A Perfect Fit, The Affair Begins

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The affair begins.

I pull into a parking spot at the back of the park in a secluded area. Filled with nerves and anticipation. We have seen all of each other on the web cam, I met him once at his work and we shared a brief kiss under the stars. This was different, This would be the first time we will be alone together. He pulls into the parking spot next to mine and quickly jumps into the passenger seat. There is plenty of room in my full sized truck for him to keep his distance but he holds my hand and lays his head on my chest. He softly whispers “do you know how long I have wanted to do this?” I know there is no need for an answer.

We sit like that for a while holding each other, talking. Our gazes meet and we start to kiss. Slowly and sweet at first, rapidly becoming more intense. I climb on top straddling him. The passion between us is tangible. He lifts my shirt and kisses my neck and breasts. He carefully slides his hand up my pant leg and begins to rub my clit. I had worn pants as part of my resolve not to let things go too far. They were not standing in his way. I moved off of him and back a bit but he wasn’t letting me get away that easy.

He continued casino şirketleri to rub my clit and kiss me all over my neck. I could feel the pressure inside me. It had been a long time but I had felt it before, just not this fast and intensive, I was going to cum. I tried to pull away but he knew why I did and responded by pulling me closer. He kept rubbing my clit and until my whole body shivered, I cried out and he knew he had accomplished what he set out to do. I thought for sure he was going to want me to return the favor. He just asked me if I was ok and thanked me for coming to meet him. Gave me a kiss good bye. Jumped out of the truck and drove off, back to work. I sat there for a bit to compose myself. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how I let things go so far or why I hadn’t let them go farther. All I knew was that I wanted this man.

A perfect fit

It has been a few days and a few hot chats on line and I am at the park again. This time in my minivan and once again his car is parked beside mine. This time I am wearing a button up dress, Very easy access. I can tell he is pleased with my choice of outfit. He climbs into the back of the van and asks me to join him. Of course casino firmaları I do. I look at him and I know that under those clothes is an amazing chest covered in salt and pepper hair that leads to a package I would love to unwrap. Yet I am still nervous and not sure how far I want this to go. He holds my hand for a bit and then moves in to kiss me. He gently leans me back and in a seamless motion reclines the seat I am sitting in. While kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear he unbuttons the first few buttons of my dress. Still kissing down my neck he frees my breasts from my bra. He circles my nipple with his tongue and begins to suck. Placing his hand between my thighs they instinctively spread for him.

As he begins to rub his fingers on my already damp panties his phone rings. He has to answer, it is home calling.

At this moment, as he steps out of the van to take the call, I know what I want. I want him. I want him inside me. I quickly wiggle out of my panties. He hangs up and gets back in the van and starts kissing me again. As he goes to return his hand to between my thighs he softly asks me if he can see my panties. To which I tell him no. Disappointedly he asks güvenilir casino why. My simple answer is because I took them off. At this point all bets are off. A gasp escapes his lips that is part moan. Lifting my dress he is greeted by a neatly trimmed, very wet pussy. Due to previous conversations he knows I am nervous about having my pussy eaten. He separates my pussy lips, looks into my eyes and asks me if it is alright. I just nod. He gently licks my clit, so warm and soft, I had never felt anything like that before. He stops, hesitant because he doesn’t want to push me. He straightens up and pulls my bottom to the edge of the seat.

I feel so venerable like that in front of him. My breasts exposed and my dress up around my waist. He was now positioned between my legs. I knew what was coming and was relieved I didn’t have to wait any longer. As he lowered his pants I marveled at his amazing cock as it glistened with precum. It slid into my dripping pussy with ease. A perfect fit. We melted together as he pumped in and out of me in a perfect rhythm. Slow then fast then slow again. The hair on his chest rubbing against my hard nipples. I could hear his breath deepen and his heart race as he pumped faster into me. I felt the warmth of his cum fill me. As he gently laid on me to catch his breath I knew that no matter how wrong it may be this was what we both needed.

Hopefully to be continued…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20