A Girl Called Sami Ch. 05

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Conference champs! And a berth in the nationals, but only making through the first two rounds of play before being defeated by a west coast team. Still, Sami and the rest of the team thought, as well as the Coach, a season to build on.

Sami was chosen as MVP of the season, an honor which both surprised and pleased her, making her feel, more than ever, that her choice to come to school here was the right choice.

And as quickly as it had begun, the spring semester was coming to an end and finals were around the corner. Sami had already registered for the summer semester, deciding to stay in N’awlins over the summer months. She would turn 19 in a few weeks and her plan was to try to graduate by her 22nd birthday, if not before.

T wasn’t going to be at school during the summer; instead, she’d intern with one of her father’s businesses, getting paid of course, but more to learn the business. Like Sami Toni was an only child, and would inherit the family businesses someday. Unlike Toni, Sami would inherit virtually nothing, except for the good looks that her parents provided with their genes.

That was fine, Sami didn’t bother worrying about the fortune of others; she would make her own way in life, confident that she could, and would.

Sami continued to sit for Marcia, once or twice a month, and playing along with the sham and pretense of ‘sitting for Marcia’, she and Marcia always, but always, made love afterwards. And, as with the first time they had slept together, Marcia always slipped three, one-hundred dollar bills into Sami’s shirt or hand, afterwards.

Sami took the money, gladly, adding it to her ‘freedom fund’, and not worrying about the morality of the situation one bit, at least, not for a while. Besides, Sami enjoyed fucking Marcia and would have done it just for the thrill of having sex with this forty-something. But, no doubt, the money massaged her conscious, at least for a while. Did Sami think of herself as a prostitute? No, of course not, but it is what it is.

As has been said before, the remorse would eventually come from this, but for now? Sami posed, Sami fucked Marcia, and Sami banked the coin.

Billie and Sami developed a relationship much like Sami had with Toni, ‘fuck buddies’ through and through; the difference was that with Billie and Sami, it was all about the sex and, with T, the friendship transcended the sex.


Finals were finally over and most of the students, those not continuing with summer classes, were packing to go home for the summer. Bonnie had chosen to take summer classes as well, so it came to be that she and Sami stayed roommates.

For Bonnie’s part, she seemed to be coming into her own, her demeanor much more confident since her breakup with Roy and her standing firm against her parents regarding the ending of her engagement to Roy.

She looked to Sami for practical, common sense advice and solutions to problems, loving Sami’s ‘country-girl’ sense. She also thought of Sami as much older, definitely much wiser than herself, though they were of the same age, separated by only two months. She and Sami seemed to be talking more and enjoying each other’s company more than in the first semester, often breakfasting together on the weekends.

“Sami, there’s a package for you in the mail room; I forgot the tell you, sorry,” Bonnie said when she had remembered the notice in the mailbox they shared in the dorm.

“Cool,” Sami said, a bit excited that someone had sent her something. Probably some more CDs from Charlene, Sami thought as she went to fetch the package. Charlene was obsessed with ‘mixing’ CDs with her favorite music and often sent Sami copies.

But not this time, the package was from Germany. Bev? Sami wondered as she brought the somewhat hefty, small package back to her room. Bonnie was curious as well and watched Sami open the box, and watched as Sami just stared at the contents, seemingly astonished at whatever it was inside the box.

“Well, Damnit Sami, what the hell is it?” Bonnie asked impatiently. Bonnie’s language had become somewhat saltier this past semester, undoubtedly a result from the increased interaction with Sami; Sami had a ‘potty mouth’ her mom used to say when Sami forgot and uttered curses in her presence.

Sami slowly, almost with a reverence, lifted from the package a Nikon SLR camera, along with a couple of extra lenses. Sami recognized it immediately; it was Bev’s camera, one that Bev had let Sami use for art projects in high school sometimes.

Bev had pointed Sami towards photography as an art-form, and while Sami had good technique with brushes and pen and ink, she really loved photography.

One of the things she was saving for with her ‘freedom fund’ was to buy a SLR camera, much as this one.

Sami saw the small envelope with her name on it, but decided to wait for some privacy before she opened and read it. Bonnie admired the camera and when Sami told canlı bahis her it was from her Art teacher from high school, Bonnie thought that cool as well.

“Do you have to work tonight, Sami?” Bonnie asked as she dressed to run over to the sorority house for a meeting.

“Nah, I’m off, why?”

“I don’t know; I’d like to celebrate the end of the semester and all but don’t really feel like going out,” Bonnie said.

“Too bad we’re not old enough to buy liquor; we could have our own end of semester party here and not worry about having to get home,” Sami replied, the thought of getting a bit hammered suddenly inviting to her for some reason.

“Ooooh, you know what? I bet there’s a bit of liquor left over at the ‘house’; want me to see if I can snag some?” Bonnie asked conspiratorially.

“Sure,” Sami eagerly agreed, “and we could order in some Chinese or something if you’d like and, you know, kinda’ having a ‘girls night’ of our own.”

“I like it!” Bonnie agreed with a big smile on her face at the thought of ‘hanging’ with Sami.

“Well, wish me luck with the liquor search, and I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” Bonnie said, then leaving for her meeting.

“Good luck with your thievery,” Sami joked and as soon as Bonnie closed the door behind her, Sami retrieved the envelope from the box, opened and sat on her bed to read it.

My precious Sami,

 I do hope this early birthday present makes you smile; you didn’t think I’d forget your birthday, did you? I finally did it, Sami, I finally bought one of the new digital SLR cameras, this one, a Canon. I love it, Sami, almost as much as I love you, but of course, it can’t compete with you for my heart.

 I miss you so terribly much, my darling, I miss our times together, both in bed and out, and wish you were here, with me. Perhaps next year we can plan on meeting somewhere, during the summer? I’d love that.

 Enjoy my, now your, camera Sami-girl; Make me proud! (tee-hee) and please write or email when you can, it always makes my day.

 I love you sweetie, and pleasure myself often thinking of our times together. But, remember, above all, that I love you.

      Loving you,


Sami read and re-read Bev’s letter several times, her heart swelling with loneliness with each reading. She brushed the trickle of tears from her eyes and hiding the letter in her private place, she could feel the loneliness pulling at her innards.


“Look at what I snagged,” Bonnie said, all proud of herself; and fishing into her backpack, Bonnie pulled out a bottle of Bacardi 151 and some limes in a baggie. The rum was about three-fourths full, Sami noticed, and wondered why it was called ‘151’.

It wouldn’t be until the next morning as they nursed horrible hangovers that they would read the bottle’s label and understand that it meant 151 proof, hence, 75% alcohol.

But the hindsight would serve their hangovers little good.

Knowing that they were going to have a grand time, Bonnie offered to grab some cokes from the machine and some ice from the maker down the hall. Sami said she’d shower up, since she hadn’t yet that day, and wouldn’t be long, saying over her shoulder that Bonnie could choose which Chinese restaurant to order from.

Standing in the shower, Sami’s sense of loneliness seem to wrap around her soul as she ‘re-read’ Bev’s note over and over, in her mind. Finally, Sami came to embrace the thought of getting a bit drunk with Bonnie; maybe the rum could bury her loneliness.

Bonnie took her turn in the showers after Sami returned to their room, saying that she had worked up a bit of a sweat helping her ‘sisters’ move some furniture at the house. Glancing out of their dorm window, Sami noticed how empty the campus seemed as students departed, as if the quiet of their normally noisy dorm wasn’t enough of a reminder.

Showers taken, food ordered and eaten, they lit a couple of candles for ‘ambiance’ they both said jokingly as the Summer Sun was below the horizon now, dusk coming on quickly to the campus.

“Music, movie or TV,” queried Bonnie as Sami made their first round of Cuba Libres, following the directions from the bottle of 151; squeezing the lime over the ice in their mugs, and throwing the squished lime into the mugs, Sami ‘guesstimated’ the proper amount of rum and then, added the cola. Stirring them both with a pencil, Sami handed Bonnie her mug and they smugly toasted each other, both taking a long pull at their drinks.

“Movie” Sami answered, “You choose which one.”

Bonnie chose a comedy, one of the National Lampoon movies which, while funny for the most part, didn’t really need to be watched for plot developments.

It took very little time for the 151 to show its strength to the girls, both feeling the buzz before they had drank half of their first drink. Both of the girls kinda’ liked the ‘high’ the strong rum was providing. Sami thought the high was very bahis siteleri much like good weed, ya’ know?

Finishing their first drink, Bonnie quickly jumped up from their girl-talk and movie watching to make them each another, following Sami’s directions as she did so. For Bonnie, this opportunity to spend this kind of time with her roomie, made her happy; it made her feel that she had, somehow, been accepted by Sami as a friend. Bonnie really admired the confidence that Sami exuded, finding it both refreshing and worthy of emulation.

They were sitting on Sami’s bed, backs against the wall, pillows added for comfort and neither was particularly invested in the movie. Both of them were tipsy, to be sure, 151 being the devil’s brew when it comes to strength.

“Ooh, Sami, Sami, Sami; I think I’m a little bit drunk,” Bonnie said after letting her head fall onto Sami’s shoulder, almost spilling her drink when she did so.

“Fuck, Bonnie, I think I’m a whole-lot drunk,” was Sami’s reply, both of their voices betraying the alcohol’s effects.

“Good! Now you can fill me in on your love-life, or sex-life, or whatever you call it,” Bonnie said, then adding before Sami could protest, “You said if I ever got you drunk enough, you’d fill my ears about your boyfriend or whatever.”

“Yeah, I know I did, but Bonnie, I’m not sure you really want to know all that stuff.”

“Yes, I do!” Bonnie exclaimed, “You promised,” her voice changing into a bit child-like and whiney.

“Tell you what, I’ll start and tell you something you don’t know about me, okay,” Bonnie offered as a compromise.

“Okay, but remember I warned you, okay?”

“I’ve never had an orgasm from sex with a guy,” Bonnie said with a bit of redness creeping up the side of her face, “Okay, your turn.”

“I’ve never had an orgasm from sex with a guy either,” Sami honestly answered.

“I would fantasize, sometimes, when Roy and I had sex,” Bonnie offered as her next tidbit.

“I’ve fantasized while having sex, also,” Sami answered honestly.

“Yes, but I’ve fantasized about what it would be like with a girl or a different guy than Roy,” Bonnie said, sure that she had one-upped and shocked Sami.

“I’ve fantasized about a different girl when I’ve had sex with another girl,” Sami honestly said and wishing immediately that she could take it back.

Shit, shit, shit, why the fuck did I say that, Sami thought, not daring to look at Bonnie, and keeping her eyes glued to the TV.

Had she looked at Bonnie, she would’ve seen Bonnie’s mouth opened and her eyes wide at Sami’s statement.

“You’ve had sex with a girl?” Bonnie asked as her tipsy mind tried to get itself wrapped around what Sami had said.

Taking in a deep breath, Sami turned to face Bonnie and sitting cross-legged in her bed, she did just that.

“Okay; you asked for it and I’m drunk enough not to give a shit, I guess, so here goes,” Sami said, her words slurring just a bit.

“Bonnie, I’m gay; at least, I’m reasonably sure that I am. I’ve had sex with a guy only once and have sucked dick only once, that same night, but it wasn’t so great for me, so I haven’t been back for seconds.”

“Mostly, Bonnie, I have sex with girls, or women; there it is, you wanted to know, so there it is,” Sami said matter-of-factly, “and if you want to get another roommate, I understand and wouldn’t blame you, okay?”

Bonnie was a bit shell-shocked but when Sami said the thing about getting another roommate, she snapped out of it.

“What? No, what are you saying? I’m not that shallow, Sami, it’s just that, well it’s just….” Bonnie’s voice growing quiet.

“It’s just what, Bonnie?”

“Well, the only lesbians that I ever knew about were all boyish-looking, you know, kinda like a…., looking like a…”

“Like a butch? Or a dyke?” Sami finished her thought for her.

“Yeah, like that; but, you don’t look like that at all, not even remotely so,” Bonnie protested, “I mean you’re pretty, well, fucking gorgeous, and not boy-like at all.”

“Thanks for the gorgeous thing,” Sami said, inwardly pleased that some people thought her so.

“How old were you when you first, you know…” Bonnie pressed, her curiosity aroused now, never having been around a ‘dyke’.

“The summer before high school, with a very good friend,” Sami said not wishing to identify her first fuck as her cousin.

“Just like that, out of the clear blue?” Bonnie questioned further.

“No, no, it started with innocent kissing games and it felt good; so good that when it escalated to touches, and feeling each other up, I didn’t feel like it was a bad thing. I mean, truthfully, it felt really good and still does, if you want me to be honest.”

“I’ve played kissing game with friends and all but it never went further than that,” Bonnie offered to Sami.

Laughing a bit tipsily, Sami said, “Well then, you haven’t kissed the right girl.”

“Don’t you ever think about trying it again with a guy?” Bonnie bahis şirketleri asked with true curiosity.

“It’s crossed my mind, from time to time, and who knows? I might yet, but for now, it’s just not high on my list of priorities,” Sami answered honestly.

Turning to face Sami, with her legs crossed as Sami’s were, Bonnie just looked at Sami as if she wanted to ask her something.

“What, Bonnie? There’s something else you want to know?”

As if searching for the right words, Bonnie didn’t respond right away and finally she said, “In a minute; I want to ask you something in a minute but I think we need another drink first.”

Getting up from the bed, Bonnie grabbed their mugs to fix them another drink. When she returned, she resumed her position across from and facing Sami, handing Sami her drink.

“Not sure we need this, but fuck it; here’s to you,” Sami said as she raised her mug towards Bonnie.

“Fuck it! I’m with my friend, sharing secrets, and it feels fucking great,” Bonnie replied as she raised her mug back to Sami, her words slurring slightly.

“So what’s it like to, you know, kiss a girl and make love with a girl,” Bonnie asked with honesty.

“It’s soft; softer than with a guy, and easier, because you already know where all the parts are,” Sami answered, laughing afterwards.

Bonnie laughed along with Sami, remembering the first few fumbling attempts she and Roy had with sex.

“Especially kissing, especially kissing another girl, that’s where you really notice the difference,” Sami continued, “with guys, there’s beard scratching and guys just kiss harder, like the harder it is, the better it is, you know?”

“I do know,” Bonnie admitted, “Roy has a heavy beard and sometimes I’d get a rash from his beard when we were making out.”

“Yeah, well, you don’t have that when you kiss another girl,” Sami agreed.

Silent for a few heartbeats, Bonnie looked up from her mug, looked at Sami full in the face and asked, “Show me?”

“Show you what?” Sami replied.

“Show me how it is to kiss a girl, you know, properly,” Bonnie answered.

“Oh, Bonnie, I’m not sure you want to go down that road, do you?” Sami asked.

“Why? Aren’t I pretty enough, or hot enough for you?” Bonnie asked, pressing her request.

“Yeah, sure, you are; you know you are, but Bonnie, I mean, we’ve been drinking and if my horny motor gets to running and all, well, I’m just not sure that you really need to see that.”

“How ’bout if you promise to stop, if I ask you to,” Bonne pressed further, “I really want to know how it feels to kiss a girl that knows how to kiss.”

Thinking about it for quite a while as Bonnie just kept looking at her, Sami said, “Okay, but just kissing.”

Then, putting their mugs on the end table by her bed, Sami told Bonnie to scoot a bit closer; when she did so, Sami placed her hands on the side of Bonnie’s head and slowly pulled it towards her own.

Sami pressed her lips against Bonnie’s, softly, tenderly, surprised at just how soft Bonnie’s lips felt to her own. They kissed like that for almost a minute or so, no tongue, just soft lips kissing soft lips. Breaking off the kiss, Sami saw that Bonnie’s eyes were closed, and her lips pursed for more kissing.

“Want some more?” Sami asked in a soft voice.

“Yeah, that really felt nice,” Bonnie said, closing her eyes again and leaning towards Sami.

Sami kissed her again, soft and tender, but this time she slowly worked her tongue across Bonnie’s lips, and when Bonnie’s lips parted ever so slightly, Sami slowly slid her tongue into Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie’s response was to open her mouth wider to accept Sami’s tongue, soft moans coming from her throat as she did so.

Bonnie raised her hands to Sami’s arms as Sami’s hands held her head, barely touching Sami’s arms, as if unsure if she should do so.

Dropping her hands to Bonnie’s arms, their kiss became heated and more passionate; Sami’s experienced hands rubbed tenderly up and down Bonnie’s bare arms, the sounds from Bonnie increasing as she became, obviously, turned on by Sami’s kissing of her.

Sami was now becoming turned on as well, as Bonnie explored Sami’s mouth with her own tongue, loving how it felt so different than with Roy. Breaking their kiss, Sami kissed Bonnie’s face, here and there, the whole while moving her hands along Bonnie’s arms. Putting her lips to the side of Bonnie’s neck, Bonnie rotated her neck in concert with Sami’s kisses, tilting her head back as Sami’s lips and tongue explored her neck, and her upper chest where it was exposed in her scoop-neck blouse.

Bonnie’s hands were running through Sami’s hair, as she moved her head around to accept Sami’s kisses. It felt so good, so fucking good, thought Bonnie, the heat in her crotch now a roaring fire.

Bonnie felt herself being pulled along with Sami as Sami fell back onto the bed and Bonnie went willingly, her desires now controlling her very being. She and Sami stretched their legs out as Sami rolled Bonnie onto her back, their lips locked in another passionate kiss, their tongues rolling together in the hottest kissing and make-out session that Bonnie had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20