A Little Learning Ch. 01

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It was a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon, and there was nothing to do. I wanted to do only one thing, anyway – I wanted to fuck. I wanted – nay, needed – to fuck someone’s brains out, and soon, otherwise I was sure my balls would have burst.

I had just gotten back from a long, dull, dutiful spring break with my family; in the middle of suburban New Hampshire, in a town where the only gays were old married couples with kids and dogs, I had spent an increasingly unbearable two sex-free weeks. Aside from a few rushed jerk-off sessions in the shower, I haven’t given my cock a good work-out in 14 long days and it was 14 too many.

After the two hour ride to campus, I dropped my bags in my dorm and hit the streets.

A few weeks ago, I had begun hooking up with a guy named Ben O’Malley. He was an earnest history major, and I’d met him through friends; we met up for drinks one evening. He was adorably shy and nervous, and clearly inexperienced. I could see he was new to the scene and wouldn’t read the signs, so I was frank with him – I told him that I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I’d love nothing more than to take him home and plow him like a cornfield. He blushed – first guy I’ve ever seen blush in my life – but was tipsy enough that he agreed.

Since then, we had been meeting up to fool around whenever we could – which wasn’t often. He lived off-campus in a crowded apartment with his very Irish family – a long-suffering mother, beer-swilling dad and six siblings, whom he wasn’t out to yet, and I was usually cockblocked at my dorm by my roommate.

Ben worked part-time at a supermarket a few blocks down from campus. I texted him to see if he was working that night – he was. I walked briskly over, pulling my hood up over my head to keep clear of the drizzly rain, and was there in a few minutes.

I saw him immediately – he was working a register. I don’t know what it was about Ben – he wasn’t the sexiest, the handsomest, the fittest guy I’ve ever fucked by any means – yet somehow, I couldn’t get enough of him.

He wasn’t very tall – 5’7″ or 5’8″ – and kind of stocky: he had beautiful muscular arms and pecs, a bit of a belly, and thighs like tree-trunks. He had very pale, pinkish skin and his whole body was covered with fluffy ginger hair. He kept his beautiful red hair cut fairly short, and he had an open, freckled face with big green eyes and eminently kissable lips.

I ducked into an aisle before canlı bahis şirketleri he could see me – I wanted to surprise him. I picked up a pack of lube and a box of condoms, and was just about to check out, when something caught my eye. I dropped one more thing in my basket, and walked to his line.

He grinned when he saw me, and blushed again when he saw what I was buying.

“Can you go on a break?” I asked.

“I don’t think so…” he began.

“Even if I ask you really nicely?” I looked him square in those round green eyes. He blushed even more.

Five minutes later, he had smuggled me into a small bathroom in a staff-only section of the store, and locked the door.

“I really don’t think we should be…” I shut him up by planting a kiss on his plump, pink lips. I pushed him against the wall and reached around, planting a hand on each of his ass cheeks – he had the most amazing ass, big and round and firm, pink and scattered with ginger hair. I kneaded his ass through the fabric of his jeans, and began kissing his neck. He let out a few sighs.

I wouldn’t have minded just making out for hours, but we didn’t have much time, and I was really horny, so I squatted down and swiftly undid his belt. Ben pulled off his t-shirt. I dragged down his jeans and baggy cotton boxers – his already-hard cock sprung free and almost hit me in the face. Ben was so eager.

He had a really great dick, not huge or thick but a nice, average-sized cut dick with a large, kissable head and big low-hanging balls like ripe peaches.

I licked the head, then gently began swallowing it. Ben exhaled sharply.

“Oh my god, don’t stop…” He threw his head back and bit his lip.

I began sucking his cock in earnest, fondling the balls. He began pumping his hips gently, and – this was my favorite part of blowing Ben, it was so cute – he stroked my hair.

“Oh, baby…” he moaned. “Oh, Nick…”

I swallowed his dick to the base, until my nose touched his soft, curly red pubes. He made a soft, mewing noise and bucked his hips. Slowly, I went back up again and ran my tongue over the head, then moved south and started licking his balls.

I grabbed his hips and swung him around, dragging his jeans down to his ankles and pulling them off, clumsily, over his shoes.

“Put one leg on the sink,” I commandeered. “For ease of access.”

Eagerly, he put one knee on the sink, and stuck his beautiful canlı kaçak iddaa ass out, the cheeks spread open. He had the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen – perhaps that was why I liked him so much. His beefy cheeks were perfectly round globes, covered in smooth skin and a soft layer of pale gingery hair.

I squatted down behind him, fumbling with my belt to free my own painfully erect cock; once it sprang out, I jerked it a few times then grabbed hold of his perfect cheeks, spreading them further apart so that I could reach his hole with my tongue.

I licked it, and he moaned again, wiggling his ass. I drew back, spitting on his hole and rubbing it with my fingers, while Ben reached down and jerked his cock.

“Oh, shit…” he moaned.

I slapped his ass – first one cheek, then the other.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh my god, yes,” he panted.

“Do you like me eating your ass?”

“Yes, baby, don’t stop.”

I dove back in, licking it and sticking my tongue in his hole, then drew back, spit again, and started fingering him. Slowly, I stuck my index finger in his hole, then my middle finger, and started finger-fucking him.

I looked up at his broad, muscular back, arched forward, the powerful muscles tensing and relaxing underneath his soft skin as he thrust his ass in and out to the rhythm of my finger-fucking. I could see his face in the mirror above the sink, his cheek pressed to the glass, his breath fogging it. His eyes were half closed, and he was moaning quietly.

I slid my fingers out of him.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, fuck, you know I do,” he said, leaning his head forward and biting his lip.

I reached into the bag on the floor, and got out the lube and the cucumber I’d bought. I slathered it in lube, and positioned it at Ben’s asshole. Slowly, I began to slide it in.

Ben inhaled sharply and looked around.

“Dude, what the…” he spotted the cucumber going into his ass, and started laughing. “You’re insane, Nick.”

I smacked his ass and continued fucking him with the cucumber, and started jerking his cock.

Ben started swaying his hips to the rhythm of the cucumber-fucking; we kept at it for a few minutes, but then he reached back and snatched the cucumber out of my hand and threw it on the floor.

“This was fun,” he said, “but I need the real thing.” He turned around and grabbed my shoulders, kissing me hard; I grabbed canlı kaçak bahis his ass, circling his hole with my fingers, imagining sliding my cock into it.

I fumbled with a condom and lube, then sat down on the toilet seat. Ben straddled me; I held my cock and slipped it into his ass. I felt the tightness and the hotness engulfing my dick, and leaned my head against the cold tile while Ben began fucking me.

He bobbed up and down in my lap, and grabbed my neck with his rough, broad hands, slipping his tongue into my mouth. When he drew away, I grabbed hold of his beefy pecs, and started kissing his large, pink nipples. Gently, I bit one – Ben emitted a high-pitched moan and threw his head back. I knew how much he loved his nipples teased.

I slid my hands down his chest and grabbed hold of his hips, leant my back against the wall, and started plowing his ass, quicker and quicker.

Ben began jerking his cock; with his other hand, he stroked my cheek and then slid one finger into my mouth. I sucked on it, and our eyes locked together. Ben began jerking his dick faster and faster, and finally, he started whimpering.

“Oh my god, Nick… oh my god…”

I started bucking my hips even faster, and Ben, biting his lip, started pumping streams of jizz onto my chest.

The sight of Ben coming, his beautiful face euphoric and intense, was enough to set me off. I slowed down and Ben, already attuned to what I liked, began to move up and down on my cock again; within fifteen seconds, I was pumping my load deep inside Ben’s amazing ass.

We sat there for a few moments, sweaty and post-coital and spent, Ben leaned forward, his forehead against the wall, my cock still inside him, while our breathing slowed down to normal. I kissed his neck a few times, and stroked his thigh, but the moment couldn’t last forever.

Ben got off me, and began to get dressed. I pulled the condom off my dick, and, dropping it in the waste basket, grabbed some paper towels to clean off Ben’s spunk off my chest.

“You should visit me at work more often, Nick,” Ben said, pulling his jeans back on.

“You know I will,” I said, grinning.

“Listen… I get off in an hour, do you want to catch a movie or something?” Ben said, smiling earnestly.

I wanted more than anything to say yes, but knew that giving him the wrong idea wouldn’t be good for either of us.

“Not tonight, kiddo,” I said. Ben nodded.

“Well, call me, then,” he said. “I need to get back to work.”

“I will,” I said, and watched him walk away. There was just something about him… I glared at my own reflection, and shook my head. Let it go, I thought. It would only crash and burn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20