A Daughter’s Gift

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It’s amazing how much stuff my 18-year old stepdaughter Jane had managed to cram into her room, but we were finally done moving boxes and furniture. Of course, it wasn’t all from her room. My wife and I had donated a couch and entertainment system, various dishes, and such to get Jane started. College started in less than a month and we’d rented a small house for Jane near campus, one she’d share with a long time girl friend from high school. All in all, it worked out pretty well. Jane stayed in town, only a few miles away, but it was a big step in her independence.

My wife, Susan, wandered in from the kitchen where she’d been helping Jane put away the dishes, grabbed her purse off the couch, and leaned in and gave me a kiss.

“I’ve got to go honey, see you soon.” Susan said.

“Yep, in an hour maybe, I just have to set up the entertainment system and speakers and make sure it’s all working.” I replied.

“Make that about 3 hours!” Jane called from the kitchen. “I want to break in the TV with a movie and popcorn. Plus, I want to ask him about setting up my laptop for wireless. They have free WiFi here on campus.”

I smiled and Susan chuckled. It’s always nice to be needed.

“Fine then, I’ll see you when you get home.” Susan said as she headed out the door.

I sat on the couch for a minute staring at the tangle of A/V cables on the floor, sipping at a bottle of water. Jane came into the room all smiles, the kitchen put away. She came over to the couch and surprised me by sitting down cross wise in my lap with her arms around my neck.

“Best step daddy in the world!” she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I grinned and gave Jane squeeze as she snuggled her head down onto my shoulder. That was her line, our thing, when things were good between us. Being a step parent is hard and things definitely hadn’t always been good between Jane and I. I had all the responsibility, but little of the natural authority and respect given a biological parent. Combine that responsibility and lack of natural authority with a burgeoning teenager and you have a recipe for a chilly relationship. Fortunately, we’d gotten through it and the last couple years we’d once again become close, though more as equals this time. Somewhere along the line, I’d gained her respect. Regardless of why, it was good to have the love of my little girl.

Well, not such a little girl anymore I thought. Jane had a spectacular 38D/26/34 figure. Yes, those are her real numbers, taken at a dress fitting not too long ago. I’d been forced to admit to myself a couple years ago I found Jane very attractive. Jane was built like her mother and had a similar bouncy personality, so I suppose it shouldn’t have been a suprise. At first I felt guilty, but after doing some research about father/daughter relationships I discovered attraction wasn’t necessarily uncommon. Like any emotion, it needed to be dealt with appropriately. I’d sneak the occasional glance at her in tight clothes or a short skirt, but otherwise I’d kept my attentions strictly parental.

After a couple minutes in my lap though, I was becoming uncomfortably aware of just how womanly Jane was. I could feel my body responding to her closeness. Jane’s breath was warm against my neck and her mid-back length, wavy, dark hair bahis firmaları cascaded sexily down around us. Jane’s full, soft breasts were pressed up against the side of my chest and her nicely rounded ass fit snugly in my lap. She was soft, curvy, and had the sexy combined scent of coconut shampoo, perfume, and a slightly musky scent from the day’s moving efforts. The effect was almost narcotic. I found my eyes closing as my senses reveled in the sheer feminity of her presence.

The stereo, do the stereo… I gave Jane a pat on the hip and a gentle shove, letting her know it was time to get up. Jane didn’t budge though and just looked up at me. She has such pretty eyes and just incredible, natural thick eye lashes that were the envy of many of her friends. Jane rarely wore any makeup because she simply look naturally beautiful.

“Robin, can I ask you something personal?” she said, biting her lip nervously. Her body, all soft and snuggly a second ago, had gone a bit stiff with tension.

“Hmm? Yea, sure honey. You ok?” I said, my wandering mind snapping back into step-daddy mode.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just, well, do you think I’m attractive? I mean, as a man looking at a woman, do you think so?” she asked, glancing down away from my eyes.

My first instinct was, “Gee, that’s a silly question”. She was, of course, stunning and never lacked for suitors. Then it dawned on me. She was moving out on her own. She’d broken up with her boyfriend a few months ago as they were headed in different directions (and colleges). Everything was new and she was flying without a net for the first time. Jane was probably having a sudden bout of separation anxiety.

“Yes Jane, very much so.” I said, trusting she could hear the sincerity in my voice. “You are, honestly, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Beautiful, curvy, athletic, and strong. All the things I like, just like the things I found attractive in your mother.”

Jane smiled and even blushed a little.

“You’re so sweet!” she said, then shocked me by leaning in and kissing me on the lips. Not just a peck, but a slightly lingering kiss. My heart fluttered for a moment as I fought my body’s natural desire to kiss her back. Step father or not, a real kiss from a pretty girl has an impact.

“Uh, no problem honey.” I said, fumbling for words. “It’s the truth.”

Once again, I patted her on the hip, fully expecting her to get up and this tender, but somewhat odd, moment to end. Jane stayed put though, locking her arms around my neck and leaning in closer. Her face was maybe two inches from mine. Her presence, her scent, and her warmth sapped the strength from any half-hearted attempt I might have made to dislodge her.

“You’re good man Robin.” she said softly. “You’ve been so good to me, supporting me, never making me feel guilty about myself, even when I wasn’t always nice in return. Especially as I grew into a young woman. My own father could hardly look at me when I wore a swimsuit. Do you remember? You said I should wear whatever makes me happy. I grew up feeling good about myself around you. I felt normal and safe.”

I nodded numbly. I remembered the event she was talking about. No one should ever feel guilty over the changes resulting in simply growing up.

“Such a good kaçak iddaa man.” Jane said softly, moving in until her lips were almost touching mine. My heart pounded, a swirl of desires and guilt leaving me struggling to think. “And such a man,” Jane murmured, “deserves a reward.”

Jane pressed her lips against mine in a long, sensual kiss. Her lips were warm and soft and her body molded itself to me. At the end the kiss, a touch of hunger crept in as her lips parted slightly and she finished the kiss by sucking lightly at my lower lip. Jane shifted to straddle me on the couch, looking into my eyes, searching for my reaction, her own eyes showing a mix of nervousness and need. My walls were crumbling. Years of latent desire we’re leaking through, threatening to overwhelm me when they burst.

“Jane, honey.” I started, my voice rough in my throat. “This seems to be heading… Um, well, I love you and I’d hate to hur…”

I never finished my sentence or even my thought. Jane grabbed my head between her hands and kissed me again, hard this time. Her mouth open, tongue probing hungrily, teeth nipping gently. I was lost. Lost in the sensation of her lips on mine, the smell of her hair cascading down around us, the warmth of her body, and the feel of her delicious hips under my hands. Whatever last ditch effort I’d had in mind, whatever remaining resolve I’d had a minute ago, crumbled completely as I poured 3 years of contained desire into returning that kiss. Finally, feeling me give in completely, she broke the kiss.

She looked down at me with those lovely eyes, her face flushed with desire.

“I want this.” she said, caressing my cheek with her hand. “I’ve wanted this for a while as I came to understand what you’d done for me over the years, what’d you’d given up for me, for our family. You were there for me when my real dad wasn’t. You were kind, firm, and patient. In the last couple years, I grew to love you again, but not just like the little girl I was, but as a woman loving the man that has always been there for her.”

She stood up and smiled as she let her dress fall to the floor, left only in lacy bra and a very skimpy pair of thong panties. She reached down and helped me strip off my shirt, followed immediately by my shorts. With one final motion, she unhooked her bra and skimmed off her panties, before straddling naked back over me on the couch. I ran my hands across the smooth curve of her hips. Jane’s full breasts and hard nipples swayed just about my eye level as she looked down at me with a mischievous grin. She was enjoying the seduction, enjoying my loss for words.

“And you know you want it too.” she said, lowering her head down and kissing me again. A long lover’s kiss while taking my hand from her hip and guiding it between her legs. Jane was extremely wet, almost dripping. I suspected she’d been thinking about this all day and I felt my cock stiffen in response to such clear evidence of her own arousal. I slid my fingers back and forth through her pussy lips, soaking my fingers, sliding along her clit, watching her eyes close with pleasure. I slid two fingers into her pussy and watched with joy as Jane leaned her head back with a lusty sigh. I stroked in and out of her pussy for a few moments, relishing in her arousal before bringing my dripping kaçak bahis fingers back and licking every drop of juice from them. Jane moaned with desire at the sight me licking my fingers clean, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me hard, tasting her own juices. I felt one of Jane’s hands drop down and encircle my cock as she broke the kiss.

“I’ve waited over a year for this.” Jane sighed softly as she sank down, guiding my cock to the entrance of pussy, but stopped for a moment on the edge of penetration.

Jane rested her forehead against mine, breathing heavily with arousal, her beautiful hair cascading around us. She moaned as she slowly sank the first inch into her pussy. She must have taken 20 seconds to slide me fully into her, reveling in every inch, every ridge and vein. When she hit bottom, Jane gave a brief whimper of pleasure and stopped, just resting for a moment, smiling with her eyes half closed.

“God yes. I’ve wanted this so much.” she said, barely above a whisper, her voice quivering with emotion.

Jane kissed me as she started to slowly rise up and down. Her kisses became hungrier with each passing minute, sometimes biting at my lips, her hands tight around my neck, pulling me to her. I could feel her pussy juice dripping down my cock, down my balls, down my thighs. Jane’s full breasts swaying, her hard nipples scraping up and down my chest. God, it was so erotic. My Jane, horny as hell and dripping wet, taking me into her over and over.

Jane was bouncing faster now, harder, slamming herself down my full length and back up, moaning each time she hit bottom. Her arms were tight around my neck and her head thrown back in pleasure. I could feel her pussy tightening, that familiar pre-orgasm clench. I was on the ragged edge myself, overloaded with physical and emotional sensation.

“Yes, yes..oh god, yes..” Jane whimpered and suddenly slammed down hard and stopped, her pussy pulsing, her nails gripping my neck and shoulders as she cried out in orgasm. Watching Jane come, feeling her pussy clasping at me, was too much for me. I grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her down tight as my cock erupted into her. Both of us desperately clung to one another as waves of pleasure rippled through us.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me, head on my shoulder. As my own mind returned from orbit, I could feel her tears hitting my shoulder, feel her shaking. Fear clenched at my stomach and guilt washed over me. My god, what had I done?

“Jane, honey. Oh god, I should have stopped it.” I said, fumbling. What could I possibly say to make this right?

“No!”, she said, her head coming up as she heard the guilt in my voice. Jane held my face in her hands, forcing me to look her square in the eyes. “No, don’t you dare feel guilty! This was my dream too. I made love to a wonderful, incredible, sexy man. A man I love so very much. I’ll never regret this for an instant.”

Relief flooded through me. It had been tears of joy, not shame or betrayal. Jane kissed me again, softly this time with gentle love and affection replacing the earlier lust and hunger. We stayed snuggled that way for a time, me holding her hips, still inside her, her snuggled into my neck, kissing it lightly now and then.

“I love you Jane. I’ll always be here for you, in whatever way you need.” I said, arms wrapped around her waist, caressing the small of her back. I heard her murmur happily into my neck. I gazed at the tangle of cables still on the floor. They could wait.

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