A Most Beautiful Taboo

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What the Fuck? The bitch is once again fucking up everybody’s day with her holier than thou shit. Who the fuck cares what I wear and if daddy approves, we are on holiday and hopefully she will contract some fucked up foreign disease and die. Yep, I am talking about mommy dearest. Mom married my much younger stepfather Ray when I was 15 years old. A real live 30 year old cowboy who made millions in oil.

Ray and I hit it off immediately and because I never heard from my dad, he filled that role nicely. Ray gave me everything I asked for and predictably I became the biggest brat ever. Mom did not approve of his generous gifts and valiantly tried to curb his overindulgence, but alas, he did not listen to her. All my friends are head over heels in love with Ray, he is 6.2 ft tall, brawny with blue eyes and black hair, a gorgeous hunk. I only recently noticed his virility because to me, he was always my daddy. I hate my mother; she treats Ray like shit and can barely stand me. Why, I do not know?

I am now 25 years old and recently divorced my husband of 2 years. Ray thought it was a good idea to take me on holiday with them because I needed a break from circumstances and my stressful job as a lawyer. Not really wanting to go with mom on holiday, I nonetheless agreed.

Mom’s idea of a perfect holiday is going for spa treatments and shopping all day, not really my kind of thing. Ray and I decided to do the tourist thing together which suited me just fine.

This brings me back to mom trying to fuck up our day by bitching about my clothes. Apparently, only hookers and desperate women wear bikini’s covered by a sarong. How did I miss the; “appropriate holiday wear for good girls” seminar?

Mom, who the hell cares what I wear, we’re on holiday and everybody else wears beach wear and I think that I am old enough to decide what I can wear, I said.

Fine, if you want to look like a hooker, then go ahead, mom nearly shouted.

Darlin, leave Kelly alone, she looks perfectly fine to me, Ray tried to intercede.

Oh daddy, just leave it alone and let’s get out of here. We have a full day of sightseeing and fun ahead of us, who cares what mom thinks anyway?

Taking my bag, I left the house ignoring my sputtering mother.

Getting into our rental jeep, I waited for Ray. Ray, as always, was wearing tight jeans, t-shirt and his ever present Stetson, looking delicious enough to eat.

Baby, why do you always fight with your mother, Ray asked when he joined me in the jeep.

She should stop being a bitch and start to treat us like human beings. Why do you put up with her shit?

Well darling, if I leave her, I’m afraid that I will be losing you too and I can’t stand the thought of that.

Oh daddy, that will never happen, you know that I love you and prefer your company over hers. You are very attractive and I am sure that you will find someone who will love and appreciate you. If I weren’t your daughter, I would definitely volunteer to be that woman.

Looking at me strangely, he said thanks and started the jeep.

What do you want to do first, honey, Ray asked?

Let’s go on the island tour and see where everything is located before planning our day.

Sure baby.

Going around the island with the other tourists was very enlightening and we talked about all the things we wanted to do.

On the way back, I had to sit on Ray’s lap because one of the tourists got hurt and had to lie down on the seat. I am quite tall, built like a stripper with big breasts and hoped that Ray would not be too uncomfortable.

Wiggling around on his lap, I leaned against his chest and he held me lightly. The road was very bumpy and every now and then I shifted position in order to stay safely on Ray’s lap. By now, Ray had a much better grip on me and I noticed a rock hard bulge against my ass. Finding the situation somewhat hilarious because my daddy was rock hard because of little old me, I decided to see how far I could push him. I can’t say for sure when I decided to fuck him, but being on his lap made my decision for me. I just had to have myself some of that huge cock. Sliding and moving around on his lap to get a better feel of his erection, I heard him grunt.

Fuck baby, can you try and keep still, Ray whispered in my ear?

Why daddy, am I making you uncomfortable? Uhm baby no, it’s just……

Putting my hand on his erection and squeezing, I asked Ray if he was excited to feel me on his lap.

Gently removing my hand from his cock, Ray said no and that it was just a normal reaction, nothing to worry about.

Normal reaction my ass, I was going to test this theory further over the rest of the holiday. Before the end of this week we’ll be fucking like bunnies.

Throughout the day I noticed Ray covertly checking me out and frequently adjusting his erection. Of course being me, I just had to rub against him, bend over to flash my ass and loosening my bikini top, all accidental of course.

When we got home, canlı bahis mom said that dinner will be ready in half an hour and I decided to take a shower. Wrapping a towel around me, I went to my room and heard Ray coming down the passage. Leaving my door open, I dropped the towel and started smearing cream all over my body, my back to the door. I could sense him there, watching me. I started touching my sopping wet cunt and knew that Ray knew exactly what I was doing. As I started to turn around, Ray left.

Sitting across from Ray at the table, I started moving my foot over his leg, my aim being his cock. I knew that he could not do anything and continued my exploration. Reaching his cock, he shifted back but I persisted. Slowly moving my foot over his cock, I started talking to mom.

So mom, what did you do today?

Not used to me being interested in anything to do with her, she retorted. Well I started out at the spa and did some shopping and had lunch with some other wives I met at the spa. Actually had a very nice day and you guys?

Oh, we did some sightseeing planned what we will be doing over the next few days. Mom said that was nice and excused herself.

Honey, what the hell do you think you are doing, Ray asked and stood up? His cock was straining against his denim and looked huge.

Licking my lips, I said; I know you want me daddy and I definitely want you, so I just decided to get the ball rolling between us. Looking at your cock, I can see that you liked what I was doing to you.

Mom came back and Ray had to turn around to hide his erection.

She said that she was going to sit in the Jacuzzi and that we could join her if we wanted to. Ray said that he would join her and I also decided to go play.

Putting on my bikini, I went outside.

Mom and Ray were sitting opposite each other and I heard Ray asking her why she did not want to have sex with him anymore.

Mom said that she just did not know why and that she had no sex drive at all.

Before Ray could say anything else, I made my presence known and got into the Jacuzzi and sat down next to him. I immediately let my hand wander down to his cock and great was my surprise when I realized that he was naked, obviously in anticipation of fucking my bitch of a mother. Jerking and trying to move away, I grabbed his cock and kept him next to me. I slowly stroked his cock up and down and when mom closed her eyes, I shimmied out of my bikini bottom, all the while still stroking daddy. Showing Ray my bikini bottom, I kept it in my hand and took his hand and placed it on top of my creaming pussy.

Tentatively, he started touching my clean shaven pussy. Moving his fingers through my folds and pushing two fingers inside of me. Shit, I almost came right there and then. Ray started fucking my hand and I knew that he was very near to bursting when mom suddenly said that she was going to get some wine. When she went into the house, I told Ray to stand up and saw his thick 9 inch cock. Looking at him, I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth. Deep throating him, I started humming and he was wildly fucking my mouth.

Oh fuck baby, I am going to cum. Daddy is going to cum in your mouth, is that alright?

I just kept on sucking and then he was spurting a shit load of cum down my swallowing throat, still pumping.

Come on daddy, give it all to me before the bitch comes back, and daddy did. Bonelessly he sank back into the water just before mom came out again.

I loved the illicit nature of our frantic sex play, cuckolding mom while she sat across from us had me finger fucking myself to bliss. Ray knew what I was doing to myself and started fingering my now erect clit. Silently, I had the most intense orgasm ever. Trying to get back into my bikini bottom without mom noticing was almost impossible but I prevailed.

Kissing daddy goodnight, I whispered that I loved his huge fucking cock. Ignoring mom, I went to bed.

Next morning, still in my tank top and boy short panties, I went down to the kitchen to start breakfast when daddy entered in his briefs. Coming over to me, he hugged me from behind.

Morning baby, slept well?

Pushing my ass against his morning woody, I said no because I wanted to sleep with him.

Nuzzling my neck, he grinded his erection against me and held my breasts in his hands. Tugging on my nipples, he dry humped me almost to orgasm.

Honey, do you know what you are doing to me, Ray asked? You make me so fucking horny; I want to fuck your pussy till you scream my name. Turning me around, he adjusted his brief covered cock and lined it up with my hungry panty covered pussy. Sliding his cock against me, he fucked my mouth with his tongue. Hearing mom coming down the stairs, he sat quickly down at the table and I told him to get rid of the hag for the day so that we can fuck like bunnies.

Predictably, mom nagged me about being dressed so scantily, again.

Mom, are you jealous or afraid that bahis siteleri daddy might be looking at my hot body, I goaded her? I quickly left the kitchen, not bothering to wait for her reply or eat breakfast.

After finishing my shower, I dressed in a halter neck summer dress, foregoing the underwear and went back down to the family room. As I turned on the television, mom breezed in, informing me that dad rented a yacht for her and her new friends for the day and that she will only be back late.

Not really caring, I just nodded and pretended to watch a movie until she left.

Ray came down ten minutes later, I stood up, took off my dress while walking outside to the pool. On the pool steps, I stopped, spread my legs and inserted two fingers in my pussy while Ray watched. Removing my fingers, I smeared my pussy cream over my breasts and licked off the rest while Ray took off his surf shorts. Fully erect by now, his cock bounced up against his abdomen. Taking his cock in hand he started towards me while pumping his fuck stick. Stopping in front of me, I sucked him hungrily into my mouth, one finger teasing his anus, not stopping until I felt his blast of baby making cum against the back of my throat.

Fuck baby, you are killing me, Ray grunted. Taking me in his arms, he sat down on the steps while I stood over him.

Honey, I need to taste your pussy. Come to daddy, baby.

Spreading my pussy lips, I grabbed his head and pushed his mouth onto my quivering slit. Ray sucked my swollen clit into his mouth and swirled his stiff tongue around it. Pulling back, he stuck out his very broad tongue and slowly licked me from anus to clit, repeating the process over and over until I came. Pushing me onto the side of the pool, he inserted three thick fingers inside my pussy; his thumb started circling my anus and continued to suckle my clit, his other hand roughly tugging on my nipple. Slipping his thumb past my virgin sphincter, he finger fucked me to another mind blowing orgasm. Pulling me into the water, I melted against him. Regaining some mobility in my useless limbs, I pushed away from him and swam to the other side of the pool.

Taking my breast in hand, I started suckling myself while watching Ray. Lazily he came towards me and when he could almost touch me, I dove underwater, sucked his cock and swam away again. I knew that I was driving him crazy and loved the wild look in his eyes.

You know baby, when I eventually catch you I am going to fuck you senseless. I am so fucking hard; I will probably split you in two.

Tsk, tsk daddy, do you always threaten without doing?

Fuck no baby, and with that said, he cleaved through the water towards me. I barely escaped and ran into the house. He caught me in the upstairs passage, near the window. Pulling my back against his chest, he maneuvered me towards the window. Placing my hands alongside the window, he pushed me against it while roughly pulling my legs apart. Barely registering anything else, I saw the guy next door looking up at us.

Daddy also noticed and started fondling my breasts openly while we were watching the neighbor. Realizing that we did not mind him watching us, he pulled his shorts down and started stroking his erection. This was so fucking hot. Dad’s cock was sawing against my puffed up pussy lips and clit and I felt another orgasm approaching. Taking his cock in hand, I pushed his head inside my pussy from behind. Dad lost it there and then! Feeling my tight slit around his cock, he pushed all the way in hard and stayed there while shuddering in ecstasy. Our voyeur was still pumping his cock and watching us.

Baby, I am going to fuck you to within an inch of your life, you ready, I can’t wait any longer?

Fuck me daddy, fuck your baby girl!

Pistoning frantically in and out of me, almost lifting me from my feet, I felt his cock touch my cervix. I have never felt anyone so deep inside of me, stretching me wide. Clamping his hands on my breasts, he fucked me furiously till we both came in a screaming crescendo at the same time. Neighbor guy spurted his spunk onto his prize winning rose bush while grinning up at us. Daddy saluted and slowly withdrew his still hard cock from my abused but sated pussy.

Turning me around, he kissed me so gently, I felt like crying.

Kelly, I love and adore you baby girl. You are my world!

I love you too big daddy and not only that, I am in love with you.

Sucking in his unsteady breath, he hugged me tightly while whispering sweet taboo’s in my willing ear.

Taking his hand, I lead him to the shower.

Pulling me under the spray of water, he kissed me again and backed me against the wall. Picking me up and draping my legs around him, he gently pushed inside of me.

Holding my hips, he slowly pumped inside of me while steadily looking into my eyes the whole time.

I love you Kel, pumping inside of me and slowly withdrawing.

I adore you baby, repeating the beautiful gentle process.

I bahis şirketleri am in love with you baby, again doing the same.

You won my heart and I take yours into my keeping, baby, I started crying.

Gently kissing the tears from my face, he brought us to the most beautiful and astounding orgasm of our lives.

Sobbing, I clung to him while he stroked my back. It was the most profound moment of my life. Gently washing me, aware of my fragile state, he towel dried me and took me to their bed where he just held me in his tight embrace. We drifted off to sleep and woke on and off to blissful lovemaking until we knew that mom would be home anytime.

Ray decided to take us out to dinner but I declined. I could not stand being in the same room as my mother. She had what I coveted for myself; Ray, my fierce and gentle lover. When they got back, I heard Ray saying that he would sleep in the spare room, mom tried to change his mind, but he was adamant.

I never slept that night and from time to time I heard Ray walking to my bedroom door, but he never came in.

The next morning, I went downstairs with my suitcases packed and asked Ray to take me to the airport. I could see that it bothered him but he did not ask me why I wanted to go. Of course mom did not care, just waved goodbye and went on her merry little fucked up way.

The drive to the airport was the longest of my life, no words were spoken. At the airport, we just sat in the car, not saying nor doing anything.

Ray was the first to speak.

Kelly, I am sorry about what happened and if I knew that it was going to ruin our relationship, I would have never made love to you. I still love you honey and…. He started choking up.

Ray, it was the first time that I ever called him by his name, please don’t be sorry, it was the most beautiful day of my life. I do not regret it, it is just…..

What baby? Why do you want to leave so suddenly if it did not ruin what we had?

Ray, it is very difficult for me, knowing that you are with that bitch. I can’t touch you; make love to you all because you belong to her. Please, I don’t want to be a witness to you fucking up your life with her. Please understand.

Oh baby, I thought that you regretted our making love. Tracing my lips with his thumb, he softly told me what I needed to hear.

Baby, I love you and only you. I promise that I will find a way to make things better, okay?


Getting my luggage from the jeep, we approached my terminal just as they announced my flight number and imminent departure.

Hauling me to his chest, Ray kissed me longingly while tears softly fell from my sad eyes.

Darling, I love and need you. Give me a few days to sort out this mess and I will call you, okay, Ray said?

Not believing that anything good will come from his promise, I looked at him.

Ray, I love you and please know that I will always remember the happiness of our perfect day together. I’ll see you when you return, bye….

Two weeks later…

Getting back to work and trying to deal with my fluctuating emotions was hell, but worst of all was, Ray did not call as he promised. I was an emotional wreck, not knowing if they returned from holiday and what the future held for me. At least I told my best friend Jenna about what happened and she tried to make my life bearable by dragging me kicking and screaming to clubs, parties and everything else that she could fabricate in an effort to make me feel better. It helped a little bit and at least I forgot about my broken heart during those times. Tonight, she said that we were going to the opera, having snagged much sought after tickets for one of my favorite productions. She told me that a client of hers gave her his box seats because of her great service to him. I wonder what she had to do to arrange that, but did not ask.

Dressed in a pale green halter neck evening dress which complimented my rich auburn hair and green eyes, I waited for Jenna to arrive. Jenna called to let me know that she will be a bit late due to work commitments but that she will send the clients limo to fetch me and gave me the box number.

Wow, now I really wondered about this client of hers, a limo no less. When the limo arrived, I got in and the driver told me to have some complimentary champagne, which I did of course.

At the theatre, I got directions to the box and let myself in. Well, to say that I was astounded would be to say that the Himalayas are a mole hill. The box was completely private and strawberries, oysters, caviar, champagne and various other mouth watering items were on display. Popping a strawberry into my mouth, I savored the delicious juice running down my throat.

I knew that you would go for the strawberries first, baby, you never could resist, a familiar voice said behind me.

Slowly turning around, I just stared at Ray.

Coming down the two steps, dressed in a tux, he looked gorgeous. Stopping in front of me, he gently cupped my cheek and lightly brushed his lips over my ripe mouth. Still staring at him, pulled me into his loving arms.

Close your mouth baby or else I will assume that you want to be kissed senseless, Ray smilingly whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20