A Lactation Story

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Note: This story was written in 1991… I was just a young aspiring spare-time writer at the time… This story is one of my earliest attempts at erotic writing… I did this in a subtle style, with the specific interest in an attempt to pique the readers erotic imagination… I’m no Anais Nin, so be nice… enjoy!

All characters depicted are over 18 years of age!


Jane still couldn’t get the breast pump to work, and the doctor hadn’t returned any of her calls. Quietly she sat in her room after a failed attempt of letting the bay suckle. Her breast’s hurt so bad now that she no longer could squeeze out milk herself. It was now too late to try to call anyone. She would have to figure something out on her own.

Jane had almost had her only son raised. When the new baby came along, she loved the new child. But, thought it was a little late at this stage of her life. Raising one on your own was hard enough, let alone now having another mouth to feed.

Jane had run out of ideas. It came to her, Sam might be able to fix the machine. He was already tearing something apart and fixing it. He had repaired their aquarium pump a while back. A breast pump can’t be too much different. It was a desperate move, but she hurt so bad now, she had nothing to lose.

“Sam, you still up? I know it’s late, but I need you to do something for me. Please Sam, turn off the TV and come in here for a minute. I’ve got something I want you to try and fix. You’re my last hope. (Sam enters her bedroom, wearing only his underwear) Sam, there’s something in the bathroom I want you to try and fix.”

“What is it? And what did you do to it?

“It’s my breast pump. And I didn’t do anything to it. It never did work!”

Sam already in his mind had a mental picture of his Mother with the pump on her breast. He had never seen her naked, but even with a bra on, he knew her tits would be a sight to behold. He wasn’t naïve, the internet had made sure of that.

“I’ll look at it. But why don’t you just let him… uh… drink right from the faucet? There big enough!”

“Your brother won’t do that either, smart ass! Easy, your talking to your mother!”

“If I can fix it. You going to show me how it works?”

Sam! This is bad enough, don’t make it any worse on me!”

Jane waited in her room. She could feel the pain from her tits jiggling just walking over to the door. Sam was in the bathroom examining the breast pump. He had her permission this time to look at a private item. Unlike the items he checked out, her bra and panties in the laundry.

“Sam? Do you think you can fix it?”

“I don’t think so. I think the motor is burnt up. It won’t do nothing.”

“Please try harder. I can’t see the doctor for a couple days. He went away for the weekend. You’ve got to fix it!”

“Can’t you just squeeze it out? You know, like they do a milk cow. Did you try that?”

“I’m too sore, it hurts even to touch them. And, I’m not a damn cow. Even though I might look like one. Did you fix it?”

Out of desperation, Jane now is ready to step over the line. She knows the pump won’t work, and the baby won’t suckle. She will have to ask Sam for more help. Help that most of the world regard as bizarre.

“I couldn’t fix it. You’ll have to wait until Monday.”

“Sam. This is going to sound strange. But, I need you to drain my breasts.”

“Are you asking’ me if I want to suck on your tits? Is that what your saying?”

“That’s a little crude, but yes. I’m going to turn around, and if you will do it. I want you to walk over and unhook my bra.”

Sam was hesitant for a moment, then he looked down at his mother’s ass. To see her without a bra would be great. But, what about her panties?

“Go ahead honey. Help your Mom take off her bra, it’s alright.”

“This feels kind of weird Mom. I’d feel better if you… if… you’d take off your panties first.”

“Sam, you shouldn’t ask me something like that! This is bad enough. Why in the world do you want my panties off?”

“How do you think I feel? You want me to nurse you like a baby! If you was naked I’d feel more like it was a man thing.”

Jane thought for a moment. She realized this had to be hard for Sam also. Reluctantly, she lowered her panties off her ass. She couldn’t look at her son, but she knew he had his eyes glued on her milky white ass.

(It’s ok. Only one small request. He’s helping you in a bad time. No sense in it being hard for him too.)

Jane slowly released her panties and let them drop to her ankles. By wiggling her feet she was able to get one leg out of them. She knew she dare not bend over to remove them. This would have exposed her womanhood to her son.

(See. Nothing to it. Things will be alright once Sam drains your breasts.)

“Ok Sam, go ahead and unhook my bra. It hurt’s too much for me to reach back. I know this is embarrassing for you. Really, for both of us. You shouldn’t feel bad about seeing me naked. Just relax. You’ll do just fine. It’s casino siteleri just milk. It won’t hurt you, now will it? You drink milk all the time.”

Jane was trying to make herself feel better. Truth be told is, cold milk in a glass, and warm milk right fro a tit. No. It’s not the same. Sam was dealing with this a lot better than his mother was.

Jane could feel Sam’s hands shaking as he unhooked all three clasps. It had been a long time since someone other than herself had removed her bra. He would now need to remove it from her swollen mounds of flesh.

“Turn around Mom. I don’t want to hurt you when I take it the rest of the way off.”

“Just give me a moment. I’m feeling a little dizzy, Sam. I’m sorry, I just don’t know what else to do. Your too good to me. I know this is tough. But I won’t forget what you did for me. I’m going to owe you a big favor. A real big one.”

Later, Jane would find out her idea of a favor, and Sam’s idea was two different things. It wouldn’t take her long to regret she said that.

Jane looked up at the ceiling, she couldn’t look her son in the yes. Sam slowly lowered the bra down off her breasts. He could now see his Mother’s exposed nipples. Ever so slowly, he ran one finger around the outer edge of her swollen areola.

“Easy. My nipples are really sore to the touch. Whatever you do, don’t pinch them please.”

“I won’t. I was trying to wipe the milk off, but it’s dried on. It’s all over both of them., but it won’t come off.”

“I’m sorry. I hope it’s not too gross. My bra is soaked too. That’s why I didn’t have on a top. It goes through my bra and top both. I have a wash cloth beside the bed. I’ll clean up for you before we get started. Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

Sam continues to talk to his Mother. But out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. In the middle of her bikini line he could see what only could be described as a furry black slice of pie.

“Mom, you go ahead and wash off the milk. I need to go take a leak, and get out og my underwear.”

“I don’t think so mister! The underwear needs to stay on. It’s bad enough you got me naked. Your leaving yours on.”

“Lighten up Mom. I really need to take a leak. We can talk about this when I ger back. It won’t hurt anything. Besides, it will make me feel better about having to do this, you know, calm down a little.”

Being patient had paid off. While his Mother was busy fluffing the pillows, Sam was busy enjoying the view. In this position the hair no longer obstructed him. He could now see a bit of pink between the coarse black pubic outline.

He quietly watched a his Mother squeezed on the sides of the pillows. This also worked the muscles in his Mother’s pussy. He could see her pussy close up, then slightly gap open when she released the pillow.

“Damn it Sam! Don’t scare me like that! What did you do with your underwear? I told you to leave them on. Look at you. Naked with a hard-on in front of your Mother!”

“It’s no big deal Mom. I wake up with one, and go to bed the same way. At least ten on a good day.”

“Sam you need to go back to the bathroom and take care of that. Go, you know… jack it off.”

“I did that already. That’s what took me so long. I came back in here, and well, it just popped right back up!”

Before Jane could say anything else, Sam had his mouth on her left nipple. He didn’t do too well at first, then the milk started flowing. The longer he sucked, the better she started to feel. The only sound in the room was coming from Sam. He would pull back, take a breath, and then smack his lips.

“That’s it baby, keep it up. I feel the pressure going down. You can suck harder, it doesn’t hurt as bad now. Thank you, Sam!”

While Sam was busy, Jane moved her head over to the edge of the pillow. Quietly she admired her son’s cock. With every movement, his cock would jump up and down. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw one that hard.

His cock was between her and a light across the room. She could see small drops of pre-cum forming on the tip of his cock. The light made it glisten. Every now and then it would drip off, thick enough to almost form a string to the floor, then it would drop to the carpet.

Sam had no idea by relieving one of the problems his Mother was having, he started another. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get it off of her mind. Jane knew it wouldn’t be long before the moist musky scent of her womanhood would reach her son’s nostrils.

“That’s it Sam. Suck it. Suck Momma’s tit dry. Roll your tongue around the outer edge. Yes, across those little bumps.”

Jane slowly removed her right hand from behind her head. She positioned her arm on the side of the bed, and slowly moved her elbow outward until it was in contact with her sons hard cock. Sam didn’t pull away, instead she could feel him trying to move up closer to her arm. Her tit was no longer giving milk, but Sam didn’t stop.

While watching his canlı casino Mother’s face with one eye, Sam slowly moved his hand around her belly. His hand came to rest on her pubic mound, she said nothing, and parted her legs even more. Sam ran his finger through her hair, enjoying the coarse texture. Jane was filling the room with the scent of her “excited pussy.”

“Sam, how about working on the other one for awhile? I think you’ve got all your going to get out of that one. You butt feels like an ice cube. You need to get up on the bed with me. We can snuggle for a little while to get you warmed up. The only part of you that feels warm right now, is your right hand. Get up here!”

Jane didn’t know what she was going to do next. But, right now, it wasn’t any problem.

“Mom, your really a beautiful woman when your… you know… naked. Dad was an idiot for ever leaving you. If I would have been him, I’d kept you naked all of the time.”

“Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been told that. When your father left, he said he had used up the best parts of me years ago, and he didn’t care who used me now. I was wore out.”

“That’s bullshit Mom. Any guy would be lucky to get a girl as hot as you. You don’t look wore out to me.”

She continued the small talk with her son, trying her best to find out if he was sexually active. Sam knew where this conversation was going. He could see a change in her actions. Jane’s hand was now exploring the length on her son’s shaft.

“You doing ok Mom? You acting a little funny. You feel better now?”

“I’m fine now Sam. You relieved the pain, bad thing is, they’ll just fill up again in a few hours. Sooner or later this weekend, your Mom will be putting them back in your face. Right now, it’s you I’m worried about. Lift your leg up, I need to move a little bit.”

Sam lifted his leg as his Mother asked, in turn Jane moved her leg to the side. She continued to caress her son’s cock. She wanted to see if her son would take the hint that it was alright.

“Sam, you never did say if you have a girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? No, ain’t got time for one. Besides who would take care of you?

“You don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. But, I am glad you’re here, and if I can, I would like to show you just how much.”

With one leg in the air, Jane now was able to put her son’s cock against her slit. She would use this same leg to pull herself up and down at the hips. The coarse pubic hair had now been replaced with damp flesh. Sam thought it felt like wet, warm velvet.

So you don’t have time for a girlfriend, you know what? That’s not what your cock is saying? Sam, I’m going to do something for you. If you don’t like it, just pull away and I’ll understand, ok?”

Jane slowly guided her son’s cock to her waiting pussy. While Sam watched, Jane spread her lips with both hands. Instinctively, her son thrust his cock forward and stopped. This one movement had almost caused Sam to climax. He remained still trying to regain his composure.

“Damn Mom, that was close! I just about…”

“I know, it’s ok, just slow down, and take your time. We’ve got all night. You’ll get the hang of it. Try biting your lip, then take a few strokes.”

Jane knew what had happened, she tried to remain still also. She could control her body, but not her pussy. It continued to spasm for some more attention. Sam pulled out, then slowly re-entered his Mother.

Jane watched as her son would bite down on his lower lip, then attempt to move his cock. As time progressed, he would speed up his movements, but just as soon as Jane started to grind her hips, Sam would stop. She felt as if she was being tortured. She didn’t want to just lay there, she was way too aroused for that.

“I can’t believe how good this feels Mom. It’s a dream come true. This sure beats jerking off and thinking about you.”

“I kind of figured you was doing that a lot. I think I caught you a few times, but I still don’t believe you think about me. So smarty pants, what is it about your old Mom that turns you on?”

It’s a lot of things. Bust mostly your scent. I like waiting on you to come home from work. First thing you do is go in and take a shower. After your done, I go in and look at your panties.”

Sam, that is gross! I’ve had those panties on all day. I work hard, and I know I sweat a lot.”

“Sorry, Mom. I just wanted to see what pussy smelled like. It’s no big deal, I’ve been doing it for a long time. I like the ones you wore all day better.”

Jane knew that she had come home many times from work so horny she couldn’t stand it. So she had no doubt in her mind that her son had found at least one pair of her freshly creamed panties.

“So, tell me what does my little pervert do with them after he finds a pair he likes?”

“You got to use them right away, once they dry, the smell goes away. So I hurry up and take them in my room, and you know… I sniff them and jack off. But, sometimes I… kaçak casino well I… wrap the wet crotch area around my cock, then I finish it off that way.”

The story Sam had just told Jane did nothing but fuel her fire. Jane couldn’t remember the last time she had been so wet, and horny. She just kept visualizing her son jacking off with a pair of her soiled panties.

“That was hot Sam, really hot. From now on when I come home from work, I’m going to take my panties off and hand them to you! I’ll make sure they’re good and damp. Shouldn’t take much, I’ll just think about this cock of yours on the ride home from work!”

Jane watched as her son’s cock effortlessly slid in and out of her opening. She could see his balls swinging like a pendulum, bouncing off her ass, then they would go back and hit his. Inside them was the rich nectar that her pussy craved.

“That’s it baby. You can do it, come for Momma. Work that pussy, it’s yours! Look down there, isn’t that nasty? Look how slick and wet I got you cock. Sam, you’ve got me so fucking hot. I haven’t fucked anyone in months, not since your dad left. Your Momma needed a hard cock. Oh Sam, I can’t stand it, fuck me. Don’t worry about coming, juts pump me hard. If you come too soon, I’ll fuck you again later. You want to fuck me later? You wanna fuck me all weekend? I do baby!”

“You know I do Mom!”

“Then pound my pussy like you want to hurt it. Make me scream Sam. That’s it… Fuck me!

Jane reached her limits, the point when the only thing that is important is self gratification. If Sam didn’t make her come, she would do it herself.

Jane could feel the hot ribbons of come landing on her stomach. For some reason he had tried to pull out before coming. By the time Jane had figured this out, it was too late, two shots inside her, and the rest was going on her pubic mound and belly.

“That felt good Sam. I needed that. A good dicking always makes me feel better. You just took months of stress away. You didn’t have to pull out. I had that taken care of when you brother was born. You’re the first person to use it since I had my tubes tied. You can test it out the next time.”


Jane woke from her sleep to the soft touch of her sons hand. She remained still as Sam explored the soft folds of her backside, ever so gently she parted her legs slightly to try to accommodate him. She was a bit surprised where his had had stopped. He had touched her wet pussy for only one reason, Sam now had his wet finger pressing against the opening of her anus. Gradually she could feel his finger start to enter her.

Sam had repeated moisten his finger a few times. He now had his finger inside her to his second knuckle. Jane was now moving her ass up and down in rhythm with her sons hand. Sam was finger fucking his Mom’s ass!

“If you want some of that you need to run to the store tomorrow.”

“What for?”

“I won’t let you do it unless, you pick up a tube of lubricating cream. It would be just as enjoyable than the way you’re doing it now.”

Sam couldn’t believe the words coming out of his Mother’s mouth, a 43 year old woman who likes anal sex, “how cool ids this” he thought. Sam didn’t know it, but Jane had a few other surprises for her son.

“So, you’re saying your ok with me doing that?”

“Yes, it’s ok, you look surprised! I just don’t want you to think it will be like that space show you watch on TV”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t get it?”

“You know, “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Sorry, but your Mom’s ass has been explored a few times, quite a few times! And before you even ask, yes I did it with your father. He liked it, but most of the time he just wanted a blowjob.”

“Blowjob? That’s just freaky! I figured you was too…”

“What, old? I’ll pretend you didn’t say that. I like sex more than I did when I was your age.”

“Sorry Mom, I just can’t picture you giving a blowjob, and earlier when we was… you know, you didn’t try nothing with me.”

“Well, for your information, I like doing it, and I don’t remember you offering me, or trying to stick it in my mouth. Why didn’t you ask?”

“I didn’t know. But now that you got it hard again, I’m asking now. How about it Mom?

Jane didn’t have to be asked twice, with his cock in here hand, she slowly licked it around the head. She could see her son quiver every time her tongue touched his purple cockhead. She loved the sex they had earlier, but this put her up close and personal with his cock. She could now examine his manhood, see the weapon that had been inside her.

“Man that feels good, and all your doing is licking it. Suck on it Mom! I wanna see how much of it you can take. If you don’t care, can you turn your head so I can see you doing it? I wanna watch.”

Sam could see that his Mother was as good as some of the women he had seen in videos. She would pull back and take a deep breath, then go down on his cock and almost touch her nose on his belly. While she did this he could feel her move forward and rub her soft tit against his leg. He could see her lift her arm up to expose her nipple, then would drag it down the side of his leg. Sam could see the milk leaking out and making their skin slick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20