A Mistress Is Better Than A Master

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A mistress is better than a master.

It was Christmas 1898 and Anna was fed up. Fed up because it was cold and miserable,fed up because she was alone, and fed up because her mother had arranged for Thomas to visit that evening.

Thomas was, to Anna’s mother, the ideal husband; 30 years old, from good stock, already a man of land and property and certain to inherit a lot more from his elderly parents – probably sooner rather than later.

A marriage between Anna and Thomas would ensure her daughter’s comfort for the rest of her life and, more importantly, it would provide herself with secure home on the estate. This was the way it was; if you marry the daughter, you have to look after her mother. Perfect.

The problem for Anna was that she quite simply didn’t like Thomas. Yes, he was good looking, and he did have a fine body, and in fact he was very pleasant in his ways too, especially to mother, and that alone made life so much easier for Anna. Mother could be difficult at the best of times.

No, the problem was that Anna just didn’t like him. She didn’t feel anything when he was in the room, no twinges, no desires, nothing. To be honest she was not sure how she was meant to feel because, she suspected, she had never experienced one of “those” feelings.

She had spent many evenings by the fire with her older sisters while they giggled about how the men they wanted made them feel dizzy and light headed.

Once her sister eldest sister, Marie, spoke of a “dampness” when a potential lover had gently kissed her neck. Anna had laughed along with the story but had no real idea what her sister was talking about. Perhaps, she thought, she never would. Perhaps she was just different.

Anyway, Thomas coming over this evening, was definitely making her more fed up than usual, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Mother and Anna lived alone, her father having died some years before, apart from Minnie. She was not quite a servant, not quite a cook and not quite a dresser. She was a little bit of everything; she lived in the house, often ate with them and occasionally travelled with them too. She would help mother dress in the morning and if Anna was to attend an event she would help her dress for that too, in fact she would have been better described a Senior Housemaid – had there been any others to be senior to!

For Minnie today was a good day because it was her duty to help Anna prepare for Thomas’s arrival, so at 7:00 pm precisely she knocked on Anna’s bedroom door as instructed.

They both got on very well together and Minnie was really quite informal in her company. Far more so than mother would have liked. But Anna was happy with it this way, Minnie has become her friend and her confident since her elder sisters had married and moved away and it was to Minnie that she turned when she was fed up – like today!

Anna was already in the tub when Minnie knocked and she called out to beckon her in. Minnie immediately started sorting out the corsets and gowns that she knew Anna would want to wear to greet Thomas. Nothing too pretty, just a sensible evening gown, with silk ties, ivory buttons and lots of lace. Exactly how a woman of Anna’s position should look, pretty without being provocative.

Anna was still in the tub bahis firmaları when she called for Minnie.

“Would you scrub my back, Minnie” she casually asked.

Without a word Minnie took up the long wood handled brush and soaped it up. She often did this for her mistress, in fact it was in the tub that they had some of their most intimate conversations. Minnie sat on a chair and gently rubbed the brush in circular motions up and down Anna’s back.

In fact they both loved this, Anna because it felt good, and Minnie, because it brought her so close to her mistress. A privileged position only she enjoyed. Oddly, today they did not talk, Minnie just carried out her duty in silence. She occasionally glanced at Anna’s beautiful body and felt a sort of flutter in her tummy – it was all a bit improper and she often had to look away to contain it.

Anyway some minutes later Minnie looked at Anna and was delighted to see that her eyes had closed, as if she had fallen asleep, and she was slowly slipping down against the back of the tub. Complete trust!

Minnie had to change tack now because the brush would no longer fit between Anna’s back and the tub so she switched her attention to her legs instead. Anna’s eyes remained closed but with each stroke that Minnie made Anna seemed to lie a little less comfortably, she was gently twitching and at one point almost imperceptibly lifted her hips in the water, only very slightly but enough for Minnie to notice. She then let slip a soft moan which seemed to wake herself up with a start.

“The time, Minnie, what’s the time!” she shouted, hauling herself out of the water taking most of it with her. Anna quickly dried herself while Minnie lay out her clothes on the large four poster bed.

Over the next half an hour corsets were tied up taught, petticoats fluffed up loose and the most gorgeous, (but not too) pure silk flowing gown was meticulously wrapped round the lovely Anna. She really did look beautiful. Far too good for that Thomas, thought Minnie.

The knock on the door came as a surprise – too early for Thomas, too late for her mother, and Minnie was here with her. Who could it be, she thought.

“Go and see Minnie” said Anna. Minnie crossed the room and opened the door; it was ideed Thomas, and she took in a short breath of surprise.

“Please wait here Sir” she requested, and returned to Anna.

“It’s Thomas, miss, he wishes to see you now. Shall I tell him to wait downstairs?” Anna blushed, this was most unconventional, but it seemed childish to send him away.

“No, it’s fine, let him in” said Anna. Minnie did so.

It seemed Thomas was the perfect gentleman. He apologised for his intrusion and for his presumption, but he had something important to say, in private. Anna turned to Minnie and said it was fine now for Minnie to leave but could she be back by 10:00 pm to put the clothes away.

Minnie was not comfortable with this very unusual situation so rather than leaving by the bedroom door she instead opened to door to Anna’s closet shutting it with the same clunk. From here she watched and listened.

Within seconds of her “leaving” Thomas was on one knee, offering Anna a huge ring in exchange for her hand in marriage. Promising security for her and her mother for ever. kaçak iddaa He was very presumptive but Anna was taken completely by surprise; she said she wanted time to think, time to talk with her mother even though Thomas told her it had all already been discussed and that the arrangement had been deemed most suitable for all.

However Anna stood her ground and insisted on having time to consider his “most generous” offer. Thomas was not used to anyone questioning him, never mind such a young girl whose life he was offering to improve beyond imagination – at least in his view.

His tone suddenly changed, his stance became a little more threatening and he was starting to sweat a little. With his voice raised he expressed bewilderment that she seemingly could not grasp what was on offer. Did she not know who he was, who his father was. Did she have no idea! He was beginning to shout.

Then, without warning, he forced her on to the bed; Minnie could barely contain herself but still being in the room was unforgiveable and her job would certainly be lost if she was discovered. So she just watched and listened.

Anna then let out a little scream, Thomas had struck her, quite hard, and had torn her beautiful silk dress with one downward stroke of his arm. He then took a knife from his belt and expertly cut through all the laces on her corset. Anna was naked but for her knickers, which he cut away equally deftly. Minnie was dumbstruck, as was Anna; neither dared protest.

“This is what I am offering you” shouted Thomas, pulling down his trousers to let free his engorged penis – surely she will never be able to take all that thought Minnie, feeling immediately guilty for allowing such a thought to enter her mind.

Thomas threw himself at Anna with the lust of an animal. He forced her legs apart roughly and thrust himself in between her unwilling thighs. Anna could do nothing to resist so she just closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and hoped it would be all over before she screamed. Thomas was pumping like a machine, he was venting his anger and his frustration on this helpless girl – and he clearly cared not a damn.

Minnie could see his arse pumping him deeper and deeper into her mistress. She hated this moment more than any other in her life and prayed for it to be over quickly. Thomas’s grunts grew louder and his thrusts harsher until he seemed to explode – he pumped four of five times then pulled himself out, quickly putting his now flacid member back in his trousers, muttering something about plenty of grateful young girls in the parish, and promptly leaving – taking his ring with him.

Minnie stayed hidden for about ten minutes listening to her mistress quietly sobbing as she covered up her nudity, presumably so Minnie could not see what damage the brute had done to her beautiful body.

Finally Minnie reached out of her hiding place and knocked on the inside of the bedroom door, as if outside. Anna did not respond. Minnie knocked louder and with more urgency. She saw Anna cover herself completely before she called out, as if nothing had happened.

“Don’t worry Minnie, I’ll put everything away.” Minnie ignored this and opened the door apologising for not being able to hear what she had said. She saw Anna was crying, her ripped dress on the kaçak bahis floor, her corset in threads – even the innocent Minnie would know what happened.

Minnie ran to her bed and took the sobbing Anna in her arms then lay next to her holding her tight.

“I will clean you up” said Minnie, “I will remove all trace of him.”

She filled a large bowl with fragranced warm water and took some soft cotton clothes which she soaked in the water. Anna had nothing more to hide, so she lay back, her legs apart, while Minnie cleaned out the seed that Thomas planted.

It seemed never ending and she used lots of cloths. It had gone everywhere, not just inside her, it was on her thighs, her bottom, and her tummy, making Minnie wonder if all men make this much mess.

Anna was already beginning to feel much better as Minnie worked away and she was just starting to relax when she felt herself overcome by the most wonderful intimate feeling. It was a warm, soft, gentle feeling, from someone that seemed to care about her, that seemed to want to make everything better. Was this what her sisters had talked about.

She lifted her head from the pillow and could see Minnie’s head was deep between her legs and she was gently using her tongue to wash away all of Thomas’s sex. After his rough ways this was just wonderful, like a new discovery. Anna had never ever felt this way before but right now she was clearly having one of those dizzy feelings her sisters had laughed about.

Minnie too was now lost in total lust for her mistress – she could taste a cocktail of Anna’s sex and Thomas’s spunk. What started as a cleanup had now become a mission to give Anna back her happiness, to show her how she could be loved.

Anna was moving faster, lifting her hips to make it easier for Minnie to enter her and to clean her, to remove all trace of Thomas. She did not understand these deep feelings she had but she knew for sure that it was Minnie she wanted to be with from now on, and especially right now.

Minnie pulled her face away from Anna and slowly inserted the tip of her thumb into her with another finger gently resting on her arse. Anna moaned – “more, please do more” – Minnie pushed harder into her and Anna was now so wet there was no resistance, and she was enthralled by the feeling of Anna’s arse tightening on her finger – almost pinching it.

Anna orgasmed like a wild animal, pushing herself onto Minnie, begging for more, never wanting it to stop. Eventually she lay back exhausted but happy – happier than she had ever been in her life. She instinctively knew what to do now and quickly undressed Minnie. Anna could see now that Minnie was beautiful, lovely breasts, a lovely bum and a perfectly neat pubic patch, glistening with sex.

“Kneel over my face Minnie”, she whispered, let me show how good it was for me. Minnie gently lowered herself onto Anna’s her face and felt her gently sucking her cunt into her mouth. She shuddered, pushing herself down harder, feeling a huge wave of something completely overtaking her. She shuddered again, out of control and rubbing herself rhythmically all over Anna’s face.

She must not hurt her mistress but could not stop now. Finally her whole body seemed to go rigid and her head became dizzy; she froze but the muffled sounds below startled her and she quickly lifted herself off Anna, her wonderful mistress.

She looked down; Anna’s face was completely soaked .. but her smile was a mile wide too.

They slept well that night.

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