A Helping Hand

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Here I am, sitting at my computer bored shitless. It’s ten o’clock at night and it looks like another boring evening alone. All of my kids are in bed except for the oldest kid still living at home. Nobody’s on line to talk to, no new mail to read. I was hoping for someone to cam with because I’m horny as hell, but no such luck. This is starting to become the norm. Guess I have to do what I’ve been doing way too often lately, take care of myself.

I pull up some pictures of naked guys and open my pants. I slide my hand between my legs as I start to fantasize about the guys I’m looking at. I slowly begin fingering myself as I envision the hard cocks I’m looking at pounding me, getting wetter with each picture.

My fingers of my one hand are sliding in and out of me. My other hand is franticly rubbing my clit as fast as I can. I’m very close to cumming and soft moans escape my lips. I’m so into the moment that I don’t bahis firmaları here the knock on my door or my bedroom door open as my 19 year old son enters.

All of a sudden I realize he’s standing behind me watching me frig myself. When he sees I noticed him, he blushes, mumbles “Sorry mom,” and turns to leave.

I grab his arm and say “Don’t go, mama could use a hand.” I pull his hand to my crotch and slip it into my panties. “Finger me,” I plead. He starts exploring between my legs, surprised at how wet I am. After a few minutes I pull his hand away, stand up and push my pants to my ankles. I sit down again and spread my legs wide so he can take in my wet pussy. “Lick me,” I beg. He gets down on his knees and places his face at my crotch. He just stares at it for a moment. His tongue lightly touches me and I jump. “Yes,” is all I can say as he licks me harder, darting his tongue in and out of me.

Shoving two fingers kaçak iddaa inside me he finger fucks me hard and fast. My body starts to tense up as I get closer to release. Finally I cum in a huge body shaking orgasm.

My son stood up and was going to leave, but I grabbed his arm again and say, “Now it’s your turn.” I open his pants, lower them to his ankles and pull out his hard throbbing cock. I caress his balls as I run my tongue up and down his shaft. I wrap my tongue around the head as I slowly suck him into my mouth. I took in as much of him as I could. It felt so good having my mouth fucked. I stopped before he could cum and stood up. “You sit down now,” I tell him.

I stood before him and lifted my shirt to expose my small tits. “Suck them gently,” I tell him. he caresses each one before sucking on the hard erect nipples. When I can’t wait any longer, I bend over and kiss him deeply, my tongue probing his mouth. I suck kaçak bahis on his tongue a bit before I position my legs on either side of the chair.

I grab the base of his cock as I slowly lower myself on to it. I sit there on his lap grinding myself in circles on him. Squeezing my inner muscles to hold his cock tight. I begin riding him up and down while kissing him, his hands grabbing my ass. I can tell he is getting close, so I speed up the pace, bouncing on him as hard as I can without hurting him until he explodes his hot cum deep inside me. We both moan as our mutual orgasms peak. As I remain sitting on his lap, sweat running down my body, I can feel his juices ooze out. I kiss him softly once again, smile and say, “Thank you for helping me out.”

I get off of him and hand him some Kleenex to clean up with. I clean myself off, and we both pull up our pants. As he turns to go I kiss him one more time and hug him, and whisper in his ear, “I’ll let you know when mama could use a hand again.” He blushes as he leaves. He never did tell me why he came into my room in the first place. I go back to my computer and check my mail.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20