A New Camping Experience Ch. 03

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After Paul and Matt wandered off, I went into my tent to read for a bit. Part of me wanted to run to Paul and Matt’s site, but another part of me was still nervous and unsure about everything that had happened. Plus, my asshole was still a bit sore, as was my dick. I planned on waiting until the evening cooled more, then go over to their site.

I don’t know how long I read for, but I jerked awake hours later still fully clothed and the book I’d been reading on my chest. Shit! I’d fallen asleep.

I probably should have expected that…I had a really eventful day and the adrenaline from the excitement/fear I’d experienced had left me.

I found my flashlight in the dark, and checked my watch. Four in the morning. I laid back down, tried to go back to sleep but as soon as I closed my eyes, images of Paul and Matt’s cocks flashed through my mind.

My bladder told me that it needed attention, and I got up off my sleeping bag and stepped out of my tent. Normally, I’d just wander a bit into the woods and pee rather than walk all the way to the bathroom. However I was up and needed something to do, plus it was blissfully cool outside my tent. So, flashlight in hand, I walked down the trail to the bathroom.

The building was dimly lit inside by a single bulb in the center of the bathroom. I walked up to the urinal, pulled my dick out, and let loose. Just as I was finishing up, I heard a soft cough from behind me, coming from one of the stalls.

I gave a start…I didn’t realize that I wasn’t alone. I hurriedly put my dick back into my shorts, and was about to leave the bathroom, when I heard the soft cough again, twice.

It sounded fake, like he was letting me know he was in there. Curiosity flooded me. Rather than walk back to the campsite, I gave a soft, fake cough of my own.

I was rewarded with yet another fake cough from the stall. Ok, he WAS trying to get my attention. Nervously, but steadily, I went to the stall adjacent to his and stepped inside. I wanted to see where this was going.

I closed the stall door and locked it, then sat down on the toilet without dropping my shorts. In the dim light, I saw there was a hole cut between the two stalls, about 3 feet off the ground. I leaned forward and looked into the next stall.

I couldn’t see much except the man’s naked legs and groin. He was stroking his cock. Instant excitement filled me. I watched in fascination as he slowly stroked himself, my own dick growing again in my shorts.

To my surprise, he stood up in the stall and turned towards the hole, slowly pushing his cock through it. I could tell instantly that it wasn’t Matt or Paul…this cock was a lot skinnier with a big bulbous head, and as more of it came through the hole I realized he was longer than either of them.

I slid quietly off the toilet seat, going to my knees on the rough concrete floor. My tongue tentatively flicked out, sliding across the bottom of his cockhead and I was rewarded with a soft moan from the other side.

Lust and hunger overtook me like a dam had burst inside me. I took his cock into my mouth, sliding it as far as it would go in. It hit the back of my throat, but even then I hadn’t taken the whole thing. I fought off the gag I felt forming, then started sliding my mouth up and down it’s length.

A hiss of pleasure carried across from the other side. The sound turned me on even more, and quickly I was taking as much of his length as I could in and out of my mouth. My tongue ran along the bottom of his shaft as I did, and I could taste the bitter pre-cum that he was leaking.

All too soon, I felt him throb in my mouth as it filled with his cum. I choked, cum exploding out of my mouth around his cock…there was a lot of it and I wasn’t expecting it, plus he was pushed up against the back of my throat when he came.

I recovered, and started swallowing his load, still sucking and fucking my mouth with his cock. I could feel his cock start to deflate right away, and kept sucking hoping that it would stay hard.

He had other ideas, however, gently pulling his cock out of my mouth and back through the hole. Still on my knees, I heard him softly say, “Thanks” then the rustle of clothing followed by the sounds of him walking out of the bathroom.

I got back up and sat back on the toilet seat. I pulled my own dick out and stroked it, so damned turned on that I didn’t care if it was still a bit sore from yesterday. It didn’t take long before thick ropes of cum shot out of me and landed on the stall’s floor.

I slowly came down from my sexual high. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped off the man’s cum that clinged to my lips, then cleaned my mess on the floor as best I could. My hands shook as I did, either from the exertion or from nervousness.

Honestly, I was amazed at myself. Before this trip…hell, 24 hours ago!…I’d never even considered bahis firmaları having sex with a man. Yet, here I sat, having sucked three men off and been fucked once and wanting even more. The tangy taste of the mystery man’s cum lingered in my mouth.

I made my way back to my tent, and managed to doze back off. When I woke up again it was already mid-morning, and Mom and Dad were nowhere to be seen. I found a note, saying that they were out hiking and there was some breakfast in the cooler. I ate it cold, then left for Paul and Matt’s site.

It was hard not to break into a run to get to Paul and Matt’s site. Even with that, I was walking so fast that it only took a few minutes to get there. However, when I did, their tent was zipped up and their site was empty, no indication that they were there.

“Well, shit,” I thought. “Now what do I do?” My dick was already half-hard at the expectation of being with them again. As I stood there, I heard a noise coming from their tent. Maybe they were there? I stepped up to the tent and whispered loudly, “Paul? Matt?”

There was a moment of quiet muffled conversation from inside the tent, then the door was unzipped and held open. I quickly stepped inside the tent as a naked Paul zipped the door back closed. My eyes widened when I saw Matt laying nude on the sleeping bag, with a shirtless young man laying between his legs furiously sucking Matt’s dick. Watching further, I noticed it was the same guy that I’d seen Paul with in the woods.

“We figured you changed your mind,” I heard Paul say from behind me as his arms went around me, pulling me close against him. I could feel his hard cock press against me.

“I..I fell asleep,” I admitted sheepishly. “Otherwise, I would have come here last night.”

“It’s ok,” Paul said. I could hear the smile in his voice. “I’m glad you could join us now.” He gently spun me around to face him, then pulled my shirt up off over my head. I fumbled with the button on my shorts, then pushed them down and kicked them off. My dick was standing at full attention, and he grasped it lightly with one hand while pulling me into a kiss with the other.

I melted against him as his tongue dueled with mine, and I didn’t know what kept me from cumming right then and there. I loved his aggressiveness, the way he took control of the situation. Still kissing me, he continued to stroke my dick as his other hand reached around and forcefully grabbed one of my ass cheeks.

I broke the kiss so I could drop down to my knees. I wanted him in my mouth badly, wanted to suck his cock again, feel his cockhead slide down my tongue and against the back of my throat. He gave me an appreciative moan when I slid my lips over him and took him deep.

Too deep. I gagged slightly, recovering quickly to start stroking his shaft with my lips, his cockhead trapped in my mouth, the taste of him making my own dick throb even harder.

All too soon, he gently forced my head back, a long strand of saliva running from the tip of his dick to my lips as he left my mouth. Looking down at me, he asked, “What do you want?”

“Your cum,” I said quickly. Lost in my lust, I wanted him to cum in me again, badly.

“I want your ass,” he said, pushing me softly backwards until I fell onto my back. I watched him, breathing heavily, as he reached into a nearby bag and pulled a tube of lube out, generously coating his cock, then dropped it to the ground. Kneeling, he took my legs and placed my ankles on his shoulders, lined his cock up with my waiting ass, and pushed slightly into me.

I was so turned on that the pain of being split open by his cock was secondary to the feeling of him inside me again. It did hurt…my ass was still tender from him fucking me yesterday, but I didn’t care. I wanted him in me, his length buried in my ass until his balls were resting on my ass cheeks.

A second push brought more pain, enough to override my lust and make me flinch and try to pull back from him – not that there was anywhere to pull away to, being trapped underneath him like I was. He felt me tense up, and stopped his gentle assault on my asshole until he felt me relax again.

I don’t know how long it took for him to finally bottom out in me. There were long moments of pain, short seconds of pleasure, repeating until I felt his groin pressed up against my ass.

“Ok?” he asked, looking down at me.

I nodded. “Yes…fuck me, please.” I moaned, twitching my hips up towards him. As it had yesterday, the sharp pain had fled, replaced by the dull ache and the incredible sensation of being stretched open by him.

His cock began pistoning in and out of me harder and faster. Every time he went in, exquisite pleasure ran through me. I didn’t know then about the prostrate and how it felt when it was stimulated…all I knew is that it felt incredible. My hands snaked up kaçak iddaa between my legs, clasping behind his neck, my hips bucking up to meet him.

I could feel my orgasm build inside of me. When he went deep, my dick rubbed across his stomach, and that plus the sensation of having him fuck me so hard, so good, made the cum in my balls boil and get ready to explode out of me.

Before I could cum, though, Paul grunted hard and shoved himself so deep in me that he actually moved me several inches across the ground. I could actually FEEL his cock throb inside of me, felt it pulse as he shot jet after jet of cum deep inside me. Frantically, I tried to fuck back up at him, get more stimulation to push me over the edge too but I was pressed against the ground so hard I could barely move.

I groaned in frustration and need as his orgasm ended and he slowly relaxed on top of me. Before I could react, he pulled his softening cock from my ass and lifted himself up off me, sitting down heavily next to me on the ground.

I looked over at Matt with pleading eyes, but he was sitting on the sleeping bag with the other young man sitting between his legs, slowly stroking his dick. The younger man untangled himself from Matt, then crawled over to me, nesting between my legs and taking my throbbing dick into his mouth.

It only took a few seconds before I exploded, the orgasm running through my whole body. I’d never cum that hard before, and realized as it ebbed that I was holding my breath. I exhaled explosively, my dick’s pulsing slowing then stopping. I felt the young man swallow my load, then pull my dick from his mouth, his tongue flicking out to capture the last pearl of cum from the tip of my dick.

As I laid there, I felt a drip of Paul’s cum run from my asshole and down the crack of my ass to the ground. I felt more than saw the young man pull away from me, and glanced up to see him move back to Matt.

“I guess some introductions are in order,” Matt grinned. “Will, this is James. He’s a teaching assistant at Huntington. James, Will.”

I waved weakly at James, my breath slowly coming back to me. I felt Paul move beside me, then lay down on the floor of the tent next to me. I moved, rolling over onto my side and placing my head in the crook of his shoulder, my front pressed against his side.

It was very comfortable and I was so relaxed…a warm glow filled me from being fucked so well and having such an intense orgasm. Honestly, I could have fallen asleep nestled against Paul as I was.

“So what are you going to major in?” Paul asked, bringing me back to reality.

“I’m not sure,” I admitted. “I thought about computer science, but there’s tons of math. Math isn’t my strong suit.”

“You’re in luck,” Paul said. “Matt is the head of the mathematics department. I’m sure you could find some way to convince him to tutor you.”

“Happily,” I heard Matt say. I craned my head to look at him, and saw that James was back between his legs, trying to tease his cock back to life with his mouth.

I turned my head back to Paul. “What do you teach?” I asked.

“English Lit,” he answered.

“Maybe I’ll major in English Lit,” I said, smiling, my hand sliding over to cover his soft cock, then grasping it and stroking it lightly.

“Pshaw,” Paul scoffed. “Unless you want to write or teach, there’s not much out there for English majors. You’d do better with computer science. That’s an up-and-coming field. Besides, English Lit is pretty boring.”

“Seems interesting to me,” I said, feeling his dick twitch in my hand.

“Would it be vain of me to say that the English Lit professor is more interesting to you than English Lit itself?” he smiled.

His cock was mostly hard by then. I raised up, straddled him, and reached between us to line his cock up with my asshole, still slick from the lube and his juices. “Not vain at all if it’s true,” I said, feeling his cockhead press against my asshole and slowly spread it open. I moaned softly as I lowered myself onto him, his cock growing thicker as I impaled myself with more and more of it.

Paul’s hands found my hips as I raised and lowered myself on him, his cock reaching delicious depths inside me. It felt incredible, and my dick responded, stiffening more with each time I raised up and then took him deep inside me.

“Jesus, you get me going,” Paul groaned as he started thrusting up into me in time with my actions. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this hard, this quick, before.”

I didn’t respond, completely into the sensation of fucking him with my ass. My movements were getting frantic, and every time I came down on him my dick would slap his stomach. It didn’t take very much time at all before I felt that tingle in my balls that said I was getting close to cumming again.

I looked down at Paul, with a pleading look. He knew what I wanted, kaçak bahis and one of his hands slid off my hips and grasped my dick. He stroked me in time with my riding him.

The orgasm hit me hard. I felt my dick throb in his hand at the same time I felt my ass spasm around his cock. I slammed myself down onto him and ground my ass against his groin as my dick exploded, my cum seeping through his fingers and falling onto his stomach. The world contracted…all that existed was his cock in me and my orgasm.

My orgasm left me as quickly as it hit me. Out of breath, and completely sated, I fell forward onto Paul, my chest pressed against his. That position crushed my balls against him and I raised up a bit to relieve the pressure on them, his cock sliding out of me in the process.

“Do you want to me roll over onto my back?” I asked, breathlessly. I don’t think he had gotten off when I did, and I wanted to give him the opportunity to cum.

“I don’t think I can cum again so soon,” he admitted. I rolled off of him, taking my former position next to him, my head back in the crook of his shoulder.

The sweat on our bodies cooled, and I detected the smell of sex filling the tent. “I’m a bit of a mess,” I said, feeling Paul’s cum drying on my ass.

Paul chuckled. “Yeah, me too,” he said, looking down at his cum-and-lubed coated cock and the small pool of cum on his stomach. “I think a shower is in order.”

I raised to my knees, letting Paul up, then stood and put my clothes back on. Paul dressed, then grabbed a towel for him and one for me. I looked over and saw James still slowly sucking Matt’s dick. He looked like he was really into it. Matt waved us off, saying, “You guys go ahead. I’ll be busy here for a while.”

I was worried that if we encountered someone on the way to the shower, they’d look at us and know exactly what had happened, that I’d had Paul’s cock in me. Luckily, there was nobody on the trails, and the bathroom was empty when we walked into it.

I smiled when I saw the bathroom stall that I’d sucked the stranger’s dick in. Paul saw it and gave me a questioning look.

“I came here early this morning, and there was a guy in the stall. There’s a hole cut between them…” My voice trailed off, not wanting to admit that I’d sucked a dick in here, but knowing that he’d know that I had.

Paul chuckled. “Glory be.”

“Huh?” I asked as we stepped into one of the showers and locked the door behind us.

“Glory hole, that’s what it’s called,” Paul explained.

“Figures there’d be a name for it,” I said, pulling my clothes back off and turning the shower on. We both stepped under the water. I soaped up Paul’s body, paying special attention to his beautiful cock. He did the same for me, lingering on my ass and my asshole.

We rinsed off, turned the shower off, dried and dressed. Paul did a quick peek to make sure the bathroom was empty before we exited the shower, then walked back to his campsite.

James was gone by the time and Matt was packing things up when we got back. “We need to hurry if we’re going to get back by dark,” he told Paul.

I gave Paul a panicked look. “You’re leaving?” I asked.

Paul grimaced. “Yeah. We both have a summer session to teach,” he explained.

My heart fell. I wanted Paul to fuck me again, Matt to fuck me again. I wanted to suck their dicks again and again, and swallow load after load. I didn’t realize how hooked on cocks I was until this moment.

“How far are you from Huntington?” Paul asked.

“Actually, just on the other side of town from it,” I said.

Paul smiled. “Then there’s no reason you can’t come see me when you get back, is there?”

“No,” I admitted grumpily.

He stepped into the tent, then reappeared with a notepad and a pen. He scribbled something down, then tore the sheet off and handed it to me.

“Here’s my phone number and Matt’s,” he said, “along with my address. We both live in an apartment complex close to the college. Call me when you get back to town.”

“Ok,” I said, just a little moodily. “We’re staying for another three days, and I’ll call you as soon as I get back.”

Paul looked around to make sure nobody was within eyeshot, then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. “I’m looking forward to it.”

He turned and started helping Matt pack, and I headed back to my campsite. I was feeling down…after discovering how good it was, having a cock in my mouth and my ass, they were leaving and I would have to wait until I got back to town to get more.

Mom noticed I was a bit down on the dumps that evening, but I passed it off as missing Lana. I couldn’t find anything interesting to do…I had no interest in the trails, or the river, or my books.

After Mom and Dad went to their tent, I laid in mine for a long while, my mind revisiting the encounters I’d had with Paul and Matt. My dick strained against my shorts, and I was about to jerk off when I remembered something.

Grabbing my flashlight, I left the tent. Maybe there was something interesting to be found in the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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