grabbed the waistband of his underwear. There was no saying “no” to anything like that – I wasn’t gay, but I wasn’t about to pass up on seeing a real policeman’s cock! I needed to know if I could compare and if I was supposed to expect any competition in the force. And this one looked like a real interesting specimen.

I leaned in and stripped down officer Harvey’s underwear, his fully hard cock swinging out and missing my face by about an inch. I caught a whiff of his musky precum, combined with the salty and aromatic smell of a man. His cock was about eight inches, thicker than any other one I’ve ever seen – of course, not being gay, I haven’t seen a lot of erect dicks – and it’s cut mushroom head was covered in shiny precum. That, compared with the pair of hairy testicles right underneath, looking as full kaçak iddaa as ever, was a sight to see.

“Wow…” I muttered, a little bit too loud for the officers to hear it. That’s when Harvey smiled at me and stroked my hair.

“That’s a real cop cock, son. Looks a little pent up. Maybe you should help it out.”

Maybe? It would be an honor for me to help out an officer of the law – especially if he considers me to be part of the group. I mean, if you have a town to look after, you can’t go around with a hardon in your pants and expect to get the proper respect, can you? Again, it was not a gay thing, I was just helping out an officer – a borderline COLLEAGUE – ease up on some tension. Helping him do the work. Do my duty.

My hands didn’t need a lot of encouragement to get into that duty. My finger slid up officer Harvey’s legs and cupped the balls before moving onto the heavy looking shaft. I hear a moan espace officer Harvey’s mouth, as my fingertips danced around his sensitive mushroom head and started stroking his fat cock.

By this time, I was moving my ass closer and closer to Logan, who not only eagerly allowed me to move onto his lap for a better access to Harvey’s crotch, but also made sure I was comfortable as well. My jeans and underwear soon disappeared somewhere on the ground and Logan’s manly hands started exploring my already excited body. It doesn’t happen often to have such a strong, bonding moment with somebody, to the point when it becomes physical. I was one of the lucky few though.

“Fuck…” Harvey uttered, as my hand gave him an expert handjob. I wasn’t about to skimp on an officer’s cock – I was copying what I was usually doing for myself as well as I could. But although Harvey’s cock felt as hard as ever, it didn’t feel like I was doing enough. Logan soon confirmed my suspicions.

“You should get your mouth on it, kid,” he suggested, as his hand tugged on my already hard dick while his fingers were getting lost somewhere in my bottom area. “It’s what we boys do for each other. As a favor, during a long shift.”

I didn’t see why he would lie. And I wasn’t against sucking Harvey’s cock. It smelled so manly that my mouth was watering already. And the manly precum leaking on my fingers just seemed like a waste. I mean this was a policeman’s dick. Surely it deserved a little better than my shaky fingers.

There was little hesitation before I put my warm, waiting mouth onto officer Harvey’s cock. He was big enough for me to stretch my lips a little bit as I tried to swallow his whole length. As I did, he let out a long appreciative groan, which helped me get more and more into my mouth.

“That’s a good boy. Keep it up,” he supported me, as I started swallowing more and more, feeling all that manly aroma inside of my mouth, mixing with my saliva. That was when Logan’s curious fingers found my hole. With anyone else, I would object. But this was a man of the law – I was sure he knew what he was doing.

I repaid the moaning, escaping through the gaps between Harvey’s cock and my mouth, as Logan started fingering me. He commented on how tight it was and I assumed that was a good thing. He seemed so into it that he buried his fingers knuckles deep. Something happened and a wave of a weird feeling washed over my body. It was like I needed to take a piss and cum at the same time. I arched my back and moaned loudly, as I gagged on Harvey’s fat dick. The feeling made me hornier than ever.

“Looks like Bobby has a sweet spot,” Logan commented, as he continued to rub that spot over and over. I was going crazy, trying to get the sensation out by working the cock in my mouth as well as possible. I let Harvey all the way into my throat, burying my nose into his ginger pubes and smelling the entire day’s work out of his crotch. He stroked my hair and gently thrusted his delicious cock deeper and deeper. It didn’t feel like he was going to be able to last much longer.

“I… I…” I heard him say. He was breathing hard and I felt twitching in his cock. That was the signal for me to up my game. Damn… I was about to taste a man’s cum. And not just any man. An officer’s cum. Right here, in my mouth. I never felt more motivated in my life as I started sucking the cock in my mouth like my life depended on it.

“I’M CUMMING!” Harvey exclaimed, loudly, as his dick twitched one more time and then started filling my mouth with delicious cop jizz. I moaned as I started swallowing, savoring the taste in my mouth and really making sure there wasn’t a drop left from Harvey. The cock became very wet in my mouth and I was about to clean it up and be proud of it. Not everybody can say he sucked off a cop, but from today, I would wear that kind of label proudly – I already knew.

My lips and my tongue make sure there was absolutely nothing left of Harvey’s semen. I made out with his softening cock a couple more times before finally letting it go. That earned me a pat on the head from Harvey, who looked as satisfied as ever.

“Now kaçak bahis with that attitude, you won’t get lost at the academy,” he told me, rubbing his soft cock onto my face, “Don’t forget about my partner too. You never forget about your partner, when you’re in the force.”

That was true, and immediately I felt bad for ignoring Logan until now. I apologized to him but he just chuckled and unzipped his fly. I guess there was still an opportunity for me to make up for it.

Harvey wore boxer briefs, clean white, which were tenting now as well. He lost the attire pretty soon and revealed a magnificent cop dick – even bigger than Harvey’s, and uncut. That was a new thing for me – I never saw a dick like that outside of porn.

“What do you think, boy?” Logan teased me, with his hand around his massive tool, “You sure you can take this on as well?”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I quickly switched places, moving myself onto Harvey’s lap while my mouth practically dived onto officer Logan’s cock. Logan smelled and tasted different – unique but perfect, just like his partner. I smelled more sweat and artificial deodorant, but I didn’t mind. The only thing I cared about was the gigantic cock in my face.

My tongue ran under the foreskin and my hands worked on the balls. Officer Logan rested his hand on my head, thrusting a little bit rougher than Harvey did. He leaked a lot of precum and his taste soon mixed with Harvey’s in my mouth.

“Maybe it’s time to catch Bobby up with some of our gear, what do you think Harvey?” Logan said, his breathing a little heavier. I didn’t know what he meant at first, but Harvey understood and I soon found out what it meant too.

I felt a sudden pressure against my hole – much more than a finger. I recognized it immediately. It was Harvey’s actual police nightstick, slowly making its way into my rear! I was being fucked with an actual, real-life police gear, while choking on an officer’s cock! Talk about winning the lottery!

I groaned and gagged, Logan’s gigantic cock invading my throat, as Harvey fucked me with the stick. After the initial resistance, it turned out surprisingly easy to take it. The sweet spot Logan talked about earlier went under attack and I felt like I couldn’t hold much longer. I channeled all of that passion into worshipping Logan’s beautiful piece of cop meat, my lips pulling the foreskin way back and my tongue dancing on the sensitive tip.

Logan was very dominant and way too horny to give me much power. Soon, he grabbed my head and started force fucking my throat, giving me very little room to breathe. He was getting into his masculine self – the same kind of man that would stop crimes and keep the neighbourhood safe. I understand he needed to let some of that steam off somewhere. And that somewhere just happened to be my waiting, hungry mouth. No complaints.

“Fuck… Get read for it, kid. Here it comes!”

That was the only warning that came only seconds before I felt something wet in my throat. Officer Logan was having an orgasm deep into my mouth, making me choke on his cum while he was fucking it deep into my stomach at the same time. I tried swallowing as much as possible but a bunch of it leaked out of my mouth and ended up god knows where. And although it was physically uncomfortable, I never felt happier.

Logan’s cock was barely out of my mouth as I felt something weird come over me. Harvey wasn’t touching my cock, he was just fucking me with the stick, but nevertheless, I felt something building up. Something like an ordinary orgasm, but much more powerful. My head was still in Logan’s lap as I started moaning hard. With the taste of the two officers still in my mouth, I felt the orgasm overpowering my body and shattering all of my thoughts and feelings. It just came and took over everything.

“There it goes, son… Show us what that little cock of yours can do!”

I was very loud, with my mouth just inches from Logan’s wet, softening cock, when I started shooting. It was everywhere – my chest, Logan’s lap, the front bench seat… I was cumming like crazy. I wasn’t sure where this was coming from – I wouldn’t think that you could even have an orgasm like that just from your ass being played with. I was on the top of the world as the ropes of cum hit my face mercilessly and Harvey’s stick wasn’t stopping until he was sure I was properly drained.

The world seemed to have stopped for a couple minutes afterwards. I was just laying down there on Logan and Harvey, sticky, tired and surprised by it all. My mouth was sore and so was my ass. But I knew I did something worthwhile that day. I satisfied two officers of the law – that’s gotta count for something.

“You’re a hungry little fucker, son,” Harvey said, as he pulled his nightstick out of my ass. “You’re gonna make your patrol partner very happy someday.”

“You know what I think, Harvey?” Logan said, as he was pulling up his pants, “I think we should introduce little Bobby to the chief. Maybe he could write him up a big, fat recommendation letter. What do you think?”

“That’s a damn good idea, Logan,” Harvey smiled and then turned to me. “What do you think, boy? Would you like to meet the chief?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20