A Real Teacher Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Literotica’s own LadyCibelle for her editing expertise in making my stories more readable.

When I walked in past mom watching the late news, she asked if everything was okay and I said it was. She asked what I’d had to eat and I said that I had a sandwich and some other goodies and assured her that my teacher was a nut about eating healthy and natural items. I didn’t bother to tell her that they were parts of the teacher’s body!

During the course of that school year, I was propositioned by forty-three different girls from school and couldn’t find it in my heart to turn any of them down, even Alice Morrison who at 314 pounds was a little heavier than my ideal woman. However she turned out to be a good fuck even if she couldn’t move in the same way as some other girls. I also fucked Janeth Wilson who had such a disfigured face from acne that she was really hard to look at. I plowed her in the missionary position well enough to make her cum four times, then turned her over and did her doggy until she climaxed three more times. By the time I shot my wad into her quim, I believe she thought she was in love with me.

Candy and Linda, usually together, got to me several times through the year but on an unpredictable basis … I never knew just when they were only passing by or when they were coming to get fucked. I think I did them a total of eleven times each before school was out and they went to cheerleading camp.

And then there was Megan. She was a solid gold brick, friend and fuck partner. She told me once that she’d fucked quite a few guys but never any one nearly as much as she fucked me. She said that I made her feel better than any of the other guys, maybe because my cock was several inches longer than anybody else that she had sex with. And then she also brought three different friends to sample my cock.

One night as Megan and I settled on her bed to study, there was a scratching at her window. She opened it and Mallory Owens crawled through. She flopped down on the bed and asked me point blank if she could see my dick. I said it had to be a two way street so we took our clothes off and so did Megan. When Mallory saw my dong she had to touch it and … instant hard-on … we were soon screwing. I think my cock nearly drove her crazy with pleasure. After I finished off Mallory, Megan took her place and we had our usual fun.

On another night, Jessica Stephens was already in Megan’s room. Jessica was a short brunette with big titties and a really puffy pussy. I pounded her pussy and sucked her tits until she came so loudly that I’m sure Megan’s mom heard her. Then I fucked Megan and a little bit later, Megan greased up my pole and I slid it into Jessica’s ass and screwed her chocolate tunnel until she came three times.

Another night we had just gotten into Megan’s room when Allie Myers was sent up the stairs by Megan’s mom. Allie started talking about English but when she spread her legs we quickly turned to sex. When she saw my cock, she was sure that she couldn’t take it so I talked her into taking the top position and stopping when it started to hurt. Her mouth was wide open when she settled on my crotch with all thirteen inches inside her pussy. I used my thumb pad on her button and she squealed six times when she climaxed. She finally fell off into my arms and Megan took her place on my flagpole. When Megan was finished, Allie wanted to ride again and she rang the bell four more times before falling off again. Once again Megan took her place. In a few minutes Allie asked if I liked to eat pussy and when I said yes, she climbed on me so I ate her cunt while Megan rode my cock and the two girls kissed and fondled each others tits. There never was any studying done that night.

Then there was the night I went to Megan’s only to find out that she had rushed to the hospital to be with a friend who had been in a car wreck. Megan’s mother invited me to sit and talk with her in the den. After the usual small talk, she asked “How do you like Megan as a friend?”

“I think Megan is a great friend.”

“Is she also a great lover?”

“Y … uh”

“Go ahead. I know that you and Megan are screwing every time you get together.”

“Yes, ma’am, she is a great lover.”

“Ah. I thought so. You know, Kevin, there’s an old saying that you can tell the size of a man’s … uh, equipment by the size of his hands … and I see that you have very large hands for a boy your size. Does that mean that you have extraordinarily large equipment?”

My face turned red with embarrassment and I didn’t know how to answer. “Well … I don’t know how to answer that.”

“Well, you could show me.”

“Yes, ma’am, I could. And I would be glad to but you’d have to show me yours.”

She had been leaning forward and now she settled back into her chair, seemingly unwilling to meet my terms. But then she thought about it and looked at the outline of my erection standing above my waistline and she stood, her hands going behind her casino oyna to start unfastening her blouse. I stood and started taking off my shirt. I watched intently as she undressed because she was obviously the oldest woman I’d ever seen undressed but she was still voluptuous in my eyes. Her titties were not nearly as large as Mrs. Stanton’s but they were large with even bigger nipples. She had a little bigger waist and a considerably bigger ass but it turned out to be well-rounded and nice.

Even though she had seen the outline of my cock while I was still dressed, she seemed surprised by the length of it when it popped free. She asked, “Can I touch it?” When I nodded, she moved in with both hands. I took that as my cue to check her out too so my hands roved over her body, cupping her breasts, squeezing her buttocks, and wandering everywhere in between. When I reached her pussy, her legs seemed to spread of their own volition and my fingers found their way inside. It took just a few minutes for her to guide my schlong into her hot pussy and I began to fuck her standing face to face, her heavy tits rubbing my chest, her heavy breathing hot on my neck.

I bent my knees just a little and surged upward. She gulped and ground her pubis against me so I repeated the process. Three minutes later her fingers dug into my arms and she stiffened up like a board before starting to shake uncontrollably. I held her until the waves passed and then gently lowered her to the sofa. Kneeling between her legs, I went back to plowing her hot pussy, now sloppy wet and slick with her love juices. While I stroked my prod in and out of her cunt, I leaned forward and sucked on her distended nipples and watched the expression on her face show more and more satisfaction. By the time I spent my load of cum high in her love tunnel; she had cum five times and was as limp as a wet dishrag.

That probably should have been enough but something perverse inside me made me continue feeling up her mature sexy body, continue sucking and massaging her wonderful hooters. Ten minutes later I had a new hard-on and wanted a place to put it. Without saying a word I pulled her downward and turned her to face the sofa seat, resting on her knees and leaving her ass in the air for my use. I guided my cock back into her pussy and, using tight handfuls of her soft jugs for leverage, began to fuck her again. Instead of telling me to stop, she just kept saying “mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm” over and over. I knew I was doing something right when one of her soft hands reached between her legs and fondled my scrotum with every stroke. I found out that if I pinched and pulled her nipples after the right amount of fucking, she would experience a very nice climax … at least it worked three times before I shot off a new load of sticky white cum.

While my balls recovered, I pulled her down to the floor and lay next to her, pulling her face to mine. She never said a word as my lips met hers and my tongue snaked into her mouth. My hands kept exploring her body, especially her titties and then her wet pussy … and then a finger in her ass hole. As soon as it entered her, she jumped … toward me. It seemed like she wrapped her lower torso around me and dared me to push that finger deeper into her bowels. I sank it up to the last knuckle and waggled it around to exercise the nerve endings. Then I asked “Can I put my dick in there?” and she nodded her agreement.

I knelt behind her bottom, holding her legs up and out. Carefully I eased my cock into her anus. Once she sucked in her breath but then smiled quickly and I continued pushing into her. When her buttocks mashed against my crotch, I held her legs close to me and rubbed her feet against my face. I began to massage the soles of her feet with my thumbs and suddenly she changed, nearly shouting “Oh yes Kevin that’s good don’t stop Kevin yes right there DO IT!” I began to fuck her ass with short strokes, no more than two or three inches, still rubbing the bottoms of her feet.

I quickly found a place on each foot that brought out the best reaction from her and I concentrated on those spots. In less than five minutes she was pinching and pulling her own nipples and jerking her head from side to side and moaning “ohyesfuckmefuckmeohyesohyesfuckmyass …” Abruptly, she bowed upward and began to shake like a leaf. I had found a new trigger. Six more times I made her cum before I shot a load of cum into her bowels. When I pulled out and rolled over beside her, she turned over and lay partially over me and tried to swab out my throat with her tongue for the next half hour. Finally she got up and disappeared, only to return with a warm washcloth. She soaped up my dick and then washed and dried it very lovingly.

When she whispered “We’d better get dressed” I got up and put my clothes on. She said “Kevin, I think we should keep this just to ourselves, don’t you? I mean, Megan doesn’t have to know, does she? I don’t think she would appreciate it if she knew her mother had fucked her boyfriend.”

I said slot oyna “Mrs. Styles, this is our secret. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

She stopped in front of me and kissed me again. “Thank you, Kevin. I really loved getting laid, every part of it. You are an excellent lover. Maybe sometime we could do it again if the situation is right, huh?”

“I would be honored, Mrs. Styles.”

As she walked me to the door, she said “I haven’t had good anal sex in a long time. Maybe never that good. How did you know about my feet?”

I just grinned, devilishly I hoped.

I was the first lover for several girls that year. Faith Wilson was a junior who said that she’d been trying to figure out which boy to give her cherry to for over a year and didn’t like any of the choices until she heard about my cock. She decided that she would like to start with a big one and see what happened after that. I didn’t get Faith off very much … just two orgasms for her to go with two for me but she really seemed to like those two. After that I heard that she went on a research project to see if other cocks would feel better or worse and she came back to me a couple of times to refresh her memory. She said she fucked 38 other guys that school year but never found one as long as mine and none of them were better either although she did like most of them.

Linda Upshaw brought her freshman sister Trudy over to visit me one night in late fall. She said that her sister was ready to give it away and Linda thought I would be ideal to be her first because I was gentle and took my time with her. Trudy turned out to be a sweet little thing but once I broke her maidenhead, she turned wild on my cock and Linda had to hold her hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming in pleasure. After the first twenty minutes, Trudy was in one long orgasm that just wouldn’t quit. After I’d cum inside Trudy’s tight little pussy, she watched as I did her big sister. We finished up with Linda showing Trudy how to suck a cock like mine and Trudy working furiously to get as much of my shaft as possible into her mouth.

Dinah Malone and her friend Phyllis Jackmon caught me one Friday night after the football season as I went into a local theatre to watch the latest action adventure film. Dinah asked if they could sit with me and I was only too delighted to accommodate them. We sat in a back corner of the nearly deserted balcony and before the picture even started, while the previews were running, Dinah began fondling my cock. Of course I was hard in seconds and Dinah coaxed Phyllis into fondling it too. When Dinah asked if she could sit on it, I was ready for anything. Because the seat arms made it difficult to face each other, she sat facing the screen, her skirt flared around our connection. For nearly half the movie, Dinah squirmed on my cock, shaking through several orgasms and finally coaxing a load out of my balls.

Suddenly, she deserted my still hard cock and convinced Phyllis that this was the best she could do and she should take advantage of it. Phyllis looked a little doubtful but she took Dinah’s place and slowly eased herself down on my pole. When I hit her dam, she stopped and just sat for several minutes, supporting herself on the arms of my chair while Dinah urged her to push down. Abruptly she did and my cock ripped through the membrane and Phyllis sat on my dong, leaning back against my chest gulping air. When the initial pain subsided, she started rocking her butt on my stick while I fondled her pert little titties and eventually fingered her clitty until she shook through two orgasms. Both left her breathless and gulping for air until we were shushed by people on the other side of the balcony.

At last Phyllis sat up and began to experiment with different positions and different motions, all while watching the rest of the movie. I had to admit that when she finally got off while the credits were rolling, I didn’t know enough about what had happened on the screen to feel like I had even seen the film. After that, Phyllis had a way of ambushing me occasionally on my way home from school when I least expected it, hauling me into somebody’s shrubbery and fucking my brains out.

During the winter break in January, Kelly Langer asked me to attend a sleep-over starting Friday night and ending late Saturday. She was inviting some friends over and she definitely wanted me to attend. She urged me to make up some excuse to tell my mom about staying out all night, something that wouldn’t arouse my mother’s suspicions. I told her I would plan to be there.

I told mom that one of my friends from school had invited me to take a trip to a college basketball game on Saturday night. They were leaving at four Saturday morning and wouldn’t be back until early Sunday morning so my friend had invited me to sleep over to be ready to go. Mom gave her approval and decided she would use the time to drive over to visit with a couple of her sisters about six hours away.

Friday night I arrived at Kelly’s house to canlı casino siteleri find that her parents were away for the weekend and Kelly and her friends were ready to start the party as soon as I arrived. I was the only guy with seven senior and junior girls. The idea was to see how long Kevin could last with all that available pussy.

Besides Kelly, there was Allison Meyers, a tall slender blonde with smallish tits but a great ass, Sandy Bracken, a beautiful brunette with nice sized tits shaped like funnels, Monica Schowinski, a very shapely girl with long black hair and sultry looks, Angel Lipowski, a red-head who looked like anything but an angel, Gina Thompson, a little brunette of Italian background with oversized tits, and Ellie Reynolds, another beautiful blonde. I had screwed Kelly, Allison and Ellie before but not the other four girls.

I was shepherded into Kelly’s parents’ room because they had the biggest bed. In unison the girls took off their shorts and tops and, turning to me, all seven had a hand in removing my clothes. By then I had a raging erection and the girls began to play with my dong like choosing up sides for a baseball game, hand over hand. They were amazed that all seven of them could get a hand wrapped around my shaft at one time.

The rules of the night were simple. They drew numbers for starting positions and I had to do them in that order, at least to start. When the girl had an orgasm, I had to move to the next girl’s pussy and fuck her, and so on for as long as I could last. They did state that when I got tired, I could let the girls take the top position but my duty was to keep my cock hard for as long as possible, or if it deflated, to get it back up as soon as possible. Oh, yes, if I wanted to I could do other things as long as my cock was in a pussy, meaning that I could eat cunt and fuck pussy at the same time.

The party began with me screwing Sandy first. Like many girls she didn’t believe I could get all of my prick inside her without ripping her apart so when I settled my crotch against her pubis, she was enthralled and elated that there had only been pleasure and no pain. It took all of three minutes of working her clitty to make her cum. Kelly was next and the girls accused her of doing something to keep from cumming, like thinking about the smell of rotten eggs or something. It took nearly fifteen minutes to make her cum and then it was on to Allison for nine minutes, Ellie for ten, Gina for eight, Monica for five, and Angel for another ten. So it took almost an hour on the nose to fuck all seven girls to their first orgasm and I still had my first shot to go. I started around again and, figuring I deserved a little reward, I fucked Sandy intent on spilling my load and I did just as she came the second time. To help me recover, Allison and Kelly licked at my prick while Gina sucked my balls and I was hard and ready to go in no time. This time they had me lay on my back and the girls mounted me … both my cock and my face as it turned out.

They were a noisy bunch, sitting around on the bed and talking about sex. Everything was fair game and a lot of it was explicit details of fuck matches they’d had with other boys, replete with details of techniques the guys used and how much cum the guys produced, especially if they sprayed it on the girl’s exterior and where. They laughed about recalling the guys with the shortest cock that they had screwed, even naming the names of some of the better-known jocks at school.

Remembering the success I’d had with Mrs. Style’s feet, I began exploring the feet of the girl whose pussy I was eating and was immediately rewarded with huge success. It was quite obvious that there was a direct connection with a spot on the sole of a girl’s foot to her clitoris, and because it provided me with extra amounts of pussy juice to savor and made the girls very grateful, I was bound to exploit the point. It worked fantastically on the first four before I got one I couldn’t find it on. Only three girls had gotten off on my cock in the same time so there had to be something to it but I had to rely on my tongue on the fifth girl … unfortunately I didn’t know who it was. We went the next round doggy style. The following round the girls were free to choose a position and I was turned into a pretzel trying to fuck some of them … but it was all good. Finally I had to go to the bathroom to take a leak … and three girls went to hold my cock for me! Around and around we went fucking and sucking until the girls began to drop out, too tired to continue. It was about 8:45 Saturday morning so we all curled up close together with me in the middle and went to sleep.

I woke up at 3:03 in the afternoon with the sun struggling to pierce the drapes on the west-facing window. There were two hands on my cock and four beautiful women grinning at me lustfully. Nobody cared that there were three naked girls still sleeping. As soon as I smiled, Allison got up and settled her cunt over my cock. She started rocking easily but the other three woke up within minutes anyway and the fuck-fest was on again. Some of the girls went downstairs and fixed breakfast and we all padded down naked as jay birds to eat, renew our strength, and resume the screwing.

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