A first time for Everything Pt. 02

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As we walked to the bathroom, it dawned on me that what we had already experienced was unlike anything that I had ever seen in the gay porn selections on line. It was soft, sensual, honest and filled with passion. More importantly, it was real – two real men, pushing the far side of middle age, discovering the joy and excitement of confiding in each other, sharing thoughts that they had kept to themselves most of their lives.

My new friend reached over to turn on the water and took some time to adjust the temperature. I had a wonderful view of his ass, round and soft, with his balls hanging just below. I studied the beautiful crack between his cheeks. Somewhere at the bottom of the cleft, lay hidden his rosebud. I wondered what it looked like. My thoughts were interrupted when he turned to me and suggested that it was time for me to get out of my clothes.

He reached to pull my t shirt up and over my head, and then slid my cycling shorts down, revealing my cock, still stiff as a result of the activity in the other room. Then he leaned over to help me remove my socks. Standing beside me, he guided me into the front of the tub before stepping in behind me.

“I want to show you how much I appreciate what you just did,” he said. As he lathered up a washcloth and began washing my back. The warm water running over my body and the touch of his hand gently massaging my muscles with a soapy washcloth was relaxing in so many ways.

I could feel his cock pocking me from behind and he reached around and began washing my bedava bahis chest, his body touching mine. He took great care to be gentle around my nipples, and then he slid his hand down, across my belly. My cock jumped when he circled it with his palm, no washcloth at this point, just his soapy, slippery hand sliding down my cock before gently fondling my balls. His cock was now snuggled between the cheeks of my ass. Obviously, he had rubbed soap on it as well because it slid so smoothly up and down my crack.

As a married man, and one who appreciated the beauty of the female form, I had no problem identifying what it meant for a woman to be sexy, but I never quite understood what women identified as sexy in a man, and I certainly had never experienced the feeling of actually being sexy. For the first time in my life, there in that shower, with my friend’s hands enjoying my body, I felt sexy. I felt like I had the ability to turn on the man behind me, and I relished the experience.

He whispered to me that when we got done, he had a special pair of panties that he wanted me to put on. I smiled and told him that I was eagerly anticipating the feel of them, but that I was not quite ready to leave the hot water, and even though I was facing forward, I sensed that he too was smiling.

Next I felt one of his soapy hands on my ass, rubbing my cheeks and then sliding between then, inching downward. I spread my legs a part, signaling that I did not want him to stop but rather, that I wanted him to continue bedava bonus downward, to explore. Soon after, I felt a jolt of excitement as his finger grazed my asshole. So that there could be no mistake, I told him that I wanted to be clean everywhere for him.

His left hand was still on my cock; he raised it to my chest and pulled me close to him, his chest brushing against my back. At the same time, his finger penetrated the outer ring of my rosebud. It was gentle and subtle, but there was no mistaking that the tip of his finger was inside of me.

“Do you want to be clean here?” he asked.

I responded that I wanted to be especially clean there. It is difficult to relate the flood of thoughts that passed through my mind as he slowly pushed in deeper, the feeling was intense, so erotic, so naughty, so sensuous. I was completely vulnerable, yet so excited to share this experience with my new friend. It amazed me as I came to realize how connected we were in such a short time, how our thoughts and ideas resonated with each other.

I became aware that his left hand had returned to my groin. He was fondling my balls which, at this point, were heavy and full. After measuring their weight with his palm, he began sliding his hand up and down my shaft.

The combined sensations were almost too much to take. His finger now fully penetrated my ass. Slowly, he moved it in and out, almost completely withdrawing before sliding it back in, to the point where I could feel his palm tightly against my deneme bonusu ass, and his other hand stroking my cock.

I had read that some guys get a feeling like their balls are beginning to boil just before they come, but I had never experienced such a thing until now. My orgasm began to take shape deep in my balls. I told him that I was about to cum and encouraged him to continue just what he was doing. I could feel his body fully engaged against mine, rubbing as he continued to finger me and jerk me off. I felt the warm water splashing against my face, and I looked down to see my rigid cock pointed towards the front of the shower with his hand sliding up and down.

Perhaps it was that visual that triggered the spasms. My ass tightened around his finger, and he pressed against the underside of my cock as the cum pumped through it. I wanted to look down to see it, but I simply could not open my eyes, the pleasure was so intense. I fell back against him and was grateful to feel him support me, as I feared that my legs would buckle. Slowly my senses returned and I was aware that he had withdrawn his finger and was washing his hands. I looked at the wall in front of me and saw my cum slowly dripping downward. Then I turned and faced him. It felt entirely natural to reach out and embrace him. He responded by stepping forward and putting his arms around me, dropping his hands to my ass and pulling me close.

We stood like that for a time, and then he suggested that maybe it was time for another cup of tea, to which, I readily agreed. We turned the water off and stepped from the tub to dry ourselves. He left the room briefly but then returned with a sexy, feminine pair of light green panties, soft and lacy, and he handed them to me and then took a step back to watch me step into them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20