3 Things Ch. 01

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There are three things that instantly make my cock hard. The first is the prospect of getting caught. Whether engaging in sex in public or engaging in sex acts that I wouldn’t want anyone to know about, the potential for getting busted really makes my nuts ache. The second thing is cumming inside a woman. I hate condoms, I hate pulling out, I love slamming my dick as deep in a pussy as I can get and letting it fly. That being the case, I’ve had two children and I had them young. My daughter was born when I was 18, and my son was born when I was 19. I’ve stayed with their mother for close to twenty years and while I still love her, she is NOT one of the three things that instantly makes my cock hard. In fact, the third and final thing is my sexy daughter.

Unlike the first two, my daughter, Gabrielle, only recently became a sexual fascination of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looking for a lot longer than would be considered “right” by societal standards, but it was only in these last few months that I can’t look or even think about her without calculating in my mind the fastest, most inconspicuous way to empty my balls and relieve my hard on. Ironically it started when I caught her in a rather compromising position. It was late, but the need to piss woke me up from a sound sleep. As soon as I finished that pressing business a sixth sense told me to check on the kids. To this day, I can’t thank fate enough.

Given the hour, I was surprised to see the faint glow from the living room television as soon as I cracked my bedroom door. Without too much suspicion I made my way towards the stairs figuring one of the kids had fallen asleep on the couch watching it. I wasn’t being sneaky, just quiet so I wouldn’t disturb anyone who was sleeping peacefully. Halfway down the stairs I heard soft moaning. Female moaning. I wondered briefly if my son would be brave enough to watch a porno on the family television, but then I heard a male voice between the breathy sighs saying, “Gabby, shhh.”

Immediately my heart started pounding, but I didn’t pause. If anything, I stepped up the pace a bit and descended the rest of the stairs as quickly as possible. I peeked around the corner into the living room and the rest of my life changed. My beautiful, sexy as sin daughter, whom I’d been casually admiring for awhile now was laying on the couch flat on her back with her shirt pulled up revealing her fabulous tits. Her on again, off again boyfriend Mitch-something was beside her squeezed along the back of the couch alternating between thrusting his tongue in her mouth and using his tongue on her closest nipple. canlı bahis One of his hands held both of hers against the arm of the sofa above her head. His other hand was snaked beneath her denim skirt. Based on the rhythmic moving of his right arm it was obvious my little girl was getting finger fucked and based on the sounds she was making, she was really enjoying it.

My cock turned to fucking stone in an instant. I thought about my next move. Barge in and embarrass them both, screaming like a crazed father? Not really my style. Besides, I was in boxers and I already mentioned, my dick was not lounging around casually. Go upstairs and coerce my wife into middle of the night sex? I could do that, but then she might catch these kids and she would definitely embarrass them. I already knew what I wanted and was doing it even before consciously making the decision. My hand had disappeared into the waistband of my underwear. It was already gripping my hard cock. “Yeah,” I thought. “Stroke your cock in the middle of the hallway with your daughter and her date ten feet away and your wife right upstairs.” Just thinking about either of them catching me sent pre-cum oozing into my hand.

I continued to watch my princess writhe on the couch under the ministrations of that young man while I slid my fist from one end of my erection to the other. Each flicker of the television showed me more. Her pebbled nipples on what were in fact a little more than average sized tits for the rest of her frame. Her wet swollen lips. I could even see her thighs tensing every couple of seconds as she got closer and closer to cumming.

My own hand seemed to keep time with the one abusing my daughters cunt. The faster Mitch pounded his fingers into Gabby, the faster I jacked off imagining it was my dick thrusting inside of her. My baby’s breathing became even more labored and her eyes were squeezed shut so tight I would have thought she was in pain if her face were the only thing I could see. But no, it was total fucking pleasure, she loved everything Mitch did to her.

“Gonna cum for me, Gabby?” It was so quiet I could barely hear the kid, but my baby’s answering nod was loud as fuck. She was about to cum. My fist jerked my cock faster than it ever had and my breathing became panting I was sure would give away my hiding spot. But almost as soon as I’d made up my mind to just let go and soak the inside of my boxers, I was immediately yanking my hand away. “I wanna taste you first,” he’d said. Holy fuck. I had to will my body to hold back the orgasm that was threatening to shatter me at just the thought of what I was bahis siteleri about to witness. And sure as shit, the kids started shifting around on the sofa.

“Keep your shirt up baby and play with your tits.” I didn’t know much about this kid, but he was my new fucking hero. He helped Gabrielle sit up and swing her legs out so her feet met the floor, but they didn’t stay there. Faster than I could have done it, Mitch shimmied her skirt up to her waist, grabbed her hips and yanked her toward where he knelt on the floor, flinging each of my daughter’s knees over his shoulders.

Christ, the blue light from the tv gave me too brief and too distorted a view of her sweet pussy, but that was alright because my imagination was filling in all the gaps. I was almost sort of stunned and had to shake my head slightly to get myself back in the moment. My balls literally ached. My cock felt like it might explode. And then my daughter was covering her mouth and biting her tiny hand to keep the sound locked down once Mitch buried his face between her thighs.

I couldn’t take it. I was seconds away from throwing Mitch across the room and taking his place. I needed to fuck. Every animal instinct we’re ingrained with was literally rising to the surface in my own body. Not giving a fuck about anything except cumming, I yanked my boxers off my hips and took a second to look down at my own leaking cock. To keep my baby girl within my sights yet support my own body which was about to collapse from want, I stepped out of the cover of the hallway and braced my left hand high against walkway wall. I gathered most of the pre-cum collecting at the head of my cock and worked it down the shaft with my right fist. And from that moment on, I never took my eyes off my daughter.

Her eyes were closed again, almost as tight as her thighs closed around the boy’s head. He used his arms to spread her wide open, but her knees quickly fought against his hold. Her hips moved up and down, no doubt grinding her perfect cunt lips against his face. I could hear faint sounds of his tongue flicking wet flesh and the small moans he made when he probably closed his lips and sucked her clit. But the smell. Christ I could smell my baby’s excited little pussy. It was undeniable and it sent me into another realm.

My fist hammered up and down my cock, making its own wet flesh noises. My lips parted to expel my ragged panting breath and refused to close again. And my eyes glared straight at my daughter’s gorgeous face. “Look at me baby,” I thought. My own voice was screaming inside my head, but Gabrielle could not hear it. “Look bahis şirketleri at what you’re doing to Daddy!” I willed her big brown eyes to open and shifted even further away from my old hiding spot, inching dangerously close to blocking the television’s glow from their bodies.

My hips started moving, fucking my own hand. “Fuck, baby girl, watch Daddy. Watch Daddy stroke his cock!” The only proof I hadn’t spoken out loud was that neither teen stopped what they were doing. Mitch added his fingers to his task, pumping them in and out of her even more savagely than before and Gabrielle’s body bowed up off the couch in response.

My daughter reached out and wound her fist into her date’s hair. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” she whispered.

My nuts tightened and drew up tight. My spine felt like it had caught fire. And I stroked my cock with ferocity. “That’s right baby, cum for Daddy. Daddy needs to see you cum little girl!”

Both hands flew to her mouth to hold it closed and her whole body started shaking. Mitch grabbed her hips with both hands and tried to hold her still but it was no use, she was humping up against him, almost thrashing on the sofa.

Right in the middle of coming on his face, Gabrielle’s eyes flew open and immediately landed on me, the extra body in the room. She jerked hard from surprise once but could not stop what was already happening to her body. Her wide eyes locked on mine and I could tell the instant she registered exactly what was happening. She caught her Daddy masturbating to the sight of her and it sent me over the edge.

Staring right into my daughter’s eyes I stroked my cock once, twice more and then let go. I threw my free hand down in front of the swollen head and started shooting rope after rope of thick cum into my own palm. I had to bite hard on my lip to keep from shouting the house down. I don’t know how Gabby’s whimpers covered up the small grunts that I could not repress with every blast of cum that emerged, but Mitch seemed none the wiser. His movements had slowed, but he was still servicing my daughter, bringing her down gently.

When the last of my spunk oozed from my dick I finally tore my gaze from Gabby’s still shocked expression. My hand was full. I hadn’t cum so hard or so much since I was sixteen years old and it was all thanks to my baby girl. Without making another sound I turned and headed back up the stairs with my still stiff cock leading the way to the hallway bathroom.

Once my hands were clean and dry, I slid my boxers back up my thighs to cover myself, opened the door, clicked off the light and turned toward my bedroom. I barely heard the sound of our front door latching shut. I looked down the hallway while I slid my own bedroom door quietly closed and at the last second, saw the light from the television in the living room disappear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20