A Present and a Deal Ch. 10

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Thanks to everybody who has voted and especially those of you that have commented. The amount of stories I churn out correlates roughly with how much feedback I get.

* * *

Over the next several days my dad and I fucked my grandma often.

My mom complained that she never should’ve agreed to give me points for all the sex Dad was getting from Grandma.

By the 23rd I had just over 5600 points.

“Good lord!” my mom groaned.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m gonna be working this off forever.”

“That’s only sex 11 times.”

She thought for a minute. “Tell you what. For 2,000 points I’ll do whatever you want, all day on Christmas.”

“2,000? How about 1000?”


“Yeah,” I said, “Tis the season for generosity remember.”

“So you should pay generously for privilege of using my body,” she chuckled.

“Very funny. Plus that’s still a mountain of points. That’s worth 50 handjobs.”

“Alright, 1,000,” she said. “But only because I’m your mother and I want you to have a magical Christmas.”

We both let out a little laugh.

“And one condition . . .” she added.

“What?” I asked.

“No more sex till Christmas morning.”


“You heard me,” she said smugly.

“No more sex?”

“No more cumming. No more ejaculation for you or your father until 8 A.M. Christmas morning,” she said with a grin.

I groaned, adjusting my erection.

“What?” she asked brushing her hand lightly over the front of my crotch. “Planning on using that thing tonight? . . . What’re you gonna do?”

“That’s not helping,” I groaned.

“Tell me what you had planned and I’ll stop,” she said softly.

“I was gonna fuck Grandma’s tits before I went to sleep,” I said quickly.

She pulled her hand away. “You still can you know . . . as long as you don’t cum,” she said with a smirk.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.”

“Or you can always spend the 2,000 instead,” she said, shrugging.

“No, fine,” I sighed. I looked over at the clock. “Abstinence for 35 hours.”

That night my cock twitched helplessly as my naked grandmother snuggled up to me. Sleep came hard, but not nearly so hard as the next night, Christmas Eve. I tossed and turned, fully erect. I couple of times I rubbed my hand over her ass or breast, but of course that only made it worse. Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, I finally drifted off.

“Wake up, sleepy-head,” I heard my mom say. I opened my eyes to see her standing over me in a bathrobe. “Time to get up.”

I slowly climbed out of the bed, my eyes blinking.

“Get downstairs,” she said.

Naked, with my cock pointing at the ceiling, I groggily headed for the stairs.

“Tell your dad that your grandma and I will be down in a minute. We still have to wrap your two best presents,” I heard her yell after me.

My dad was sitting on the couch, his cock fighting against the threadbare pair of boxers he was wearing.

A few minutes later we heard them coming down the stairs.

My mom entered the room. She was wearing a thin red babydoll and a pair of heels. It showed off her tits and the fabric was so thin you could clearly see the matching bahis firmaları thong she wore under it.

My grandma followed her in, wearing a black corset, lacy black panties and a pair of heels. The corset pushed her massive breast up practically all the way to her chin and they looked like they might burst forth at any moment.

“Oh my god,” I groaned, leaping to my feet. I grabbed one of my grandma’s breasts and looped my other arm around my mom’s waist, pulling her body up against me. My cock flexed against her hip through the sheer fabric of her lingerie.

“Easy-there mister,” my mom said, motioning to the clock.

I turned and looked at the clock. My heart sank. 4 minutes past 7.

“Why are we awake?” I groaned, releasing them.

“If we don’t get these presents opened before 8, they won’t get opened at all,” my mom said.

They both got to there knees. They grabbed presents from under the tree and tossed them over to us. We opened presents for what seemed like hours, but the 17th time I looked at the clock it was still only 7:37.

“Here’s one that is for both of you,” my mom said. She leaned over and kissed my grandma’s lips.

They made out for a couple of minutes. My grandma’s hands roamed over my mom, whose body seemed sort of stiff.

Grandma took my mom’s hand and placed in on one of her massive breasts. Then she reached her own hand and reached between my mom’s legs. They kept kissing as she started to gently rub her hand over my mom’s panties.

“Holy-fuck,” I moaned.

After a few minutes my mom started to loosen up. She enthusiastically groped at Grandma’s breasts through her corset and kissed her lips again and again. Grandma’s tongue made it into my mom’s mouth, whose tongue pushed forward a little to meet it.

My cock was throbbing. I looked over at the clock. It read 7:45.

My grandma pulled my mom’s thong to the side and slid a finger into her. She drew in a breath sharply, but her lips never left my grandma’s.

Before long my mom was taking quick short breaths. My grandma slid a second finger into her and sped up the pace. My mom broke the kiss, her breasts heaving as she gasped for air.

Grandma pulled her body close and fingered her even faster.

“Oh god Caroline . . . ” my mom panted. My grandma continued thrusting her fingers into her until her short staccato breaths subsided and then she slowly withdrew her fingers.

As my mom tried to catch her breath, my grandma laid all the way down and the carpet. She lifted her legs in the air and pulled her panties off, and tossed them at me.

She motioned for my mom to come over. She crawled across the floor and knelt between my grandma’s legs. She slowly rubbed her hand over her pussy, still breathing heavy.

My grandma sat up. She placed her hand on the back of my mom’s head and slowly guided her down, until her lips were pressed against her pussy.

My dad let out a groan, his big cock twitching.

My mom kissed slowly and then started to lick. My grandma started to breathe heavy and my mom relaxed a little. She reached her arms around my grandma’s legs, holding onto her thighs and licking faster.

“Jesus-christ,” I moaned, my cock throbbing kaçak iddaa and leaking pre-cum from the tip. I looked over at the clock. It said 7:57. “Oh-god,” I said, breathing heavy.

“Yes. Oh-yes,” my grandma said. She wrapped her legs around my mom’s head and locked her ankles. She let out a moan, “Oh, that feels good,” she gasped.

Just as she started to wail the clock struck 8. I lept off the couch and knelt behind my mother. My cock slid easily into her drenched pussy. My dad was slowed a little, getting out of his boxers, but he quickly got to his knees next to my grandma. He pushed his cock into her mouth, stifling her screams.

It only took a handful of thrusts before I exploded into my mom’s pussy. My grandma had to pull her mouth off my dad’s cock to breathe in the peak of her orgasm. She brought her hand up and attempted to stroke him, though not very effectively.

But he lost it none-the-less, raining cum down onto the carpet and a little on her shoulder.

As my dad and I collapsed and tried to catch our breaths, my grandma’s moans eased and she unwrapped her legs from around my mom.

“How’s that for a start?” my mom asked, her face dripping with juices.

“You two are evil,” I groaned. I crawled over to the Christmas Tree and reached for one of the remaining unwrapped presents, toward the back of the tree.

I handed it to my grandma. “I want you to use this on Mom,” I said.

She raised her eyebrow and slowly started to unwrap the present.

Inside was a black rubber strap-on I had picked up on Christmas Eve. The rubber cock was 7″ long, just a little longer than mine and a bit shorter than my dad’s.

Grandma adjusted the straps and then stood up and stepped into the strap-on’s loops.

She stood over my mom wearing nothing but her heels, the corset and the strap-on. My mom rolled onto her back and my grandma lowered herself to her knees.

“Ohhh,” my mom sighed as my grandma slowly slid into her. I could see some of my cum squeeze out around the base of the strap-on. It only took a couple of minutes of watching the scene before I started to get hard again.

I knelt next to my mom’s face. My grandma moved her body to a more upright position, but kept fucking her.

My mom turned her head toward me and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked on the first couple inches as my grandma slowly but steadily fucked her.

After a couple of minutes my dad got to his knees on the other side of her. She took her lips off mine and, panting heavily, turned and took his into her mouth. As she sucked him she lazily stroked me with her left hand.

After a minute she pulled her mouth off his cock. Breath heaving quickly, she stroked us both, occasionally popping her mouth on one cock or the other.

Grandma started to fuck her faster, the plastic cock slamming in and out of her.

“Oh-god,” my mom moaned, her stroking starting to become less effective as she started to orgasm.

My grandma spread my mom’s legs further apart and pushed them up toward her elbows.

“Hold her legs,” she said. My dad hooked his right elbow behind her knee. I followed his example doing the same with my left.

Holding onto my mom’s waist kaçak bahis my grandma fucked her furiously.

“Oh-fuck!” my mom screamed, “fuck-fuck-fuck!” Her whole body was shaking and her eyes where shut tight. She bit her lip a little, gripping each of our cocks tightly.

I looked over at my grandma and watched her massive tits bounce wildly with every thrust.

I pried my mom’s hand off my cock and stroked myself furiously, aiming my cock at her pretty face.

She was gasping for air. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, her head rocking each time the strap-on slammed into her.

“Oh-god,” I groaned and gasped. I exploded, the first blast shooting across her forehead and into her dark brown hair. The second splashed across her lips and the corner of her eye. The rest landed on her cheek and eventually her neck.

I collapsed, leaning back against the couch.

My dad too his cock in his hand and stroked it quickly. My mom whimpered and groaned as her orgasm started to subside. My grandma slowly pulled the strap-on out of her, leaving her panting, trying to catch her breath.

My grandma crawled over to me. She pressed against me and turned my head toward her, kissing me deeply. As we kissed I could feel her big breasts against my arm and the strap-on, still slick with my mom’s juices, pressed into my side.

My dad climbed on top of my mom, straddling her ribcage. He stroked his cock as fast as he could.

“Oh-god,” my mom said closing her eyes as tight as she could.

His cock erupted, showering her face. His ejaculation was four or five times the size of mine and when it finally ended, her face was almost entirely covered. One over her eyes was sealed shut from his load.

My grandma and eye stopped kissing long enough to laugh a little as my dad rolled off my mom and laid next to her.

“Somebody clean me off!” she groaned. Still giggling a little, I got to my feet and went into the bathroom. I grabbed a hand towel and wet it and brought it back to the living room.

“Jesus!” she said as she carefully wiped her face clean.

After a brief rest and a couple bites of bagel my dad and I had my grandma get on all fours. My mom just watched from the couch as dad slid into her pussy and I slid into her mouth. My dad fucked her mercilessly and soon she was gagging and her lips we pressed against my pelvis.

I pushed her corset down and her breasts fell out, sloshing which each slam my dad gave her. I squeezed and pinched them, groaning as my dad roughly fucked her.

After a few minutes I was panting and groaning. I gripped the back of her head and thrust my hips forward a little, bringing her all the back to the very base of my cock.

“Oh god Grandma!” My cock twitched and exploded, pouring semen down her throat.

My dad grunted and sped up his thrusts to a nearly unbelievable pace. He grunted and moaned and I could tell his cock was emptying into her.

The rest of Christmas Day was a blur of fucking. After dinner my mom and grandma worked together to give me a slow blowjob and at the end they swapped my cum back and forth a couple of times.

When midnight finally came we all collapsed into my parents bed, tired and sore from hours of fucking.

As I laid in bed, my head started to spin as I though about how lucky I was. I slowly drifted to sleep with my grandma’s massive breasts pressed into my chest and my mom’s up against my back.

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