A Mother Confesses Pt. 02

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My affair with my daughter Alex began when I was forty-nine and she had just turned twenty-one. She had grown into a gorgeous young woman and had the confidence to match it. She was the same height as me and the same build which meant that my clothes were forever going missing and later turning up in her closet. I didn’t mind though, I used to the do the same. The gal had good taste!

We were always open with each other – and very close as a family. It was the same with my son Jonathon (Jon) too and I was proud of the fact that they could both come to me for anything and didn’t feel the need to hide anything. It was like we were good friends as well as being family. We were open about everything; college, health matters, my work and, of course, sex. By the time they were adults, they both knew why I hadn’t settled down with anyone else after Matthew and that Mom “liked to entertain” to put it politely! I soon learned that so did they, horny teenagers would have been an understatement. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

It was just before her twenty-first birthday that I first saw Alex in a new completely different light and she went from purely my daughter to someone I also found sexy and someone I kinda wanted to fuck. She was having a sleepover with her friend Cora. Jon was out and I’d been having one of my long bath nights. Candles, face mask and a soak for a couple of hours so she’d had the run of the house. As I made my way from the bathroom to my room I heard sounds of whimpering coming from her room and I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Curious, I had a peek.

I saw Alex on her back, naked clutching her breasts. Cora, also naked, with her face buried between Alex’s thighs. The noise was coming from her! I was shocked but something stirred. I carried on watching taking great to not let them see me. I watched Cora bring my daughter to orgasm and I felt weirdly jealous and worryingly turned on. Whether I was jealous of my daughter in having exploded or of Cora for licking my daughter out I couldn’t say. I was confused as hell and very horny. I quickly went to my room and relieved the tension with my favorite toy.

After that, I felt like I’d done wrong but something was awakened and I was curious to see what happened. One thing was certain, I couldn’t just look at Alex and see an attractive young woman anymore. I saw someone I fancied and couldn’t help check her out. The mornings were hardest when she wore really short pajama shorts or would come downstairs in a skimpy nightie. I’d long accepted I had somewhat of a ‘thing’ for a sexy nightie. I loved seeing my ‘lady companions’ in them and I loved to wear them even when on my own. I loved the way the silk would feel against my skin. I would feel very feminine, very sexy and very confident. Seeing Alex dressed the same gave the same feelings.

Things hotted up properly one evening when we had a girlie night together. Jon canlı bahis was away with his sports team for the night and that left Alex and me to ourselves. She was going away not long after with her girlfriends for a week and she had asked me if I could help with her holiday clothes. After all, I got them very cheap through work. I did and so we were to have an evening with a glass of wine and she was to try them all on and decide.

I got ready in my huge walk-in wardrobe for her. Being in fashion meant that my closet was actually the spare room was huge wardrobes were on every wall, with two floor-length mirrors either side. I had everything hung up ready, got some chairs and cracked open the bottle of wine. Alex came in wearing her light green satin robe easy to change in and out of. She looked good in that already, it was going to be a long night…

I had lots for her try to on and we started with the outfits for the day. She didn’t need as many of these, they were going to spend most of the day on the beach or by the pool so she just needed her bikini’s for that. For the days that they were exploring she chose a couple of the outfits that I bought for her. She took a white maxi dress with buttons down the front, two tops with a flowy skirt combo that ended just above her knee. Our favorite two were a yellow sundress that had a slit in all down her thigh and when she walked up and down the room you could see her legs. She looked stunning, the other was a blue dress that was very short yet looked classy. It was a denim style and ended mid-thigh. She just needed one proper evening outfit, as her friends were going out for a posh meal. She chose a classic little black dress with shoes to match. Alex was going to look amazing.

I’d spent half the evening trying not to look when she changed but because of the mirrors, I was finding it difficult. I couldn’t help but notice the telltale yellow bra underneath her robe nor the cute black panties she also had one. I was finding it such a turn on and I was unsure as to whether she was too. I then had a moment of madness and insisted that she try on some lingerie for when she goes away because “holiday romances can be very enjoyable”. I caught a little blush but she agreed on the condition that I give her a fashion show too. Well, it was only fair.

I can’t lie, pulling out different sets and seeing her dress up and walk up and down in front of me was a huge turn on. I couldn’t tell you what we chose for her and soon it was my turn to parade for her. Firstly she got me to wear a traditional matching black set which she liked – but not as much as the silky cream set. That made me look very sweet and innocent she had said with a wry smile. Her favorite that she made me model was a red set, with matching hold-ups and fishnets. Combined with my high heels I could see a fire in her eyes. The last thing she asked me to wear was a pale red babydoll nightie with matching panties. bahis siteleri It was very see-through and left nothing to the imagination. She stood up and told me that it would look sexier without the panties and before I knew what she did she pulled them down for me. I think something changed for Alex too then because she quickly mumbled her goodnights and went to bed. I wore that babydoll to bed – and masturbated with my wand and fingers for ages. I kept cumming – the night had turned me on that much. I was noisy but I didn’t care, I wanted her to hear me.

Since that particular night neither me or Alex looked at each other in the same light again and it seemed like it was only a matter of time before we’d succumb to temptation. The teasing, for the pair of us, went off the charts. My silk robe was tied a little looser in the mornings at breakfast allowing a hint of my breasts underneath. I’d wear short skirts around the house that would show my panties whenever I needed to bend over. I also got changed a few times with my bedroom door ajar, in the hope that she would catch me. And she did. I later found out that she had had feelings for me for a while and that I was driving her wild. She said it was the little glimpses of the bra underneath my work blouse, the flash of my legs when I walked and the intimacy of seeing what I wore in bed – stuff like that – and everything I did – drove her wild. She truly was her mother’s daughter. I also had the added effect that I wasn’t just teasing Alex. My son Jon noticed all this and I learned much later that he used to masturbate over the mental pictures he had of when he’d seen me.

It was about two months later when I finally got the opportunity. Alex had come back from her holiday and wanted to thank me for the help. She had a great time and as expected, she’d turned a lot of heads. She confessed that the little black dress had helped her find a ‘gentleman’ for the evening and he’d loved the lingerie I had chose for her. She even confessed that Cora had become taken with the yellow sundress and couldn’t keep her hands off her either. I was very proud and horny just thinking about it. Her thank you? A spa weekend away together. I couldn’t wait.

It was a fun weekend away. She paid for the whole works for both us. We had facials, manicures and a full body massage each. It was hot being in the same room getting rubbed down – especially as we were both naked for it – but I kept myself in check. I didn’t want to freak the masseuses out. That was followed by a swim and a sauna before heading back to the room to chill with a bottle of champagne. We were still in our spa robes, big fluffy white robes when Alex opened the bottle and poured me a glass. We sat on the couch and talked. She opened up more about Cora – a friend that she loved to have sex with even though both of them loved to sleep with others too. I told her not to worry about that and told her about Jayne. She bahis şirketleri couldn’t believe it and wanted to know more. I told her about my friends from work and my experiences in the swingers club. The drink helped us open up and we got closer and closer the more we talked about sex. The closer we got the more turned on I was the more excited I saw her get.

I broke. I kissed her. She pulled away slightly shocked but then immediately kissed me back. This was hard and deep, our tongues meeting and our hands finding each other’s bodies. Whatever had stopped us before and disappeared and soon I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bed undoing my robe as I walked. Underneath I still had my bikini on but I knew she liked it. I pulled her robe off too finding her naked underneath. I couldn’t believe it, she must have slyly took her bikini off earlier. I kept on kissing her and pushed her down onto the bed. I kissed her neck and she started to moan. I then kissed her tits, her nipples hard and erect showing how excited she was. I couldn’t believe it, I was sucking on my daughters’ nipples and she was moaning with pleasure. I kissed her stomach and moved my way down. I kissed her thighs, multiple times before kissing her pussy and her clit. She gave a loud moan in pleasure and I carried on with my tongue, licking my daughter’s pussy and not stopping until she cumming hard her hips moving uncontrollably. My bikini was so wet at this time that I ripped it off before Alex threw herself at me kissing my breasts and sucking on them. I felt her fingers work her way down touching at my clit. I felt her palm rub my clit and her fingers slip inside of me. I gasped in delight. She continued to suck at my breasts and I was soon having one of the hugest orgasms I’d ever had.

She collapsed naked into her naked mother’s arms. Just the thought of that got me excited again. We weren’t done for the night. We kept on deep kissing each other before she moved down towards a 69 position. I don’t know where she learned those moves (I blame Cora teehee) but I was grateful. We both came hard again and again. Other the course of the night we explored each other’s bodies having orgasm after orgasm. We fell asleep cuddled into each other, still naked and slept blissfully.

What we had done was wrong and I felt like we had to discuss it the following day. She reminded me of my own sex rules.

Was it between two consenting adults? Yes.

Was it hurting anyone at all? No.

It was wrong but we both enjoyed it and both wanted to do it again. Both needed to do it again. We did. This was sixteen years ago and we’ve had sex regularly since then. I will tell you more in a later chapter but as a sneak preview, she organized a huge lesbian pajama party for me for my birthday – and took part in it. We’d go on holiday together as a couple (not mother and daughter) and she’d often come and join Mommy in her bed at night. It wasn’t long before she had to take turns with Jon. With everything going on, we’d nearly forgotten about my son. Well, I hadn’t. I will tell you all about how I came to fuck my son in Chapter Three…


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