A Boy and his Mother

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A boy realizes his feelings for his single mother. It’s the same old story! But wait, what’s his neighbor doing?

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story, etc. etc.

/ / /

Nicole Burke was an average girl – most people considered the blonde’s most memorable feature to be her gentle, angelic face.

During college, she fell for a much older widower she frequently saw at the pub and, despite birth control, became pregnant at age 19. Shortly after she gave birth to their son Cody, her husband died in a freak industrial accident.

She began the difficult life of a single mother. Her parents had disowned her for the pregnancy, and her in-laws cut off all contact with her, considering her unlucky. She considered herself blessed that she still had the house. Her neighbor Zoe was a stay-home mom and gave her valuable childcare advice, and occasionally helped babysit Cody while Nicole worked part time.

Cody, to his mother’s immense relief, was a pleasant child. He wasn’t fussy, and from a young age knew of his mother’s hardships and demanded little. Growing up, he frequently visited the Harts (the neighbors) – studying, doing odd jobs, playing video games or using their home gym.

Eventually, puberty came for Cody and he began showing an interest in girls. There were some pretty ones around, and he came while masturbating to them, but none struck him as proper girlfriend material. He never brought a girl home, and Nicole even jokingly asked whether he was gay.

Then a dream soon after his 18th birthday changed his life forever.

It was his first ever wet dream of his beloved mother, and he came from his strongest orgasm ever from the imaginary blowjob. After that, he started paying more attention to her and reflecting on their time together.

They were physically comfortable and quite open with each other. No, they were not nudists, but in the hotter days of summer, they thought nothing of wearing less at home. Cody would go topless, and Nicole would wear a sports bra for her D-cups (they never shrunk down to her original B-cups even after Cody stopped breastfeeding) and loose-fitting shorts.

Cody’s scholarships helped their finances greatly, and Nicole moved towards working the stock market at home and less part time work. This meant that Nicole was a lot less frazzled and spent more time at home. Cody enjoyed watching his mother put her tight and flexible body through yoga poses.

After several sessions of jerking off exclusively to his mother, without any change in his attraction for her, Cody accepted that it was not lust but love. He was not sure how she felt in return, but after browsing erotica and forums, he concluded that there was a good chance that most mothers either lusted for their son or could be won over in time. He promised himself to be her partner.

/ / /

Nicole could not pinpoint a single incident or date, but she felt that Cody’s attitude had changed somehow – he had a different sort of air to him.

It was not something as obvious as drugs or smoking.

He was home more often, obviously skipping lessons, but still hung out with his friends and kept excellent grades. The college did not raise any issues about him, so she did not think he was being bullied.

He was becoming either more frequent or more careless with his masturbation (of course she knew he watched porn and jerked off, she was his mother, and not computer illiterate.) He used tissues less often, but her socks and yoga pants in the laundry basket were almost always crusty and smelt of cum. Unless he was renting those out, it could only be her son’s cum.

Their accidental light touches around the house seemed a little strange and more frequent.

Then things got weirder. The cum-filled tissues in Cody’s dustbin stopped appearing and instead, her bras and panties became his obvious cum-rag victims.

When Nicole dusted his table and moved the mouse, the screensaver would invariably stop and reveal incest erotica, or MILF or incest porn, paused on the screen. Cody pretended never to notice, even if he was right in the room as it happened.

They had a long tradition of a goodbye or welcome kiss for each other on the cheek, but they became quick pecks on the lips.

After some time, just as Nicole thought things had stabilized, things progressed even further and she knew for certain that Cody was declaring his attraction for her. Using her clothes to jerk off was understandable, if you considered that hers were the only female clothes around. The porn was fairly normal, and he might have been too horrified to react to her discovery. But now there was no more room for misunderstanding.

He kept a digital photo frame filled with photos of her. Some were from her Facebook, going back even to her teenage years; some were copies of her wedding and other photo albums; some she had never seen before and were taken at home, of her doing chores or yoga. The stink and stains of cum on the device were unmistakable.

Their innocent kisses bets10 of greeting were definitely not normal anymore. Although they were still just a touching of lips, they lasted longer and the pair would kiss one or two more times before breaking off. Cody started putting his arms around her waist to hold her closer, and his hands inched dangerously lower to rest on her butt, over her clothes.

Nicole was not an idiot. She knew Cody had not-very-son-like feelings for her. While she was past 38 years old and not supermodel material, she knew she was busty and attractive. She was also not a saint free of sexual desires. It had been years since she had slept with a man – after a few rounds of unsatisfactory sex, she had completely stuck to pleasuring herself.

After years of living with Cody and his recent increased attention, it should come as a surprise that he had never actually caught his mother masturbating.

Nicole had a very healthy sex drive and after grieving for her late husband early on, masturbated nearly every day, sometimes two to three times a day. It was a suffocating compulsion that left her mind hazy and body aching, and she had to relieve it to be able to get any work done.

Cody had never witnessed his mother pleasuring herself because she learned to be extremely quiet and to stifle her moans, and tended to masturbate when he was not home or she was alone. Having not had a girlfriend, he did not recognize the musky odor of a woman’s arousal which lingered around the house.

That said, after her epiphany about Cody’s lust, Nicole, out of curiosity, tried fingering herself while imagining her son a few times. It worked, it was amazing and it was even more explosive when she did it while wearing underwear stained with his cum and she held more of his crusted seed to her face to smell and lick.

And each time, after she came down from the orgasm, she would feel guilty, ashamed and conflicted. This man was without a doubt her flesh and blood son, yet she was aroused by him as a woman. Was she simply craving sex and resorting to the closest male around? Had she failed as a mother, spending so little time bonding with him as a child that her mind and body now recognized him as a mate instead of family?

/ / /

One morning, Cody was about to leave for school and Nicole was at the doorway seeing him off, in a black sports bra and gray track pants. It was one of those days. She had woken up late and horny, and had been too busy making breakfast to masturbate. It was getting seriously uncomfortable and she wanted, no needed, Cody out of the house soon so she could have some me-time, although she did not voice it.

They were right at the front door now. Heck, maybe once he was out the gates proper, she would lock the door, lean back against it and finger herself right there. That was a good idea. She could leak and squirt to hell and back, and if she left the door open afterwards, the smell would have dissipated by the time Cody returned home.

Cody stepped closer to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Two seconds, three seconds.

Hands held her bare shoulders and pulled her closer. Cody kissed around her lips – to the left, to the right, below, on her nose. Their lips met again. One, two, three, four seconds. (Yes, this feels good, but you’ll be late. Please go.)

The hands left (Yes! Time to go!) and arms snaked around her waist, pulling the two bodies closer together. Another kiss. The hands on her back slid down briefly then up to the band of her sports bra. (Feels good, but I’m getting more aroused too, not good.)

She was slowly pushed backward. She almost stumbled but finally backed up against the wall. Her son continued forward and pressed against her (That’s new.) With their height difference, his crotch was higher than hers, and through their clothes, she could clearly feel his shaft ending higher than her navel. (I’m definitely using that image later.)

Cody stepped in with one leg between her legs, and slowly rubbed against her crotch with his well-muscled thigh. Nicole could not hold back her wetness and felt her fluids drench her panties. An obvious wet patch was growing on her gray track pants, but neither person was looking.

Nicole’s head was in the clouds. She felt like a young woman again, enjoying sex like it was the only thing that mattered in the world. For the first time, Cody pressed his tongue into her lips. Her tongue moved to meet it within her own mouth and she started to-

(No! No! No!)

Forcing herself back to reality through the euphoria and arousal, Nicole broke their first French kiss and turned her head away. She was sweating like a dog and flushed and breathless, but mustered the strength to push her man – no, her son – away weakly.

“This is wrong, this is very wrong,” she choked out, unable to meet his eyes, before pushing open the front door and running out.

/ / /

Zoe was going through her morning routines. It was going to be an easy day with few chores. She bets10 giriş would be alone. Her children had moved out long ago, and her husband had already left for work. Then she was startled by a frantic knocking on her front door. What could be the matter, so early in the day?

Opening the door, she was surprised to see her neighbor Nicole panting, hair disheveled and eyes going in and out of focus, and quickly let her in. Her track pants had a dark patch in a very suggestive area. She helped the younger mother to a couch in the living room.

“Nicole, honey, what happened?” she asked, rubbing comforting circles on her back.

“Son… back… wall… crazy…”


“He- door… can I, please… please… sorry- please please-“


Without another word, Nicole pushed a hand into her sodden panties and curled up in a fetal position on her neighbor’s couch. She had escaped to this house in confusion but her arousal was driving her so insane that it cracked her sense of propriety. Within seconds of pushing her fingers into her vagina, she came and squirted hard, with some drops flying up out of her pants onto the couch. She carried on fingering until she came a second and third time within a few minutes, and then burst into tears from shame, still curled up.

Zoe, who had been struck speechless as she watched her younger friend masturbate beside her, on her couch, recovered and resumed rubbing circles on her back. The two women were close enough to talk about their sexual escapades, and Nicole had hinted about her disabling sex drive before, but they were hardly close enough to masturbate in front of each other, so this was really a bolt of the blue.

Nicole’s breathing finally slowed and but her face was still red from crying.

“What’s wrong, Nicole?”

“I was- I mean, I think I’m in trouble. I did something really bad.”

A patience silence.

“I think I’m attracted to Cody. Oh shit, Zoe, you cannot tell anybody, please, I wasn’t even going to tell you…”

“Okay, okay, this is really sudden. Do you want to tell me more about it?”

“No- Yes- It’s not that sudden. It’s been going on for a while, I just never told anyone. He… I think he’s been trying to seduce me for a while and things got a little chaotic.”

Oh boy, this is going to be big, Zoe thought.

“Nicole, I think we’ll need to talk about this a lot more. It doesn’t sound like a simple thing. You need to sort your thoughts out a little, and I’ve got to go out for a bit. Is this evening all right with you?”

“Thanks Zoe, I’ll pop by.”

“You’re a mess, girl. If you don’t feel safe with Cody today, tell him to come here to use the gym. Or help me with my lights, or something.”

“I’ll do that.”

Zoe did not voice the other thoughts racing through her mind. Her family found Cody to be an overall good boy, and welcomed him into their home. She felt no ill will when she chatted and joked with him. In the past few months, he had become shy and somewhat evasive talking about his mother. He often came to her place to use the home gym (her husband bought it but seldom used it) but recently there were times when he visited with a raging boner and obviously used the weights to work through his frustration.

These two points seemed unrelated before today, but now Zoe had a suspicion and wanted more information.

/ / /

It was mid-afternoon when Cody let himself in and greeted Zoe. The brunette was lazing in the living room watching an action movie.

“Hi Zoe. Mom said you needed to fix your lights? Or move something?”

“Oh, she did?”

“Well, yeah. She didn’t sound very sure though. I didn’t bring any tools.”

Zoe grinned at her sort-of-nephew-son-pet.

“We’ll get to that later. Grab a beer and sit with me. There’s some good stuff on the telly. I want a Pepsi.”


Cody did as he was told. Coming to this place as often as he did, it was not unusual for him to chill with Zoe or her husband, especially since their children moved out. He sat down politely beside the older woman. A few minutes later, Zoe spoke up.

“Cody, do you know how old I am?”

“Erm, between forty and fifty?”

“I’m forty-six. Am I ugly?”

“What? No?”

“Aren’t you going to make a move on me? Or are you hoping I will take the lead? Or am I way too old for you?”

Cody gave her an amused look. It was not that uncommon for her to tease him. “What’s the occasion? If you wanted that to happen, you would’ve done it a long time ago. We had plenty of opportunities.”

“There doesn’t need to be a special reason. Today can be our first time.”

“And that shotgun on the mantel, which your husband makes no effort to hide, can shoot a neighbor for the first time too.”

Zoe did a spit-take and they laughed.

“So, no sex?”

“I am honored to have gained your favor, milady, but I have someone in mind.”

Zoe’s smile widened. There were sparks of mischief dancing in bets10 güvenilir mi her eyes. “Have you snagged her yet?”

Cody hesitated. “She’s close to me, but it’s a work in progress.”

Zoe threw an arm over Cody’s neck and yanked him closer. “Come on, lie down. Therapy time!”

“I don’t need therapy.” Cody did not move. It made for a comical scene – the older, smaller woman trying to maneuver him to lie on the couch, while he resisted.

“Therapy time! Head! Lap! Now!”

Cody sighed and obeyed, and they settled into a comfortable position with Zoe sitting upright and Cody lying with his head on her lap, looking up at her face. There really wasn’t much breast obstructing his view – ‘A’ cup, he recalled. Zoe often whined to him that her breasts were way too small even after breastfeeding three children, but his mother had ‘cow tits after just one brat’.

Zoe was tall, matching Cody’s height, while his mother was shorter. Zoe had wavy brown hair that extended just past her shoulders, while Nicole’s sleek blonde hair was a bob cut. Both were slender, with low body fat (apart from Nicole’s breasts) but Zoe was more muscular.

Despite being 46, nearly a decade older than his mother, Zoe was a heck lot more energetic and toned. She used the gym almost as often as he did. From the stories she shared, he knew she could go to insane lengths to get what she wanted. Besides, she seemed to really want to talk about something.

The television was shut off.

“Your mom was here earlier.”


“She looked like she had a good hard fucking and wanted more. Just about ripped off my door like a rhino. You should’ve seen her. Do you think she found a man?”

“She did?” Cody could not keep the crestfallen tone out of his answer.

“I think so. It was this morning.”

Cody’s heart sank further, before Zoe continued to speak.

“I reckon it was just before you left for school. You didn’t see her before you left? Did she bring home a man last night?”

There was a short silence as Cody’s mind halted, then started up again. He connected the dots, realized his misunderstanding and blushed. He tried to sit up but Zoe’s hand was already holding his forehead down. She looked down at him, still waiting for an answer.

“No, she didn’t have sex. It was just the two of us. No one else was around.”

The brunette quirked her eyebrow and Cody realized his slip.

“I mean, argh, didn’t, no…” His face was getting hotter.

Zoe had a gentle look on her face and placed a quieting finger on his stammering lips.

“Your mother, Nicole, she looked excited – any idiot could have told you that. But she was afraid too. She’ll probably come here later when you’re gone to talk about it. Do you want to tell me about it?”


“Cody. I’m not your family or your girlfriend, and this sounds like a big issue you can’t tell just anyone. But I think we’re close enough to talk about it, even if you don’t want to listen to my opinion afterwards. I did put off your mother to hear your side of the story first. That’s got to mean something to you, surely?”

The youth closed his eyes and sighed. After a few stops and starts, he began to pour out his heart to Zoe, telling her about his feelings, guilt, misgivings, actions and plans to seduce his mother. Zoe listened quietly and stroked his hair.

“You’re pretty serious about this, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’ve fallen for her. Really, really badly.”

“It’s illegal, and a taboo. You can’t get married, and if you get her pregnant, there’s going to be trouble. Don’t give me that,” she chided as Cody protested, “of course she will get pregnant. If you succeed, you’ll be at home fucking her brains out from morning till night, and through the night, every day. Birth control can’t win that. Also, you’re 19 – that’s pretty young to commit to a woman for life.”

“I’ve thought about all of that and I’m sure mom and I will keep it a secret. You’re the only one I will tell. And she’s the only one for me.”

A long silence followed.

“I’ll help you get together with Nicole. I’ll need to think on it a little, but for now don’t let her know I’m helping you.”

“Really? Why are you helping me?”

“You sound serious about her and you’ll be good for each other.” She paused. “Besides, it’s going to be fun.”

“That’s the real reason, isn’t it?”

Zoe lowered her face to his until her shoulder-length brown hair was draped around his face. The curtain of hair blocked out their surroundings, and the two were isolated in a very intimate way. She usually did this to tease him if they were alone.

“I have a good husband and I’ve been a good, faithful wife. But you don’t know how much action women really want. You don’t even know how horny your mother gets every day. If I play this right, I’ll be able to get some… satisfaction… out of this… side business,” she whispered.

/ / /

That evening, Nicole visited Zoe, this time looking much more civilized. Zoe had ordered her husband to go and play with his other manly friends as she wanted to talk to Nicole privately. She had turned on a voice recorder app on her phone – for in case she ever needed blackmail material to help her matchmaking efforts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20