A Night of Surprise

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As Roxanne nursed her martini in the lobby bar of the Royal Victorian hotel, her mind raced as she contemplated what might transpire that evening. Roxanne replayed last evenings call from Ryan. Ryan had been traveling on business extensively and invited Roxanne to a romantic dinner. Roxanne smiled as she recalled Ryan’s promise of a very special dessert.

She scanned the room and observed a young couple engaged in animated conversation. As the man gently stroked the shapely leg of his date, Roxanne felt a tingle of excitement. She was feeling sexy and very aroused. Roxanne rolled her head back, closed her eyes and recalled the evening of steamy sex that she and Ryan had shared before his recent trip to Seattle. Roxanne felt the strong hand of a man on her right thigh and opened her eyes to see Ryan standing before her. She drank in his ruggedly handsome face as Ryan stroked the silky material of her form fitting dress. He leaned forward and kissed Roxanne deeply, pulling her close as he ran his left hand through her soft hair. Again she tingled with anticipation and felt the faint dampness of excitement building in her sex. Ryan finished off the martini and took Roxanne by the hand, leading her to the hotel dining room.

They were seated in a private section of the dining room and as though scripted, the waiter immediately reappeared with a bottle of Frog’s Leap merlot. The wine was Roxanne’s favorite and she smiled as she tipped the glass to enjoy its contents. The couple shared the week’s activities, and talked of plans to visit their lakeshore cabin in the coming weeks. As Ryan recounted the highlights of his successful trip, Roxanne slipped off one of her high heels and extended her foot towards him. Sliding forward, Roxanne gently placed her foot on Ryan’s sex. As she slowly caressed him, Roxanne could feel Ryan’s cock stiffening. She laughed quietly as Ryan struggled to remain composed as the waiter presented their main course. Throughout the remainder of their dinner Roxanne teased Ryan’s sex and felt the excitement of anticipation as she fantasized about what might be in store for the evening.

As their plates were cleared, Ryan announced that dessert would be enjoyed in their suite. bahis firmaları The couple made their way to the lobby and quickly slipped into the waiting elevator. Alone in the elevator, Ryan drew Roxanne towards him and kissed her neck as he ran his right hand up her thigh. As their lips met, Ryan swiftly reached under Roxanne’s dress, trailing his fingers along her thighs to her sex. Roxanne shuddered as Ryan gently slid a finger into her wet pussy and firmly kissed her full lips. The lovers quickly exited the elevator and hurried towards their room. As the door closed, Ryan pinned Roxanne to the wall, holding her pretty face with both hands, kissing her lips and gently biting her ear lobes. He kissed her neck as his left hand caressed her right breast. Roxanne moaned as Ryan pulled her towards him. Their lips met and their tongues gently explored as their excitement builds. Ryan lead Roxanne towards the king sized bed. She spots a silk scarf on the bed and asked whether this was a gift from Ryan’s recent trip. Ryan replied that it indeed was a gift and that there was a further surprise awaiting Roxanne. Ryan picked up the scarf and walked behind Roxanne, blindfolding Roxanne with the silky material and gently knotting the scarf. As Roxanne stood in total darkness, her excitement increased as Ryan turned on music and placed a glass of champagne into her hand.

Ryan gently kissed her cheeks, ears and neck while he stroked her thighs. Roxanne drained her glass of champagne and dropped her glass to the carpeted floor. Ryan slipped the straps of Roxanne’s dress down her shoulders as he kissed her shoulders and chest. Reaching behind Roxanne, he quickly unzipped her dress and slowly began to remove the garment. Roxanne was wearing a sexy black lace bra and matching sheer thong panties. The sight immediately aroused Ryan and he slid behind Roxanne, kissing her neck as he cupped her breasts with both hands. Roxanne slid off her heels as Ryan removed her bra. Her firm breasts sprung forward and Ryan squeezed her erect nipples as he continued to kiss her neck and shoulders. Ryan slid his hands down Roxanne’s taut stomach, hooking his thumbs on the material of her sheer thong panties, gently sliding the panties down kaçak iddaa her hips. As the thong dropped to the floor, Ryan slid his hand from her hip to her wet pussy, gently teasing her with his fingers. Ryan arched his back and pulled Roxanne backwards. She was startled by the sudden switch and widened her stance to regain her balance.

As Ryan kissed Roxanne’s neck and caressed her breasts, she felt another pair of hands lightly gripping her hips. Roxanne was momentarily startled by the unexpected guest, but the feeling was quickly replaced with a feeling of arousal as Ryan continued to kiss her neck and shoulders. The guest cupped Roxanne’s bottom as she pulled her pussy close to her face, kissing and gently biting Roxanne’s sex. Roxanne moaned with pleasure and pulled the guests head into her sex. Stroking her long soft hair, Roxanne quickly realized that their guest was female. The thought of another woman pleasuring her heightened her level of arousal. She reached behind and ran her open palm along Ryan’s inner thigh. She worked her hand up his leg and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. Ryan moaned and firmly pinched Roxanne’s nipples as their guest continued to explore her wet pussy with a probing tongue.

Ryan released Roxanne as their guest led her to the bed. As the women embraced, Roxanne could feel the erect nipples of her partner’s large breasts against her chest. They kissed deeply and Roxanne trailed her fingers down her partner’s legs toward her smooth sex, slipping a finger into her wet pussy. Her partner gently moved Roxanne onto the bed on her back and began to run her hands through her hair, kissing her neck and pulling her body into her. She began to kiss and caress Roxanne’s breasts and eagerly took her breast into her mouth; licking her nipple as she caressed Roxanne’s other breast with her hand. She flicked her tongue on Roxanne’s erect nipples, alternating between kissing, nibbling and caressing. Roxanne’s back arched as her partner slowly glided her hand down to her hips. She could clearly feel Roxanne’s excitement as she reaches her damp pussy. She gently traces Roxanne’s lips as she kisses and nibbles her breasts. Roxanne’s moaning excites both women as the guest works her kaçak bahis way down Roxanne’s stomach and hips, arriving at her pussy. She begins to kiss Roxanne’s hips and inner thighs; occasionally flicking her tongue at Roxanne’s waiting pussy. She can wait not longer and begins to devour Roxanne’s wet sex. Her tongue explores Roxanne’s pussy and locks on her clit. She slowly stimulates Roxanne’s clit with her tongue as Roxanne’s head rolls back, and she runs her tongue her lips. Roxanne caresses her own breasts and gently squeezes her nipples. This is a turn on for her guest, and she increases the pace with which she is licking and kissing Roxanne’s moist pussy, stimulating her clit with increasing pressure.

As Roxanne enjoyed being pleasured by their guest, Ryan kissed Roxanne’s neck and breasts. Roxanne reached for Ryan and took his hard cock into her hand. She reaches behind Ryan, cupping his firm bottom with her hand and pulled him towards her. Ryan guides his rock card into Roxanne’s warm mouth placing his hands on her face. Roxanne took his member deep and caressed his balls with her right hand. She slid her tongue along his hard shaft encircling the tip with her tongue. Ryan rolls his head back, closing his eyes and moans with excitement and pleasure. Ryan withdrew as their guest rolled Roxanne on top of her, pulling Roxanne’s sex into her waiting tongue. Roxanne gently explored her partner’s smooth sex and feverishly licked and kissed her moist pussy. They slowly stimulated each others sex, licking, kissing and nibbling.

Ryan positioned himself behind Roxanne and worked a finger into her moist sex and rapidly brings her to full excitement. As Roxanne pleasures their guest, Ryan glides his hard cock into her waiting pussy. He grinds his rock hard cock into her wet sex as he caresses her breasts and gently pinches her nipples. Ryan begins to increase his rhythm. Their guest is nearing climax as Ryan’s cock rapidly glides in and out of Roxanne’s pussy. As her partner climaxes and pulls Roxanne’s face into her sopping wet pussy, Ryan reaches orgasm and delivers his hot load into Roxanne’s pulsing wet pussy. Roxanne pushes hard against his cock and shudder as her cascading orgasm overtakes her.

The three partners collapse to the mattress, a pool of sated desire. Ryan kisses Roxanne’s back and shoulders. As he pulls Roxanne close into his body, Roxanne wonders when she has ever enjoyed dessert this much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20