6 Snowbirds

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(incest. group sex. bisex. “auditeurism”. enjoy!)

The taxi’s wheels half-splashed, half-crunched down the side street of slush. Whistling as he drove, the cabbie wheeled to the curb, sliding the last few centimeters.

“There you go, folks. 911-13th Ave. Avalon Apartments. That’ll be $21.50.”

Cooper McAllister dug into his wallet and handed over a bright Canadian twenty and a five. “I’m embarrassed to say that one winter in the USA has made our money look odd. Anyway, keep the change.”

?”Thanks.” The cab driver tucked away the money. “Watch your step there, ma’am.” Lora McAllister gave herself a gold star for remembering to wear proper boots for the trip north. She stepped into the slop of ice and snow as carefully as the driver suggested. Cooper did a sliding step around the back of the car to offer his hand. Her big bear of a husband made a welcome anchor post, assuming he didn’t do a flying splat on to the pavement himself.

Reaching the freshly scraped concrete of the sidewalk felt like a successful mountain ascent. Having passed some magical boundary of responsibility, the cab tooted his horn and pulled away. A cheery shout came back to them, “You folks enjoy the great weather!”

“My god, he’s serious.” Lora pursed a smile and shook her head. She hiked the collar of her green cloth coat around her neck.

“Well, the snow is melting, the sky is blue and the sun is shining.” Cooper looked up. “Though the Avalon is blocking it right now.”

Lora snorted, clutching her coat around her. “It’s barely above freezing. Yesterday we were getting a last all-over tan session by the pool. I refuse to say this is ‘great weather’.”

Shoving his hands deep in his jacket pockets and hunching up his shoulders, Cooper sighed and nodded. “I didn’t want to admit we’d become a pair of namby-pamby snowbirds.”

“Well, we have. So deal with it.” Lora huddled under her husband’s arm, letting him be the wind break. Or, to be honest, the small breeze break. It still freshened the cold more than she liked. “Is there any chance we could stop enjoying the great weather and go inside?”

She felt her husband’s solid chest move against her face with a great intake of air.

“Sorry, my queen. Just savouring the return of the old Canuck instincts. There’s spring time in that air.”

“Hurry up, Cindy! I’m late for my own bachelorette party!”

“Then they can’t start without you. Get a grip, Akiko.”

Cooper and Lora turned as a pair of young women scampered in a clatter of boot heels up to the door of the apartment building. The length of leg exposed by their dresses made Lora feel more namby and even pamby about feeling the cold. She gave another shiver as she held Cooper’s arm to the door, following the ladies.

The foyer didn’t really have the room to host four people. Personal spaces had to be temporarily adjusted, but being out of the fresh, fresh air made that a fair transaction for Lora. And there was no hardship being in tight spaces with these women. Laughing and rosy-cheeked, they had a hot kilowatt of charisma each. Lora felt Cooper shift slightly, stand a bit straighter, suck in a gut that really didn’t exist and bringing a casual hand up to smooth his pepper & salt hair. She couldn’t fault him in the least. She felt some interesting tingles going up and down her own body.

“That’s a lovely scent you’re wearing. Or you’re wearing. I’m not sure who, but it works very well scooched close up like this.”

?Lora smirked to herself as Cooper let loose his charm. Totally uncontrived and natural as breathing for the big stud. Both young women laughed, but the bachelorette didn’t turn from her examination of the building directory and intercom system. The tall woman with the full mane of walnut brown hair gave Cooper and Lora a winning smile with deep, twinkling eyes. Then she did a tiny double take. She frowned slightly with a cock of her head. “This sounds plain goofy, but do I know you?”??He wishes, Lora thought to herself. And, with some pride at the sight of her distinguished man and his full head of thick hair, this chick should be so lucky.

Cooper made a show of studying the radiant face before he smiled back. “I’m sure I’d remember. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

“Sorry.” She looked back and forth between Cooper and Lora. “This is gonna bug me all day. I know there’s a connection somewhere. I’m Cindy…”

The intercom speaker blasted through the introduction in an explosion of static, music and voices. A voice shouted out of the tinny soundbox. “Who is it?”

“It’s Akiko and Cindy!”

“What? Be quiet everyone! Who?”

“It’s the fucking guest of honour! Let us in!” The small woman bellowed. The door buzzed and unlocked. Akiko skipped through, Cindy right behind. The willowy woman paused, holding the door open for them to follow. Lora waved a thank you. ?

“We’d better go through the formalities. Make sure he’s even home.”

Cindy smiled and let the door close. Cooper took his turn at the button display, bahis firmaları reading the list of names to find the correct code to punch, a finger going line by line. Lora watched through the glass as the dazzling Cindy and sinfully cute Akiko were met by a gaggle of women bursting from a door marked “Community Room”. A toffee-skinned goddess with a blue and white paper party hat on top of her copper cascade of hair led the way with hugs and squeals. Lora gaped, feeling a rare pang of insecurity and age in the face of all that young beauty. The svelte young women jiggling about in chic sausage casings sent other potent surges and urges to wash away the insecurity. A humming purr of pleasure leaked out of Lora’s throat.

“What was that, dear?” Cooper turned from punching the code. “Holy jumpin’ jeezus on a pogo stick. They’re all gawdamn gorgeous!” He took an involuntary step forward to watch the flock of lovelies disappear into the Community Room. Lora admired that neither her husband or herself actually pressed their faces against the glass.

“Roll your tongue back in your mouth, dear.” Lora shakily smiled, giving her husband a prod in the arm. “They’re young enough to be our daughter…” She stopped in mid-sentence. The cliche expression brought a blushing deep heat up her neck to her cheeks. Her eyes darted between the floor and Cooper. For his part, her words caused Cooper to swallow and his left eye twitched.

The intercom squawked with their son’s voice. “Hello? Who is it?”

Lora gave herself a little shake, took a breath, and forced a steady tone to her voice. “It’s Mom and Dad, dear.”

“Great! C’mon up!” The door buzzed like a saw again. Cooper opened the door and held it for Lora. The muffled roar of the bachelorette party filled the small lobby area. It held their attention for the few steps it took to reach the elevator, wondering what might be going on inside.

“Afternoon.” A smooth feminine voice snapped Cooper and Lora to reality better than a gunshot. A woman wearing a sweeping kaftan of black and deep burgundy joined them at the elevator, sorting through envelopes and a magazine. “A nice haul of actual mail today. Unusual in this day and age.”

This building wouldn’t give them a chance to regain their composure.

Nature, gravity and life caused the majority of women and men to sag and bag as 50 years rolled over them. Cooper and Lora had enough good sense to understand that nobody won a fight with Time. Every day a person got older, and that was the law. However, they decided they would at least go out with style and grace. Diet and exercise and the tiniest bit of discreet surgery kept them both, in all immodesty, looking damn good. And here, apparently, stood a woman with an identical philosophy.

Lora took off her coat. She felt more than warm enough now. Cooper did the opposite, actually closing the bottom button. Ah. She sussed it out. The front of her hubby’s pants had become a little tight and unseemly to public viewing.

The dark kaftan pattern set off the cascade of blonde hair to perfection. Lora patted her own loose bob of black curls. The curl was natural, but the black came from a bottle, as would the blonde hair in front of her. Cooper told her regularly that her trim, vital body and energy meshed perfectly with the black of her youth. She did not intend to give up the dye until the first grandkid was born.

“It’s a very slow elevator.” The woman smiled apologetically. She slowly looked the visitors up and down. The fires behind the blue eyes made Lora feel both naked and nude simultaneously. The first flushed her face with embarrassed heat. The second made Lora want to whip that kaftan up and over her head. Something in the way the lush curves moved under the silk suggested a complete lack of undergarments.

“Let me guess…you’re Zachary’s parents?”

Cooper grunted a half laugh. “How did you know that?”

The blonde woman chuckled. “No witchery involved at all. He mentioned earlier this week he expected a visit. Quite excited about it, really.” Once again the smouldering eyes appraised both the McAllisters. “And there is certainly a family resemblance.”

The elevator dinged and the doors slid aside. The three stepped aboard. Like the tiny foyer, the small elevator required a forced intimacy that no one seemed to mind too much.

?”Well, you’ve guessed it correctly.” Lora stuck a hand out. “This is Cooper and I’m Lora. It’s nice to know Zach has met people since moving here.”

“Oh, I’m being rude.” The blonde shook hands, her nails elegantly manicured. Lora felt glad she had had a chance to touch up the swimming and sun damage on her own hand. “I’m Morgan. Zach and I met before he had actually moved in. When he was still apartment hunting. He’s been a great neighbour ever since. Taking time to make a single, older woman feel wonderful. He has so many talents. You two did a marvelous job.”

“Umm, thanks.” Cooper’s rugged face had a sheen of sweat. “We did our best.”

The elevator dinged again. The kaçak iddaa McAllisters stepped out. Morgan gave a small wave with her magazine. “Delightful to meet you. Have a good visit.”

Cooper took a moment to whip off his coat. The material in the front of his trousers strained to keep the bulge contained. He looked down and shrugged helplessly. Lora snickered and gave the bulge a quick palm grope and squeeze. Nice and hard. He sucked in a sharp breath and glared at her. She affected an innocent expression and turned as an apartment door opened.

“Mom!” Zach stepped forward and swept Lora up in a big bear hug. As big as his dad, he carried her into the entrance way of his home.

“Put me down!” Lora laughed. “Have some respect for short people and old mothers.” In her protests, she did notice that Zach had kept up his physical fitness routine. His chest had the same firmness as Cooper’s and squashed her breasts in the way that made her wish for an all day hug.

Her son set her back down on her feet, grinning. He turned to Cooper, closing the door to the hallway. “Dad!” Son and father enjoyed an awkward manly embrace as Cooper tried to keep his coat in front of his pants. Zach stepped back, chuckling and confused. “Here, I’ll take that.”

?Before Cooper could protest, Zach had his coat in hand and reached for a hanger. He stopped at the sight of the circus tent in his father’s pants.

Cooper spread his hands in helpless motions. His mouth worked and then he smiled a crooked smile. “You’ll have to excuse the old man, son. Do you have any idea of the number of red hot sex bombs partying on the ground floor right now?

Lora pursed a smile as Zach turned a bit red, busying himself with hanging their coats. He was always the shyest of her brood.

“That’d be the bachelorette party. I forgot about that. Girls only, Dad, so whatever you saw is all you’re going to get, I’m afraid.”

Cooper laughed. “A damned shame. I was hoping you could hook your Dad up with one or three of them.”

Zach blushed a little, again. Lora shot Cooper a reproving stare.

“Well, yes I guess, but not, that is…it was posted on the Community Room calendar. I don’t know if I…”

?Lora stepped out of her boots and took Zach’s arm. “Never mind, dear. We’ve got days to hear all about your winter in a new city and a new life.” She gave his muscular arm a squeeze. “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you’re blossoming so well with new friends and activities. When you left the old home town to move here, I was worried. Even with Harry living here, cross-country moves like that can either liberate or crush a person’s spirit.”

?”New friends? Who do you mean?” Zach seemed a bit nervous yet.

“We met a charming woman named Morgan in the elevator.”

“Oh. Good.” Zach swallowed and his left eye gave a little twitch. After these months apart, Lora had a new moment to marvel how much Cooper and his son looked alike, with a healthy dose of his mother’s curly hair, if nothing else. No wonder Morgan spotted them right away. Lora’s mind idly skipped to Cindy…

“This is quite the set-up you have.” Cooper walked into the immediate space from the door. Lora shook her head and paid attention as Zach perked up with pride.

“This is my office-studio. 99% of the world would have this down as the ‘living room’. Being self-employed is a solitary business. This way I can enjoy the big balcony windows while I work and see the world go by. Also, if a client actually comes by, I don’t have to take them all through the apartment.”

Taking in the huge drafting table and computer desk combination across from the comfortable chairs, Lora smiled. “So you explained in your emails. It’s a lovely arrangement.”

“Right. I keep forgetting what I’ve sent you. Or what Val or Harry might have passed on.”

“Just give us the tour as if we’re newbies, son. We won’t yawn at any repetition.”

?Most of the remaining apartment had a typical layout. Lora felt pride in the male, but tasteful, decorating scheme. Her first born shared her artistic and creative aptitudes. Not that Val or Harry were dull. They and their father had lively imaginations that had other outlets.

“That is an exceptional bed, Zach!” Cooper stepped into the room and gave a big, two palm push-bounce to test the mattress and the frame. “Solid as a rock. Big as a hockey rink.”

“You must get lost in all that space, dear.” Lora ran a finger over the smooth red satin sheet and raised an eyebrow. She let her fantasies out for a romp across the king size spread. The fun that could be had on a bed like this. Lora made a note to replace the one at home as soon as they got back.

“I take up a little more room than you, Mom.”

“But what about guests?”

“Huh? What…?”

“You’re a fully grown man, Zach. I have no illusions or delusions that something other than sleeping goes on here.”


“Don’t backsass your mother, boy.” Cooper smirked as he plucked a photo off the wall. A black and kaçak bahis white portrait captured a merry moment in the life of a bewitching Japanese woman. Her black hair swirled as she looked back over her shoulder and her eyes sparkled. “Would this be the delightful Linda, maybe, perhaps?” He waggled his eyebrows.

?Zach snorted at the teasing and half-smiled. “Yes, that’s Linda. Though I think I might cancel tomorrow’s supper rather than expose her to you two. I think all that southern sun is melting all your inhibitions!”

Lora’s stomach did a little flip at the comment, but she kept her smile from betraying the fact. Cooper hastily replaced the photo. “Uhmm…don’t you dare. And I’m paying for that supper, for your information.”

Cooper followed his son into the kitchen, where good-natured arguing commenced on who picked up what cheque. Lora ran her tongue tip over her lips and stepped lightly back into the bedroom. It’s definitely a law that mothers are allowed a little snooping. Her ear quivering to keep track of the men, Lora carefully slid the drawer of the night stand open. She expected only some cheeky evidence to prove her teasing correct. In point of fact, the drawer fairly bulged with packages of condoms in a selection of styles, two bottles of assorted top grade lubrication, a large bottle of massage oil and a several bright blue silk scarves.

“Fuck me!” Lora couldn’t stop the stunned exclamation from popping out, but she managed to throttle it to a whisper. The sheer quantity of sexual support gear demanded a repeat gasp. “Fuck me!”

Then Lora realized her choice of words. Discovering her son to be a gawdamned sexual dynamo and responding with the bleat that someone fuck her. The lightning skipping through her veins now would not happen inside a conventional mother. Her nipples began to rise, and they were as hard to hide as Cooper’s erection when fully aroused. A suggestion of moisture developed between her legs. Lora slid the drawer closed with a trembling hand. No, she could no longer make any claim to being a conventional mother. She tried to catch her breath as she stepped out into the hallway.

Zach led the way with coffee mugs in each hand. The building’s blueprints had this labeled as the ‘master bedroom’, but Zach had claimed it as his “social room”. He settled his parents down on to the sofa before making the second trip of cookies and snacks. Lora felt she would burst from not being able to tell Cooper what she had discovered, but their son was too quick.

“You have a good eye for furniture.” Cooper ran his hand over the pseudo suede green fabric. “Not too many couches in this world that let us stretch right out.”

“What’s the use of a couch that you can’t sleep on? It was Val’s bed when she visited.”

“What, you didn’t share that colossal bed with your sister? She wouldn’t take up much…”

?Cooper trailed off, his left eye twitching ever so slightly. Lora gnawed her lip and her darting, nervous eyes saw Zach’s eye twitching in perfect synchronization with his father. Her mind began to speculate…

Zach broke the stumbling silence. “Did Val’s visit to you guys go well? Did she spill her big crazy plan?”

“Yes.” Cooper’s big hands flexed as if gripping his nerves with brute strength. He spoke carefully and deliberately. “Yes, it was a very interesting visit. It really caught us by surprise. Her plan to move here, that is. That’s what surprised us.”

Lora joined in. “We can’t quite see the fascination of this town. I believe I’d been here once in my life before Harry made the move and now all three of my children will be living here. Harry had a great job opportunity at the time, so he makes sense. Your transplanting I sort of understand. I haven’t seen Val so fired up about an idea since Kelvin proposed to her. What the heck did you do to your sister? “

Zach’s mug sloshed a tiny drop, which he caught with a napkin. He leaned out and took a cookie.

“I guess she had a nice visit here. The way she told me, she wouldn’t be so alone when Kelvin went on his business expeditions.” He ate his cookie in one bite and pasted a smile on his face.

Cooper readjusted his seat and recrossed his legs. He smiled softly. “I know you kids get along, but such an upsurge of brotherly-sisterly love is really something.”

Zach began to cough and choke. He waved his hand to stop his parents from leaping to their feet and stepped out to the bathroom. Keeping an ear out for her baby’s condition, Lora turned to her smirking husband. She gave a half-smile and narrowed her eyes.

“I think we’re sharing a similar notion about our son. And our daughter.”

“I think we are.”

“You should see his bedside drawer. We need to buy some stock in safe sex businesses. Every pharmacy for blocks must be sold out of condoms.”

?Cooper’s thick eyebrows went up his forehead as his eyes widened. Then his smirk grew to a grin. “I’ve heard of late bloomers, but this is incredible. I guess a proper parent should be shocked or something. I’m feeling…jazzed.”

Lora cast a quick glance to the bathroom. The sound of water running came through the open door. She nibbled her lip. “Should we share our lifestyle secrets? About Val?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20