A Maid Made for Me Ch. 02

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“I have to go,” Alexis whispered in my ear as her vagina slowly ceased its spasms on my fingers and her tongue ran lightly up my neck. My other hand was cupping one of her large breasts and I was slowly running my thumb over her nipple.

“I have an on-line class in less than an hour,” she explained before she kissed me and ran her tongue to my ear. Alexis slowly pulled back away from my fingers in her pussy before picking up the robe I had loaned her earlier and tying it around her.

I was sitting in my salon chair still naked when she bent in to kiss me again and whisper, “I loved licking your pussy and loved your juice all over my face. I really like this job and really like you…….I just hope I didn’t scare you off.”

And she left my ‘salon’, locking the door behind her.

I spent the rest of the day and evening working on the household books…interrupted frequently by the visions of Alexis with her face between my legs as her delightful tongue licked my pussy lips and her lips gently sucking my clit.

Scare me off? I’d never experienced such a wet hot tongue gliding over my pussy from someone who really enjoyed licking it; I couldn’t wait to get her tongue back in my pussy and I was even considering how I would love to replace my fingers with my tongue as it pumped her pussy.

Alexis had a private room in our house, but usually only slept there if we had a late evening social event; most nights she went to her own apartment since she was studying to get her RN license and needed the study time and computer.

I spent most of that night tossing and turning as the visions of her delightful tongue running over my entire body kept running through my mind.

The next morning I was at the breakfast table, drinking coffee and nibbling on toast, when Alexis rushed in and took a seat at the table.

“Sorry I’m a couple minutes late,” she said as she composed herself. “The online discussion seemed to last forever and it was midnight before I got off the computer.”

She looked at me shyly.

“I think the Jose shots might have gotten to me.” Alexis said, looking down at her plate. “I’m sorry if I did anything to offend you or ruin our friendship.”

I rose from my chair and approached her. I ran my fingers through her long hair before I placed my hand under her chin to raise her lips to mine as I softly kissed her. I ran my tongue over her lips and spoke quietly.

“You were wonderful. Your tongue made me so hot, I played with myself all night, imagining you licking my pussy and ass.”

Alexis gently kissed me back and then looked up into my eyes.

“I’ve been fantasizing about making love to you for months. I didn’t scare you? I didn’t know if I was a lesbian when I found how much I liked licking my ex-husband’s lover…….and then I was really wondering about it after spending so much time fantasizing about you, Michelle.”

“Then, when it finally happened yesterday, I wasn’t worried about the label or if I was a lesbian or not, I just know I loved kissing you and sucking your nipples…….and running my tongue over your pussy.”

“I didn’t want to stop.” She murmured.

Demurely, Alexis reached up to the neck line of my robe, her fingers lightly touching my skin as she ran her hand up my neck and then down the long collar of my robe. Slowly she reached her and inside the collar and she slid my robe softly over my shoulder and opened it just enough to reveal my breast. She looked up at my face as she bent in to lightly place her lips over my nipple. I gasped at the same time I arched my back and pushed my nipple into her mouth as her tongue flicked it over and over again before her lips circled it and sucked wetly. My pussy was tingling when suddenly I heard a door slam from the kitchen.

I pulled myself away and barely covered myself just as the kitchen maid breezed into the room.

“I have fresh frozen strawberries for your breakfast, Madam.”

Mally, I thought was her name, glanced at me standing so close to Alexis, but didn’t say anything as she set the bowl of strawberries on the table and left the room.

I picked up a strawberry and bit into it.

“We have to be a little discreet.” I said. “I don’t want the staff creating rumors- true or not.”

I pulled Alexis’s Old Navy tank top down below one breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I reached down her top to expose one of her full breasts and cupped in my hand before I swirled the other half of the cold strawberry around her nipple.

“Oh fucking my,” she gasped at the cold touch of the near frozen strawberry as I coated her nipple with the cold fruit making it red with juice as her nipple jumped to rock hard in a second. I bent down to run my tongue slowly over and around her nipple.

“Mmmm” I said as my lips sucked at her strawberry coated nipple. Breathing hard and fast, Alexis cupped her large round breast and pushed her hard nipple into my mouth.

I heard a door from the kitchen and pulled Alexis’s tank canlı bahis şirketleri top back over her breast just before Mally entered the room.

“Shall I clear the table, mam?” she said while glancing at the looks between Alexis and me.

“Yes, dear,” I said, “but I’ll take the strawberries to my salon….they are very tasty and don’t want to waste them.”

“Yes, Mum” the cute young gal shot a strange look at us both as she left the room.

“What do you suppose that look was about?” I asked Alexis as the door shut behind her.

“I don’t know,” said Alexis. “But I think you’re right about being discreet…there are eyes all around here.”

“Let’s go for a quick swim before we go to my salon and discuss today’s schedule,” I replied. “It seems to me that I had a busy day lined up for today.”

We cut through my salon and I placed the bowl of strawberries in the dorm frig under the counter in my salon that I usually keep my mineral water in and headed through the patio doors to the cabanas. We changed into our suits, dove into the pool and did a few laps before coming to rest at the edge of the pool. Her breasts were so appealing, swelling over her swim top, barely covering her nipples and I wanted to reach my hand inside and roll her nipples between my fingers. Alexis saw me gazing at her breasts and smiled.

“I want you to touch them, too.” She said quietly as though reading my mind. “But the house surrounds the pool and there are LOTS of windows; they may see us but we can’t see them.”

I sighed. “You’re right. So let’s go in.”

We changed in the cabanas and came back into my salon; me in my robe and Alexis in a fresh black uniform. As I sat in my salon chair Alexis checked my calendar.

“Boy, Michelle, you were right about your schedule today. We have to be at the public library in less than two hours to help launch the new computer programs John donated, and you have an afternoon tea with the historical society.

“I have to be home by 4 for an online class and a then attend a mandatory lecture at the college at 5:30 that lasts until 8 pm….but I can be back later tonight and stay in my room here so we can have an early start tomorrow…….looks like tomorrow is pretty open.”

I was disappointed, knowing that our exploration of each other was on hold until at least tomorrow-I didn’t dare visit her room at night since it was so close to the rooms of the other full-time staff.

“Alexis,” I started hesitantly, “do you remember how you giggled at the thought of being in a French maid’s uniform when I first asked you about wearing a uniform?”

“Yes…?” she replied.

“Well, I’ve been having this fantasy of you in that uniform-with no panties and your breasts just barely covered.” I blushed. “If I got something like that for you…..and only worn here, in my salon….would you wear it? For me…for ‘play’?”

“Mmmm,” she smiled and then said “I wasn’t quite just kidding when I said it was a fantasy of mine.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips before leaving to get dressed in ‘public’ clothes.

I felt a little rush in my pussy as she disappeared.

I left the salon to get dressed in my bedroom as Alexis went to her room to do the same. We met an hour later in the foyer before the chauffer drove us to the library so I could make my appearance and afterward I attended the tea and Alexis left for her class. After the tea, my afternoon and evening were open; John, of course, was away on business as usual.

“Take me to the mall,” I requested the chauffer. “The entrance by Barnes and Noble, please.”

I shopped at Barnes and Noble quite frequently, but that wasn’t my real intent today. Just a few specialty shops away was the tasteful lingerie shop I’d purchased BOB (my battery operated boyfriend) and some sexy crotch less panties and lacey bras for the few occasions John was home-and that’s where I was headed.

I entered the store and looked around-there were numerous racks of sexy clothing and a large display of vibrators, dildos, and I found something that looked like a pacifier.

“May I help you, Mum?” an attractive young lady was suddenly at my side.

“Yes, what IS that?” I asked, pointing to the ‘pacifier’.

“It’s a ‘butt plug,’ Mum.” She smiled without a trace of smugness. “Extremely erotic feeling to have that inserted in your anal orifice while your clitoris is being stimulated,” she said and after a pause added, “It’s only kinky the first time.”

I laughed out loud and then replied, “I suppose that’s true. I think I’ll have to buy one and check it out. But I’m also interested in sexy maid uniforms. My husband has this fantasy…..” I trailed off, not being a very good liar.

“We have many. Right this way,” she said as she led me to a rack of lacey clothing.

“We have your standard French maid’s uniform.” She said as she pointed out a dress with a black tapered bodice and a short skirt with many layers of white netting.

“But this seems canlı kaçak iddaa to be a little more popular,” she said as she held up a black satin bodice with gathered see-through white lace netting across the area that fit over the breasts. The separate skirt was black satin and very short and the white apron was satin with a gathered edge of white satin border. The ‘uniform’ came with white satin cuffs and lacey white thigh-high stockings.

“I like this last one.” I said. “I’ll take the ‘pacifier’ and this outfit. Do you have it in size 8?”

Alexis is about the same size I am, but with larger breasts. I expected those large breasts would strain against the see-through lace, but the thought of her breasts straining against the transparent netting gave my pussy a sudden little hiccup.

“We do,” said the young clerk and picked the right size from the rack. I paid for the purchases and after arriving home, stashed the butt plug in my salon drawer and placed the ‘maid uniform’ along with a robe in the cabana Alexis used to change in. I was wet with anticipation as I thought about Alexis in that uniform-catering to my every whim as my maid would do.

Early the next morning I checked my calendar-luckily the entire day was open-before I headed to the pool. I swam a few laps before I noticed Alexis standing at the edge of the pool.

“Good morning,” she called. She was wearing her usual sexy two-piece swimsuit and I gazed at her wonderful body, thinking how nice it would be to touch every inch of what I could see…..and every inch I couldn’t.

“Good news,” she said. “Water line broke at the college and took out the computer lab-no classes today-even on-line classes.” She dove in the pool and only did a couple of laps when she caught up to me clinging to the edge. She moved in close and whispered, “We have all day and evening-if that’s what you want.”

“Yes,” I breathed. I wanted to kiss her lips and lick those wonderful breasts but I also knew we were too exposed to any house staff that may be watching. “Put your uniform on and meet me in my salon-then the day is ours.” I whispered.

I entered my cabana, dried off and wrapped my robe around me before entering the patio door leading to my salon. Under my black satin robe I was completely naked and as I sat back in my salon chair waiting for Alexis, my fingers toyed with one nipple as my other hand slipped down to caress my pussy.

Suddenly the patio door opened and she stepped through, clothed in the robe but I could see the white satin cuffs on her wrists and the lacey nylons on her legs. She stepped away from the doorway and stopped, slowly pulling the belt off the robe and dropping the robe to the floor.

Her breasts strained tightly against the see through netting of her bodice of her ‘maid uniform’ and I could clearly see her nipples pushing against the material. Her lacey stockings didn’t quite reach where the satin skirt stopped which was just short of revealing her pussy.

Her blue eyes bored into mine.

“How would you like me to serve you?” Alexis said, clearly getting into the role.

“After you brush my hair, would you rub my temples just a bit? I have bit of a headache.”

“Of course,” she said as she moved behind me to gently brush my hair; I could see her large breasts straining against the lace bodice in the salon mirrors before she leaned closer to press her fingers lightly to my temples. Her nipples were rock against the material and I could tell her ‘role’ as my maid was turning her on.

Her hair brushed gently lightly over my shoulders and I felt her breasts push against the back of my head. I could see my head nestled comfortably between her glorious breasts in the salon mirrors and realized that if I turned my head just a little I could put my lips over her nipple straining at the netting of the bodice.

“That feels very nice,” I said, “but I notice you aren’t wearing your uniform properly,” I said.

“Really?” she asked in surprise. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it,” I replied. “It just needs a little adjustment. Come here a minute.”

Alexis came around to stand in front of me and I gently pulled the netting of the bodice down so it rested under her breasts. Her large breasts were completely exposed and her nipples were at attention before I wetted my lips and sucked one while cupping the other breast with my hand and lightly rubbing my thumb on the other.

“oh, fuck, Michelle,” she breathed as she pushed her nipple further into my mouth. I lapped my tongue around it before sucking it.

Abruptly, she pulled back.

“Thank you for instructing me on the proper appearance of the uniform.” Suddenly she was taking on the ‘maid’ role again.

“I think if I would massage your feet, it would relieve some of your stress.” She said. “May I rub your feet?”

This was a bit of a twist I wasn’t expecting, but said, “Yes, I think that might help.”

Alexis pulled a small stool to sit at the bottom canlı kaçak bahis of my salon chair and then went to the drawers build into the cabinets below the mirrors behind my salon chair.

She rummaged for a couple of minutes and said, “I think this should do it.”

She brought a bottle of lotion and positioned herself on the stool at my feet, kicking off her shoes and hiking her short skirt and apron up enough that her pussy was fully exposed to my gaze. Her smoothly shaven pussy appeared moist, her breasts were jutting out over the netting of her corset –and my pussy was tingling in anticipation of her touch and that wonderful tongue slithering over my stomach, my legs, and snaking its way to my wet crotch.

Alexis poured the lotion into one hand, rubbed her hands together before taking my foot in her hand, and pulled my leg up; I could see her glancing at my now exposed crotch as she began to rub the lotion on the bottom of my foot.

“There now, Mum,” she said as she worked the lotion into the sole of my foot while stealing glances at my pussy. “Isn’t that soothing?”

It was very relaxing as she rubbed my foot and ran her fingers in between my toes.

“Mmmm,” I agreed and she set my foot down to put more lotion in her hands before working on the other foot.

She raised my other leg so she could still see my pussy and began to rub the lotion over my sole and between my toes. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes after pulling my robe up to make sure she had full view of my pussy. It excited me to expose my pussy to her as she rubbed my foot; I could feel my juices wetting the salon chair.

Alexis continued to rub my foot when suddenly I felt something wet slide up the arch of my foot.

Startled, I opened my eyes and looked down to see Alex running her tongue up my foot as she toyed with one of her nipples.

“Isn’t that relaxing, Mum?” she said as she looked me in the eyes.

Not expecting or waiting for my answer, she licked my foot once more and began to suck on my middle toe like it was a little cock. The erotic sensation was totally surprising. Alexis wiggled her tongue between my toes and sucked my toe once more before she began to kiss and lick her way up my leg.

She stopped kissing my leg at my knee but continued to run her hand lightly up my thigh until her fingers lightly tickled my pussy lips and then retreated to stroke my thigh.

“You have a beautiful pussy, Mum,” she said as I watched her other hand slide over her own pussy lips as she gazed at my wet crotch.

“Well, thank you, dear,” I said as I spread my legs a little wider so she could see the juice that covered my pussy lips and dripped toward my butthole. “I like that you like it.”

“I think I would like those strawberries from the frig now, dear. Would you mind getting them for me?” I asked.

“Well, uh sure,” Alexis replied, a little ruffled at being interrupted at her quest to touch my pussy. She got up from her stool and bent to reach the berries from the dorm frig. As she bent over, I got a full view of her smooth rounded ass cheeks and a glimpse of her wet slit. I roamed my hand lightly over her ass and let it slide to the inside of her thigh, not yet quite touching her pussy lips.

“Mmmm, that’s a very nice view,” I whispered as I let my fingers trail her pussy lips. I could see the ‘dew’ on her lips and easily slid my middle finger up her slippery tunnel.

“Oh!” Michelle said, as if surprised. She stood up with the bowl of strawberries and turned toward me, making sure I had plenty of ‘reach’ to keep my finger buried in her.

“Feed me a strawberry, dear,” I said with my finger still in her pussy. She set the bowl on the counter before selecting a very large strawberry and offered it to my mouth. I bit into it; it wasn’t quite frozen but still very cold and very sweet. I took the other half from her and ran it between her breasts and up her neck. My tongue followed the same trail to her chin and then pulled my finger from her cunt to place it in her mouth. As she sucked my finger, wet with her own pussy juice, I ran the strawberry around her lips before I pulled my finger from her mouth and licked the strawberry trail from her lips.

“Mmmm, you are tasty,” I whispered. “I can taste your pussy on your lips. ”

Alexis bent over me in the salon chair, her impressive breasts with visibly very hard nipples were swaying above me as she placed her hand softly around my face and bent down to kiss me. A soft kiss, barely touching my lips. Then her tongue was gently exploring my mouth and I reached behind her head to bring her lips closer to mine and swirled my tongue with hers.

I was getting so wet kissing her and reached my hand around to caress her butt, gently tickling my fingers over her ass and sliding them toward her pussy.

“I’d like another strawberry, please, ” I said as I continued to caress her ass, running my fingers lightly toward her butthole and down to her pussy lips.

Alex reached into the bowl and offered the strawberry to my mouth. I bit it in half and pulled her mouth to mine as we sucked each others’ tongues and pushed the berry back and forth, each of us feeling the cold, sweet taste of the berry as we kissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20