A Fishing Trip to the Gulf

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I wanted some Red Snapper so I borrowed my friend Dave’s 28-foot cabin cruiser for the weekend. I do this several times a month throughout most of the summer. Dave was a spring and fall fisherman, hating hot weather. Heat did not bother me for the most part and it worked out well. I helped with the mooring expenses, fuel, and maintenance, so I did pay my way.

Now I was anchored bow into the wind off a sunken oil platform in 35 feet of water. I had four nice Red Snapper in the live well, drifting live shrimp along the edge of the steel structure. I had the surf rod rigged with a slider sinker with about six feet of line between the sinker and hook.

The bait was about halfway in when the rod dipped hard and I set the hook on another fish. It only took a couple of minutes to put the fish in the boat. It was another nice fat Snapper. I looked up at the sun and then around at the two young women sitting in the shade of the cabin.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked the twin girls as I tried to keep my eyes off their bare breasts.

“She’s up on the bow getting some all over sun,” Kim replied.

I stepped up on the live well and looked through the windshield of the boat. Denise, my girlfriend of four years was laid out on a towel. I smiled as I noticed the tiny bikini bottom she had had on earlier was wrapped around her left hand. Tanning oil made her naked body glisten in the bright sunlight.

Stepping back to the deck, I looked at the twins and asked, “Either one of you want to try your hand at fishing while I fix supper.”

Katy stood up and walked toward me. “You’ll have to show me what to do, I am a virgin after all.”

Kim spit out the sip of coke she was taking and then laughed. “In a pigs ass. I’m the only virgin on this boat.”

Katy looked at her sister and smiled. “Speaking of asses, yours ain’t—”

“Hey now!” Kim said quickly. “Play nice.”

“I’d love to play nice but mom’s on board and she’d have a cat and three kittens if she caught me,” Katy said with a wicked grin.

Kim glanced at me and then back to her sister. “Are you talking him or us?”

“Either, or both,” Katy said with a glance at me.

I was a little stunned to say the least. In the four years I had known the sisters, this was the first time I had heard anything like what I was hearing, come from either one. Now my dirty mind was running around in circles putting meanings to their words and the mental images where almost to the point of making me blush.

Earlier I’d had a couple of shocks as it was and this just added fuel to the mental fire I had going on. On the way out of the harbor, Denise had gone below to change into her swimsuit. Normally she ran around nude on the boat but with the daughters along for the first time, I figured she would wear a full bathing suit.

When she came up from below, my mouth dropped open at the little scrap of cloth she was wearing over her sex, a triangle about 3 inches by 4. The rest of the bottoms was string and she was nude other than that. Her breasts were small but well formed with perky upturned nipples.

I was about to the point of closing my mouth when Kim said, “Mom! What the hell are you wearing or is that not wearing?”

“Watch your mouth young lady,” Denise said but she was smiling as she said it.

Katy shook her head and said, “Damn, mom’s letting it all hang out.”

“Uh, nothing hangs on your mom. It’s all right where it’s supposed to be,” I said with a wink in Denise’s direction. My eyes wandered down to that tiny triangle. It only covered the lower half of her mound, a wisp of blond hair showing at the top. The lower part was just barely covering her outer lips.

“Uh yeah, so we see,” Katy, said with a funny look on her face. “And no tan lines either.”

“Nope, no tan lines,” Denise said with a wink at me.

“So you guys always go fishing naked, is that it?” Kim asked suddenly.

“And sunbathe naked in the backyard when you guys are away at college,” I added.

“Holy shit! I told you that was going to happen after he built that big fence around the yard,” Katy said to Kim.

“I’ve always wanted to skinny dip in the pool during the daylight, instead of just—” Kim said and then stopped suddenly, her eyes getting big as she realized what she had said.

Denise nodded her head and then she grinned. “I’d be careful getting in the pool in the dark, you might run into me and Jim.”

“Uh, can we swim, uh, skinny dip in the pool and sunbathe naked also?” Katy asked.

Denise looked at me and then at her daughters with a frown on her face. “I don’t know if that is a good idea. Jim works from home remember and he’s there most of the time. I’m not sure how you girls would feel about that or how I’d feel for that matter.”

Katy looked at her sister and then at her mom. “Uh, yeah, there is that.”

Kim grinned and said, “I don’t have a problem with Jim looking at me, and if he looks at me, he’s just seeing a younger copy of you, mom.”

“Uh, yeah, and a carbon copy of me,” Katy said. “Well, almost anyway.”

I had always been able canlı bahis to tell the two apart by a small scar on Katy’s chin. Now I wondered what else was different. Little did I know, I would find out far more than I ever dreamed of wanting to know.

Denise looked at her daughter sharply and frowned for a second. “That scares me,” she said still frowning.

“Why should a younger model of you, scare you?” Kim asked with a confused look.

“Not that. The fact that you could run around naked in front of my boyfriend is what scares me. It makes me wonder who else you run around naked with,” Denise said, and then added quickly, “And no, I really don’t want an answer to that.”

“Mom, Jim’s been around longer than anyone else since dad left and we trust him,” Katy said looking at her sister.

Kim nodded and said, “Yeah, he’s always been a perfect gentleman. Sometimes too perfect.”

“Uh…. What do you mean, too perfect?” Denise asked. I knew what Kim was talking about but I thought better of saying anything.

Katy looked at Kim and frowned. “Blabber mouth.”

Kim looked at the floor and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

Denise looked at me. I looked out the windshield of the boat. She looked at her daughters. “Ok, out with it.”

“Uh, we’ve teased him a time or two,” Kate said, still looking at her sister.

“Oh, and how did you do that?” Denis asked.

“Uh, a door left open a crack here, a towel dropped there,” Kim, said so softly I barely heard her.

“A flash of a short skirt or a loose blouse,” Katy said just as softly.

“And you didn’t say anything?” Denise asked, looking at me.

I shrugged. “Accidents do happen and I gave them the benefit of the doubt mostly. I also figured if I ignored it they would stop.”

“Did they?” She asked still looking at me.

“They left for college shortly after,” I told her.

She looked at her daughters with a frown. “I’d spank you both if you weren’t so big.”

Katy grinned. “I’ll hold Kim so you can spank her and then she can hold me while you spank me.”

Denise’s mouth dropped open and her daughters both laughed. I wanted to say, like mother, like daughters but I thought better of it.

When Denise looked at me with that deer in the headlight look, I changed my mind. I grinned and said, “Like mother, like daughters.” Now it was Katy and Kim’s turn to have their mouths hanging open.

Denise’s mouth dropped open in my direction as her head turned quickly in the direction of her daughters. Seeing their shocked expressions, she grinned. “Well, I’ll be damned, mamma is kinkier than they thought or ever suspected.”

Katy nodded, Kim shook her head, and Denise laughed. “Well, I had one of them fooled anyway.”

Kim said, “I sleep lighter remember. I hear things that go, uh, bump in the night.”

Katy looked at her sister. “And you didn’t tell me?”

Kim shrugged. “It didn’t really register until Jim said what he did.”

“Ok, now you have to tell me,” Kathy said quickly with a grin. She glanced at her mom and whispered, “This aught to be good.”

“Just the sound of one hand clapping,” I said with a grin in Denise’s direction. I was surprised to see her blush lightly.

“You two can go put your bikini’s on if you want,” Denise said quickly.

“Just the bottoms or the tops also?” Kim asked quickly as she grabbed Kathy’s hand.

“Bikini’s as in two pieces,” Denise said with a hard look at Kim.

“Says the lady with her boobs hanging out,” Katy said with a grin at her mom.

Denise gave Katy an even harder look and then rolled her eyes before she shut them. “I knew better than to try this,” she said to no one in particular and then opened her eyes. “Suit yourselves,” she said with a glance in my direction.

I gave her a little shrug and blew her a kiss. “I’m going to look,” I told her.

Denise sighed and looked at her daughters. “Yes, he will.” Then she looked at me. “I could go put my clothes on.”

I nodded. “Yeah, you could, but….” I let the sentence hang.

She nodded and then sighed again. “But I like being naked on this boat.”

When I nodded and whispered, “Me too.” Denise laughed and looked at her daughters. “I could throw them overboard and solve all sorts of problems.”

“Our bodies would wash ashore sooner or later,” Kim pointed out with a grin.

“Then we’d be able to come haunt you,” Katy added.

“You two already haunt me,” Denise said. “But I love ya anyway.”

“She’s got that motherly hug look in her eyes,” Kim said.

“Uh, yeah, time to go down stairs,” Katy said as she dodged to the left around her mom as Kim went to the right.

Denise missed grabbing both of them and settled for hugging me once her daughters were out of sight. “I screwed up by asking them along, didn’t I?”

“Nope. Eventually, they’ll get the same urges you do about running around naked. Since they skinny dip at night and when we’re not around, probably, they already have the urges. Like mother, like daughters.” I told her.

She grimaced at bahis siteleri that last part and then kissed me on the cheek. “That’s what scares me the most.” Then with a sigh she asked, “Is the coast clear?”

I glanced at the radar screen. “Nothing big enough to register but you know how the small boats run under this thing.”

She grinned. “The small stuff I can handle. It’s the cruise ships that get me in trouble.”

On our second fishing trip, she had gone outside just after we left the harbor. She had been standing naked by the aft rail watching the channel behind us and hadn’t looked forward. I saw the cruise ship and I thought she had. A few moments later, there was a loud yell and she came flying by me and down the stairs. After a moment of shock, I laughed my ass off.

About fifteen minutes later, she came back up the steps slowly, wearing her beach wrap. “Why didn’t you tell me there was a cruise ship coming our way?” She asked hotly.

“I, uh…. I thought you saw it. It’s as big as an apartment building or three. It’s kind of hard to miss,” I said with a grin.

“Uh…. I was watching you watch me. You know how much I love your eyes on me when I’m naked.”

“I don’t think anyone saw you. But if they did, I’m sure they enjoyed the view.”

Denise had groaned and then whimpered softly as she took the wrap off. Our lovemaking that evening had been hotter and heavier than normal.


“Earth to Jim, Earth to Jim,” I heard Katy say from far away. I snapped out of my memories with a start, a grin on my face.

“I don’t know where he went but from that grin, I’d say there was sex involved,” Kim said with a grin of her own.

“Not to mention a cruise ship,” I said and both young women gave me a funny look. “It’s a long story,” I added as I opened the live well and got a shrimp from the bait bucket.

I baited the hook on my rod and made a long lob cast out past and to the left of the marker float. As the bait sank, I handed the rod to Katy. Once it hit bottom, I reached over and closed the bail on the reel.

“Now reel in as you lower the rod tip,” I said as I picked up the rod belt that was hanging on my chair. I did not need it but the big rod was a handful for the young woman.

Katy did as I directed. “Now lift up slowly until you feel the sinker.” She did that, the butt of the rod under her arm. I stepped over behind her and laid the rod belt out on the deck beside her feet.

She stepped into the loops and I pulled it up to her waist. I adjusted the straps to fit her, my hands brushing her bare hips and upper thighs as I did. Once it was tight, she grinned at me and shifted her hips back and forth.

“Kinky,” she whispered.

I took the rod and inserted the ball on the butt into the socket on the belt. She put one hand on the rod and the other on the handle of the reel.

“Now reel down again.” I told her.

“I’ve watched you do it,” she said as she stopped reeling with the rod tip level with the water. Then she slowly lifted up dragging the bait slowly along the bottom. She paused with the rod straight up and reeled back down.

“This belt makes it a lot easier,” she said as she lifted the rod again.

“You’ve got it,” I said, my eyes on the way the muscles above her breasts moved and moved her small cone shaped breasts up and down. Her ass would move in small circles as she reeled.

“That looks like the mother of all strap-on,” Kim said with a chuckle.

Katy glanced at her sister over her shoulder. “It needs to be just a little lower to feel right from my side.”

I looked from one sister to the other as pictures of them playing with a strap-on flashed behind my eyes. My dick had twitched and firmed up as I watched Katy and now with these pictures, it was headed for hard-on city. I turned and opened the live well to distract myself. I grabbed two redfish and headed for the galley.


One Snapper was cleaned when Kim said, “She’s got the bait all the way in.”

I dried my hands and walked out on the deck.

“I don’t know how to cast it back out and I don’t want to mess up the shrimp,” Katy said. “Come show me how.”

Taking the rod from her, I looked the shrimp over and said, “He’s still alive so I’ll cast him back out. When you lose him or catch a fish, I will teach you how to cast. I’ve only got so many left in the live well.”

Katy nodded and I cast the shrimp back out. When I handed her the rod back, I noticed the socket on the belt was lower down than it had been before. I smiled as she gave a little jerk as the ball seated in the socket. I closed the bail and she reeled in the slack and the rod tip down.

As she lifted slowly, she shifted her hips from side to side slightly. “Much better,” she whispered as she grinned at me.

Kim chuckled and said, “Leave it to my sister to find a way to get off while fishing.”

“She better not lose my rod,” I said giving Katy a hard look.

With a giggle, she reached over to the rail, got the safety cord, and clipped it to the reel. “How is that?” She asked.

I bahis şirketleri chuckled and nodded. “The rods safe but I’m not sure about you.”

On my way past Kim, I said, “You might want to keep an eye on your sister.”

“I always keep an eye on my sister. I especially like the way her little butt goes in circles when she reels the line in,” was the reply I got.

Once again, like mother, like daughter, flashed through my brain but I did not say it. I just grinned as I returned to the galley.


Denise was sitting up on the front deck and waved to me as I finished cleaning the second fish. I waved back with a large fillet. She grinned and pointed down between her legs. I laughed and then licked my lips several times. She laughed and shook her head as she lay down on her back.

Looking at me, she raised her legs high in the air and spread them wide several times. I licked my lips several more times and she laughed as she lowered her feet back to the deck. If the girls had not been with us, I would have been up on the front deck eating my fill of her sweet pussy.

With a sigh, I laid the fish aside and got the salad makings out of the fridge. As I was tossing the salad, Kim called me back out on the deck. As I tossed the shrimp back out to the same area, Katy said, “Maybe we should try somewhere else.”

As I handed her the rod, I said, “Not really. The fish swim in circles around the junk on the bottom and keeping the bait moving slowly, attracts their attention.”

“Kind of like my boobs and ass moving, keeps your attention,” Katy said.

“And mine,” Kim said with a grin.

“Something like that, but the idea is for the fish to bite the shrimp,” I said.

“I’ll nibble on her nipples, you bite her ass,” Kim said with a laugh.

Katy shivered and looked around at her sister. “You do nibble nicely.”

“So do you,” Kim said and then sighed. “Maybe tonight after mom goes to bed we can get something going.”

“We usually sleep here on the deck. It’s a lot cooler than down below.” I told them as a picture of them in a 69 flashed before my eyes. My dick was on the rise once again.

“So, we’re going to mess up your sex,” Katy said as she lifted the rod.

“Uh, something like that,” I said softly.

“Maybe we’ll try the bedroom for a couple of hours so we can both have a little private time,” Kim said with a grin.

Katy was looking at me with the same grin. “I’ll bet a picture of us in a 69 is running around in his head right this minute.”

Kim nodded. “That’ll get mom fucked long and hard tonight while we are actually in that position.”

Katy shivered as she reeled the slack in. “This rod butt rubbing my clit through the leather of the belt has me more than primed,” she said as her hips flexed back and forth several times.

My dick was making a tent in the front of my shorts by now.

Kim got out of her chair and walked over to where we were standing. She had her back to the cabin and was between the front deck and me. Her hand shot out suddenly and she wrapped her fingers around my cloth covered dick and gave it a squeeze.

“Damn that’s hard,” she whispered as she gave me another squeeze.

Katy took a step my way and grabbed my dick above where her sister had a grip. “Holy shit,” she whispered a second later. “You were not kidding about mom getting fucked long and hard.”

“Hey, you two….” I said quickly and tried to take a step back. Two hands gripped me tightly and I stopped trying to move.

“It would be a mouthful,” Kim said with a giggle. “And there’s no way it would fit in my ass.”

Now I had alternating pictures of Kim sucking my dick and then on her hands and knees with her little round ass sticking up invitingly. “Ok, you guys are having way to much fun at my expense,” I said quickly as I grabbed a wrist with each hand.

I pulled firmly but gently. Katy was the first to let go of my dick and then Kim did the same.

“Spoilsport,” she whispered as she did.

“Spoilsport, your ass. Your mom would kill you both if she happened to see any of that or hear any of that, for that matter,” I said with a frown.

Katy reeled the rod down and whispered, “He’s right, you know.”

“Yeah, but….” Kim said and then sighed. “I had to see what that thing was like since he won’t take the shorts off.”

“With the shorts off it would probably scare both of us,” Katy said.

Kim giggled softly. “Probably is right.”

Suddenly, Katy took a step forward and squealed loudly as the rod bent toward the rail sharply. I stepped over behind her and reached over her shoulder to grab the rod just above her hand. I gave the rod a sharp jerk to set the hook and then told her, “Pull back using your arm and back but don’t reel yet. Let the rod do the work of wearing the fish out.”

She pulled up and stepped back with her foot. She backed into me, her little round butt pressed against me, my hard-on pressed against her tailbone firmly. She gave a little jerk of surprise and then pressed her ass backwards again as the rod slowly came up.

When the rod was vertical, I said, “Now, lower the rod and reel at the same time. Try not to let any slack in your line. Don’t go quite as low as you did earlier and then pull up again gently and don’t reel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20