A Bet For Selina

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We were sitting in the living room, watching the game on TV, with Melissa and Ted, our two new neighbors

My team was up at halftime, 21 to 3, so I was feeling very confident about the game as I brought in another beer for each of the four of us, but Mike was pretty down about the way the Chargers were playing.

“They should be up by more than that.” he said.

“How can you say that?” I asked. “They’re dominating on both offense and defense. There’s no way they’re going to lose this one.”

“Ha.” he answered. “I bet you they’re gonna lose it somehow.”

“That’s a bet.” I answered. “What are the terms?”

We’d had quite a few beers during the game, and Mike always got very sensuous when he drank, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he answered “Total sexual slavery for the rest of the weekend.”

Melissa and Ted were not really surprised by our openness in front of them. The walls in the apartment were pretty thin and they could hear us fucking and talking just as well as we could hear them, and they were just as loud and hot in the bedroom as we were. I was still very confident, as well as being a bit turned on myself, so of course I answered yes. I thought it was going to be a hot night with Mike and I tonight. The things we did together in bed were unbelievable, and I was sure I could come up with a few new ideas. Even if somehow the Chargers went on to lose, I knew I’d enjoy whatever Mike came up with. There wasn’t anything we hadn’t done with each other and we loved it all!

I knew that Melissa and Ted both liked me. They each had told me that after a few drinks. I’m 5′ 7″ tall and weigh 132 lbs. with medium length blond hair and blue eyes. I keep my body in good shape, with a slim waist and flat stomach to go with my C cup breasts. I have long shapely legs, and according to the comments I get, a great ass. I also have full lips that I’ve been told are “Just made for sucking cock.”

We all had a huge laugh about the bet.

When the Jets ran a kick back for a touchdown, I heard Mike cheering. I’d never heard him cheer for the other team before. Then he turned to me and said “Better go upstairs and change, hon. They’re gonna lose this one and I want you in your nastiest, shortest and most see-thru outfit when I start collecting.”

The others loved that, but I just told him he’d just have to wait, because my team was still up by eleven. The third quarter ended that way, because the Chargers weren’t doing anything at all on offense.

I loved Michael completely and he knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He had convinced me to wear see-thru outfits a couple of times before “Just to show off my hot lady.” he said. I have to admit that it always turned me on to have strange men seeing my skimpy bra and thong panties through whatever I was wearing, but I wasn’t too sure about doing that in front of Melissa and Ted. But what the hell, Melissa always dressed very sexy, why not me? And as I said, I knew they both liked me, and the Chargers WERE still up by eleven.

In the fourth quarter, the Chargers’ quarterback threw two interceptions. One was run back for a touchdown and the next gave the Jets a short field, which they quickly used to go down and score again. Suddenly the Chargers were down by three, then six after another Jets fieldgoal, and with just a few seconds left.

When the final seconds ticked off, Mike turned to me and said “You better go change, honey. I’m ready to start collecting.”

“Start?” I said.

“Oh yeah.” he answered. “Remember that I’ve got all day and night.”

As I came back down the stairs after changing, I could hear them all cheering for the next game. I also heard them asking Mike if he thought I would really dress that way in front of them. I had thought about backing out of the bet, but we had had quite a few drinks and I was pretty turned on. Melissa and Ted were a pretty hot couple and the thought of Ted seeing me that way was pretty much of a turn on for me. I was even a little excited about Mel seeing bahis firmaları me that way.

I was wearing a totally see-thru, sleeveless blouse with a very skimpy bra underneath, barely covering my large nipples, and a very short, very thin and clingy skirt with a slit on the left side up to the waisteband, exposing my thong panties with each step, along with my highest stiletto heels.

When I walked into the room, turning around and posing for them all, they cheered and whistled, but Mike said “Hey, I didn’t tell you to wear any bra or panties!”

Was he serious? I turned back around to the bedroom and took them off. “I’ll show him.” I thought. And I was getting hotter by the second! Looking in the full length mirror, I saw a woman I hardly recognized. Not just a pretty young lady, but a gorgeous, sex radiating slut. I could hardly believe that it was me! My tits were standing erect, nipples hard, and the skirt was so short and the slit so high that every move completely showed my clean shaved pussy, now wet with excitement.

I returned to whistles and “Wow! You’re even hotter than I thought!” from Melissa and Ted. As I posed for them all, very embarrased but totally turned on, Mike said, “Now sit here between us all.”

“I’m feeling pretty overdressed now.” said Melissa.

“You can take care of that real easy hon.” answered Ted. “Just take off your jeans.”

Melissa was wearing a long and oversized Chargers jersey with the sleeves cut off. It was loose enough that whenever she bent over, she exposed her bare tits. I remembered that at first I was upset with Mike for checking her out. When she stepped out of her jeans, the jersey was just loong enough to cover her ass, like a super short mini dress. She also took off her panties, and Mike and I both noticed that she also shaved her pussy.

Like me, Melissa was tall for a woman, about 5’6″, an inch shorter than I, and a little bit thinner. She had long dark brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. She also had full lips, long legs and a very nice ass. We were very similar in body types, but with her long dark hair, and my shoulder length blond hair, we were a pretty contrasting pair.

“Now give each other a nice kiss.” Ted commanded.

I thought what the hell, Melissa was a beauty, why not, and SHE obviously had no problem with the idea.

I had never kissed a woman before, just seen it in the adult movies. We stood up face to face, myself rather shyly, and Melissa with a wide smile. Then she put her arms around me and pulled me close, kissing my lips and parting them with her tongue. I could hardly believe how good it felt, and how hot I was getting. I could feel the juices start to ooze from my pussy and trickle down my legs.

As we started rubbing our bodies against each other, I heard a soft moan from Melissa. And I added my own moans as well. I had completely forgotten that we had an audience, so caught up was I, until I felt a hard cock rubbing up against my ass. Mike had lifted my skirt and was rubbing that cock up and down between my cheeks…. but it wasn’t Mike…. I saw Mike doing the same to Melissa or I never would have realized that it was really Ted sliding his cock now up against my super hot asshole. Ted lifted my arms and pulled my top off, then undid my skirt so I could step out of it. It was only then that I realized that all four of us were now nude.

How hot I was. I wanted Melissa so badly to lick my dripping wet pussy, and I wanted some hot cock deep inside my ass and pussy, it didn’t matter whose.

We broke apart just slightly for a moment, as she pulled me over to the oversized couch and laid down on her back, her gorgeous long legs opened wide. Yes, her pussy was oozing her own juices as much as mine were! I kneeled between those legs and started licking up all of those juices. I really wasn’t sure how to lick a pussy, but I knew how I liked MINE licked, and I was determined to get it just right! I never knew how delicious a hot and wet pussy could be! As I started licking her clit up and kaçak iddaa down, I felt a huge cock start to slide deep into my ass….. absolute exxxstasy!!!

Mike then slid into view, rubbing his cock accross Mel’s lips…. yes, it was Ted deep in my ass. His cock was thicker around than Mike’s, and I was going wild with the hot pleasure of feeling my ass being stretched wider than ever before. For a long time, I have loved the sensation of Mike’s hard cock burying itself deep in my tight ass, I LOVED that hot, sexy feeling with Ted’s slightly larger hard dick!! A good fucking in the ass gives me the most intense orgasms.

All four of us came together. I moaned and screamed with orgasm as I felt Ted’s hot load of cum shoot deep into my ass while Melissa screamed and bucked her way into her own huge orgasm, and I saw and heard Mike moaning and her happily gulping as he came deep down her throat.

We collapsed onto the thankfully soft area rug in front of the couch. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Melissa spoke up and said “Wow! That was hot!”

“Yes!” I said, “But I’m still wanting to know how good YOU are at licking pussy, Mel.” Yea, I guess I was pretty tipsy from all the drinking.

“Well let’s find that out right now you juicy slut!”

I had never been called a slut before….. I liked it!

She pushed me over on my back and started kissing and licking all around my clit. Then she slipped two fingers slightly into my pussy while she moved down to lick my well fucked asshole. I had never gotten a rim job from a man, but I sure loved what this hot woman was doing to me, cleaning up her hot husband’s load of cum. Then she moved back up to my pussy and sucked my clit up into her fantastic mouth, nibbling softly at it with her unbelievably talented lips. The deep, hard electric jolts were running from deep inside my pussy until I thought Melissa would get shocked from the way they pounded out onto her tongue. WOW!! I had one hard orgasm after another!!!

When we finally rolled apart, I could only say “Wow! You really know how to fuck a lady, lady.”

She laughed, then looked at the two men, now hard again from watching one horny wife eat the other, and said “OK now. Get those two cocks over here to me. I want a GOOD double fucking.”

With that, Ted laid down next to her on his back and she rolled over on top of him on her hands and knees, guiding his hard cock into her still wet pussy, then she reached behind her and spread open her gorgeous ass for Mike, who knelt there and slipped his own cock deep inside.

“Oh yes!” she cried, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Their two hard cocks pumped away at her beautiful holes until she was screaming with multiple orgasms. She finally stopped when she was just too exhausted from her orgasms to go on. I have loved a hard cock deep in my ass for a long time, and I’ve often wished the Mike had TWO, so he could fuck my ass and my pussy at the same time. Now I’d been watching that going on with Mike, Ted and Melissa, and I wanted some too!!

Luckily for me, the two guys were still hard. They had just cum a short time earlier, and loved fucking Melissa’s ass and pussy, but they hadn’t been able to cum again…. yet.

“How about me?” I asked. “Doesn’t THIS slut get a double fucking too?”

With that, Ted rolled over on his back for me to straddle, pumping his cock deep into my pussy while Mike knelt behind me and slid his cock down to his balls into my ready asshole. I leaned my head down to kiss Ted… and DAMN! He kissed just as hot as his wife did!

It was everything I’d hoped when I had fantasized about it. I felt Ted’s thick cock stretching my willing pussy wide and filling it completely, while Ted buried his cock deep in my ass. I could feel the two cocks rubbing together deep inside and it drove me absolutely crazy!! As their pumping became syncronized, I was singing to myself….. one cock, fill my asshole, two cock, fill my pussy…. one cock, fill my asshole, two cock, fill my pussy…. one cock…………. kaçak bahis It didn’t make any sense at all, but I was having such hard and wild orgasms that I didn’t care if I ever made sense again!

They both finally shot off huge loads of cum, one with his cock bottomed out in my ass and the other deep in my pussy. The feeling of two hot loads of cum was enough to send me off into still another orgasm, wildly bucking and pumping my ass and pussy onto their cocks as their cum squirted out around them. Total exxtasy!!!

“WOW!” Mike said as we rolled apart. “That was hot, hot, hot! I don’t think I can take any more right now, but I sure wish I could. You two ladies are the best fucks I’ve EVER seen or even heard about!”

“I ansolutely agree.” said Ted with a grin.

To which Melissa answered with a smile, “Thank you, boys. You know, we still have a lot of time tonight, not to mention tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday and…….. ”

Wow! Was she really ready for more? As I thought about it, I was starting to feel the hot desires for more myself! But more tonight? And then tomorrow. And then……. YES!!!

“Maybe we should take them to your club.” suggested Ted.

“You have a club?” I asked It suddenly struck me that I didn’t really know Melissa. They had moved next door a couple of weeks earlier and I hadn’t really talked to her much. I did know that she was usually out in the evenings. I often heard her coming in late at night, but I never asked her about it. I am kind of shy until I get to know someone.

She laughed. “No, silly. I wish…. I don’t own it, I just work there.”

“What do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a dancer.”

“What kind of dancer?”

“An exotic dancer, pretty lady.” she answered.

Wow. She really WAS a hot one! She took aff her clothes and danced nud for strange men? “What would we do there?” I asked.

“Why we’d take off our clothes and dance for all the horny men who throw their money at us, of course.” she said with a huge smile. “You’d be great and they’d love you.”

The thought of dancing nude in front of a group of strangers had my pussy starting to flow again. I suddenly felt the need to suck down some cock. As we sprawled on the couch, Melissa at one end with her legs across Ted’s lap, then me with my head resting on his shoulder while he massaged my tits, then Mike, with his arm around me, I slid down to the floor in front of Ted, spread his legs, and sucked his now soft cock into my throat.

As I said, he was a little larger than Mike, but I was determined to suck it down completely even as he hardened fully again. I licked underneath his cock to his balls, then back to suck the head of his cock into my lips, then formed my lips into a pussy for him, licking under his cock as I sucked him up and down. I was concentratinng so hard on sucking Ted’s cock that I didn’t realize Melissa had moved into the same position in front of Mike until I heard him start to moan and looked over to see his cock deep in her mouth. And what a talented mouth she had, as I had found out. That made me concentrate even more as I worked my lips up and down Ted’s gorgeous shaft, filling my throat completely. Since he had already cum two or three times…. I had lost count with all of my own orgasms…… I was surprised when he started to buck his cock up and down ever deeper into my throat. He put his hands on my head and pushed it down deep onto his cock and pumped harder and harder, the head of it pounding to the very end of my throat, until his moaning warned me and I opened up my throat to catch his newest load of cum, gobbling it up and swallowing it down. As I slowed, tonguing his cock on it’s underside, he gave a long and loud sigh.

“Wow. I wasn’t sure that I could, but you are really something.” he said.

“Thank you.” I smiled. And we both turned to watch Melissa finish sucking Ted’s own load down.

Then, “I need a shower and a change if we’re going to the club.” said Melissa. “It shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes.”

The strip club with 60 horny men watching us dance…. and how we rewarded them for the money they threw to us?

That’ll have to wait for part 2. It’s a hot one!!

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