A New Friend

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Her name was Mary. She looked a little bit lost on the first day of our computer programming course and also sad in a cute sort of way. The seating arrangement was horizontal rather than vertical and we ended up being seated at opposite ends of our row.

Being rather outgoing, I introduced myself to the rest of my classmates but not rather noncommittal nods from most of them except for Mary. She immediately offered her hand and I shook it and said: “Hi, I’m Amber, and you are…?”

“Pleased to meet you Amber, my name’s Mary” she replied in a business like tone.

“Oh great!” I thought, “I’m stuck in a class with a bunch of snobby jerks.”

During that first day of class, I kept looking to my right at Mary. She looked to be in about her late 30’s but she was also extremely attractive. She had long, dark, almost black hair that curled around her high cheekbones and the kind of gorgeous thick eyebrows that I love so much. I kept looking at her throughout the whole day but she never once looked at me.

After about 2 weeks of classes I noticed that Mary had a particular fancy for mini skirts. On more than one occasion I had had looked over to see her skirt ride up as she crossed her long, silky looking legs to slightly expose the reinforced part of her pantyhose. Unconsciously, I licked my lips at the thought of what she must look like underneath that tight skirt. But, whenever I looked back at her, she had always pulled the hem of the skirt back down.

The next day, our instructor announced that we would be having a test the next day. Being reasonably experienced in computers, I didn’t think too much of of it. But when I looked over at Mary, she appeared flustered and slightly red-faced.

During lunch time, I noticed her sitting alone in the cafeteria, looking a little distracted. I walked over to her table and asked if I could join her. She looked up and smiled weakly and pulled a chair out for me. I sat down and crossed my legs and caught Mary glancing down at my legs. My eyes met hers and she looked away quickly, but the thought of this older lady, 17 years my senior staring at my nylon clad legs turned me on tremendously.

She was rather quiet as we ate our lunch, so I finally asked her if she was ok. “I just don’t understand this programming stuff, it’s so frustrating!” I watched her picking at her food and said: “Listen, I’d be glad to give you some güvenilir bahis extra help if you’d like.” Mary’s face instantly lit up and she gave me the most beautiful smile that I’ve ever seen. “Wow, would you? I’d sure appreciate that. I smiled back at her. “Would you be able to come over to my place this evening and help me study?”

“Seven o’clock ok?” I asked. She just unfolded her legs, stood up, and brushed my shoulder as she went back to our classroom.

Mary opened the door of her apartment wearing the same clothes she had worn to school that day. “Sorry I haven’t had time to change” she said. “I had to get groceries, and I just got home.”

“No problem” I replied. “You look great just the way you are.” Mary blushed and smiled and said “Oh well…er..thank you.”

We sat down in front of Mary’s computer and started working on some programming exercises. Little by little this ravishing woman started to get the hang of it. During a particularly difficult exercise, Mary figured the answer out for herself and suddenly squealed with delight.

After a couple of hours, Mary raised her arms above her head and stretched. “Oooooh, let’s take a break.”

“I agree,” I replied, “I need to stretch my legs.” That was Mary’s cue to look down at my legs again. I had chosen a jersey knit dress that ended just above my knee, with suntan colored pantyhose and my favorite black high heels. I smiled to myself as I felt Mary’s eyes roaming over my legs. She led me into the living room and we plopped down on her leather couch. Mary poured us some wine and we sat for a few moments in silence. Eventually Mary told me how much she appreciated my help and caring and I said that it was my pleasure and that it was great to make a new friend.

“No, I mean it” she replied. “No one has ever bothered to help me like you have, I owe you a debt of gratitude.” Mary slid across the couch toward me and recrossed her legs. I could hear the hissing sound of her pantyhose rubbing together as she did so.

Mary leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek. I blushed and smiled at her. Instinctively I gave her a light peck on the lips. Her face softened and she kissed me hard on my lipsticked lips. My lips instantly parted as I felt the tip of her tongue wiggle against mine. A small sigh escaped my lips as my arousal began to build as kissed, feeling each other’s hunger.

After a few minutes, türkçe bahis Mary stood up and said: “Would you like to undress me?” Without saying a word I stood directly in front of her and began unbuttoning her navy blue blouse. I slipped the blouse from her shoulders exposing her ample breasts which were suspended in a lacy, black brassiere. I could tell that Mary was already fully aroused as I knelt before her and ran my hands up her pantyhose covered legs, stopping short at the hem of her skirt. My shaking hands went to the zipper and slowly pulled it down. I undid the button and felt the skirt start to slide over her full hips. I gripped the hem of the skirt and tugged it down. Mary was wearing white, sheer to waist pantyhose with no panties. My eyes were drawn the the dark thick patch of pussy hair that was clearly visible through her sexy nylons.

I looked up at Mary’s gorgeous face to see her gliding her hands across her lacy bra cups. “Take it off” I breathed. “Let me see those beautiful titties of yours.” Mary’s hand went her front opening bra and opened the clasp. Her brown nippled beauties fell from her cups and bounced slightly.

Still looking into her eyes, I said: “Ohhhhhhhh, just adore a pretty lady in sexy pantyhose.” She just looked back at me and told me that I could do anything I wanted to her.

I started by running my hands across her high-heeled pumps and then moving up to her ankles. As soon as my hands touched that smooth nylon I felt my sex instantly moistening. Higher and higher my hands went, massaging her firm, muscular calves along the way. Mary’s pantyhose were so tight and clingy. My hands passed the backs of this lovely girls knees and moved upward onto the rear of her taut thighs.

I moved my hands higher and higher until I felt her lovely asscheeks fill my eager hands. I squeezed and kneaded them causing Mary’s moans to become louder and more frequent. “God, I can’t stand it anymore, please, please do me!!.” I smiled a mischievous smile and replied: “Not yet, let me have some fun first.”

“Oh, ok you sexy girlie” Mary answered. I stood up in front of the sexy lady and quickly stripped down to my tan, reinforced pantyhose and patent leather stilettos.

As I watched Mary’s face I reached back and unhooked my white lace bra and let my 36d’s hang full and free for her to see. I cradled my breasts in my hands and stroked my thick, brown güvenilir bahis siteleri nipples up to full erection. Mary reached out to cup my boobs but I pulled back and told her that it was time for her to cum. “Oh jeeeesus” Mary cried, almost overcome with lust.

I knelt down again and rubbed my engorged nipples from the tops of her shoes all the way up her nyloned legs until each nipple contacted her pantyhose waistband. I released my breasts and used my wet, pink tongue to slowly lick Mary’s wide, reinforced, pantyhose waistband, from her right hip all the way around the back to her left hip until I arrived at the front again. I quickly licked upwards, tickling her innie bellybutton. She giggled sexily and I knew she was ready.

I pushed her backwards onto the overstuffed couch and placed my hands behind her knees. Mary knew what I was going to do and moaned loudly as I opened her legs. I saw her pussy lips peel open on either side of her pantyhose seam as I pushed her creamy thighs apart. I looked down to see a large wet spot on the crotch of her pantyhose and her bulging clitty partially hidden by the seam. I leaned forward and inhaled her musky, yet sweet scent.

All of Mary’s inhibitions were now gone as she she thrust her nylon clad hips at me. I moved my head down and noticed that Mary’s pantyhose fit very tightly, the middle seam rubbing against her sweet sex. I pushed out my long tongue and used the tip to press the seam against her swollen clitty. Mary sighed and groaned and immediately began to buck her full hips. I reached up with both hands and gripped the waistband of her nylons and gently pulled and snapped it against her belly making her body jerk and spasm.

I thrust my tongue directly at her pussy, feeling my tongue push her pantyhose into her dripping love hole. I wriggled my tongue up and down stroking her bud on each upstroke. The sensations were too much for her and Mary started to cum in waves. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she cried…….”CUMMINGGGGGGG.”

“MMMMMMMM, Cum for me beautiful lady” came my muffled reply. Mary bucked her gorgeous pussy into my face as she orgasmed. I felt her lovely juices flow into her sexy, white pantyhose as her contractions gradually susbsided. I licked her nectar up hungrily, tasting her sweet, inner essence.

Later, as we lay in each others arms, Mary looked up at me and said: “Want to come shopping with me tomorrow?”

“Sure” I replied, “Shopping for anything special?”

“Well” Mary said, “I think I’d like to get some new pantyhose.” I felt my arousal stirring again, but told myself that there would be many more nights with my new friend Mary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20