A Gentle Hand

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It was late. It was only a couple of hours ago that Tina had left David’s apartment.

She knew David never remembered to eat when he was working on his book, so she decided to surprise him with dinner. She planned to stay only long enough to eat the Chinese food she had bought for them, give him a kiss that he would not soon forget and then let him get back to his writing.

Using her key, Tina unlocked the apartment door, quietly slipped in and looked around but she didn’t see him. She looked over to where David’s desk was in the corner but this time there was no David behind it. Normally, he would be sitting in the chair so engrossed in his work that he would not even lift his head when she entered.

Hearing strange noises, Tina put down the heavy reinforced bag of hot food and walked towards the bedroom door. Turning the doorknob slowly, she pushed it open and stood there looking at the smooth naked back of a lovely blonde. She just happened to be sitting upon a prone man, and that man just happened to be HER David. A gasp slipped out of her mouth before she could stifle it with her hand.

Tina could barely see because her vision was blurred from her tears. David leaned over and looked at her from around the naked body above him. He saw her standing stock still with big sad tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly, blinded from tears and pain, Tina ran out of the apartment. She was not even sure where she was going.

Tina wandered aimlessly, before she unwittingly found herself sitting on the steps of the brownstone building where her good friend Anita lived. She looked up at the dark sky just as a misty rain started to sprinkle on her face.

“How appropriate,” she thought.

She was cold and shivering but more from shock than from the rain when Anita walked up and found her young friend literally on her doorstep.

“Tina? Tina, what is wrong? What are you doing sitting out here in the rain? Are you crying? She asked while she slipped a hand beneath Tina’s arm and lifted her up to bustle her inside.

Tina was silent until she got into Anita’s warm, dry apartment before fresh tears spilled out.

“Ohhh oh oh Anita” Tina stuttered, “David. It was David and a blond. Ttthey were tttogether… in bed!”

Anita opened her eyes wide in understanding and hugged her wet friend to her bosom and comforted her by rocking her in her arms.

“Shh, it is ok, hon… tell me later. Don’t try to talk now. Let’s get you out of these wet clothes and into a nice warm bath. Once you are warmed up and feeling better we can talk.”

Tina was so used to Anita mothering her. Anita, being 15 years her senior, met when Tina got a job at the newspaper office where she was already working. Anita took the younger woman under her wing from that very first day and they became fast friends ever since.

Taking Tina into the bathroom off of her bedroom, Anita sat her down on the toilet while she bent over the tub to turn on the taps. Adding a large amount of bubbles to the steady stream of water made the soft fragrance fill the air. Turning back to Tina, who was just sitting there with sad, silent tears rolling down her cheeks; not sobbing, just tears, Anita lifted the tee shirt from her body. Obediently, Tina lifted her arms to aid her. Putting her arms around Tina’s small body, she unhooked her bra and dropped the dripping garment on the floor with her wet tee shirt.

“Stand up, honey and slip off your sandals” Anita told her

As if in a daze, Tina stood up and slipped off her sandals and Anita unbuttoned her jeans before she tugged them down. They were so tight that Tina’s panties came down with them until they reached her knees. Tina placed both her hands on Anita’s shoulders to balance herself as her friend stripped off her jeans and then her panties. bahis firmaları

“Get into the tub and lay back, you will feel better in no time. I am going to get us both a drink.” Anita said as she helped her petite friend into the bubbly scented water and adjusted the bath pillow behind her head.

Leaving Tina alone for a few minutes, Anita scooped up Tina’s soggy clothes and took them into her kitchen. She opened the doors that hid the apartment sized washer and dryer and started a load of Tina’s clothes. Noticing hers were damp too, Tina stripped down and tossed hers in the washer as well. Naked, Anita went to the fridge, got out a bottle of wine, filled two Over-sized wine glasses and took them into the bathroom.

Anita sat down naked on the toilet seat and handed a glass of wine to Tina. Both naked women sipped their wine as if they were at a table in a classy restaurant rather than naked in Anita’s bathroom. Anita placed her glass down on the tub’s edge and told Tina she would be right back. Anita went into the adjoining room and put on a big white robe, then found her old pink one for Tina and took it back into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet seat again, Anita dropped the robe on the floor and picked up both glasses of wine and handed Tina’s to her.

“Drink!” she said, “I want to hear all about this and you need the fortification.”

Tina gulped the wine and handed the empty glass to Anita, smiling at Anita with her eyes still glassy from her tears. Without a word, Anita went and refilled them both.

When she returned, she handed one back to Tina and said, “Ok, what happened?”

Tina told her friend what had happened with a fresh flood of tears. Anita listened carefully but was not surprised. She had seen David with that blond a few times and she had suspected something was going on but she was not about to tell her friend that.

“What am I going to do now?” Tina cried.

“Well, for now, you are going to get out of that tub, put on this robe and we are going to have another drink. You will stay the night and worry about what to do tomorrow.” Anita told her.

“You are such a good friend, Anita, Thanks.” Tina said, as she stood up in the tub-full of bubbles almost slipping and falling over with the wineglass in her hand.

“Whoa, there.. careful” Anita admonished. “Let me help you.”

Taking the wine glass from Tina’s hand she gripped her arm to help her out of the tub and onto the bath-mat.

“Must be the wine and I haven’t eaten. I am feeling a bit drunk.” Tina giggled for the first time since she came running out of David’s apartment. It was the wine that made her giggle because nothing was funny, not really. In fact, she hurt like hell.

Taking a big fluffy towel, Anita started to pat her friend dry. She took the towel and dried Tina’s lovely neck, her soft shoulders, down her slender arms, her back and finally her breasts. Anita looked at her friends’ wonderful breasts and saw the nipples harden.

“Hmmm, nice” she thought.

Anita then kneeled down to dry Tina’s legs and feet, turning her around to dry her pert little bottom. Her hands pushed at the insides of Tina’s thighs to get her to open her legs so Anita could dry her sex. Anita’s hand trembled from the contact with her naked friend. She had always been secretly in love with Tina, but being older and knowing that Tina had David, she never explored the possibility. She pulled herself together taking the pink robe and helping Tina into it. She guided Tina into the living-room and then went to freshen up their wine.

The warmth of the room and the release of a long heart to heart with plenty of tears made Tina mellow and feeling a little tired. Anita suggested they go to bed when she saw her friend try hard to hide a yawn. Tina offered to sleep kaçak iddaa on the couch but Anita said she would not hear of it; her bed was plenty big enough for the both of them. With that, Tina dropped her robe and crawled naked between the warm fresh sheets and luxuriated in the wonderful comfort. Anita, joining her, returned from the bathroom. She left a night-light on so that it glowed softly in the room. She wanted her guest to be able to find her way around should she need to get up late in the night. In the softly lit room, Tina took Anita’s hand and thanked her friend for her understanding tonight.

Anita squeezed it back and told her, “That is what friends are for.”

After a moment, Tina sat up, letting the covers fall into her lap, leaving her breasts bare. She turned to her good friend and kissed her softly. Surprising them both, her tongue slipped out and caressed Anita’s full lips.

Pleased even though she was shocked, Anita returned Tina’s kiss allowing her own tongue to slip out and meet her friends. Tentatively, Anita’s hand rose to cup Tina’s lovely breast. Tina moaned and pushed her chest forward into Anita’s warm hand. Allowing the moan to be her guide, Anita caressed Tina’s nipple making it harden and pebble up in her palm. She pinched it slightly and Tina moaned again in pleasure.

Pulling away from Tina for a moment, Anita looked into her eyes and asked, “Tina, are you sure?”

Tina answered, “Yes, I am sure, but I have never been with a woman I am not sure I can please you as I want to.”

Anita smiled, “Honey, just do what comes naturally and it will please me.”

With that said, Tina reached out to lower the sheet so she could look at Anita’s breasts. They were much larger than her own breasts, and the nipples were much darker. Tina put her finger on one nipple and watched as it grew. Tracing the outline of the areola feeling the little bumps as it puckered in pleasure. Enjoying Anita’s reaction, she traced the other breast the same way.

“Oh Tina” Anita moaned, “That is so nice.”

Tina looked into her friends passion filled eyes and lowered her head to take a plump nipple into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and around, laving the tender tip. Sucking it hard, she took as much of her breast into her mouth as she could get before letting it pop out of her mouth to suck on the other breast in the same way. Anita was in heaven. She could not believe this was happening. She had fantasized that something like this would happen but never thought it really would.

Tina stopped, smiled at her friend and said, “Anita, I am not sure what I should do.”

Anita was so aroused, just as much from the words as she was from her actions. Her friend was telling her she wanted to please her but she was not sure how.

Anita pushed Tina back onto the pillows and reached over to caress Tina’s breasts. They were small with little pink tips that hardened nicely. Anita got up and straddled her friend, bending over to let her tongue flick at the tasty little buds. She did this slowly at first and then faster and harder as she felt Tina responding. The two women were moaning softly. Their heavy breathing making their lovely breasts heave just a little but in such a tantalizing way.

Anita positioned her body above Tina’s making sure that their nipples came in contact with her friends. Now, nipple to nipple, they gasped as if they had a little spark run right through them. Anita kissed Tina passionately and Tina didn’t hesitate to return it with equal passion. Their tongues danced and played together, enjoying the warm wetness of each other’s mouth.

Anita rolled off Tina and rested on her side. Slowly, she pulled back the covers to bare the rest of Tina’s body. Anita looked down at Tina laying there naked before she scooted down the bed kaçak bahis to crawl up between Tina’s legs.

“Open your legs for me, hon. Show me your treasure.” Anita whispered.

Tina spread her legs for her friend and felt her slit open slightly. She felt it fill with her natural womanly moisture. Deep in the V of her opened legs, the heady scent filled the humid air. Anita enjoyed the view. She wanted to enjoy the scent too. Then she slipped out her tongue to enjoy the taste. With a gentle hand, Anita placed both thumbs on Tina’s shaven labia and spread the lips open. She could see the wet pink flower and she heard the little smacking sound as Tina’s tender lips parted. Anita bent her head in close to inhale the scent that caused her own pussy fill with juices. Anita’s tongue pointed out, the tip reaching to taste Tina. The experienced tongue flicked ever so gently across her clit, slowly, over and over again. Anita cupped Tina’s ass gripping her to bring her tangy cunt closer to her face. She felt Tina’s bottom cheeks tighten in her hands and felt her thighs tremble beneath her Body. Sliding her tongue deep inside that wet pink slit, tasting her cum as it flowed so sweetly into her mouth.

“Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh,” soft little moans slipped out from Tina’s mouth.

These sounds were like music to Anita’s ears. Anita was well aware of Tina’s orgasm and knew when it began to subside. Tina’s body stopped trembling and it collapsed in her hands.

“Anita, that was so wonderful. Come here and kiss me please.” Tina said.

Anita needed no more invitation than that. She crawled up her naked friends body and laid herself breast to breast, tummy to tummy before she kissed her. Tina could taste the tangy flavour of herself on Anita’s lips and chin and this made her moan and squirm even more.

Abruptly, Tina rolled to her side, pushing Anita off of her because she wanted to explore her friends’ body too. Crawling down the bed, Tina opened Anita’s legs and sat between them on the sheets. Her fingers and nails scraped softly and tenderly along her tummy, up the insides of her thighs and allowed them to slip into the downy softness of her pubic hair. Tugging gently on a tuft of hair, Tina caused Anita’s lips to open with tiny smacking sound assuring Tina that she had a plentiful flow of juices for her to taste; and for the very first time.

Never having been with a woman before, Tina wanted to slow it down; wait and just look and explore the other woman’s body with her eyes and fingers first. She opened her friends’ lips and peeked inside to see the juices make the soft pink shell colour, shine. Pulling back the hood of her clit, Tina bent over to blow soft warm air on the sensitive bud and watched it plump up before her very eyes. Her finger traced the inner lips from clit to ass, back and forth feeling more and more wetness flow with each stroke. Tina couldn’t wait any longer, she slipped her finger deep inside to feel the inside of another woman’s cunt for the first time. It was hot. It was wet. It was wonderful.

She slid in another finger and pumped it in and out in a fucking motion, taking her moistened thumb and circled Anita’s clit. Tina looked up to see how she was affecting her friend and she saw Anita thrashing her head from side to side. Her hips began to tremble and rise up off the bed with Tina’s fingers still embedded deeply inside her.

“ohhh Tina, I am cumming” Anita yelled.

Tina felt Anita’s vagina muscles contract on her fingers as she orgasmed. Even though she was her inexperienced, Tina could tell when Anita had returned from her trip to ecstasy. Slowly, she slid her fingers from Anita’s soaking cunt. Even more curious, Tina slipped them into her mouth and sucked the juices off them one by one.

She looked up to see saw Anita watching her smiling.

“Come here” Anita demanded.

Tina crawled along her naked friends body and cuddled in her arms. She felt safe and warm and sated as Anita caressed her soft back with such a gentle hand.

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