A Life Changing Ring Ch. 09

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I would like to thank my editors Joefelton and AnybodyTG.

(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

Chapter 9: Mom finds out

A few days had gone by since my day as dad and a awkward few days it had been. First of course trying to be around Mom after fucking her; every time I was around her I couldn’t help but picture her naked. Second was Dad having no memory of what happened while I was him and more than once I caught mom make comments about what we did and dad clearly being clueless. Third was the fact that had I not sobered up when I did I could have easily ruined my parents’ marriage and all my family’s lives; so of course I felt guilty, doubly so around dad since I fucked his wife. So my big solution to avoid as many awkward moments as possible was to avoid mom and dad as much as possible by staying away from the house when I could and hiding in my room when I couldn’t.

After all the trouble I could have caused because of the ring I decided it was best if it went away. So I locked it back in its box and was going to throw it in the garbage, but something stopped me. I brought it back to my room and pulled out the journal and reread it cover to cover hoping to find… I don’t know what. Of course I didn’t find anything new so I threw the journal on top of the box in anger.

I needed to clear my head so I called up a few of my friends and we went out and saw a movie; the problem was I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. Everything that had happened since I got the ring kept running through my head. Of course it wasn’t all bad like the prank I pulled on Dave and even though the ring had nothing to do with it if I hadn’t gotten the ring my relationship with Pam would not have taken the turn it had.

Going over these events again and again made me realize what I really needed to do was tell someone else about the ring, but who?

The first option was one of my friends but knowing them the way I do giving them knowledge of something like the ring would lead to more complications not less. There was Jack, my oldest friend, I loved the guy but he could be a real perv at times so sharing the truth about the ring would probably lead to things that would make what I had already done look tame. Then there was Robby, we only met a few months ago through Jack so I don’t know him that well so telling him was out. And last was Dan, he was the most logical choice he was the person I told about being bi and to top that had fooled around with once but he was also very much a goodie goodie type so telling him what I had already done would not end well. So sharing the truth about the ring with one of my friends was out and after everything I’ve done there was no way I could tell anyone in my family. Even Pam would probably hate me and I wouldn’t really blame her.

Again and again I went over what I should do, in fact I was so much in my head I didn’t even realize the movie had ended.

Jack smacked me on the arm, “Dude you ok?”

“Huh?” It was only then I realized the screen was blank and the lights where on and the theater was completely empty, “Shit sorry I totally spaced out there.”

“Clearly,” Robby laughed, “where were you?”

“Honestly nowhere I just spaced out,” I lied.

Dan had a date in a little over an hour so the four of us went our separate ways. I really didn’t want to go home. I fiddled around in the theater for as long as I could playing some of the beat up old arcade games but eventually I accepted facts and jumped in my car and made my way home.

When I got home I was glad to see that most of the cars were gone, so hopefully I would have the house to myself for awhile. That feeling quickly vanished as I opened my bedroom door and found Mom sitting on my bed. There was a basket of laundry sitting next to her but what made my heart drop through the floor was the fact that mom was reading the journal I had left out.

“Uh, hi Mom did you need anything?”

She looked up at me from the journal with a strange expression on her face, “No not really I was just bringing your clean clothes to your room when I noticed this old book. I was curious what my son might be reading that was this old. I must say I was not expecting this.”

“I… uh… can explain… you see…”

“I’m sure you can,” Mom interrupted, “but before you do I have one question.”


Then with a completely calm voice Mom asked me, “Did you use the ring on your father the other day and fuck me?”

It felt like my whole body turned bright red when I heard that and I tried to answer but I couldn’t form words. My mouth was moving and sounds were coming out, but thats all it was was sounds.

“Never mind. From the way you reacted clearly the answer is yes,” she said still so calm it was freaking me out. If she were crying, screaming, yelling, or something I might have known how to react but her bets10 being so calm was unnerving.

Finally my brain and body seemed to synch up enough for me to form a coherent sentence, “Mom I don’t know what to say please don’t hate me.”

“Hate you HA! I should be thanking you. The other day was the best sex I can remember having in years.”


“Jim to be honest I should have known something like this,” she says waving the journal, “was up the other day, because your father never behaves like you did.”


“Jim can I be honest with you?”

“Uhh… yeah.”

“You see your father is boring as hell in bed. Well, that’s not completely true I guess. Jim your father is kind of a prude. With the few exception to when he has been drinking, the only thing your father wants to do in bed is missionary. Hell, it took me years for him to be ok with us leaving the lights on for God’s sake. But the other day with you in control Oh My God it was fantastic.”

I had no clue what was happening so I said the only thing I could think to, “Uh… Thanks.”

Mom broke out laughing at me, “Sweetie, you really should see your face.”

Mom’s attitude seemed to break the spell I was under and I was soon laughing with her.

“Oh my god,” mom suddenly screamed laughing even harder, ” you use the ring on Dave didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I managed to say as I too began to laugh harder at the memory of my prank on Dave and everyone’s reaction.

Eventually our laughing slowed then stopped and we just sat there in silence until mom broke the silence with the last thing I thought I would ever hear her say, “Jim would you fuck me?”

“Mom! Are you serious?”

“Oh don’t act all shocked there buster, considering what you have already done.”

“Yeah but…”

“But what!?”

“Honestly I have no idea what mom, it’s just… wow. I mean, are you serious? Do you really want me to fuck you?”

As an answer mom pulled me into a deep passionate kiss before I could even react. At first I tried to pull away but then I hear a voice in my head ask what the fuck was wrong with me and I had to agree as I started kissing back.

Never breaking the kiss Mom moved closer to me until we were both on our knees on the bed in each other’s arms. It didn’t take long for our hands to start exploring each other’s bodies and to start pulling off clothes. It was only when we pulled off our shirts that we finally broke the kiss.

“Damn Jim I don’t think I have ever been this fucking horny in my life.”

“Me either Mom or should I call you Julie?”

“No mom is definitely hotter,” she laughed as she took off her bra.

Now obviously I had seen them before as Dad but seeing Mom take off her shirt and bra for me, her son, had me so hard I thought my zipper might explode under the strain. Of course that was quickly dealt with as mom reached over and shoved me onto my back and attacked my remaining clothes. In no time at all mom had me as naked as the day she gave birth to me.

“Mmm my little boy has really grown into a man hasn’t he,” mom said before swallowing my cock whole.

“Oh fuck mom, slow down or I’ll cum too fast,” I moaned as her head rapidly bobbed at my crotch.

Mom pulled off me with a pop, “Watch your mouth young man. I may have your cock in mine but that doesn’t give you the right to use that kind of language.”


Mom giggled and winked at me before giving my cock another hard suck, “And don’t you worry even if you do shoot too soon I’m sure I can get you ready for another round in no time,” then continued her amazing blow job.

Ten minutes later, by some miracle of human resilience, I still hadn’t given mom my cum, but I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

“Oh fuck I’m so close mom!”

In answer mom only upped her performance and with that I lost it and blew what felt like gallons of cum down my mother’s throat and into her belly. When after what seemed an eternity I finally finished mom crawled up my body and kissed me. I could taste myself on her tongue and lips but even if I weren’t bisexual I wouldn’t have cared if it meant having my naked mother laying across my equally nude body as we shared a kiss like no other.

I think we could have laid there all day if we could have, but the universe has a cruel sense of humor because only after a moment or two we heard a knock at my door and Pam asking, “Jim are you in there? Can we talk?”

Mom and I quickly moved apart and got off my bed. Mom quickly redressed and kept repeating, “What do we do Jim? What do we do?”

I admit I was just as panicked as mom as I pulled on my own clothes, then I saw the box and ring. I grabbed the ring and quickly slid it onto mom’s finger, “Mom just use the ring and we’ll be fine.”

“B…but I’ve never used this thing. What if something goes wrong?”

“Don’t worry. bets10 giriş Just turn it to the triangle and touch me. You will be in my body so Pam won’t see you, but you and I will be able to communicate.”

Mom looked at me nervously, “Are you sure about this?”

“Mom, I’ve used the ring several times now remember?”

At the door another knock, “Jim? Are you there?”

“Yes Pam give me just a sec,” I yelled then turn to mom, “Ok mom do it.”

I watch mom turn the ring to the triangle then take my hand. I honestly didn’t know what to expect being on this side of the ring’s power, but I was shocked that when mom touched me I felt nothing. It was just she was there and then she wasn’t, nothing more.

After mom used the ring I did the only thing I could and said to the empty room, “Mom can you hear me?”

“Yes. Oh my god it worked! But I thought I was going to be sick. Why didn’t you warn me it felt like that?”

With us nearly getting caught in bed together by Pam Mom still found a way to nag me I thought as I moved to answer the door. But I stopped in my tracks and was more than a little shocked when mom responded, “Sorry for being a nag. Forgive me for being a little upset with everything going on then using this ring and feeling like I was being torn in half.”

“Wait, can you hear me?” I thought.

“Of course I can! Why ask a stupid question like that?”

“Because I didn’t say that you were nagging, I thought it,” I answered in my head.

“Cool I can read your mind,” Mom said sounding like a little kid who just got a new toy.

I was pulled back to reality when Pam banged on the door again, ” Jim, is everything okay?”

I opened the door, “Yeah sorry I was just getting changed.”

“Well you didn’t need to bother,” Pam smiled before jumping into me wrapping her arms and legs around me as she kissed me.

I just was enjoying the kiss when I heard mom’s voice in me head, “Jim you have more than a little explaining to do.”

“Later Mom, I’m a little busy,” I joked back at her never breaking my kiss with Pam.

After another minute or so Pam broke the kiss and dropped back to her feet, “Jim are we the only ones home?”

“No Pam Mommy’s right here.” Mom teased.

“Not now Mom,” I thought to mom as I told Pam, “As far as I know we are, why?”

“Oh I just thought if you were interested you could take my virginity real quick,” she grinned up at me.

“Wait, are you serious?”

She quickly removed all her clothes moved to my bed and lay across it with her knees up and her legs spread, “Does it look like I’m serious?”

“Jim, don’t you dare fuck your sister while I’m like this,” mom yelled.

“Sorry Mom, but if you were me would you turn her down?” I asked as I moved to the bed pulling off my clothes again so I could fuck my second family member today.

I crawled onto my bed and between her legs. I looked down at my adorable little sister, “Are you sure about this Pam?”

“More than anything. Now fill my little pussy with that big brother cock of yours,” she moaned.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head along her pussy lips and clit a few times, then pull away, “Sorry sis, this hungry little pussy of yours is going to have to crave cock just a little longer.”

“”What? Why?” she whined underneath me.

“Because I believe last time we agreed I get to taste this wet little pussy,” I teased before kissing her softly on the lips, then moving my way down her body, kissing and nibbling her amazing flesh as I go.

After several minutes I’m finally face to face with my little sister’s beautiful, trimmed womanhood. Pam let out a deep moan as I pulled my flattened tongue slowly up over her delicious lips and sucked in her engorged little clit.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes I fed on tasty juices like a starving man tasting his first food in days. Over that time her moans, groans and whimpers continued to get louder and louder until suddenly she let out with an animalistic scream as she grabbed my head with both hands trying to force my tongue even deeper and her legs closed around my head like a vice.

She held me there so long as her juices flooded my mouth for a time I thought I might just drown or suffocate, but finally she relaxed and I was free to gasp and fill my lungs with the much needed oxygen they where craving.

We both lay there catching our breath for a time. So caught up in what I was doing I nearly jumped off the bed when my head was suddenly filled with Mom’s voice saying, “Remind me to have you do that to me next time we fuck.”

I grinned and think, “Just let me know when.”

“You can wipe that grin off your face, it wasn’t that good,” Pam smiled up at me reminding me I still had unfinished business.

“Oh well, in that case I guess you don’t want my cock either,” I teased and made like I was going to get off the bets10 güvenilir mi bed.

“No don’t,” she yelped, “it was that good and I do need your cock.”

“Well in that case,” I grinned as I climbed back between her legs and placed my throbbing cock at her virgin entrance, but before I enter her carnal cavern I look her in the eyes with a straight face, “Pam all teasing aside are you sure you want me to do this? Once I do there is no going back.”

As an answer she wrapped her feet around my back and pulled me deep into her dripping pussy and past her now destroyed barrier.

“Oh shit that hurt,” she gasped as a tear goes down her cheek.

“Fuck Pam, why did you do that? I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Well what’s done is done now fuck me,” she smiled up at me. But I don’t move, “What are you waiting for Big brother I’m yours use me?”

“Slow down you little brat and give yourself some time to adjust or this is going to be more painful than pleasurable.”

“Fine then,” she play pouted which is so cute I can’t help but lean down and kiss those pouting lips.

After a few more moments to make sure I won’t risk hurting her I slowly start to pull my pulsating shaft out of its amazing new home. When just the head was still in I start my slow journey back into her vice like folds. For maybe ten minute I continued slowly easing my self in and out of her slowly increasing my speed until I was going at a good fast pace.

“Oh fuck Jim Iiiiiii never knew anyyyyyything coooould feeel sooooo goooooood,” Pam moaned as I fucked her.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you think you can take even more?”

“Fuuuuuck yeeesssss,” she hissed into my ear.

I moved up pulling both our bodies into the position I wanted, then started pounding my little sister’s tight little pussy with everything I had.

I never wanted that moment to end as Pam and I joined physically and emotionally, but she was just to amazingly tight to be able to hold on any longer. In fact, if it wasn’t for fucking mom earlier I wouldn’t have lasted that long.

As I think that I had to keep myself from laughing as Mom’s voice filled my head, “Well I’m glad I can still be a help to my children though I never thought it would be like this.”

That momentary distraction let me last just a moment longer, which is all Pam needed because

right after Mom’s voice vanished my mind was then filled with my little sisters screams as she had the strongest orgasm so far of her life. And with her already tight pussy tightening even more around my cock I too lost control as I filled Pam’s pussy with my hot load.

It was several minutes before I recovered enough to pull myself free of Pam’s still grasping vaginal walls. I rolled over on my back next to her and turned to her to ask if she enjoyed herself but instead was met with her closed yes and gently snoring mouth.

“I would say she enjoyed it son,” Mom said, “and I must say though I can’t feel what you feel, which is weird by the way, I enjoyed that too.”

“So are you glad she nearly caught us then,” I think.

“I wouldn’t go that far young man,” Mom giggled, “now how the fuck do we undo this body sharing thing?”

I stood up next to the bed and couldn’t help but think how adorable Pam is laying there in my bed then explain to Mom that she just had to picture herself turning the ring to the straight line or taking it off her finger. I had barely finished explaining, when poof there was my mother standing in front of me.

Mom put the ring in my hand, “that was interesting for sure, but I think I’ll let you have this back… for now.”

Suddenly I didn’t know what to say but can you blame me, there I was butt ass naked having just taken my little sister’s virginity while mom possessed my body not to mention I had just gotten one of the best blowjobs of my life from Mom not minutes before, “Mom.. . are we…Ok?”

With a huge smile she asked, “Now why would you ask me that?”

I couldn’t help but smile, but did keep from laughing and said, “seriously Mom, after everything what happens now? Are you okay with what Pam and I just did?”

“If even a few hours ago you had asked if it was okay you took your sister’s virginity I probably would have knocked you cold for a month, but after witnessing how caring you where with her I couldn’t have picked a better man to be her first.”


“Hell yes Pam is one lucky young woman to have a first time like that. My first time was horrible. There was zero foreplay, he went at me like a jack hammer and he didn’t last anywhere near long enough for me to get used to it so I could at least get a little pleasure, let alone long enough to make me cum. So compared to my first time Pam is the luckiest girl in the world to have you be her first,” Mom said and kissed me on the cheek.

“Mom you are the best.”

“I know,” she simply smiled and moved to the door, but before she closed it she turned back and told me, “Jim if you really want her to feel special make sure you are laying there next to her and holding her when she wakes up.”

“I will mom,” I told her and I did.

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