A Remarkable Phase of My Life Ch. 03

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After Gopal left, I slept the whole day. It was a Saturday and I was on leave so I didn’t have to worry about my professional commitments. Anyways, after such a long, tiring night, all I could think of was sleep. I slept till late afternoon except during lunch and bathroom breaks. I needed rest not just to recover from last night but also to ready myself for another night long romp with Gopal. I had informed Suma in the morning itself that she wasn’t needed on Sunday. She agreed without any questions.

The next day was Sunday, so I wanted to enjoy the whole Saturday night and if possible, entire Sunday as well. In the evening, I went to the market and stocked up on food, liquor and cigarettes for the weekend. I went to the medical store and purchased a large box of condoms containing assorted flavored condoms.

I came home and took a hot shower. I put on light make up, skin lotion and hair conditioner. I sprayed perfume on my pussy and on my body and applied a very bright red lip color. I, not only wanted to look good for my man but also to make myself feel special. I wore a white bikini top and a G-string over which I wore a transparent white micro mini skirt with a pair of sexy high heels.

I eagerly waited for Gopal to arrive and he arrived right on time. He was very excited to see me all dressed up for the occasion. I made drinks for us and we drank it with the chicken tandoori that he had brought along with him. We gulped down drink after drink and very soon we had finished the entire bottle. We were drunk and horny and ready for action.

I jumped on Gopal and we started pleasuring each other right on the couch. We had sex all night, most of which happened in the bedroom apart from the first session in the living room, one in the kitchen and one in the balcony. Gopal stayed over on Sunday as well and we did nothing but eat, sleep, drink and fuck. I not just lost count of the orgasms I had but also how many times I swallowed his semen and received facials and cum shots.

When Gopal left on Sunday evening, I was completely exhausted. My asshole and pussy were sore from the hammering they got over the last one day. My body was full of love bites, which Gopal left as marks of his ‘territory’.

What started as a rape had turned into a full blown affair in two very short days and very long nights. After our first evening ‘together’, Gopal became a regular guest at my place. We used to have sex at least twice during weekdays and spend almost all weekends having sex like two degenerate sex maniacs.

Eventually my repulsion towards cum was replaced by addiction. Yes! I was addicted to Gopal’s cum. I worshipped his cock. I loved being sprayed upon by his hot cum all over me. Gopal loved cumming on me. He came on my back, my ass, my stomach and my boobs but I loved it most when he came on my face. Thick ropes of semen covering my face were a massive turn on.

I didn’t waste Gopal’s cum. I swallowed every bit of it. If Gopal came in my mouth, I would swallow and then show him my tongue to let him know that I had swallowed his load. If he came on my body, I made sure that I picked up every drop of it and ate it.

I taught Gopal how to kiss. Previously, Gopal was a very bad kisser. I don’t blame him. He had never known romance and his shy wife wasn’t demanding enough. Gopal learnt it fast and now had become a fantastic kisser. We would have long make out sessions before we had sex and it was amazing.

Around a month after our affair started, Gopal and I got drunk and out of control. We had sex without protection and he came inside me. At first I was scared of the consequences but I soon realized that a morning after pill would keep me out of trouble. I thanked modern pharmaceutical technology and went back to being fucked bareback. The pleasure of being fucked bareback was a revelation. The pleasure and satisfaction of an uncovered cock was awesome. The feeling of a hot, thick and stiff cock rubbing against the pussy walls is incomparable and indescribable. We had sex without a condom for the rest of the night. After that day, I went on regular contraceptive pills and Gopal stopped using a condom.

Eventually I too became very aggressive in bed. Dirty talking had become a habit which we both loved. I was very demanding in bed and Gopal was not just capable of satisfying my demands but was more than happy to do them. I used to sit on his face and pull his hair while he licked my pussy. Gopal loved the dirty, naughty and aggressive Ruchi. I was very different from his shy, subservient wife who just lies down and spreads her legs without uttering a word.

But after all I was a woman. The lady in me at times wished to be loved. I at times wanted to be taken in a very tender and gentle way. Gopal made sure of that. Gopal and I made sweet love as he would fuck me gently, kissing me all the while.

Sex with Gopal was never predictable. He once took me on a drive in his truck out of the city. He made me suck his cock while he drove. I did it with enthusiasm, the bumpy road making it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri easy for his cock to go in and out of my mouth. After having travelled a long way out of the town, Gopal parked his truck in an isolated spot. We had sex in the back of his open truck all night. The feeling of having sex underneath the night sky littered with stars is amazing.

I had become a big fan of anal sex. Gopal was right when he said that I would beg to get ass fucked, which I did and he obliged. During my period, when my pussy was out of access, Gopal would fuck my ass. Our experimenting didn’t end with anal sex. We tried several other positions such as pile driver, standing 69, wheel barrow etc. Gopal expanded my sexual horizons to new level with each passing day.

Even though Gopal and I had mind blowing sex, there were no emotions involved. For me Gopal was just a fuck toy. He was a man who provided me sexual satisfaction beyond my fiancée’s capacity. I loved Rohit and I was waiting for him to return so that we could get married and live happily ever after.

As far as Gopal was concerned, he was happy with the fact that he had scored a chick that was not just way above his league but who was also a tigress in bed. He didn’t need anything else. As far as Suma was concerned, she was blissfully unaware of her husband’s adventures with her boss.

Four months after I started sleeping with Gopal, an incident occurred that started a new chapter in this remarkable phase of my life…


Gopal had been away on one of his trucking expeditions. He was a renowned trucker and traveled across the country with his own fleet of trucks. While Gopal was away, I got busy with my professional commitments. Even though I missed Gopal, this was a break that I truly needed. Such a hectic and rough sex life took its toll on my body which desperately needed rest.

On one such day I was busy getting ready for work. Suma came at her usual time and was doing her chores. I was in my office till very late last night and I had woken up late the following morning. I was in a hurry to get ready and got into the shower. While I was in the shower, Suma knocked on my door.

“Madam, your cell phone is ringing.” She informed me.

“Okay…I will be out in a minute.” I replied.

I knew this phone call was from my office and it was important. I turned off the shower and turned to grab my towel. As soon as I turned, I right leg slipped. I landed straight on my ass hard. The impact was big and my brain registered the fall within a microsecond and I felt strong pain shoot up my body. For the first few seconds I couldn’t scream because of the intense pain but a while later I managed to scream at the top of my voice for help.

“Sumaaaa…Help meee…” I screamed as my back was throbbing in pain. I was feeling strong pulses of pain going through my back.

“Madam…what happened?” Suma shouted from behind the door. The door was bolted and she couldn’t enter.

“I fell…Ohh my god it hurts” I screamed as tears started flowing down my cheeks.

“Open the door madam…I can’t come inside” she said as she loudly banged the bathroom door.

The door was at least two feet away from me. I was in so much pain that those two feet felt like two miles but there was no option. I had to open the door myself to get out. I, with great difficulty crawled to the door. With every inch that I moved forward, the pain increased. My body was wet and I started feeling cold. The cold intensified the pain even more. When I reached the door, I lifted my hand and unbolted the door and I collapsed on the floor. Suma pushed the door and entered the bathroom and looked at me in horror. I was wet, naked and writhing in pain.

“Madam…madam…” she called me to verify whether I was conscious or not.

“Suma…get me out of here…fast!!!” I pleaded her.

Suma lifted me with great difficulty. She had to lift me very carefully as the floor was still wet and slippery and there was a great risk of her falling down as well. The pain had stiffened my body and I couldn’t do anything to make it any easier for her to lift me. Suma raised me on my legs and put her hand around my waist and slowly moved forward. I couldn’t walk at all and she had to carry my entire body weight on her.

After what seemed an eternity, Suma helped me reach my bedroom and placed me gently on my bed. She immediately went and closed the window to restrict the cold winds entering my bedroom. She brought a dry towel and began wiping my body. The pain hadn’t reduced at all and I passed out on the bed.

When I woke up, Suma was no where to be seen. I looked at the clock, it was noon. I had been unconscious for over 4 hours. I noticed that my body was covered with a white blanket and a pillow had been placed below my knees. I remembered that I was naked when Suma brought me here and I lifted the blanket to see that I was dressed in a T-shirt and panties. I tried to get up and as soon as I did güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that, I felt the pain and collapsed on the bed once again.

“Suma…Suma…is anyone here?” I shouted, hoping that I wasn’t alone. I couldn’t be alone in such a condition.

“Yes madam…I am here…” Suma answered as she entered my bedroom. She walked up to the bed and stood next to it.

“What happened?” I asked her trying to recall what happened after Suma put me on the bed.

“You passed out madam. I was scared so I immediately called Mrs. Reddy and told her about the incident. She came here with the company medical team. The doctor prescribed some medicines and after a while they all left.” Suma said bringing me up to speed.

“But what about office?” I asked. I was concerned about my work. There was a lot to be done and now I couldn’t even get out of the bed.

“Don’t worry about that. Mrs. Reddy has told me that she will take care of everything and you should rest. That fall was bad and you need a lot of rest. I am going to stay here with you madam. You can’t be left alone in such a condition. I have informed my daughter and she will bring my clothes and other stuff here. ” she assured me.

“Thank you so much Suma. I can’t imagine what could’ve happened if you weren’t here” I said with a faint smile on my face.

Suma smiled at me and left the room to do her work. After a while she came back with some food on a tray. She kept the tray on the side table and sat besides me on the bed. She passed me a hot bowl of soup. I drank the soup and then I had a very light lunch. After lunch Suma and I talked for a while and then I slept.

The doctor had prescribed strong antibiotics which made me very drowsy. I slept the whole day except when Suma brought me my dinner. I slept again only to wake up directly in the morning. The pain had subsided but I still couldn’t get out of the bed.

Suma brought my toothbrush and paste to the bed and I brushed my teeth. She raised me and placed a few pillows at the headboard and then gently placed me on them. My back rested on the pillows as I sat up. After I freshened up, Suma brought a hot cup of tea with a few slices of bread and scrambled eggs which I ate with relish.

After I was done eating breakfast, I read the newspaper while Suma went back to doing her chores. After a while Suma came with a couple of towels and hot water.

“Madam…I know you can’t get up so I am going to give you a sponge bath.” She said as she placed the vessel on the side table.

“Okay” I replied and kept the news paper on the bed.

Suma took off the blanket off my knees. She then grabbed my T-shirt at its bottom end and started pulling it. I raised my hands and she gently removed my T-shirt. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and as soon as Suma pulled my shirt off, my breasts were exposed. My immediate reaction was to cover my breasts like any woman would do to protect her modesty. I soon realized that I was with Suma, a woman. She had seen me completely naked the other day and was now doing what was necessary. This is no big deal.

I faintly smiled at Suma and took my hands off my breasts. Suma smiled at me and then dug her fingers gently into the waistband of my panties. I raised myself just an inch, enough for her to drag my panties off my ass. She slowly dragged them off my legs and kept them near my T-shirt. I closed my legs to avoid showing her my clean shaved pussy.

Even though I closed my legs, a part of my slit was still visible. My pussy was clean shaved except for a thin column of neatly trimmed hair just above my pussy. Gopal preferred a neatly trimmed pussy and I made sure that I kept it like that. I had an electric shaver with which I trimmed my pussy hair into different designs.

First I had kept a downward pointing triangle, then a heart and now a thin column of hair. Gopal loved my creativity and would eat my pussy with gusto. I too loved doing such things as I thought it was very erotic.

Suma gasped a little seeing my naked body. She sat down beside me and grabbed a towel. She soaked it in the hot water and squeezed it a little to remove the excess water. She gently placed the wet towel on my shoulder and started moving it over my shoulder. She softly rubbed my body with the towel. The warm towel felt really good on my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Suma then moved the towel over to my neck and continued.

She then dipped the towel into the warm water and brought it over my breasts. She squeezed the towel and the excess water fell on my boobs. I gasped as the warm water flowed over my boobs.

Suma washed my chest starting from the collar bone. She slowly made her way to my boobs. She placed the warm towel on my boobs and started rubbing it. She focused more on my nipples, rubbing the towel a little hard on them. I took a sharp, deep breath in response to that move.

After washing my boobs, Suma moved to my stomach and cleaned it as well. She inserted the warm towel inside my navel güvenilir bahis şirketleri sending ripples through my body. Suma then moved to my thighs, dragging the wet towel down to my feet in one smooth, continuous move. She repeated this till my legs had been cleaned. She then placed the towel on my abdomen and started rubbing. She moved towards my pussy with each stroke.

She reached my mound and I opened my legs. She placed the warm towel on my pussy and gently rubbed it. I inhaled and exhaled loudly, enjoying the sensation and making it obvious that I was turned on by this. As my eyes were closed, I couldn’t see Suma’s reaction but I was sure she too noticed it. Suma didn’t spend a lot of time on my pussy. She rubbed it a couple of times and then stopped.

“Let’s clean your back madam.” Suma said.

Her words brought me back to earth from the highs of erotic sensations. She carefully pulled me up and then proceeded to clean my back. While Suma cleaned my back, she was in such a position that her right breast was just an inch away from my mouth.

As she cleaned my lower back, her breast was pushed forward and was now lightly touching my right cheek. If I turned my head to the right, her nipple would be in my mouth. After a very tense few minutes Suma stopped. She gently placed me back to my original position and cleaned my body with a dry towel. She helped me wear my clothes and picked up the towels and the vessel.

“I am going to prepare lunch for us madam. You rest here” she said as she went to the kitchen.

What the hell was that? I thought to myself. I was turned on by a woman’s touch. I had never been touched by a woman like this. I was straight, then why did I enjoy it? Was Suma aware that I was turned on? Did she do it deliberately? Did she enjoy it too? There were many questions in my mind but there were no quick answers. To get the answers, I would have to wait till tomorrow. If such a thing happened again then I would have answers to all my questions.

I stopped thinking about it and decided to watch some television. I had recently installed a 31 inch LED flat screen in my bedroom. I picked up its remote and switched on the television. The rest of the day went without any unusual incident.

Suma brought me my meals on time and made sure that I had taken my medicine. In between lunch and dinner, I either slept or watched TV. I tried getting up but it was still painful so I gave up and slept.

Next morning, after my breakfast, Suma returned with towels and warm water. She took off my clothes and started washing my body. She repeated yesterdays’ moves but today she spent more time on each part and rubbed my body harder. She spent several minutes on my boobs, applying more pressure this time. She then moved to my pussy and starting rubbing the warm cloth over it. This time she was taking her time. Her moves were more elaborate than the last time.

“Mmmmmmm” I moaned as Suma rubbed my clit. I opened my eyes and looked at Suma. She had a smile on her face. I smiled back at her. Suma continued rubbing my pussy for a while and then shifted to other parts of my body. In a short while Suma was done giving me a bath. She helped me get dressed, picked up the towels and the vessel and started walking towards the bedroom door.

As she was about to leave the room, Suma turned around and said, “I hope you like your sponge bath” and winked. She smiled mischievously and walked out of the room.

I was dumbstruck by her last comment. Suma was bisexual! I thought. I was surprised even more about the fact that I didn’t stop her and enjoyed it.

The rest of the day went as usual. My office colleagues came to meet me. We talked about the happenings in office and I gave them directions and guidance on some important issues. I still couldn’t stand up properly and needed help. The doctor advised few more days of rest before I got to work.

In the next few days my “sponge baths” became sort of regular. Suma would turn me on massively by rubbing my body in the most erotic manner. She would bring me close to an orgasm and then stop leaving me high and dry. I started feeling a strong sexual attraction towards her. As they say, a woman knows how to make real love and I wanted to experience that.

My sexual attraction was so strong that I started checking out Suma. Suma was a beautiful woman. She had flawless brown skin with very sharp facial features. She had a full figure with weight just at the right spots. Any man would have loved her love handles. She was well endowed though I didn’t notice it all these days because of her modest dressing. Her large breasts would be covered by her sari. I first noticed her real size when she gave me my first sponge bath. Suma had a fabulous ass. I dare say that it was better than Kim Kardashian’s.

After a week, the doctor came to check me again. He noticed that I had recovered but still needed a little rest. He advised me not to lift any heavy objects and avoid taking heavy work loads. He also advised me to stay home for a few more days so that I could fully recover and get to work. Even though my back had improved and the pain had almost gone, the doctor didn’t want to take any chances. So he advised that I get back massages so that my back strengthens. After the doctor left, I called Suma. She came into the bedroom and sat besides me on the bed.

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